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Old May 10th, 2013 (10:38 PM).
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Basically post any funny logs from the server here. However, they must be PG 13, and must be from the server. Oh and keep PC's rules in mind too! Anyway have fun ~

Oh and approved by Wolfy.

this one's for you and me, living out our dreams
we're all right where we should be

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Old May 13th, 2013 (1:16 AM).
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This post is not technically funny, but here's one of my moments in PC Battle Server, when I'm talking about my feelings mixed with Wind in novels:

StarryWindy: I wonder why my feelings now...
StarryWindy: perhaps that was just me...
~skylight: windy
~skylight: you should write a book.
StarryWindy: what kind of book?
~skylight: "the tragedy that is windy's life."
~skylight: so y/y
StarryWindy: I was just... wondering why now.
StarryWindy: but...
~skylight: ...keep going, we have to reach the conclusion!
%Aurora: My Emotions Are Carried By The Wind
~skylight: perfect.
StarryWindy: Speaking of Wind in novels...
StarryWindy: I wonder why I'm reminded of a certain phrase called...
StarryWindy: "Gone with the Wind."
~skylight: why... windy?
~skylight: is it a... good... phrase...
~skylight: i looked up to the sky...
~skylight: hopeless...
~skylight: i found nothing...
~skylight: except... the wind...
~skylight: it was... windy...
~skylight: i felt...
~skylight: a chill...
~skylight: it was chilling...
@glitchguy: then you saw a light...
Dter ic: But you refuse to go there.
~skylight: *go there...
~skylight: i just...
~skylight: didn't know...
~skylight: what to do...
~skylight: windy i wrote your story
~skylight: hope you enjoyed!!!
Dter ic: Let the wind carry you away''
~skylight: carry you away...
@glitchguy: to the light...
@glitchguy: in the sky...
Dter ic: Shining through the stars
Classic Sonic: He doesn't want to blow hot wind.

(and then, a moment later... yes, I missed some moments due to reasons explained later. But Thank God that chatlog still showed it.)

[16:08:27] StarryWindy: Hi again guys.
[16:08:33] Philemona: hey windy :D
[16:08:36] Classic Sonic: Hey Windy :>
[16:08:38] @ForeverDash: hi
[16:08:44] StarryWindy: Turns out my unpleasant feeling was because of laptop overheating just now...
[16:08:51] Philemona: lol :I
Old May 17th, 2013 (8:49 AM).
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This log seems fitting. At least it's not sexual for once.

[12:39:43] ~skylight: SYN AND WOLF
[12:39:44] ~skylight: MADE ME
[12:39:45] ~skylight: VERY JAPPY
[12:39:46] ~skylight: AHAF9OSIDJASDFDFSFASD
[12:39:48] ~skylight: :3
[12:39:49] ~skylight: i am like
[12:39:50] ~Unkempt Harold: jappy
[12:39:51] Syndrome: we made you asian
[12:39:52] ~skylight: crying out of happiuness rn
[12:39:52] Syndrome: what
Old May 24th, 2013 (12:52 AM).
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Here's another day in PC Battle Server when some of the members discuss about Pokemon hacks. See what will this chat turn out.

[15:48:25] Pichu17: dash gym leaders ?
[15:48:50] WindyStar: He meant, have you planned which Gym Leaders for your hack?
[15:48:57] It's Slate: lol..
[15:48:57] @ForeverDash: yeah lol
[15:49:07] Pichu17: have u named ur gym leaders ???
[15:49:14] It's Slate: GO SWABLU
[15:49:18] Pichu17: hehehe\
[15:49:21] Gym Leader Windy: lol
[15:49:26] Pichu17: lol
[15:49:26] Chаndеlure: SWABLU :D
[15:49:27] It's Slate: lol
[15:49:47] It's Slate: GO IDK...SURSKIT?!
[15:49:48] Pichu17: lol
[15:49:52] %Aurora: i want to play
[15:49:58] @glitchguy: a game
[15:50:02] %Aurora: yes
[15:50:03] Kewltrainer Rizon would like to battle!
[15:50:07] %Aurora: someone randbat me
[15:50:10] Kewltrainer Rizon: Yay kewl color.
Old May 24th, 2013 (1:04 AM).
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Today we were discussing using timestamps, which I will now include when I post here:

[18:58:14] Hikamaru: I'm gonna use timestamps lol
Pichu17 left
[18:58:20] @ForeverDash: bye pichu
[18:58:22] Colοurs.: eh same
[18:58:23] @ForeverDash: oh well
[18:58:27] @ForeverDash: better late than never
[18:58:28] @ForeverDash: :}
[18:58:29] WindyStar: I use timestamps every time though.
[18:58:31] @ForeverDash: *:]
[18:58:35] @glitchguy: slate
[18:58:38] Colοurs.: mk
[18:58:39] Hikamaru: lol
[18:58:41] Colοurs.: timestamps on
[18:58:43] @glitchguy: get me some cheese
[18:58:45] Colοurs.: to minutes

Hikamaru is me while Colours. is Classic Sonic.
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Total randomness, as per usual. Discussing ROM hack names, and of course, cheese :3

