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Off-Topic Hang out with people and talk about whatever. Feel free to suggest a better description for this forum as everyone seems to have an opinion. :D

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Old April 30th, 2013 (10:55 AM). Edited May 3rd, 2013 by Kura.
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This is the thread where you can show your appreciation to anyone on PC for any reason!
The catch? You have to make sure to mention them in your post!!

Whether they just be a friend, and you want to remind them of how awesome they are, or maybe you met a new member that you want to give a shoutout to? Or heck, has a mod or regular member done anything really outstanding and you wanted to say thanks, but don't necessarily want to leave a VM? Maybe you just want to give your appreciation to more members here or even old members here, too! Here's the place to post!

Think the "Dear Anonymous" thread.. but with positive feedback and not remaining Anonymous!
And by the way, you don't have to just edit your original post for the duration of this thread.. you can post again if you have someone new to appreciate, but remember not to abuse it or it might be seen as bumping for postcount ;3!

I'll go first: I just wanted to say thanks to Cid for being such an outstanding and welcoming person. You've always been more than fair to me and I look up to you as a role-model! You will be missed and I wish you all the best!

Also, Captain Fabio, you are the best in the world ;3~

Now it's your turn!
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Well, I do have some users... in mind so far~

First thing's first, I just want to say thanks to you, Kura, for making this thread and being an outstanding member in general!

A special mention has to go out to Twilight Sky as well, for being very kind to me over the time we've known each other. Plus, you've surpass me in tl;drs. XD I'll get you back for that. Someday. :3

More will be on the way soon!

*formerly known as Miss Doronjo* NES DiscussionOBJECTION!30 Days of Gaming
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Old April 30th, 2013 (11:18 AM).
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.Aero, you sir are an incredible friend. We literally are twins, and it's crazy.
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Nick (Patchisou Yutohru), your middle finger gif is the work of god.

Also, you're actually one of the most honest and coolest people I know here on PC. Keep rockin' and sticking them up, bro.

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Old April 30th, 2013 (9:23 PM).
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Red's Hot Chibi Pelippers and Lokiepie - You two are probably the friendliest and most helpful people to frequent the internet.
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shout out to hikari10 for being a constant presence of joy and hilarity around the forum
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Shout out to the lovely Kura, who always has people's best interests at heart and is the sweetest person I know. (andthemostattractive)

Ps. Morkula is a boss! >:3
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It has been decided that this thread is more appropriate for Chit Chat and Polls.

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Oh wow what a nice idea for a thread. Gaaaaaa I have so many people I want to give a shout out too I hope I dont leave anyone off.

Twilight Sky- Derk, you are such an amazing friend who over the past few months I have gotten to know and love and hope we spend many more years together here. You have been one of those people who can talk about anything to and I love that. I think our friendship is something that is really special and I cherish the times we spend together and all of the laughs that we share. I know we joke around a lot but it is all for fun and only means that we are great friends.

Jake♫- Jake, my American Idol buddy who shares the same enemy as I do, Lazaro, haha. Jake you are really awesome and funny and have become one of my best friends here in my first year at PC.

AlexOzzyCake- Ozzy you are my favorite squirrel and are such a good friend. I hope we remain friends for a long time and share many more laughs together n_n. I miss you as a moderator but I hope everything works out nicely and that maybe one day you can return. Stay awesome dude!

Narnia- Sophie aka the most mature 11 year old ever. You are certainly a fun person to hang around and our times spent on the server have been amazing and I hope they continue forever :]

Clacla- Clacla,we havent known each other as long as I have the others, but you are still one of the most amazing and funniest friends I have here. Your trolling of Derk on the server is priceless and is always a good laugh.

Wolflare- AWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO wolf you are an amazing friend and a fun person to have around on the battle server. When I joined the server I was a little intimidated ngl, but once I got to know how awesome you were it was great.

Miss Doronjo- My scientific friend! You are really amazing and your trolling of Derk is unmatched by any. Your sense of reason ad just all around friendliness makes you great. Stay awesome!

Forever-The server's other dictator....I mean admin.n_n Nica you have made the server a very enjoyable place since I found it in your sig, and if it wasnt for you I would have not joined so I thank you for that.

