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[Wi-Fi] Pokemon Cup

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Old May 13th, 2013 (5:37 AM). Edited June 28th, 2013 by dale.finch.
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Who: Any one with pokemon black 2 or white 2, white, black
What: FIFA World Cup competition format tournament
When: entries open till 12am 1st of August
How: one round will be completed every week

Winner to private message me the result and score of the battle before the start of the next week (12am Sunday morning) should there be no message no points will be awarded

At the start of every week a private message to all competitors will be sent showing who their opponent is for the week is and what there friend code is as well as there pokecommunity name is as well as their team of Pokemon, competitiors must organise a suitable time for their battle, should their be no available timeslot private message me and 1 point will be awarded to the 2 competitors.

Competitors can hold a normal party of six but because it is a single battle only 3 pokemon will be available to battle, the pokemon battled can be changed throughout the cup, with restrictions on levels and what pokemon can be used. Pokemon can be trained before battles to gain levels.

The winner of the cup will receive a mystery pokemon.
2 points will be awarded to the winners of each pokemon battle
1 point to those who have a bye
0 points to those who lose their pokemon battles
Note: This is a no restriction battle cup.

How to Enter:
Fill out this form and reply to this thread
Pokecommunity name:
Pokemon BW/2 in game name:
Pokemon BW/2 Friend code:

Pokecommunity name: dale.finch
Pokemon BW/2 in game name: Dale
Pokemon BW/2 Friend Code: 1851 2596 3361

I myself will be entering

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