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Spoilers BWS2 Da! 006: Rotom VS Dr. Okido!

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Old May 30th, 2013 (2:42 PM).
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BWS2 Da! 006/BW Season 2 044/BW 128

Satoshi-tachi meet up with Dr Okido on the next island in the chain. There they observe, play, and fight with the local Rotom.

30 May 2013 [Japan]

- ooh i like the BGM right at the beginning here
- oh... have Dent and Iris ever met Oak in person? I don't think they have...
- aw cute first meetings
- Iris you look wayyyyy too interested in Oak omg
- I like when the 'dex is used to show other people things
- Dent looks more like an adult this episode hmm
- wait the live caster is an in-universe show?!
- h u h
- Dent's the same height as Oak!
- cute little rocket spies
- wth Musashi omg
- what was that washing machine in the middle of the street for
- that's not even an electric lawn mower
- pretty cheerful BGM~
- these Rotom are troublemakers
- isn't that the rival battle BGM?
- Oak. who taught you how to catch Pokémon?
- afro...
- ???
- how does your hair even work bro omg
- genderless tho
- Iris look older too. huh
- maggyo bby ;;
- oops suddenly it's dangerous
- hahaha that lawn mower rotom
- rocketssssss
- i don't know what's happening anymore
- did they just stick a spell tag thing on that omg
- smart tho
- ground type defense squad aw yea
- and they didn't even do anything ugh pls writers get a grip
- blast off <3
- rotom is a cutie actually
- and now Oak has it. will we ever see it again? probably not. writers get a grip pls
- omg
- so... Oak's going straight back to Kanto I guess
- that's sad he should have hung out with the kids for a few eps
- this eevee promo gets on my nerves :|

I liked that episode! I always enjoy Oak being around and it was generally lighthearted and fun and energetic. The kids seemed older than usual in this episode for some reason- not just in looks but behaviour-wise too. idk. And I'm still disappointed that Oak didn't stay and travel with them for an episode or two. That would have been interesting. Oh and I really think the kids' Pokémon should do more. It's been a while since we saw Emonga and Maggyo and Waruvial and Doryuzu and they didn't even do much. Glad Mijumaru wasn't in though.
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Old May 31st, 2013 (1:13 AM).
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That could be because they were with one of the best Pokemon Professor ever. So Oak caught a poke : a household one who would help him in his lab
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Old June 28th, 2013 (12:24 PM).
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Ookido always makes the episode interesting xD
I'm impressed, Satoshi actually REMEMBERED Rotom xD Still had to use Dex to show it to Iris... oh well...
Lol'd at Live Caster in the middle of episode xD
Tsche, giving Rotom Volt Absorb... overpowered are we? :D
Ookido throwing Monster Ball at not weakened Pokemon... this reminded me of someone... and getting shocked while being absolutely okay, who could that be... :D
I died from Muggyo xD That guy is too much xD

And Ookido had to leave... his thesis won't wait =D

I'm starting to like Parkers, de gozaimasu, their proper vocabulary is getting into me, de gozaimasu.
And the ending... BW series has the best endings of all.
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