GolurkIsDaBomb- My little brother ^_^. Tom, I could write an appreciation about you that would be 20 pages long if I wanted to, but I am gonna keep this as short as I can. You are the most amazing friend/brother that a person could ask for and since meeting you my life has been 100x better. I look forward everyday to talking to you on Skype and on the server. I enjoy every minute of the times we share together. You have changed my life and thank you for that. I know that you will always be amazing and I am always here for you as you have been for me. I have been able to talk with you and share many things that I would not even dream of telling anyone else. Idk what it is but I feel like we share this amazing friendship that is unmatched by anything else. I know that we will be friends for life. BROS FOR LIFE! I hope that our paths will one day cross in real life, but if not that is ok too because it already seems that we have been friends forever and have met even though we havent. I never want you to change because in my eyes you are perfect and I dont think it is even possible for you to be a better friend than you already are. Typing this brings the biggest smile to my face because I realize how incredibly lucky I am to have you. I think I am one of the luckiest people in the world to have you are a friend. I love you bro and just wanted you to know how amazing you really are. I am proud to be your PC brother, friend, a part of TEAM JELLIURK. :]

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Some of the users I appreciate the most:

Narnia - My fellow Sydneysider, who is a great contributor to not only our Showdown server but also sometimes assisting Curious in the Fourth Generation Gaming section, so much I want to see her as a potential mod for that section.

AWsquared - One of the friendliest guys I met in recent years, and he learns new things from me everyday.

kuzronk - Another Aussie who amuses me by always asking me questions, some of which crack me up.

ExtremeGamer - Again, he's funny and knows quite a lot despite only being 12.

Twihiki_Amias - She's one of my fave regulars on the Showdown server, and always brightens my day.

Forever - She changed me a lot, and if she didn't join I would not have my sleek italics all over my name. Nica is just one of the coolest staff members of all time and I hope she continues to stick around and make the Fifth Generation Gaming section fun.

Harlequin - My NZ neighbor who is funny and has good forumsets to match.

Sydian - She's helpful and one of the friendliest mods to chat with.

Cirno - We both love cute Pokemon, and she makes The Welcome Lounge a great place, no wonder it's been my hotspot lately.

Patchisou Yutohru - Nick is the greatest s-mod ever, because he has such great ideas. Without him, PC wouldn't be so improved today and I love all of his great forumsets.
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In no particular order here are my shoutouts! There are quite a few people so I hope I didn't leave anyone out haha. I'll add more when I can remember a few more. Anyway spoilering as well since this list is huge.

AlexOzzyCake- Ozzy! What can I say? You're just the most amazingly fun person to hang around and although our timezones are awful, I still treasure the memories I've had. Playing Challenge Cup endlessly, screaming about fatties and Walreins particularly. Laughing my head off with you, just in general you've been a great friend and I hope you continue to be the amazing person you are. Keep on shining you amazing squirrel. B)

RandomTrainerWhoCould- Woohoo! The one who turned Clamperls from the most innocent and harmless Pokemon to the deadliest thing alive in five seconds flat. Thank you. Thank you for everything. Thanks for the memories. Thanks for the good laughs we had, the times you even saved my life in a way- telling me how to kill wasps and also yelling about Korra for hours straight and manipulating you into watching it. Haha those were good times, weren't they? I miss you a lot you know. We all wish you would come back, but wherever you go, I hope you know that I'll never forget you. Keep being a star woohooftw and may our paths cross again in the future yeah? :>

GolurkisdaBomb- Goluuurk, Tooom! You've been one of the greatest people I've ever known as well. You're hilarious and the greatest storyteller and you make the server amazing. The times.. the good times, I hope they keep carrying on. Forever. You've just been great and I never really got to thank you for all you've done, helping and just being a great person to hang out with. Oh and just saying I don't even know anything about Korra yet other than the fact that Katara is now a grandma. ;]

jellicentfan1- Jelli! What can I say here? You're just an amazing mod at the server and amongst my most wonderful friends. The pranks we thought of together, the times we laughed, I hope they continue forever. You're like a partner in crime in a sense, if you know what I mean! ;]. But I hope we continue to be great friends forever.