[18:56] @glitchguy: cheese
[18:56] @glitchguy: now
[18:56:16] +Aslan: pokemon sexy glitch and smexy slate
[18:56:17] It's Slate: yes rlly glitch
[18:56:19] +Aslan: what sort of name is that
[18:56:20] @ForeverDash: im so freakin bored
[18:56:21] Colοurs.: Lol
[18:56:22] It's Slate: cheese NO
[18:56:28] It's Slate: NO
[18:56:31] Colοurs.: that's a hack I'd play all night long
[18:56:38] +Aslan: go read fanfiction or shizz
OU battle started between @ForeverDash and srinator.
[18:56:46] It's Slate: you can find things there in that hack
[18:56:49] @ForeverDash: eww
[18:57:04] @glitchguy: but
[18:57:09] It's Slate: no cheese
[18:57:10] @glitchguy: youll have to catch em all first
[18:57:18] @glitchguy: which is impossible
[18:57:30] @glitchguy: because i didnt put all of em in
[18:57:53] @glitchguy: and yes slate
[18:57:54] @glitchguy: cheese
[18:57:59] @glitchguy: CHEESE
[18:58:16] It's Slate: NO CHEESE
[18:58:19] It's Slate: well a lil bit
[18:58:22] It's Slate: ok

aaaand far later in the night, this happened: (this is why you keep an eye on the server, Nica!)

@Slendermɑn: okay officially to many danicas

3 days later. (I think), and we realised we need that special someone <3

~skylight: need vrai.
♥Colοurs♥~: Vrai is dead.
±Twi♥Pachy±: need pachy.
♥Colοurs♥~: need hayley.
~skylight: vrai will make me feel okay
♥Colοurs♥~: we all need someone
±Vinci♥Elly±: need elly

I'm colours btw

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Old May 25th, 2013 (7:00 PM).
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idk i found these mildly amusng

&skylight: YOU ALL SUCK
&skylight: nvm lapras listens
&skylight: :3
&skylight: good girl
+Lisanna: oomg
+Lisanna: that jsut happened
&skylight: lool

+Banaanaa♫: Banana can't be killed but can be peeled.
+Apple Fritter: okay
+Banaanaa♫: I'm not banana btw.
+Banaanaa♫: I'm Banaanaa♫.
• +Apple Fritter peels Banaanaa♫
• +Banaanaa♫ screams.
• +Apple Fritter eats Banaanaa♫
+Apple Fritter: yum

also i have no idea who banaanaa music note and apple fritter are

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Another day on PC Battle Server, when Narnia comes.

[16:39:13] StarryWindy: Hi Sophie!
[16:39:24] +Aslan: hi :>
[16:39:31] ♥Colοurs♥~: Soap
[16:39:31] ♥Colοurs♥~: pie!
[16:39:32] srinator: +_+
[16:39:36] Yuki Nagato: Hey Sophie
[16:39:41] +Aslan: hi :D
[16:39:41] • Rainbow ♥Colours♥~ says hello to Sophie
[16:39:41] ♥Colοurs♥~: @_@
[16:39:42] ♥Colοurs♥~: Mod eyes :o
[16:39:46] srinator: lol
[16:39:50] Sir Wailord: Oh hai Sophie
[16:39:51] +Aslan: or hypnotised
[16:39:51] srinator: ~_~
[16:39:56] ♥Colοurs♥~: you can totally
[16:39:56] ♥Colοurs♥~: flood
[16:39:57] Sir Wailord: Aslan is Sophie
[16:39:57] ♥Colοurs♥~: with this new
[16:39:57] ♥Colοurs♥~: chat mechanic :/
[16:39:59] +Aslan: yo
[16:40:00] StarryWindy: I thought it's dizzy eye lol
[16:40:07] ♥Colοurs♥~: dizzy eye lol
[16:40:08] Sir Wailord: I need to remember that
[16:40:09] ♥Colοurs♥~: Oh well
[16:40:12] ♥Colοurs♥~: It can be that
[16:40:12] srinator: administrator eyes
[16:40:19] srinator: ~_~
[16:40:21] ♥Colοurs♥~: %_%
[16:40:27] ♥Colοurs♥~: spider/driver eyes
[16:40:37] Sir Wailord: What time is it for you people
[16:40:37] +Aslan: uh
[16:40:44] +Aslan: idk
[16:40:45] ♥Colοurs♥~: 7:39pm
[16:40:46] StarryWindy: 4:40 PM for me.
[16:40:47] Yuki Nagato: 10:39
[16:40:54] Yuki Nagato: am
[16:40:55] Rizon: 4:40 PM for me.
[16:40:57] Sir Wailord: Eeeeeyyy Yuki
[16:40:58] Rizon: Wow Windy.
[16:40:59] srinator: +_+ voice eyes O.o
[16:41:03] Sir Wailord: I am 10:40
[16:41:04] ♥Colοurs♥~: voice eys
[16:41:05] StarryWindy: lol
[16:41:05] Yuki Nagato: your a british whale
[16:41:05] ♥Colοurs♥~: eyes
[16:41:07] ♥Colοurs♥~: look disgusting
[16:41:11] srinator: lol
[16:41:18] ♥Colοurs♥~: ___
[16:41:21] @ForeverDash: ughghhhghghgh
[16:41:21] ♥Colοurs♥~: those are eyes
[16:41:24] @ForeverDash: termites everywhere
[16:41:30] srinator: i am 3.10
[16:41:32] Sir Wailord: Staring eyes O)_(O
[16:41:33] srinator: pm
[16:41:40] srinator: O.O
[16:41:40] Rizon: ~_~ Administrator Eyes.
[16:41:45] srinator: i did that
[16:41:46] ♥Colοurs♥~: Gee
[16:41:50] ♥Colοurs♥~: it sure is boring around here!
[16:41:55] srinator: lol
[16:42:03] ♥Colοurs♥~: My boy! This peace is what all true warriors strive for.
[16:42:04] Sir Wailord: We should liven up things
[16:42:09] ♥Colοurs♥~: DANCE PARTY

