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The Elite Army [OOC/SU/M]

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Old April 12th, 2013 (4:28 PM).
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    The Elite Army

    For many years, villainous organizations have plagued the Pokemon world. Ranging from wanting to capture and create Legendary Pokemon to completely separating the species from the human race, for quite some time, the Pokemon world has faced numerous troubles in developing a peaceful world.

    In order to solve this matter, a representative of the Pokemon League Conference, an organization responsible for hosting League tournaments and keeping tabs on Gym battles and contests, suggest that the Conference create a national organization that would oppose any future threat to this world. Because this organization would be national, it would capable of being joined in any region in the world. With this organization, Trainers could join together as one under an umbrella and would come to the aide of the world if need be. But, somewhere down the line, things got out of control.

    The Ring, as the organization was called, was successful at completely wiping out crime syndicates, but little did it know that it too would become a crime syndicate. Trainers began abusing their powers as league representatives and carried out numerous tasks that were considered dubious in years past: stealing Pokemon, assaulting people, etc.

    Fed up with antics of The Ring, a group of young, seasoned Trainers have set aside their journeys to become the greatest Pokemon Trainer in the world in an effort to put an end to the madness of The Ring. They weren't sure what The Ring had planned, but it certainly couldn't be good. Especially with Elite Four members and Gym leaders being forced to step down from their positions.
    Currently there is ONE member of the Army with FIVE slots open. Of course as the roleplay progresses, there is a possibility of more slots being open depending on need or my personal preference. Members of the Army are from different locations across the world and they are highly skilled Trainers who are more than capable.

    Hiro Kazuma (To be completed)
    Signature Pokemon:



    Background Information

    Random Facts:
    The Ring
    Initially a positive organization that served to protect Pokemon and humans alike, The Ring is now an "iron-fist" organization that desires to control any and everything around them to their liking. They really could care less how anyone else feels. They appear to have an underlying goal that is not clear to the public but that remains to be seen just yet.
    1. Keep all arguments and drama out of this RP. This also means that any beef you have OOC does not need to go in character. Any evidence of this results in being kicked out of the roleplay. No exceptions.

    2. Respect the game master as well as the other players. We all have lives too. Please don't continuously post in the roleplaying thread without allowing anyone else to reply. That is very annoying and could result in your removal from the RP.

    3. Any complaints, please contact me via PM. Don't let things continue to bother you without contacting someone to talk about the situation.

    4. Your character must be from one of the five given regions that have been revealed in the main Pokemon games (Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, and Unova).

    5. Proper grammar and English are two of the key components of this roleplay. It keeps everything neat and tidy. Please read through your posts before submitting 'post reply' and also spell check yourself as well. Minor typos are understood, but habitual fragments and misspellings are unacceptable in this roleplay.

    6. Absolutely no god moding, power playing, and mary-gary sues. I don't want cookie cutter characters and I will even call them out during the application process. It is my goal to make this RP a big one, but I won't accept half-way worked characters at all.

    7. This roleplay will thrive on Anime Style Battling. There no levels in this RP, but know the limits of your character's Pokemon. This reverts back to no god-moding.

    8. I don't have a word count, but at the same time if your posts are not quality enough that somebody can actually respond to it, you will be warned. Continual lack of quality will result in banishment from the roleplay. All posts must be in third person.

    9. Have fun and let's make sure that this RP is the very best! Happy posting!
    Sign-Up Sheet
    First and Last Name
    Age: (18+)
    Gender: (Male or Female)
    Hair: (Hair Color and Style)
    Eyes: (Color)
    Birthday: (Month and Date)
    Hometown: (City and Region)
    Signature Pokemon: (Three Pokemon, no Legendaries or Shinies, different types, no all Eevee teams, etc.)
    Height: (In Feet and Inches, i.e. 5'8")

    Personality: (Brief paragraph description)

    Background Information: (Brief paragraph description)

    Random Facts: (Five interesting facts)
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    Old May 5th, 2013 (5:59 PM).
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      Is this RP still open for sign ups?
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      Old May 11th, 2013 (11:17 PM).
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        I am also curious if this is still open. :]
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