House- Gaaabriel! I remember when you first talked to me and it was rather strange haha. But over time, you've grown into an amazing person to chat with day in, day out. Again timezones are horrible, but you know you're a wonderful guy to be around. You keep being awesome as well, alright? :D

Hikari10- Hey Hikari! You're a fun person to hang around with as well. I hope you realise you're a shooting star and great to be around. Oshawotts haha, they're adorable. Thanks to you I love them now, they're the cutest things alive honestly. But yeah, promise me you'll continue being great.

Clacla- Clacla! Haha I love your hilarious comments. We haven't known each other that long but you're one of the funniest people to hang around. But seriously thanks! n_n

Miss Doronjo- Shawn! God you're smart and make some wonderful posts around the forum. Was also hilarious when we had that scientific discussion on that Skype call about bees. Anyway you're a really good person to hang around as well so thanks!

Cid- Ciiid. I miss you already. Just been an amazingly friendly guy to be around and I hope you show college what you're made of. But seriously you're awesome as well.

HEY NUMBERS! What can I say? Great person to hang around with and you have some great qualities about you. Just keep being amazing as well yeah? Also yay to being silly forever!


Gliiiitch! Your derpy emoticons like o3o are great and you're just an amazing friend to be around as well. In general thanks for being an amazing friend.

Jake- When I press Alt and 14 I get the weirdest smilie in existence. Anyway, Jake! Haha I've loved your playful teasing at times and you're a great guy to hang around. n___n

Wolflare- Awooo. Wolf! I used to be intimidated of you actually to be honest, but you're a fun and skilled battler to hang around. Thanks for making the server wonderful and in general being a great person to hang around.

Forever- Niiiica, hey! A crazy and fun admin at the server, keep bein' awesome.

Twihiki_Amias- TWIIIII. Your just great. Hilarious and cute if I can say. And you're really welcoming and friendly you know? I like that about you and I hope we always stay friends. You're such a crazy and fun person to be around... keep on shinin'. B)

Twilight Sky-
HEY DERK! You've been one of the best friends I could ever ask for, you're amazing you know that? Like a star in the sky- purely amazing haha and honestly you could be whoever you wanted to be. We've only known each other for a few months but thanks for being amazing. n_n

Whew, end of list. I hope I didn't miss anyone and I'll edit some more on later probably. n__n
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Well, I suppose there are a few members I should probably thank.
  • Twilight Sky - You've been my friend through all this time. You've been a rock and a lifeline through thick and thin, no matter what life has thrown at me. You're still there for me, guiding me through the eye of the needle when drama pops up and helping to sew it up efficiently with grace.
  • Twihiki_Amias - My wonderful, pure, sweet, unconditionally loving pair. You know, I never thought I'd find you when I did. But love has it's way of surprising people, and it sure did surprise me. The thing I love best about you is your sincerity. That you'll do anything for anyone to prove your feelings about them, be they big or small, friendly or romantic, or any other possible emotions. Despite that, you're still a very strong and smart woman. I couldn't ask for a better person to be attracted to even if I tried.
  • Lady Gunner - You're my second favorite user on the Showdown server and I miss you terribly when you're not online. Please, oh great and powerful shipping regulator, grace us with your classy astronomical presence more often.
  • Derozio - I've already thanked you before, but I'll give you honorable mention here again. You know why, and don't think I'll ever forget it.

These four members have served as cornerstones in my return to PC.
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Laugh - SISSSS! I really preferred it if you come online more often but life of a smart girl such as yourself is understandable. ILY Hannah <3


Twihiki_Amias - TWAIIIIII~ You keep me sane everyday and everytime. You are like my moirail in Homestuck relationships where you keep me in check and I keep you.

/me chomps Twi

Hikari10 - HIKA! DON'T CHANGE. EVER. That's why I love you as a friend. You are fierce and strong. Don't listen to anybody who stands in your way.

