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Old April 15th, 2013 (6:18 AM).
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Originally Posted by Lord_Storm View Post
I'd recommend Golem in any Nuzlocke team due to its great attack and defence, as long as you switch it out against grass and water types, which Roserade can deal with pretty well, so yeah, I'd say that they're very good on a team together.
To expand on this; Golem will handle Volkner later on easily. And Roserade will handle Wake, if you haven't already ice'd him. But I would suggest finding some type of Thunder Pokémon to beat down Gyarados' in the near future.

Update #2
Attempt #2
caught Tossly in the Dark Cave (Geodude), level'd Tim (Cyndaquil) into Quillava. But not before Bridgett perished. Went to Sprout tower and beat all the Sages and acquired the Flash TM. Then went to Falkner and defeated with the combined strength of Tossly and Tim.

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    This one wont be a long one, but it's time for my Fire Red Nuzlocke...
    Update 5:

    I didn't really get time to write much out, but basically what happened is that I took down Blaine, did the first three Sevii Islands, took on Giovanni, which was an easy win, then went on to fight my rival. My damn rival. I would've won with ease, but I screwed up and chose to use Petal Dance against his Blastoise. He then switched and OHKO'd Oddium with his Growlithe. I took out the rest of his team, but Coco's Sleep Powder missed against the Blastoise who swiftly defeated my Butterfree. So basically, I decided that adding in Venonat and Lapras would be a good idea, and I ended it here because I didn't feel like grinding.

    My Team so far:
    Blaze/Charizard Lv.45

    -Metal Claw
    -Wing Attack

    Pierce/Nidoking Lv46

    -Double Kick

    Lil/Persian Lv45

    -Secret Power
    -Faint Attack
    -Pay Day

    Fear/Fearow Lv45

    -Drill Peck
    -Fury Attack

    Venom/Venonat Lv26

    -Leech Life

    Rara/Lapras Lv25

    -Body Slam
    -Confuse Ray
    -Perish Song

    OddiumII/Oddish Lv15
    Oddien/Oddish Lv26
    Glum/Gloom Lv36
    Spartan/Spearow Lv15
    Hawk/Spearow Lv20
    Rower/Spearow Lv20
    Spespa/Spearow Lv32
    Pogo/Pidgeotto Lv37
    Fang/Rattata Lv14
    Gnasher/Rattata Lv20
    Macho/Machop Lv16
    Bruce/Hitmonlee Lv30
    Pony/Ponyta Lv30 (Original, right?)
    Tangle/Tangela Lv21
    Safa/Nidoran M Lv24
    Brute/Tentacool Lv9
    Tentro/Tentacool Lv6
    Coolio/Tentacool Lv6
    Uno/Tentacool Lv8
    Tetete/Tentacool Lv25

    Fletcher/Pidgey Lv4-14
    Rage/Mankey Lv2-16
    FletcherII/Pidgeotto Lv15-27
    Triad/Dugtrio Lv29-30
    Jolt/Eevee Lv25-27
    Munch/Snorlax Lv30-30
    Spear/Fearow Lv10-32
    Pecks/Fearow Lv18-21

    A special mention:
    Oddium/Vileplume Lv14-45
    Coco/Butterfree Lv4-44

    I was planning on finishing up FireRed for this update, but after my losses and the newfound need to go grinding, I will do that sometime soon and post the final Fire Red update either later today or tomorrow.
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      I going to re-sign up, since my old account is bctincher15, all I need is the username in the main post changed, I'll still be doing the same game, White 2.

      No optional rules, going completely original nuzlocke here. I've gotten 3 badges, in Nimbasa, training for Elesa on the surrounding Routes. I spent a LOOOONG time in the Battle Subway, and bought every TM there.