Oh, Narnia is Aslan, and ♥Colοurs♥~ is Classic Sonic btw.
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When Jelli starts talking bout "banning" Derk, this what happens:

[09:20:25] @Mιchοnne: everyone came to see the banning of PS's worst uder
[09:20:35] @Mιchοnne: meteorstar
[09:20:35] @Huehueteotl: you
[09:20:35] @Huehueteotl: oh
[09:20:35] @Huehueteotl: damn
[09:20:37] @Mιchοnne: *user
[09:20:42] Lady Gunner: TWK?
[09:20:45] @Mιchοnne: n
[09:20:50] Shadow Lugia: huh?
[09:20:51] @Mιchοnne: user: Meteorstar
[09:20:55] Shadow Lugia: what happened
[09:21:02] Shadow Lugia: we're banning derk?
[09:21:03] Shadow Lugia: why
[09:21:08] @Meteorstar: if I'm the worst user why am i mod
[09:21:08] @Mιchοnne: why not?
[09:21:14] @Meteorstar: damn michonne you are such an idiot
[09:21:15] @Meteorstar: use some <censored> logic
[09:21:20] Lady Gunner: xD
[09:21:24] @Mιchοnne: <censored> off
[09:21:25] Shadow Lugia: I don't want derk banned :(
[09:21:25] Lady Gunner: burn
[09:21:25] @Huehueteotl: i'm the best aztec god
[09:21:26] @Mιchοnne: :'(
[09:21:27] @Huehueteotl: huehue
[09:21:31] Lady Gunner: jaja
[09:21:37] Shadow Lugia: hahehahe.
[09:22:15] Lady Gunner: i want slate banned but we cant have nice things jelli!
[09:22:33] @Mιchοnne: lol
Banebyte joined
[09:22:33] @Mιchοnne: LOL
[09:22:37] Banebyte: da<censored> you on about gunner
[09:22:37] @Mιchοnne: hi slate
[09:22:40] Shadow Lugia: wow
[09:22:42] Shadow Lugia: good timing.
[09:22:50] Lady Gunner: o~o
[09:22:52] Lady Gunner: xD
[09:23:29] Lady Gunner: herro slate
[09:23:33] Banebyte: herro gunner
[09:23:50] Lady Gunner: jelli made me said those btw :33
[09:24:09] Banebyte: jelli please dont contaminate the minds of my fellow people with your jellifish talk
[09:24:14] +Dark Azelf: lol
[09:24:18] Banebyte: *jellyfish
[09:24:26] Lady Gunner: xD
[09:24:52] Lady Gunner: postcapping this brb

jellicentfan1 as Michonne, Twilight Sky as Meteorstar, Aurora. as Huehueteotl, Lady Gunner as herself, Classic Sonic as Shadow Lugia, DaydreamsAway as Banebyte (aka Slate), with special participation from DA as himself, and a special mention to TWK ;)
Old June 8th, 2013 (9:19 PM).
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Today was a crazy twist, Nica pulling a username change on me to trick the others into thinking I was now the "no longer active" MidnightShine:

~skylight: lol
Twihìki_Amiαs: o
~skylight: misread as pc removed rom hacking section
xZerObilivion left
Hikamaru: Wow haven't seen Synerjee here in ages
Rooftop Run: and there's an eren jaeger there
Aitsukе Koichi: lol
Rooftop Run: and a mikasa.
Rooftop Run: and they're paired.
Rooftop Run: D:
Rooftop Run: incest
Aitsukе Koichi: They steal my names. ;;
~skylight: hikari
Hikamaru: Too many Eren Jaeger and Mikasa Ackerman lol
~skylight: mid was mentioned
Rooftop Run: wait
Hikamaru: Oh wow did he notice me?
Rooftop Run: mid where
Aitsukе Koichi: Kirigaya Kazuto, I wanna change my name quickly.
Hikamaru: I thought he'd never return
Rooftop Run: ????
Twihìki_Amiαs: he hasn't D:
• Rooftop Run lost
Aitsukе Koichi: NO HIKARI, HE'D RETURN!
Aitsukе Koichi: I beleive.
Twihìki_Amiαs: HE HASN'T COME BACK
OU battle started between Gin88 and Hirudora!.
Twihìki_Amiαs: D:
Aitsukе Koichi: *believe
~skylight: mid IS here
Hikamaru: I had to cancel my PC pairing with him because he was inactive
Twihìki_Amiαs: baka Gero
Twihìki_Amiαs: making me think you were Mid
Aitsukе Koichi: lol
Aitsukе Koichi: Not my fault.
Twihìki_Amiαs: GUNNER
~skylight: right here
~skylight: lol
Twihìki_Amiαs: FALSE ALARM
Hikamaru: Skylight is Nica, not Mid
Guest 1247 left
Twihìki_Amiαs: wah
~skylight: !
~skylight: look
~skylight: mnid is here
srinator left
Twihìki_Amiαs: Synerjee is here??
Lady Gunner: whoever thought that skylight was mid :]
Aitsukе Koichi: ^
Twihìki_Amiαs: owow
Rooftop Run: yes
Rooftop Run: synerjee is here
Aitsukе Koichi: Synerjee is here.
Aitsukе Koichi: :3
Rainbow Dasshh: What you changed my name?
Rainbow Dasshh: I am not Mid, I am Hikari
Aitsukе Koichi: HI MID!
~skylight: no
Twihìki_Amiαs: MID
Rooftop Run: /whois Rainbow Dasshh
~skylight: you're mid omg
~skylight: hi mid!!
Lady Gunner: HI MID
Rooftop Run: User: Rainbow Dasshh
Twihìki_Amiαs: ZOMG
Rainbow Dasshh: Naughty Nica
Rooftop Run: (Unregistered)
Rooftop Run: you tried
Twihìki_Amiαs: LUGIA
Aitsukе Koichi: I MISS YOU!
Rooftop Run: but you'll never beat my eye.
Lady Gunner: xD
Twihìki_Amiαs: BEGONE
Rooftop Run:
Twihìki_Amiαs: I MISSED YOU MID
Twihìki_Amiαs: WE ALL MISSED YOU
Aitsukе Koichi: Mid! Mid! I missed you!
Rainbow Dasshh: No, I am not Mid. I am this user:
~skylight: :3
Twihìki_Amiαs: EVEN SOPHIE
~skylight: you are mid
Rooftop Run: idek who mid is, unfortunately
~skylight: lol
Rooftop Run: well
• Lady Gunner slap Slate
Rooftop Run: nto well
Aitsukе Koichi: Everybody misses you!
Rooftop Run: midnightshine~
Lady Gunner: i meantr
Rooftop Run:
Rooftop Run: IDK
• Lady Gunner slap Mid xD
Rooftop Run: Hey guys
Rainbow Dasshh: That is definitely not Mid's profile

So yeah, Rainbow Dasshh was me for a slight moment there (I was Hikamaru before the trick happened). The other names: skylight = Nica, Lady Gunner = Gunner, Rooftop Run = Classic Sonic, Twihiki_Amias = herself, Aitsuke Koichi = Rizon, Hikamaru/Rainbow Dasshh = myself.
Old June 18th, 2013 (12:22 AM).
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In this server, there is another Mid moment. Please note that some part of the chat are omitted, because it might be too long.

Dashhh joined
[14:46:03] WindyStar: Reminds me of Mid at some point.
[14:46:05] @Aslan: wb
[14:46:22] @meteorstar: dash
[14:46:23] Classic Sonic: Hi whoever you are
[14:46:34] Classic Sonic: not sure if fritz or mid
[14:46:36] Classic Sonic: e_e
[14:46:46] Dashhh: ..
[14:46:53] Dashhh: srsly?
[14:46:57] Classic Sonic: you two have similar names in my eyes
[14:46:58] Classic Sonic: u_u
[14:47:02] @Aslan: obviously mid
[14:47:03] @Aslan: ;DD
[14:47:05] WindyStar: Mid: Rainbow Dasshh or something like that.
[14:47:06] Dashhh: :D
[14:47:08] @meteorstar: yeah her bf
[14:47:10] Dashhh: at least sophie knows
[14:47:11] Dashhh: ..
[14:47:12] Classic Sonic: >:|
[14:47:13] Dashhh: no derk
[14:47:13] @meteorstar: oop
[14:47:19] Classic Sonic: Does it look like I really know you?
[14:47:21] Classic Sonic: :(
[14:47:21] Dashhh: oh yes
[14:47:23] Dashhh: mid x sophie
[14:48:08] Dashhh: anyways I just came back to talk about the server hack
[14:48:09] Dashhh: o,o
[14:48:20] Dashhh: anyone have ideas??
[14:48:25] Dashhh: or what location can we base the hack on?
[14:48:32] Dashhh: anyone be free to share ideas
[14:49:06] classyArachnid: MID
[14:49:16] Dashhh: guys!!
[14:49:20] classyArachnid: yes mid

some moments later...

[14:56:13] Dаikenki: Hello Dashhh
[14:56:20] Dаikenki: I am the Oshawott named Hikari
[14:56:20] Dashhh: hi Dаikenki
[14:56:28] NewHeart: Hi Hikari.
[14:56:29] Dashhh: i am new to this server
[14:56:29] @Aslan: it's supposed to be bad
[14:56:29] classyArachnid: its mid hika
[14:56:33] Dashhh: i just came a minute ago
[14:56:37] Classic Sonic: nah
[14:56:37] Dаikenki: What?
[14:56:43] Dаikenki: You blew his cover!
[14:56:49] classyArachnid: no i did not
[14:56:57] classyArachnid: errybody knew xD
[14:56:59] NewHeart: lol
[14:57:00] Dаikenki: I wonder if Mid still lurks PC as a guest
[14:57:23] Dаikenki: I do hope he hasn't left for good and that he will come back eventually
[14:57:26] Dаikenki: His friends miss him
[14:57:29] NewHeart: I hope so too.
[14:57:40] classyArachnid: uhhh mid is still here you know xD
[14:57:41] Dаikenki: He could be taking a year off or something
[14:57:45] NewHeart: I hope Mid is alright, that he'll be back when he is ready.
[14:57:50] Dаikenki: He's been gone from PC since March
[14:57:56] Classic Sonic: Not too long :\
[14:57:59] Dаikenki: No, wait April
[14:58:07] NewHeart: Yes, on April 1st I think?
[14:58:10] Classic Sonic: ...

and then...