Pachy - Thanks for everything Pachy especially that time. You will always be my matesprit online <3

Twilight Sky DEEEEEERK. Thanks a lot really! I have real fun time with you at the server long with errybody. Don't change you beautiful fern. <3

Narnia - SOAPY, I love you liek a little sister. You're so fun and cunning. And just ask Mid out okay ;)


Clacla - Clacla, I know you act like inappropriate at the serve but never change. I really liek your aura.


Shadowraze - Valerie, you are liek my best friend. We're literally in the same level so yeah.


AlexOzzyCake - I remember when I was a PoC regular back in the day when you were modded. I just wish you'd stay. But I love my little squirrel soooo much <3

Wolflare - WOLF! BE WOLF. DONT CHANGE. That's all.

Forever - NIIIIIICA! Always be cray. We love that fun side of you rly.

Shining Raichu - ANDY! Even tho we dont normally talk, I just hope we can still be total friends <>

Red's Hawt Chibi Pellipers - RHCP, I love how you handle all those RPs and the HS FC and your charisma is totally lovable <3

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Heh, I don't have long to post right now so I'll just do the first person who comes to mind when I open this thread (mainly because she made this thread ;]) and come back and finish this later!

Kura - You're one of these members who really, really has the best interests for PC at heart without being on some sort of agenda to try and move up the ranks or whatever. I think it's great how eager to contribute to CQ&F discussions you are and how you're totally not afraid to post your honest opinion on things. I feel that some people don't always appreciate that fully, but I really do. It's so nice to see you posting how you're feeling around here so openly when other people simply wouldn't do that. Plus you're a lovely girl to boot, but I feel like this thread's more about the PC side of things so I'll just leave it at this! Don't change, please!
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Abnegation/Gavin. probably one of the most mature, intelligent and genuine people i know. known him since i first joined PC and i've always looked up to him ever since, he's an inspiration to me and a great friend and i hope we'll be friends for years to come, even if we only talk from time to time. :3

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Well I'm still a little fresh, but there are certainty a few people I could give some shouts.

AlexOzzyCake A few chats and now I'm glued to General Entertainment. Sweet Dude, Amazing Taste in music

Hikari10 Perhaps one of the nicest users, made me feel welcome instantly

AnteMortem An Awesome Mod!
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In no particular order and off the top of my head...

Gyardosamped: You're super awesome to talk to all the time, we're like exactly the same and you're also really funny. Also Niam.

Sydian: You mod my favourite forums and you're a delight to talk to. You're also super kind to everyone, like a fluffy Altaria :3


.Aero: You're a great guy to talk to when we get the chance. You also made me find my inner Directioner-ness, which I guess I should be thankful for.

Jake♫: Great fun to battle, and it was awesome to do that interview and produce such good answers.

Razor Leaf: So very helpful. You just go above and beyond what you have to.

Forever: You know why ;D
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Shout out to Juicy! You're an amazing person, really helpful and caring, just in the short period of time we spoke on irc (though I don't think you know who I am lol). I wish more people were like you. (:
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To NecrumWarrior, vaporeon7, 11wildy, Rewy, EternallyAnna, Myrrhman, Honeyman, Weighty Will Bill, KagamiChan, Liljz1234, Griffinbane, Huggermugger, jdthebud, and any other challenge regular I may have missed (and I'm sorry if I did):

Thank you so much for being the amazing regulars that you are. You make modding Challenges an absolute delight. It's my favorite of the forums I mod, and my favorite forum in general here, even when I'm being slow with playing my own challenges. Thank you for contributing with your challenges, helpful advice to others, and just general awesomeness. Thank you to those that are active in The Nest. Thank you for playing the crazy events I come up with. Thank you for the great feedback and support you give me and other challengers, even those that just randomly pass by with an idea. I gladly return the favor to you. You are all wonderful and whether we talk a lot or a little, I am thankful for you all. I mean it. Fly high, my Swablu bbys.

you see these trees, man?
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Hey, shoutout to Razor Leaf for going out of his way to help me fix some stuff in PA multiple times. <3

Mihira Anand
Journey Optional

Roleplay Theatre
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I probably can't name everyone I'd like to show appreciation for so I'll just name a few people who I've been reminded of most recently.