      Since I don't have 15 posts yet, pics will be in the attachments. I am very happy with my first encounter at Lostlorn Forest. :)

      Team at this point:
      Roserade Lv. 24
      Natural Cure
      Venoshock, Magical Leaf, Mega Drain, Sweet Scent

      Golbat Lv. 26
      Inner Focus
      Venoshock, U-Turn, Return, Pluck

      Trapinch Lv. 25
      Hyper Cutter
      Dig, Rock Slide, Bide, Bulldoze

      Dewott Lv. 26
      Fury Cutter, Razor Shell, Water Pulse, Swords Dance

      Solosis Lv. 22
      Magic Guard
      Snatch, Hidden Power, Light Screen, Charm

      Minccino Lv.22
      Skill Link(I got the one from Route 5 Hidden Grotto)
      Doubleslap, Round, Swift, U-Turn

      Sandile Lv. 14
      Petilil Lv. 25
      Drilbur Lv. 25

      Deceased(too many at this point of the game):
      Mareep Lv. 5 - 6 (killed by Trainer's Patrat)
      Patrat Lv. 2 - 10 (killed by Trainer's Lillipup)
      Koffing Lv. 10 - 15 (killed by Wild Magby)
      Swadloon Lv. 2 - 20 (Killed by Roxie's Koffing)
      Yamask Lv. 18 - 24) (killed by Wild Roserade, which I caught)
      Attached Images
      File Type: png Badge 1.png‎ (10.6 KB, 6 views) (Save to Dropbox)
      File Type: png Badge 2.png‎ (12.5 KB, 6 views) (Save to Dropbox)
      File Type: png Badge 3.png‎ (11.8 KB, 5 views) (Save to Dropbox)
      File Type: png Roserade.png‎ (15.4 KB, 8 views) (Save to Dropbox)
      File Type: png Roserade2.png‎ (12.9 KB, 5 views) (Save to Dropbox)
      Gym Leader Challenge
      Pryce - FireRed - Crystal - Emerald - Platinum - Black 2
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      Im doing a Silver Nuzlocke challenge on a real gameboy.

      Location: Sprout Tower 2nd Floor
      Unown: ??? lvl 6
      Chikorita: ChiChi lvl 9
      Weedle: Eldeew lvl 4
      Ratatta: O-O lvl 5
      Playtime: 1:48
      Rules: Basic Rules of course, Must nickname all Pokemon that are caught.
      Will update in a few days since I only play 1-2 hours per day.

      "The Incredibly Pretty Girl"

      Gym Leader Whitney
      link | link | link

      FC: 4699-7156-4669 IGN: Gavin
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        This is only half of my progress as I haven't yet got up to the second round of the Elite 4. I will do that tonight and post my update then, but for now, Update 6:

        I would post the rest of my FireRed in this update but due to car problems, I couldn't get home from a friend's house meaning I was stuck about 30km away from my house until about 5:30pm, and I've pretty much played since, mostly grinding. Anyway, I wont do a long update because I haven't typed anything out as I go along, so it'll pretty much just be pictures.

        These guys were all very easy, with me only losing small amounts of HP on each one, but then came the challenge. I lost 2 Pokemon against my rival before and almost knew for sure that I would lose some more this time. I was unfortunately correct:

        So yep, there goes my Venomoth, who hadn't really been all that useful due to the lack of a psychic type meaning the move Psychic wasn't STAB and both of its STAB types were unfortunately physical. Fortunately, I soon realised that Rara didn't take much damage from it, meaning I won with only Venom down.

        I will post my final team stats in the next update as opposed to now, because it will likely be up in the next 4-5 hours.

        EDIT: The Final Update: No. 7:
        This won't be long as it's now past midnight, but basically, I finished up FireRed, taking out Team Rocket and completing the second round of the E4, which I have pictures of below:

        As you can see, Charizard finished off all of them, as he has been the strongest Pokemon in this nuzlocke, followed by Nidoking, and I was much happier with how I did this time, with no losses at all, even though I only took 5 Pokemon with me because I couldn't find a good replacement for Venomoth.

        The Team:



        I'll probably start on Crystal in the next few days and post an update on it when I'm ready!
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        Here's a update

        Location: Sprout Tower 2nd Floor
        Unown: ??? lvl 10
        Spearow: Lvl 2
        Weedle x2 : lvl 5
        Ratatta: Lvl 5
        Geodude: Lvl 2
        Playtime: 3:01

        Another day another death...

        "The Incredibly Pretty Girl"

        Gym Leader Whitney
        link | link | link

        FC: 4699-7156-4669 IGN: Gavin
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          Time to update!

