Sixth Generation The Kalos region awaits! Explore the first 3D Pokémon region while putting a stop to Team Flare. Then, revisit the Hoenn region with Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire!
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Old May 15th, 2013 (7:31 PM).
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    Ok, so we know the region Kalos is basically North-western France, so what would the music be like in-game? Personally I'd like to hear some accordions and french vocals kinda like Village Bridge. What are your thoughts? It'd be funny if this was the theme. http://
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    Old May 23rd, 2013 (6:26 AM).
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      Most likely we'd get heavy france/ european based music especially when traveling on routes (1,2,3,etc) but until they release a video with some bgm in it lets just be safe to assume it`s gonna be mixes of village bridge like music.
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      Old May 27th, 2013 (6:45 PM).
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      Personally, I'd love to hear some techno music.

      .....But that wouldn't really fit the nature of the games now, wouldn't it? :x

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      Old May 29th, 2013 (1:10 AM).
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        I would like there to be a dance club where there's a dance track playing there, that's what I would really like... Also the general tracks of the game should have accordions & flutes, & no trumpets please
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        Old May 29th, 2013 (4:52 AM).
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        More vocals, similarly to the type that was introduced in Black and White.
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        Old May 29th, 2013 (5:10 AM).
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        Euro-tecno/pop for battles, Bombast orchestrations for routes cities, maybe a city or two with electronica. Those castles are begging for the orhchestrated style in the B2W2 title sceen, which had not a drop of MIDI in it.

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        Old May 29th, 2013 (8:00 AM).
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        Something like this would be very fitting for the biggest city (the Paris copy)
        It's the route 10 tune from BW. Always thought it sounded french.
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        Old May 29th, 2013 (8:28 AM).
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          It would be nice to hear some europe inspired folky tunes with violins, accordions, harps....that kind of sound.

          @TwilightSky, some techno could fit the evil team or an extremely angry rival.
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          Old May 29th, 2013 (8:57 AM).
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          Honestly, techno music is pretty common in France. They have their discothèques, which are pretty much night clubs. I could see the region having one, maybe even as a Gym, where the theme music is a techno version of the regular Gym theme. Would be pretty cool to hear actually, now that I think about it.
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          Old May 29th, 2013 (12:02 PM).
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            Well you have Daft Punk who is french so you can have lot of different music.

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            Old May 29th, 2013 (1:03 PM).
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              Originally Posted by MarinoKadame View Post
              Well you have Daft Punk who is french so you can have lot of different music.
              This is actually a great idea! Dance music by a French artist to fit the theme, I think they need lots of Electronic music in the games
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              Old May 29th, 2013 (5:35 PM).
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                Originally Posted by Suicune™ View Post
                More vocals, similarly to the type that was introduced in Black and White.
                But don't you think vocals can make the music become much more repetitive and annoying a lot quicker? Maybe it's just me but if they introduce a lot of vocals then I'll probably just play with the music off the whole time.
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                Old June 3rd, 2013 (5:09 AM).
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                I can just imagine how the music would sound like when the Gym Leader is down to their last Pokémon. It would sound like an orchestrated version of the one from Black Version 2 and White Version 2.

                But I kind of doubt that the music would all be orchestrated, some of them probably would be recorded from some sequencing program. As far as I know, the 3DS can only use streams for it's music, just look at Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity for example, it used streams that were recorded from sequences on some program.
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