Harlequin, you're all around friendly and clever and make posts I enjoy reading. Sydian, you're a really kind person and I'm sure you're a great influence on people. You've been one on me. Cassino, you're a bit inscrutable, but incredibly sharp and succinct. You have a poet's economy for words. Chesu, you were the first helpful and friendly person I met here on PC.
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Thanks to Red's Hawt Chibi Peppers for showing me some CSS stuff when I asked her (or is it him? hmm) about it, really appreciate your help with that!
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Hm...I came here via the Battle Server, and in my, I'll admit, short time here, I've already found a lot of friends I know and love.

Narnia - Sophie You're one of the nicest users ever. You have an unnatural sense of intelligence despite being only 11, and every time you say things, I smile. You're one of my fav members of PC, and I hope to be friends until the end ^-^

Forever - "Nice Nica is nice". You're one of the most crazy members I've met, and your out there sense of humour has me on ends You were one of my favourite mods for your personality, and despite not being a mod anymore, you're still one of my fav users on PC! Don't change.

Moriarteh. - Renee ^-^ You're one of my oldest friends I've known, I knew you since I started going on Pokemon Showdown, and it's nice that you eventually joined PC. I seriously like you as a friend, you're an awesome friend.

glitchguy - You and I have some kind of rivalry, you's like we're always fighting and stuff, but it never gets serious. Your humour has a dark bordering, but it's humour nonetheless. Keep it up, Missingno. P.S I'm not your pet hedgehog >.>

ForeverDash - Friiiiitz You are a light in a dark cave, always keeping me sane. Your constant singing has me on ends, I always crack up. #project22 will be a success, trust me.

Pachy - Omg Pachy :D. You always make me smile. You're such a nice person, you know. I wanna be like you, you're an adorable user who always puts her friends first.

Hikari10 - Hikariiiiiiii! You're easily an outstanding person, you nearly always make me giggle, and you're Australian, what more to want ^-^ You'll forever be my favourite Oshawotter.

Aurora. - Aur! I've known you for some time now, and while you may absolutely despise the whole Sonic series, we can still be good friends. Just tell me when you want me to quit being such a fanboy, k? Also, I find you really intelligent for being a 14 year old, definitely someone who's going to be successful in life.

YukiNagato - Hayley <33 I just love talking to you. You're easily my best friend on PC, and I'd like it to stay that way. You are a really nice person who's cute, cuddly and someone I'd love to meet in real life. You understand me and I understand you. ily <3 *huggles*

Pachy - You cheer me up when I'm down. You make me smile all the time Ehe, you're a cute and cuddly person, just like me~
You're also an amazing friend. Also, you're into Sonic, so we can just spend days on end talking, I guess :3

I've probably said some things that I really meant really sloppily, so sorry I guess *shrug* I'm just bad at letting out strong feelings.

To the rest - I really love all of you, and you make my life here great <3 *hugs*

That's it for now - I'll try and edit as life goes on

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Old May 24th, 2013 (9:27 PM).
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Thanks for making this thread. I think it's really nice and has a great purpose. I only wish it was used more.

Patchisou Yutohru,
You're so caring and great and you look wonderful and I appreciate you for many things. Stay great, stay weird, stay flawless, stay you.

Thank you for being the great friend that you are. I'm glad that we do more together than just challenges. YGO and Pokemon cards and Tumblin'!

I think you did a great job as mod in your time you served. Things got crazy on the way, and that's okay. To many members, you'll go down as a favorite and people will remember you for a long time. Don't let what happened leave too much of a sour taste in your mouth.
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Old June 5th, 2013 (2:57 AM).
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Let's try to get the love going again!

Abnegation - Although we have our personal differences and always have/will, I respect your intelligence and creativity. As someone who admittedly does not have much presence in the creative department of the brain, I like seeing creativity spring from a person.

Kura - A sweet girl, despite all your natural feistyness. I appreciate you.

justinrpg - You talk with passion about what you love and that's a-ok with me.

Sydian - A truly wonderful, charming, adorable, amazing and badass young woman. Don't change.

Shining Raichu - More or less the Australian me except he's two and a bit years older than me, I have to appreciate that.
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