          With most of my team evolved, we could easily defeat Roark, so I headed to his gym. I looked around to make sure the coast was clear of Kisuke and stepped inside. I dealt with the few hench-trainers in the gym and got my team some more experience that would definitely help in the gym battle.
          I approached Roark who was tickling a pebble, then he spotted me and tossed it aside. He cleared his throat and looked at me and said, "Ready to fight?" I nodded to show approval. Time to earn my first time.

          Current team:

          Konjiki/Nidorino (M, Lv.23)
          Acid, Peck, Focus Energy, Double Kick

          Gonryomaru/Luxio (M, Lv.16)
          Tackle, Leer, Charge, Spark

          Tobiume/Growlithe (F, Lv.21)
          Flame Wheel, Howl, Bite, Leer

          RyujinJaka/Monferno (F, Lv.17)
          Fury Swipes, Leer, Ember, Triple Kick

          Minazuki/Kirlia (F, Lv.20)
          Confusion, Confuse Ray, Return, Double Team

          Douglas/Staravia (M, Lv.15)
          Tackle, Growl, Quick Attack, Wing Attack

          None so far!
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          I actually quit my LeafGreen Nuzlocke, I didn't really have the time to focus on it the way I would want to. Using LeafGreen for Gym Leader Challenge now. So go ahead and take it off the list.

          Username: NecrumWarrior
          Game: Diamond
          -Name all Pokemon
          -Dead team = endgame
          -No Legedary Pokemon

          Because I like crying. ;.;
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            Alright let's just say I just stumbled on to this place before I did the challenge and won the game. Let's hypothetically say that I recorded it. Does the video evidence (if I took any) automatically put me as a champion? Hypothetically speaking of course ;)
            Link to the Youtube channels where I post stuff ^^
            3DS FC: 4785-4825-6323
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              Username: pokem0nprincess
              Game: Ruby

              I'd like to throw my hat in the ring here as well, with Ruby. Only additional rule is that I must nickname all my Pokemon.

              I chose Torchic as my starter. Male, nicknamed Chico. Went to find Brendan and hoped I wouldn't find a wild pokemon in route 101 but alas, I unfortunately encountered some before I had pokeballs. Beat Brendan. Came back to the Lab in Littleroot for some pokeballs so I could add a member to my team. I went up to route 102 and the first pokemon I encountered was a male Wurmple at level 3, caught it and nicknamed it Pinkworm. Then I went to route 103 and found a female Zigzagoon at level 3 and nicknamed her Ziggy. I did some hardcore grinding before traveling through route 103 to Petalburg as I didn't want any of my precious babies to faint. Did the stuff there, then continued to route 104 where I caught a level 4 female Wingull which I nicknamed Winnie. Ground a bit more until each of my pokemon were at level 8, then entered the woods and caught another male Wurmple at level 5 which I nicknamed Squishy and immediately boxed. I fought all the trainers up until Rustboro and grabbed some berries. There were a few close calls, but thank God Ziggy picked up some super potions for me on my journey thus far, as well as two nuggets which I sold for pure profit. I also level ground my team up to level 10 as I'm about to face Roxanne.

              Current Team:
              Chico/Torchic, (M. lv10)
              Winnie/Wingull, (F. lv10)
              Pinkworm/Beautifly, (M. lv10)
              Ziggy/Zigzagoon, (F. lv10)

              None so far.

              Squishy/Wurmple, (M. lv5)

              Update 1:
              Narrowly defeated Roxanne, but the casualties were many. Winnie made quick work of Geodude, but was killed by Nosepass's Rock Throw. As were Pinkworm and Ziggy. Chico was lucky enough to burn Nosepass with Ember and I kept spamming Growl and taking Potions until Nosepass eventually fainted. I emerged victorious, but I feel I lost three of my dearest friends. I am very saddened. (No wonder this is such a difficult challenge.)
              I have done nothing but add Squishy to my team since beating Roxanne.
              Current Team
              Chico/Torchic, (M. lv11)
              Squishy/Wurmple, (M. lv5)

              Pinkworm/Beautifly (M. lv10)
              Winnie/Wingull (F. lv12)
              Ziggy/Zigzagoon (F. lv10)


