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Old May 12th, 2013 (11:47 PM). Edited May 27th, 2013 by bleach12.
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Project Pokemon
Background Information
So a couple of mates and myself, who are on youtube if you want to check us out (in signature), decided that we should /try/ and see if we could create a pokemon game. We are using RPG Maker XP with the Pokemon Essentials starter kit to create the game

The Game
This Project was started after me and my friend, who are a part (creators) of ProjectM76 on youtube (Me - Bleach12, Friend - Ian01313) wanted to see if we could make a Pokemon game about our team at ProjectM. So this Project consists of a whole bunch of references that our viewers will love and just a bit of a laugh in our community. The reason that I am making a thread here, even though the game is targeted for our team/viewers, is firstly, we aim to make a game that can be enjoyed by all people, even if they don't know our little inside jokes and whatnot. Secondly, we want to get the opinions of all the people who are part of this community, they could offer advice, ask questions and even help out in the project if they want to! we are open to anything.

TLDR (Too Long, Didn't Read) - We want to make a game about our youtube team, and think this is a perfect place to get ideas and opinions about it. Also I love this community :D

Game Development and Progress
Checklist/Completion Percentage
Overall Progress as of 28/5 (Rough Estimate, Probably way off): 8.3%

Intro: 20%
Main Story Line: 40%
Mapping: 1%
Character Design: 10%
Graphic Designs (Badges, Bags, Menus): 2%
Other Regions/Post Game 0%
Everything Else: 0%

Game Ideas and Features
In the spoiler section below there is just a bunch of dot points that are the main features that we would like to have in our game. Most of these features will probably be changed or improved in the future development of the game.

  • Achievements Log
  • Custom Sprites
  • Custom Textures
  • Fast transportation System to get from one side to opposite side of map
  • Item system
  • Items everywhere on maps
  • Map in small corner of screen (unlock)
  • Stone Shop? (Have evolution stones)
  • Wifi trade + battle (If possible)
  • Eevee for starter
  • Professor Cypress (female)
  • Ghost Tower/Cave
  • Magikarp Tower (Get Waterfall HM)
  • Equipable items
  • Safari Zone (like pokemon snap)
  • Dad and Mum sometimes appears in random towns and will leave regularly
  • Time and Day Cycle (Skyward Sword Style)
  • All pokemon (Maybe 6th Gen)
  • Legendaries possible to catch
  • Mine to get to the end of a tunnel (Using pickaxe? Dig/Strength)
  • Ciaran Turns into batman, right before battle commences
  • Quick way to hand in quests
  • Pokemon Snap like Photography, or similar (For Quests)

Plot and Story
So not much has been done on the story yet that makes sense, we currently have a massive brainstorm of ideas and stuff and some dot points that are the must have part of the story. Even though we don't have a nice and typed up story and plot for the game we have some key points which I will post in some spoilers as they are quiet messy.

  • The game starts in your little town like normal when you just pass your Pokemon Tests and are finally allowed to travel around and research pokemon.
  • You are working for your local Pokemon lab for Professor (???) and he provides you with your first partner pokemon who will help you in your quest to research all the pokemon in your starting town.
  • As you continue your helping others and doing quests you keep getting asked to move all around the region and in turn decided to battle the Gym Leaders so you can research powerful pokemon.
  • You are told the story of creation by the librarian and how the pokemon world came to be and how the one pokemon that created the world is still roaming the land, he tells you about this feeling that there are bad people trying to find this pokemon and use it's great power to do terrible evil (Classic Cliche)
  • You must stop the antagonists from summoning Arceus and gaining the power to destroy the world.

There is still a bit more at the moment but that is the main thing.

This Could Still Change!

We haven't really started game development on this yet and the ideas are all our owner or just general ideas from Nintendo, so this will expand out soon-ish. :)

RPGXP - Enterbrain
Pokemon Essentials - Poccil
Pokemon Essentials Ulitmate BW Pack 7 - P-Sign, Clowcardruler, Major Pokemon Black and White Animation Ripping Project, Maruno, Venom12, FL.
Animated Intro Tutorial - Rayd12smitty
Custom Loading Screen (slightly edited, but based off this) - carmaniac

Comment your thoughts and suggestions and whatnot, I would really love some feedback on this :)
Thanks Guys
-Bleach 17/5
Check us out if you want, leave a like and also support our new project, Project Pokemon
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Old May 13th, 2013 (11:12 PM).
Ian01313 Ian01313 is offline
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Yep sounds all good from my end. (I just needed to post something so that I would get notifications on this too). Ian01313
My channel ProjectM76
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