[15:03:50] Dаikenki: Mid, please return sometime
[15:03:55] Dаikenki: Like how Nica wants Ole to return
[15:04:11] StarryWindy: "I want Vrai" (I hope Nica is ok that I quote this.)
[15:04:17] classyArachnid: my lovely pair and my destiny pls come back mid!
[15:04:19] Dаikenki: Without Mid, PC has been less fun
[15:04:34] classyArachnid: "I WANT MY JAKEY"
[15:04:36] Dаikenki: And I found myself having to find new friends to fill the void

This chat is part of our wishes (me, Hikari, and others in this server) that we want Mid to return to PC.
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[03:13] @Foreverdash: grats
[03:13] +Pachy: ++++
[03:13] +Pachy: lol
[03:13] ~jellicentfan1: ty!
[03:13] +Huehueteotl: nica
congratulations jellicentfan1 for getting admin'd

[03:13] +Pachy: ;p;
[03:13] +Pachy: lol
[03:13] @Jelliurk: :D
[03:13] +Pachy: nica you so fun
[03:13] @Jelliurk: such a good user
[03:13] @Foreverdash: Jelliurk is obviously golurk
[03:13] @Jelliurk: ^
[03:13] @Foreverdash: dont be jealous golurk
(Huehueteotl was forcibly renamed to ++++++Huehueteotl by jellicentfan1.)
[03:13] ~jellicentfan1: there
[03:13] @Jelliurk: i'm not
[03:13] ~jellicentfan1: you're a super voice
[03:13] +++++++Huehueteotl: thanks
[03:13] ~jellicentfan1: aurora
[03:13] ~jellicentfan1: :)
[03:13] @Jelliurk: i am happy for chase
[03:14] ~jellicentfan1: thanks golurk
[03:14] ~jellicentfan1: means a lot
[03:14] ~jellicentfan1: :)
[03:14] @Jelliurk: ikr dude
[03:15] +++++++Huehueteotl: wow
[03:16] +++++++Huehueteotl: i don't even get 'It works!' when accessing now
[03:16] +++++++Huehueteotl: a tragedy
[03:18] ~jellicentfan1: :/
[03:19] ~jellicentfan1: i cant listen to dont stop believing anymore
[03:19] ~jellicentfan1: it doesnt really... feel right
[03:19] ~jellicentfan1: idk
D?ikenki joined
[03:19] ~jellicentfan1: hi hikari, i got modded
[03:19] ~jellicentfan1: imean
[03:19] ~jellicentfan1: admined
[03:19] ~jellicentfan1: :)
[03:19] Dаikenki: Oh wow I missed Jelli's upgrade
[03:20] ~jellicentfan1: yeahh
[03:20] ~jellicentfan1: you certainly did
[03:20] ~jellicentfan1: now i'm as powerful as nica!
[03:20] @Foreverdash: nica is a weirdo
[03:20] @Foreverdash: shes gone completely bonkers
[03:20] ~jellicentfan1: yeah
[03:20] @Foreverdash: thats why shes not here rn
[03:20] ~jellicentfan1: pretty much
[03:20] @Foreverdash: :]
[03:20] +haxloin: take your helmet off in outer spaceee
[03:21] +haxloin: use your clothesdryer as a hiding place
[03:21] +haxloin: DUMB WAYS TO DIEE
[03:21] +haxloin: ok couldn't stop myself
[03:21] +haxloin: carry on
[03:21] Dаikenki: Oh wait Jelli is Jelliurk?
[03:21] @Jelliurk: no
[03:21] Dаikenki: Someone's playing tricks
[03:21] @Jelliurk: i'm golurk
[03:21] @Jelliurk: we share this account
[03:21] @Foreverdash: jelli was admin'd
[03:21] @Foreverdash: for being an outstanding user
[03:21] @Jelliurk: lucky
[03:22] +haxloin: golurk
[03:22] +haxloin: are you jelli
[03:22] +haxloin: ;dd
[03:22] @Jelliurk: noooo
[03:22] @Jelliurk: chase deserved it
[03:22] @Jelliurk: i am happy for him
[03:22] ~jellicentfan1: :)
[03:24] ~jellicentfan1: fdghjkl; this is so weird
[03:24] Dаikenki: I may take my invisibility off next month.
[03:24] ~jellicentfan1: good for you
[03:24] Dаikenki: My mother almost tried to get me exposed to a needle todau
[03:24] Dаikenki: *today
[03:25] +haxloin: blood tests?
[03:25] Dаikenki: I have a massive fear of needles
[03:25] +Huehueteotl: a vaccine?
[03:25] Dаikenki: Yeah, she thinks I may be diabetic
[03:25] ~jellicentfan1: poor girl
[03:25] +haxloin: i hate needles too
[03:25] +Huehueteotl: oh
[03:25] Dаikenki: But oh god I had to fight hard and withstand an angry neighbor to escape the test
[03:25] +haxloin: lots of people do hikari
[03:25] ~jellicentfan1: i dont
[03:25] ~jellicentfan1: :)
[03:25] +haxloin: wow lucky jelli
[03:25] +Huehueteotl: i have no emotion
[03:25] +Huehueteotl: no fear
[03:25] +Huehueteotl: !!
[03:26] ~jellicentfan1: yeahh
srinator joined; Guest 2803 left