              Update 2:
              I added Squishy to my team and took it to the Petalburg Woods to train it up to at least level 10. I was glad to have a Dustox, as Pinkworm did not fare so well as a Beautifly. In Route 116 I caught a female Taillow at lv7 and nicknamed her Tila. I fought all the trainers, grabbed the berries, and set off to Rusturf Tunnel where I caught a male Whismur at lv7 whom I nicknamed Rory. Did that stuff, and returned to the Devon Corp for the letter, then I set sail for Dewford Town with Mr. Briney. My team was looking pretty good at this point, but as soon as I'd talked to everyone besides the gym in Dewford I sailed back to grind my team so Tila and Squishy were at level 14. I took on the gym trainers one by one, and Tila and Squishy were taking them out with Peck and Wing attack, and Gust and Confusion. I healed before facing Brawly, and beat them taking barely any damage. I headed to Granite Cave and grabbed flash, and made it to B1F before encountering a wild Pokemon, which was a female Aron, lv9. Caught her and I nicknamed her Erin. I braved my way through the rest of the cave and found Steven, delivered the letter, and returned to Dewford Town. After receiving the Old Rod from the fishing guru in Dewford, I considered catching a couple Magikarp/Tentacool just to box and save for later, but I haven't done so yet. Still debating waiting until I have a better rod or Surf to encounter some pokemon in Dewford Town and Route 106. This is all I have done, and I plan to grind Erin and Chico and likely Rory all to level 15 before I head to Slateport. No casualties in this update!
              Current Team:
              Erin/Aron, (F. lv9)
              Tila/Taillow, (F. lv15)
              Squishy/Dustox, (M. lv15)
              Chico/Torchic, (M. lv14)
              Rory/Whismur. (M. lv13)

              Deceased: Same as last update

              Boxed: None
              Gotta collect 'em all! (seriously, I'm trying.)
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                Game: Pokemon Pearl
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                  Pokémon Emerald
                  A Satire, Of A Satire, Of A Satire, Is Tiring...
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                      Game: Platinum

                      Always wanted to do a Nuzlocke. Update soon.
                      If you don't believe in yourself, then don't worry,

                      because he will, no matter what.
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                        Update 5
                        Badges: 3

                        I need to work out a schedule for my challenges or something, so I can update more frequently. Anyways, shortly after I continued my game after saving in Lavender Town, Pidgey evolved on Route 10. That was pretty nice, but unfortunelty, Nidorino was slain by Gary In Pokemon Tower. It's sad because he's one of the Pokemon I've had longest, I caught pretty early in the challenge. At least Nidorino would get a proper buriel after the battle. I left after defeating Gary, since I have not yet obtained the Silph Scope so I can see through the ghost's illusions in Pokemon Tower. I encountered yet another Pidgey on Route 8, and went ahead defeated it. However, I fortunately caught a Growlithe on Route 7, I named him Fenfir. After arriving in Celadon City, I decided I wanted the Eevee more than the Pokemon I could recieve in the Game Corner. I named him Volt since I plan to evolve him into a Jolteon. I then went into the Celadon Department Store and purchased a Leaf Stone to evolve Weed into a Vileploom. After that, I went into the Game Corner and pressed the button behind the poster that activated the steps into the Rocket's Secret Hideout. I tore through the facility pretty easily, and I have arrived at Giovanni's office. My next update will include a detailed battle with Giovanni. Oh, and I guess my Spearow evolved at some point, can't remember when.

                        Current Team

                        Vine the Ivysaur(m) Lv31
                        Pidgeotto(f) Lv21
                        Weed the Vileploom(m) Lv31
                        Graveler(m) Lv32
                        Volt the Eevee(m) Lv25
                        Fenfir the Growlithe(m) Lv21

                        Boxed Team

                        Fearow(f) Lv22
                        Caterpie(f) Lv7


                        King the Ekans(m) Lv14-15 R.I.P
                        Aero the Pidgeotto(f) Lv16-22 R.I.P
                        Mouse the Rattata(f) Lv2-2 R.I.P
                        Nidorino(m) Lv6-26 R.I.P

                        Locked Out Areas
                        Route 1
                        Route 2
                        Route 3
                        Route 4
                        Route 5
                        Route 6
                        Route 7
                        Route 8
                        Route 9
                        Route 10
                        Route 11
                        Route 22
                        Route 24
                        Route 25
                        Viridian Forest
                        Mt. Moon
                        Diglett's Cave
                        Rock Tunnel

                        Celadon City
                        War never
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                          Game: Fire Red

                          Im planning on recording soon
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                            Meh, I was defeated by bugsy...
                            In storm silver she has 6 pokemon, she's ridiculously overpowered!
                            Guess I had to level up my party more..
                            Anyhow, I'll start over and try again.
                            The rules are the same:
                            Can't use gifted pokemon, only the first pokemon encountered in each area.
                            Limit of 3 heals per center, limit of 10 items per mart.
                            Use only poke balls to catch pokemons.
                            This time I will do it!

