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Old April 22nd, 2013 (3:47 PM).
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The Underground was a place introduced in D/P/Pt. After arriving in Eterna City, you can find an old man who will lend you an Explorer's Kit. Using the Explorer's Kit you could travel down underground and have whole new adventures. You could dig for ancient fossils which could be revived into Pokemon such as Cranidos and Sheldon if brought to the museum in Oreburgh City. A feature from the 3rd Generation was also brought into The Underground, you could create Secret Bases which you could customize with items you had received for completing tasks or that you had bought from a Hiker who would want a certain sphere.

You could also find evolutionary stones and other rare items while mining, which you could bring back to the surface with you. There were fun mini-games such as stealing flags from your friend's bases while dodging any traps they might have set along the way.

So did you like the Underground? Was there anything you were disappointed with and what did you think of the minigame and any other features? Discuss!
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Old April 22nd, 2013 (3:54 PM).
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The Underground was INSANELY fun. I love how it gave you access to a bunch of rare items and let you communicate with friends in fun, new ways early on in the game. I felt that the Secret Bases were a little bit lacking but they were definitely an improvement on Gen III's Secret Bases. I would love to see them introduce something like that in X and Y, honestly!
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Old April 22nd, 2013 (5:44 PM).
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The Underground was one of the best places in the game. I love how you can getrare items, some APKMNs and communicate with your friends. Lol i was soooo confused when it was my first time in the underground, i saw Roark explaining to me thingies and i said "I didnt understand what he meant" had to get my cousin to explain me :3 So yeah LOVED the underground, the minigames...and etc,

The Underground
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Old April 22nd, 2013 (7:34 PM).
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I loved it! I used to have an Underground Shop (I think even on here, years ago) where I would dig for hours and sell/trade stuff. I loved the mystery of what you'd be able to find and the game was interesting enough.
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Old April 22nd, 2013 (8:20 PM).
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I enjoyed just playing this part of the game. I never really had friends to play with because most of them didn't accept the new game or just weren't into the pokemon series anymore. However, in the small amount of time where I had a friend or two on was always fun. It would b an interesting test to the hide and go seek game we played as children years ago. This part of the game was definitely a thumbs up
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Old April 22nd, 2013 (9:46 PM).
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I loved the Underground, especially all the cool items you could get from digging in the walls like the colored shards (great for the Move Tutor!), evolutionary stones, fossils and also the elemental plates that you can give to Arceus or power up moves of a certain type. I didn't like the Secret Bases a lot compared to 3rd Generation but I hope X & Y brings a feature like this back.

Also, I love how you get to keep the items you dig up!
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Old April 22nd, 2013 (10:02 PM).
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It was a great addition at first, but then over time it got rather boring. I suppose that could be down to the fact that I only had my sister to play with, not a whole bunch of others like the underground was generally made to house. I loved the fact you could find rare items such as fossils and max revives; traps were really fun to set too. What I don't particularly like too though, is the somewhat symmetrical design to the whole undergorund. It was too 'sectioned' and organised. An underground should be a maze, not just a series of tunnels in a neat pattern!
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Old April 23rd, 2013 (6:36 AM).
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The underground was a bit boring to me as I had no-one to use it, the only thing I did enjoy like others may have said was digging for stones/fossil and Arceus plates.
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Old April 23rd, 2013 (6:39 AM).
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I really like the underground at first it is a bit boring but the fun starts when you and your friends played together esp. when you stole your friend's flag it really make me scream like there's no tommorow XD
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Old April 23rd, 2013 (10:08 AM).
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i liked it very much thanks to it i've like 30 water stones and 50 leaf stones :D lol underground is the second only thing(the first being all those cheats i used) that keeps me from restarting my pearl since i dont wanna lose all my progress in the underground.
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Old April 28th, 2013 (8:27 AM).
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I never used the underground for communicating- just digging up evolution stones and fossils to sell them. I end up going broke off Super Repels from using the Pokeradar, so I need the money. I:
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Old April 28th, 2013 (10:43 AM).
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I enjoyed digging a lot more than communicating. Every excavation was a mystery and it was so much fun seeing the edge of something peeking out almost teasingly. Heart Scales were my favorite things to find.
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Old April 28th, 2013 (6:48 PM).
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I love going to the Underground. I always had fun digging- it was an easy and enjoyable way to get items.

I never used it for communicating. I didn't really see the point.

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Old May 6th, 2013 (3:30 AM).
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I liked the underground, it was such a nice feature and an easy way to get some stones and fossils. About the secret bases, I don't care very much about them.
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Old May 28th, 2013 (2:51 AM).
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I liked Underground that I could dig rare items like Stones, fossils, and some precious items like Star Piece and bring it to the bag.
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Old May 31st, 2013 (4:07 PM).
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This was my absolute favorite thing to do in D/P/Pt. The minigames were pretty fun and I loved collecting the stones, though fossils became a bit of a hassle eventually. Really do miss this thing. v_v;

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Old June 1st, 2013 (1:04 PM).
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I expect the Underground would've been a lot more exciting if I knew other people that had the game too, but I was just left running around down there on my own. I also didn't much care for the Secret Bases down there, as they were always filled with boulders, and you couldn't access them from the main game itself.

I did enjoy the mining feature, though. Sure, most of the times you would get Spheres, but the ability to get fossils and evolution stones made me go back more often than I'd like to admit.
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Old June 5th, 2013 (1:27 PM).
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I thought that the underground was a lot of fun but could be vastly improved. Every time I wanted to get a new secret base it was filled with boulders. But i did really really like playing with other people and using traps.
triggering the traps were scary! but in a good way!
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Old June 5th, 2013 (1:41 PM).
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I disliked it initially, but then grew to like it due to the evolution stones. Only to find that in all Gen IV games there are enough stones to evolve each one of the species that evolve via that method once. So then they had little value for me. And the secret base was, and still is, disappointing. I only use it to unlock Spiritomb (I have a DSLite and DSi, so I put Platinum in one, Diamond in the other and voila!).
Of the gimmicks put in games to waste time, its one of my least favourite overall.
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