[03:26] srinator: :O
[03:27] +haxloin: hi sri!
[03:27] srinator: jelli is ~ o,o
[03:27] ~jellicentfan1: yeah
[03:27] ~jellicentfan1: i got promoted!
[03:27] srinator: wooo!
[03:27] srinator: congrats :)
[03:27] Dаikenki: God my mother is back
[03:27] ~jellicentfan1: thanks :]
[03:27] srinator: wait
[03:27] ~jellicentfan1: your mother is black?
[03:27] srinator: lol
[03:27] Dаikenki: No she came back from the doctor
[03:27] srinator: back
[03:27] srinator: :P
[03:28] srinator: y do i feel that ur nica , and u changed ur name ?
[03:29] ~jellicentfan1: why would i be nica?
[03:29] srinator: idk >_>
[03:29] srinator: nvm'
[03:30] @Foreverdash: thats jelli..
[03:30] +haxloin: jelli's just
[03:30] +haxloin: half awake rn
[03:30] @Jelliurk: half lame imo
[03:30] @Jelliurk: ;]
[03:30] @Foreverdash: User: jellicentfan1
[03:30] @Foreverdash: Previous names: Michonne
[03:30] @Foreverdash: Group: Administrator (~)
[03:30] @Foreverdash: In rooms: lobby
[03:31] srinator: :D

Made the server believe I got admined lmao

A Pokemon that is discriminated!
Support squirtle and make it everyone's favourite.
Old June 28th, 2013 (8:59 PM). Edited June 28th, 2013 by Starry Windy.
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Another day on PC Battle Server, I see some interesting things happen! Please note that some part of the chat is removed. This is a long chat that I have to hide it on Spoiler tags.
It started with this:

[11:05:52] Kе$hа: Back. Huehuehue.
[11:05:54] +Team Suicune: this is confusing
[11:05:57] Team Scizor: wb :)
[11:06:06] GreyWorm: OKAY
[11:06:07] Kе$hа: ty
[11:06:08] GreyWorm: WHO IS WHO
[11:06:13] srinator: >_>
[11:06:14] StarryWindy: Which Wurmple's which?
[11:06:16] Syndrome: this is why alts r bad
[11:06:19] +Zeffy: i am me
[11:06:21] Kе$hа: Who are my fav celebs hated? :[
[11:06:21] srinator: use /alt regen
[11:06:23] +Zeffy: he is he
[11:06:25] Syndrome: I am derk
[11:06:30] @Mіchοnne: hi derk
[11:06:30] Rlly Tired Twihiki: I am TWI
[11:06:32] +Zeffy: syn is derk
[11:06:33] Ζoroark: hi derk
[11:06:35] srinator: i am arceus >_>
[11:06:36] Syndrome: shut up michonne
[11:06:38] Kе$hа: I am Dash.
[11:06:38] StarryWindy: <- Windy.
[11:06:39] +Zeffy: twi is derk
[11:06:41] @Mіchοnne: :(
[11:06:47] StarryWindy: oh man...
[11:06:47] +Zeffy: jelli is derk
[11:06:50] @Mіchοnne: yes
[11:06:52] Ζoroark: The meeting of the Derks
[11:06:53] Ζoroark: has begun
[11:06:54] @Mіchοnne: we are all derk
[11:06:57] Rlly Tired Twihiki: ^
[11:06:57] Syndrome: Zeffy is nica
[11:06:57] @Mіchοnne: you are derk
[11:07:00] @Mіchοnne: i am derk
[11:07:00] +Zeffy: what
[11:07:01] @Mіchοnne: k
[11:07:02] Derk #1: <-
[11:07:04] @The Impossible: can i be dash
[11:07:06] srinator: michonne is derp :P
[11:07:06] @Mіchοnne: n
[11:07:08] GreyWorm: jelli is wolf
[11:07:09] @Mіchοnne: you are derk
[11:07:13] +Zeffy: nah
[11:07:13] Rlly Tired Twihiki: Zeffy is dash
[11:07:15] +Zeffy: wolf is nica
[11:07:18] Notchsapple: Anyone up for a ou battle?
[11:07:18] +Zeffy: da
[11:07:20] Kе$hа: lol Derk #1
[11:07:21] GreyWorm: aaaaaaaaaaa
[11:07:21] +Zeffy: is danica
[11:07:26] GreyWorm: STAHP
[11:07:28] +Zeffy: elf is danica
[11:07:28] GreyWorm: NOW
[11:07:30] srinator: >_>
[11:07:31] Dаikenki: lol
[11:07:32] +Zeffy: me
[11:07:33] +Zeffy: ou me
[11:07:33] The Wild Derk: hi
[11:07:35] Dаikenki: I am Hikari
[11:07:37] StarryWindy: ay-yi-yi!
[11:07:39] Dаikenki: Just so you know
[11:07:43] StarryWindy: what is going on?
[11:07:43] once upon a derk: oo
[11:07:47] srinator: lol
[11:07:50] +Zeffy: why cancel ;;
[11:07:51] Kе$hа: lol
[11:07:52] Dаikenki: Derk obsession
[11:07:54] StarryWindy: Yes, I'm Windy (once more for emphasis).
[11:07:55] Derk #1: everyone
[11:07:59] Derk #1: get derk related alts
[11:08:02] Derk #1: :>
[11:08:04] srinator: its been long , i wanna ou :O
[11:08:05] GreyWorm: okay
[11:08:08] Home Of The Derk: but yeah
[11:08:08] Derk #1: and maybe when he comes online
[11:08:11] Derk #1: we can surprise him
[11:08:14] Derk #1: :>
[11:08:15] Derk #2: looool
[11:08:16] Kе$hа Derk: :D
[11:08:22] Derk #0: ok
[11:08:32] Derk #2: derk 1 = syn
[11:08:38] Derk #2: ?
[11:08:44] derk #3: >_>
[11:08:44] Derk #1: derk 1 = cs
[11:08:50] ProfGrove: lol, who is derk again?
[11:08:50] Derk #2: cs=?
[11:08:55] Derk #1: cs = Derk #2
[11:08:55] StarryWindy: OMG Too many Derks lol
[11:08:58] derkin' it softly: ew
[11:09:00] Kе$hа Derk: We are Derks.
[11:09:00] Rlly Tired Twihiki: cs=classic sonic
[11:09:00] Derk #1: I mean 1
[11:09:02] Derk #0: im
[11:09:03] Derk #1: 1
[11:09:05] Derk #2: okay
[11:09:05] derk #3: every one be derk lmao
[11:09:06] Derk #0: mm
[11:09:08] Derk #1: yes
[11:09:10] Derk #1: everyone be derk
[11:09:11] Derk #1: :)
[11:09:17] Rlly Tired Twihiki: who is derk #3?
[11:09:23] ProfGrove: sure y not
[11:09:26] аrаchnidsGrip: DERKLES
[11:09:29] srinator: >_>
[11:09:29] Rlly Tired Twihiki: and who is Derk #2?
[11:09:32] Derk #2: regen
[11:09:36] Rlly Tired Twihiki: o
[11:09:48] аrаchnidsGrip: TWI!
[11:09:49] Derk #2: this sux
[11:09:49] Derk #1: :0
[11:09:49] Kе$hа Derk: Who is Rlly Tired Twihiki?
[11:09:54] StarryWindy: Twihiki.
[11:09:58] Derk #1: so much derk
[11:09:59] Derk #1: :)
[11:09:59] derk #10000: <_<
[11:10:02] Derk #4: LOL
[11:10:04] GreyWorm: hrrrr
[11:10:09] StarryWindy: O.o
[11:10:11] Derk #3: i still don't get the humor
[11:10:15] Derk #3: lol?
[11:10:16] GreyWorm: 2 is up for grabs
[11:10:22] derk #2: >_>
[11:10:27] GreyWorm: 2 = sri
[11:10:32] Dаikenki: Someone's just trying to make people laugh
[11:10:35] derk #2: go awai ;__;
[11:10:39] • StarryWindy laughs
[11:11:34] srinator: hmm?
[11:11:34] srinator: no
[11:11:34] DerkityDerkikins?: :)
[11:11:36] DerkityDerkikins?: nice blue
[11:11:37] StarryWindy: oh wow.
[11:11:45] Derk #69: I have the best alt
[11:12:31] Derk #9001: boom
[11:12:34] StarryWindy: Hi ProfGrove!
[11:12:36] Dеidаrа: lol
[11:12:39] ProfGrove: hello
[11:12:45] Dаikenki: This Oshawott only watches sensible humor lol