                            Alright, first update on my Storm Silver run!
                            I caught a Hoothoot on route 29, named him Keibriados.
                            I caught a Numel on route 49, named him Vulcan. Unfortunately it died at lv.7 while battling a trainer :(
                            I caught a Magikarp in Cherrygrove City with the old rod, named her Failkarp. Unsurprisingly, it was slain soon after.
                            I caught a Weedle on route 30, named her Duelista.
                            I caught a Bellsprout on route 31, named him Oklob. It was slain in the Bell Tower... Irony?
                            I caught a Sandshrew in the Dark Cave, named her Almalexia.
                            In the Bell Tower, then, I found a Spinda! Managed to catch her, named her Psyche.
                            I tried fishing again in Violet City, and this time found a Poliwag. I caught and named her Ilsuiw.
                            I then went to train in the outskirts of Violet City, on route 32, where I found and caught a Drifloon, named Glorx Vloq.
                            I am now preparing to face Falkner, and this is my party:
                            Duelista the lv.15 Beedrill
                            Poisong Sting, Twinneedle, Bug Bite, Fury Attack

                            Almalexia the lv.14 Sandshrew
                            Scratch, Defense Curl, Sand-Attack, Poison Sting

                            Ilsuiw the lv.12 Poliwag
                            Water Sport, Bubble, Hypnosis, Water Gun

                            Keibriados the lv.12 Hoothoot
                            Tackle, Growl, Hypnosis, Air Cutter

                            Psyche the lv.13 Spinda
                            Tackle, Uproar, Copycat

                            Glorx Vloq the lv.13 Drifloon
                            Constrict, Minimize, Astonish, Gust
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                              Username: deftrance
                              In-Game Name: Remus
                              Game: Leaf Green
                              -Name all Pokemon
                              -Starter Pokemon based off Trainer ID
                              -Not officially enforcing the rules until the player has Poké Balls and can catch Pokémon
                              -Disallowing duplicate captures
                              -Boxing fainted pokemon in a 'Passed' box.

                              Remus begins his adventure in wonderful Pallet Town. With a Trainer ID of 61229, he selects Leonardo, the Squirtle when presented with the opportunity of a lifetime by Professor Oak. After successfully vanquishing his rival's Bulbasaur. With a triumphant rest, demanded by his mother, Remus slipped off into the tall grass to make his way onwards towards Viridian City.

                              Making his way carefully through the grass to Viridian City and speaking to a fine gentleman that offered him a Potion and told him to check out the Pokemart, he managed to battle three Rattatas before breaking free of the grass and taking in the sights of the city. A quick trip to the Pokemon Center for a brief respite preceded a visit to the aforementioned Pokemart. What’s this? A package for Professor Oak? Why, of course I’ll deliver that! And back to Pallet Town he goes, trudging through the grass and a few more battles along the way. Professor Oak was quite thrilled to have his package delivered to him and offered Remus five Pokeballs as thanks.

                              Remus left the Lab to visit Daisy, his rival’s sister, who took it upon herself to offer a town map to assist in his journeys. After thanking the young lady, he checked in on his mother and took a short nap before returning to Viridian City via Route 1.
                              Remus’s fateful encounter with Splinter, the Rattata soon followed, capturing him at level 3 and continuing on to the city…

                              Current Party
                              Leonardo (lvl 6-7)
                              Splinter (lvl 3)

                              Update 1
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                                Second update on my Storm Silver run!
                                Here I am, challenging Falkner, the bird pokemon gym leader.
                                I start with my trusty Almalexia the Sandshrew, facing Falkner's Doduo!
                                I command Almalexia to spend the first few turns buffing her defense up with Defense Curl, then I use a potion and finish off the Doduo with ease.

