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Old December 28th, 2008 (7:20 PM). Edited December 29th, 2008 by Blazichu.
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Alright Folks You probably have never heard of me
That would be because I have just made this account
But basically I am here to tell you about a hack I have been working on.
it is Called Team Magma/Team Aqua: The Forgotten Storys
It is a hack of Pokemon Emerald
And follows the journey of The teams newest recruit on a long and hard journey.
And will have version exclusives.
But I am starting to find it hard to do this hack on my own and I am looking for anyone to lend a hand.
I have much faith in this hack and is not going to be given up on.
So Overall I am looking for anyone willing to help me and to be part of a great hack.


You lived in the Sinnoh Region all your life and it was coming close to your 14th Birthday (The day you would get your first pokemon). On a calm day you hear a pokemon scream come from your local lake. You rush to see whats happening. When you arrive you see a really cool looking man in Red/Blue holding a pokeball which must be containg the pokemon you heard screaming. He notices you and tells you that he works for Team Magma/Aqua and they are looking for new recruits and has a strange feeling about you and feels like you will go far in aiding the team to victory against theyre Rivals Team Magma/Team Aqua. He tells you that you will obtain a very rare pokemon for your first other than a regular one. As soon as you hear about the pokemon you Shout "Yes!". And your adventures then begins. You rush home to tell your mother and after a fast goodbye you run back to the lake to see the member. The Team member takes you to a boat at the side of the river and gives you a letter he tells you not to worry and that he hopes he will see you in the future , There is a driver on the boat who takes you to the region of Ragious where you will start a new life. You fall asleep on the boat and wake up in the training camp of Team Magma/Team Aqua with the new Magma/Aqua unifrom on, You are surrounded by many Training rings with Team Magma/Team Aqua grunts trying their best against fellow comrads. You are then met by one of the head researchers Prof Neutro who takes the letter from you and says that you are the only one Ricky one of the scouts has ever sent back, Ricky was the one you met at the lake and is one of the best trainers in Team Magma/Team Aqua. He has been searching for a new trainer and you seem to be it. You are told by Prof Neutro that a good way to start would be to get new pokemon and takle the 8 gyms of Ragious You are then given A choice of picking one of three starter pokemon that Prof Neutro has chosen for you. He then tells you on your way of getting these8 badges and training your pokemon that every time you come across a Team Aqua Base you must Destroy every Team Magma/Aqua member inside and obtain any information on the where abouts of theyre leader so they can take him down for good and stop his evil plotting to destroy the world. With no idea whats going on you decide to accept to get your pokemon and see what the real truth is. Although could this all be the truth ? Who is the good side ? all these questions are running through your head, You just say to yourself that you should continue to train your pokemon and see what the true stroy is, and become the Pokemon champ of Ragion. As you progess through the game you will meet much new characters, friends, enemys, Fight Legendarys on your way and figure out the true story

(Story Subject To Change)


  • New Story
  • Involves Team Magma and Aqua
  • New Characters and Sprites
  • Possibly New Pokemon (If I get a good team)
  • Version Exclusives (Different Pokemon To Each Game)
  • Long and Compelling story

Right now the project is nowhere near finished as I have been working on it on my own if I get a good team I will get the game finished much sooner.


No one yet though hopefully after this I will get some people looking to help me in my project.

Screenshots and Videos

None uploded yet though I do have some and will get them as soon as I can


Right now the hack has a few bugs that I am trying to fix.

I will make some banners soon for anyone that wants to support me

Relevant Advertising!

Old June 7th, 2013 (8:09 AM).
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I would love to try to help. Not sure how good I am tho, but you never know if you never try :3
Old June 7th, 2013 (11:32 AM).
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This isn't the right forum for that You should delete this topic it and put it under Team Discussions. When it's there, you'll get tons of great people who would love to help you.

However, if this is your topic for a hack and not for a team, you should put it under Progressing Games. It'd help if you'd add a few screenshots to get it started.

Btw I like the idea of your game, especially version-exclusive stuff. Good luck with it!
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Old June 7th, 2013 (2:47 PM).
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Uhh, ITR, this thread was posted way back in 2008. Please stick to posting in threads that have been active in the past month.

Anyway, time to close this~
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