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Old May 11th, 2013 (3:56 PM).
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Hey Pokemon fans! Let me tell you a little bit about my Pokemon life. My first Pokemon game was Red Version. I played the heck out of it, then accidentally deleted my save. (I was around 5 years of age.)

The latest Pokemon game I've played is Pokemon Black. Never finished it, though. I lost the cartridge or whatever you call it before I could finish it. But with Black and White 2 out, and Pokemon X and Y right around the corner, I haven't been able to keep up with the latest generations, so I'll stick to what I'm best at: Generations 1-3.

Anyways, my favorite Pokemon is Ampharos, my favorite Pokemon Game is Fire Red, my favorite type is,
shockingly, electric, my favorite non-Pokemon game is (currently) Borderlands 2.

OH! Can't forget my favorite starter! It's a close match between Squirtle and Cyndaquil.

Glad to meet everyone!
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Old May 11th, 2013 (4:15 PM).
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Hi there Bewmchu, and welcome to PC! May I just say that you have a nice avatar? Ampharos is definitely adorable <3

Hm, you started with Red? A lot of people here did, so I hope you have a good time conversing with those Pokeveterans.

Black is a good game in my opinion, new features, also moving sprites ^-^ Too bad you lost the cartridge though

Nice to see you here, and I hope you have a fun time! This place is for Pokefans everywhere, so you're going to fit in well!

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Old May 11th, 2013 (7:10 PM).
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Sheep Sheep is online now
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This would be the perfect avatar for you! n~n But yeah, hey there, Bewmchu! Welcome to PokeCommunity and it is indeed a pleasure to meet you!

Aw, so you've never really completed Black? Guessing you never got Black 2/White 2 either? Can be hard to keep up though so I understand, but the franchise is still sooo amazing. Any plans to get X & Y when they come out?! I mean.. lots of us are super excited about those new games. But there are people who aren't very impressed either, so it's fine regardless, but personally I'm itching to play. Guess it's cause we finally have a main series game that's in 3D! If you're a fan of the earlier gens then the Metal/Color and Advance Generation Gaming boards will be the best places for you to post in. <3; There are plenty of forumers around here who love the older generations so you'll settle in well. While you're at it, you should dig around Pokemon Clubs and join the electric-type club! It'll be a great place for you!

Haha, anyway, I just want to say that Ampharos is absolutely adorable. Mareep is one of my favorite evolution families in the entire series and I've used it in my games so, so often. Often enough that it's gotten a little boring to use again since he's probably the Pokemon I've used most, haha. Not only that but electric is my favorite type as well - we're going to get along wonderfully. STICK AROUND FOREVER since I'm liking you a lot already. :)

Have a great time on PC! Remember that I'm here if you need help or want to talk so message me anytime!
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Old May 11th, 2013 (7:35 PM).
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Haha! the shockingly electric thing made me laugh! I always use Ampharos in Gold/Silver/HeartGold/SoulSilver its a great electric type. Welcome to PC! I'm sure you'll find out quickly that everything and everyone is so nice here! Cyndaquil and Squirtle are on the top of my list of favorite starters . If you have any questions or just wanna chat feel free to VM or PM me!

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Old May 11th, 2013 (7:59 PM).
Hikamaru Hikamaru is offline
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Hello Bewmchu, and welcome!

I have to say, Ampharos is such an adorable thing for a fully-evolved Pokemon, I used one in SoulSilver once and she helped me catch Suicune, so I cherish it even more! So sad about your Pokemon Black, I love 5th Generation games a lot but I hope you'll eventually catch up by playing Black 2 or White 2? Both are great.

Cirno has already recommended some places for you to check out, but we have loads of active sections where you can get to know members, like Chit Chat & Polls and also Forum Games, but feel free to go and post wherever you like, no matter where your main interest lies.

Have fun here, and I'm looking forward to meeting you!

- Hikari10
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