                                The next pokemon he sends out is Murkrow. Under normal circumstances this pokemon's attacks would be quite damaging, but since Almalexia buffed her defense up, now she can play offensively.
                                3 scratches are all it takes to bring Murkrow down. Next out is Swablu. Since I know Falkner taught it Solarbeam, I switch back my Sandshrew and send out Keibriados the Hoothoot.
                                Solarbeam is all this pokemon has of notable power, and Hoothoot manages to beat it with a combo of Hypnosis and Air Cutter.
                                Things look nicely for me, since the popular bird trainer only has 3 pokemons left now, while I still have 6!
                                Chatot is next. Unfortunately for me, I greatly underestimated this pokemon. I mindlessly send out Spinda, and Chatot pulverizes her with just one chatter...
                                I try to hypnotize Chatot with Poliwag, but he fails, and is brought down too. Annoying pokemon...
                                I decide to send out my strongest pokemon, Duelista the Beedrill, and end the slaughter.
                                She uses Fury Attack a couple of times, while enduring this pokemon's annoying chatter, and finally ends the bird's pitiful existence.
                                Falkner, why did you even catch this thing??

                                Next is Farfetch'd; in this hack he is a Fighting/Flying type. Needless to say, my Hoothoot has a big advantage, and using Hypnosis and Air Cutter, Farfetch'd is brought down with ease.

                                Now all Falkner has left is Pidgeotto. Scary, but it's 4 against one.
                                I do not want to lose Duelista yet, and send her back in favour of Hoothoot.
                                I use a Potion on Duelista on the first turn Keibriados is out. Keibriados is dead in one hit of Tackle...
                                I send out Sandshrew, and start using Defense Curl until Pidgeotto's aerial ace doesn't scare me anymore. It takes 3 potions to make this strategy work.
                                Almalexia then starts using scratch against Pidgeotto, and she do manages to damage him a bit, but she takes a critical hit the turn after and is left with only 7 hp.
                                I decide to send out Drifloon to heal my Sandshrew a bit, and the poor balloon pokemon gets one shotted by a critical aerial ace...
                                Duelista is my only hope now... She uses Bug Bite on Pidgeotto, eating his berry and regaining some health, while bringing the bird down to less than half health.

                                My Beedrill then endures aerial ace aaaaaand... I win with Twinneedle! Yay! I did it, but I lost 4 pokemons...

                                I used a total of 6 potions during this fight.
                                Farewell Keibriados the Hoothoot, Glorx Vloq the Drifloon, Psyche the Spinda and Ilsuiw the Poliwag.
                                Old May 15th, 2013 (5:46 PM).
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                                  Join Date: Nov 2011
                                  Location: Tangent Land
                                  Gender: Male
                                  Nature: Hardy
                                  Posts: 86
                                  Username: J_Woo
                                  Game: Pokemon Red
                                  3DS FC: 2251-6429-5358

                                  My Youtube Channel:
                                  Old May 16th, 2013 (11:40 AM). Edited May 16th, 2013 by deftrance.
                                  deftrance deftrance is offline
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                                    Posts: 17
                                    Update #1:
                                    After arriving once more in Viridian City, Remus takes a short break at the Pokemon Center before visiting the old man to the North. After a brief teaching session, he's handed his own Teachy TV. With his new item in hand, Remus ventured off to the West and onto Route 22. After vanquishing a Rattata (No dupe rule), Remus encountered a Spearow! Weakening him with Splinter, he managed to catch him. Our newest addition to the PokeParty: Hawkman, the Spearow (And yes, Hawkman is female. I don't judge.)

                                    Remus spent some time in this particular patch of grass, feeling some manner of important battle on the horizon. When his team was finally all above level 10, he visited the northern path of Route 22, only to find Kene, his Rival. This battle was quick and painless, with Hawkman easily soloing both Rattata and Bulbasaur.

                                    Afterwards, a quick visit to the Pokemon Center for a top-up and then the PokeMart to purchase potions and a few Pokeballs and Remus continued onwards, north to Route 2.

                                    Again, the first encounter on Route 2... a Rattata. With a sigh, Splinter made short work of her only to encounter the newest member of the Superhero Squad... Wasp, the Weedle.

                                    Current Team

                                    Leonardo, the Squirtle - Mild
                                    Tackle, Tail Whip, Bubble, Withdraw

                                    Splinter, the Rattata - Sassy
                                    Tackle, Tail Whip, Quick Attack

                                    Hawkman, the Spearow - Docile
                                    Peck, Growl, Leer

                                    Wasp, the Weedle - Jolly
                                    Poison Sting, String Shot
                                    Old May 19th, 2013 (6:21 AM).
                                    riane riane is offline
                                      Join Date: Nov 2011
                                      Gender: Male
                                      Posts: 36
                                      username - Riane
                                      game - blaze black

                                      update #1

                                      i started with Spike the tepig
                                      we beat both cheren and bianca
                                      we caught Twilight the Pidgey on route 1
                                      we took on N with no problems at all
                                      caught Lime the weedle
                                      Lime evolved into Kakuna
                                      Lime evolved into Beedrill
                                      Spike evolved into pignite
                                      Twilight evolved into pidgeotto
                                      caught Pinkiepie the clefairy
                                      took on the first gym and won easily
                                      beat cheren i wasn't prepared but still beat him had a bad crit that left Spike at 1hp
                                      caught Shellshock(er) the squirtle
                                      Shellshock(er) evolved into a wartortle
                                      caught Rarity the drilbur

                                      current team

                                      Spike Pignite lvl20 Bold nature
                                      Tackle/Magnitude/Arm Thrust/Flame Charge
                                      Twilight Pidgeotto lvl 20 Rash nature
                                      Acrobatics/Steel Wing/Quick Attack/Faint Attack
                                      Lime Beedrill lvl 19 Hasty nature
                                      X-Scissor/Cut(lol grass move OP)/Bug Bite/Cross Poison
                                      Pinkiepie Clefairy lvl 20 Jolly nature
                                      Metronome/Hidden Power fire/Sing/Doubleslap
                                      Shellshock(er) Wartortle lvl 21Serious nature
                                      Tackle/Aqua Jet/Water gun/Bite
                                      Rarity Drilbur lvl 17 Quirky nature
                                      Rapid Spin/Mud-Slap/Fury Swipes/Metal Claw
                                      Old May 19th, 2013 (9:49 AM). Edited May 19th, 2013 by Feraligatr13.
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                                        Alright, since I'm just going to ignore every other challenge I've signed up for, I'm going to sign up for this one.

                                        Username: Samurott01
                                        Game: Ruby
                                        Extra Rules: None

                                        I already have somewhat of an update.

                                        Update #1: Ruby Hard Mode.... And, Begin!
                                        I'm playing this on my DS, so I won't be able to update very quickly.
                                        I started by naming myself Nuz (one point for originality!) and doing all the beginning stuff. On Route 101, I ended up stealing a Mudkip and I called him Muddy (two points for originality!). Somehow, I managed to skip through Route 103 without encountering a single Pokemon in the wild, but I ended up battling May and easily defeating her Treecko without its Grass attack. Then, I got Poke Balls and was able to go catch a Zigzagoon on Route 103. I don't want to say its nickname because it's embarrassing. Then, I got pretty lucky and caught a Seedot and called it Oaktree (three points for originality!). That's where I am now.

                                        The Samurott01 Official Nuzlocke Team!
                                        Oaktree (Male) Lv. 4


                                        ****** (Male) Lv. 2


                                        Muddy (Male) Lv. 7


                                        Boxed: 0

                                        Dead: 0

                                        Originality Points (I'll be keeping track of this to see just how original I am): 3

                                        That's it for now, I'll be updating later! Peace!
                                        Old May 19th, 2013 (12:32 PM).
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                                          Nature: Quiet
                                          Posts: 247
                                          It's been almost a year since I've done a Nuzlocke, so I decided to start one on White. I'm actually doing it on my physical cartridge, so there's that.

                                          Only optional rule I'm running is no duplicates.

                                          White Update #1


                                          -Everything was going great, until Jacques (my Snivy) got super amazingly unlucky and died before we ever got to the first gym :(
                                          -Wilfred took out Chili with little issue. Only needed the one Potion
                                          -Wilfred evolved into a Herdier outside of Pinwheel Forest
                                          -Every single member of my team excpet for Wilfred (and Margaery, but I'm not planning on actually using her) just got unlucky as heck and dropped like flies
                                          -The Lenora fight was fine, Wilfred soloed it like a trooper. He had to have the assistance of quite a few Super Potions, however
                                          -I caught Lenny the Sewaddle in the actual inside part of Pinwheel Forest, and before we got out he ws already Lv. 20 and evolving into a Swadloon
                                          -Saved in Castelia City

                                          Catch List:


                                          Team Member
                                          Dead/Traded Away

                                          Nuvema Town: Jacques the Snivy, Lv.5
                                          Route 1: Margaery the Patrat, Lv. 2
                                          Route 2: Wilfred the Lillipup, Lv. 5
                                          Dreamyard: Strombo the Panpour, Lv. 10
                                          Route 3: Donner the Blitzle, Lv. 10
                                          Wellspring Cave: Betty the Roggenrolla, Lv.13
                                          Pinwheel Forest (Outer): Toronto the Pidove, Lv. 12
                                          Pinwheel Forest (Inner):Lenny the Sewaddle, Lv. 14
                                          Route 4: Orlando the Sandile, Lv. 16


                                          Jacques the Snivy Lv. 5-8 - Died on Route 2 to a super unlucky -1 Def Tackle crit from Youngster Roland's Lillipup
                                          Betty the Roggenrolla, Lv. 13 - Died on Route 3 from a Charged-up Shock Wave from School Kid Al's Blitzle
                                          Donner the Blitzle, Lv. 10-11 - Died on Route 3 from a Confusion crit from School Kid Marsha's Woobat
                                          Strombo the Panpour, Lv. 10-15 - Died outside Pinwheel Forest to a 4-hit Rock Blast at the hands of Preschooler Homer's Roggenrolla
                                          Toronto the Pidove, Lv. 12-14 - Died outside Pinwheel Forest whilst trying to escape a wild Timburr's Bide. She failed twice before perishing.

                                          The Team:

                                          Wilfred the Sassy Herdier ♂, Lv. 22
                                          Ability: Sand Rush
                                          -Work Up
                                          -Take Down

                                          Lenny the Gentle Swadloon ♂, Lv. 21 @ Miracle Seed
                                          Ability: Chlorophyll
                                          -Bug Bite
                                          -Razor Leaf

                                          Orlando the Bold Sandile ♂, Lv. 16
                                          Ability: Intimidate
                                          -Sand Attack
                                          -Sand Tomb

                                          HM Slaves:
                                          Margaery the Patrat: Cut
                                          Old May 26th, 2013 (6:13 AM). Edited May 26th, 2013 by DelightedTurk.
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                                          Hipsterest Hypno in the land
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                                            Age: 23
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                                            Nature: Calm
                                            Posts: 47
                                            Haven't really played a Pokémon game the full way through in ages so I figured what better way than a Nuzlocke?

                                            Username: DelightedTurk
                                            Game: Emerald (Randomized)

                                            First update should be up soon, wish me luck guys!

                                            EDIT: Got enough done for an update!

                                            Update #1
                                            -Did all starting stuff.
                                            -Saved Professor Birch from a wild Poochyena using Ryan the Hitmontop, could have picked a Spinda or a Dugtrio.
                                            -Caught wild Blastoise on Route 101, named Alex.
                                            -Caught a Whismur on Route 102, named Leah.
                                            -Caught a Machop on Route 103, named Connor.
                                            -Helped Wally catch a Ralts.
                                            -Failed to catch a wild Steelix on Route 104.
                                            -Failed to catch a wild Corsola in Petalburg Woods.
                                            -Failed to catch a wild Regirock on Route 116 (the muhf****r used explosion and almost killed Alex).
                                            -Failed to catch a wild Porygon2 in Verdanturf tunnel.
                                            -Beat Roxanne with ease.

                                            -Retrieved Devon Goods from Aqua grunt.
                                            -Leah the Whismur fainted in a battle vs. May, was locked in with Uproar, simply careless.

                                            -Caught a Charmander in Granite Cave, named Bruce after the original Nuzlocke.
                                            -Bruce evolved into a Charmeleon.
                                            -Beat Brawley after abusing Ryan's Intimidate ability on Makuhita.


                                            I'm really upset that I lost Leah as I was really looking forward to having an Exploud on my team as I really like the design, and up to that point Whismur was by far exceeding my expectations for her and was taking out everything. Pleased with how my Gym battles turned out though.
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