[11:12:53] StarryWindy: lol
[11:13:18] srinator: >_>
[11:13:20] Dеidаrа: I like my deidara alt :)
[11:13:37] Dаikenki: I'm gonna pun Derk on my name lol
[11:13:47] Dеidаrа: derkenki?
[11:13:49] Dеidаrа: .3.
[11:13:51] Dеidаrа: oh wow
[11:13:52] Derkenki: Except this color doesn't look great lol
[11:13:53] Dеidаrа: I was right
[11:13:53] StarryWindy: Oh wow!
[11:13:58] Derkenki: Brown looks odd
[11:14:03] Derkdara: :D
[11:14:04] Derkdara: wow
[11:14:05] • StarryWindy prepares Derk switch (I joined the bandwagon too lol)
[11:14:06] Derkdara: same colour
[11:14:06] Derk #9001: nichole
[11:14:08] srinator: well ima try to sleep or something, bbl
[11:14:12] Derkdara: night sri
[11:14:12] srinator: bye
[11:14:14] Derk #9001: use jelli's unicode i
[11:14:19] Kе$hа: Night Sri!
[11:14:25] srinator: lol , its 10 am
[11:14:25] Derkenki: I gotta save that i somewhere
[11:14:26] Derkdara: cool
[11:14:27] srinator: :P
[11:14:28] Kе$hа: Use my unicode e if you want.
[11:14:29] Derkdara: derk has a unicode i
[11:14:30] StarryDerky: so?
[11:14:31] Derkdara: pretty neat
[11:14:36] Kе$hа: I was unicode e.
[11:14:38] Kе$hа: *has
[11:14:40] Kе$hа: *have
[11:14:42] Derk #9001: awesome windy :D
[11:14:46] Derkdara: I has unicode e
[11:14:52] Derkdara: sri :l
[11:14:59] Derkdara: also nice name, windy :D
[11:15:00] Derkenkі: This one looks a bit too bright lol
[11:15:03] Queen of Derkship: ooh
[11:15:08] Derk #9001: awesome nichole :D
[11:15:13] Derkdara: derkships
[11:15:17] Kе$hа Dеrknot: Woah!
[11:15:18] StarryDerky: Nice, although a bit brighter lol
[11:15:26] @The Impossible: who is Kе$hа Dеrknot
[11:15:31] Derk #9001: gero
[11:15:34] @The Impossible: oic
[11:15:36] Derkenkі: Gero/Rizon
[11:15:37] Queen of Derkship: Derkship is the new shipping <3
[11:15:41] @The Impossible: gero why did you steal my mini tree
[11:15:44] Derk #9001: GUNNER
[11:15:46] @The Impossible: :(
[11:15:51] Derk #9001: PUT IT IN UR BLOG
[11:15:52] Kе$hа Dеrknot: lol Minitree.
[11:15:53] Dеrkenki: Oh look another green alt
[11:15:54] StarryDerky: Sonic, you too?
[11:15:56] Classic Derk: Hm?
[11:16:04] Classic Derk: I'm both Classic Derk and Derkdara
[11:16:08] Dеrkenki: Thanks for finding some unicodes for me
[11:16:13] Classic Derk: oh wow gero
[11:16:16] Classic Derk: that name colour
[11:16:18] Classic Derk: IS AMAZING~
[11:16:23] Kе$hа Derknot: ty
[11:16:28] Classic Derk: go back
[11:16:28] Classic Derk: to it
[11:16:33] Kе$hа Dеrknot: Okay. :D
[11:16:49] srinator: wut sonic ? >_>
[11:16:58] Classic Derk: I'm on 2 accounts, sri
[11:17:02] Derkdara: see?
[11:17:06] • Derkdara is also Classic Derk
[11:17:08] GreyWorm: Regenerḁtion
[11:17:13] Kе$hа Dеrknot: Derks, Derks everywhere.
[11:17:17] Kе$hа Dеrknot: >_>
[11:17:28] Classic Derk: derk invasion?
[11:17:33] Derkdara: yes.
[11:17:34] Dеrkenki: I'm a kinky Derk
[11:17:39] Derkdara: great, I'm talking to myself
[11:17:41] Dеrkenki: Someone on EGC calls me kinky
[11:17:42] Notchsapple: What is the best set for dusclops
[11:17:44] Derkdara: lol hikari
[11:17:46] Derkdara: :3
[11:17:48] StarryDerky: lol Hikari
[11:17:49] Kе$hа Dеrknot: Diekinky XD
[11:17:52] ProfGrove: ?
[11:17:55] Derkdara: roflol
[11:17:55] Dеrkenki: Yeah Gero knows it
[11:18:01] StarryDerky: (Daikenki)
[11:18:01] ~skylight: sigh
[11:18:03] ProfGrove: I feel left out on all of this, oh well
[11:18:05] Derkdara: hi nica
[11:18:08] Derkdara: come join in
[11:18:08] Derk #9001: Nichole=kinky?
[11:18:18] Kе$hа Dеrknot: I don't know about you, but I'm feeling Derkity-Derk.
[11:18:19] ProfGrove: Nah, don't even know what's happening
[11:18:20] Derkdara: hey there
[11:18:25] Queen of Derkship: i never imagind hika saying kinky xD
[11:18:35] Dеrkenki: Just ask Ice Car, at EGC.
[11:18:38] Dеrkenki: He calls me "kinky"
[11:18:41] Derkdara: Ice Car...
[11:18:44] Derkdara: nice name lol
[11:18:48] Dеrkenki: a.k.a. No. at EGC
[11:18:49] Kе$hа Dеrknot: Ice Car/No./Fuyuki~
[11:18:58] Dеrkenki: The name is sorta catchy
[11:19:02] Derkdara: No,
[11:19:04] Derkdara: No.
[11:19:07] Derkdara: Nice username.
[11:19:16] ProfGrove: I did a search and found some Naruto, is it tied to that?
[11:19:17] Derkdara: and if there is a no., then there's almost always a yes.
[11:19:26] Derkdara: derk = naruto?
[11:19:37] ProfGrove: derkenka
[11:19:45] ProfGrove: and derkaba or whatever
[11:19:50] Kе$hа Dеrknot: Derk Car
[11:20:04] Derkdara: Lol
[11:20:05] ProfGrove: ?
[11:20:06] Dеrkenki: I'm Daikenki but this joke calls me Derkenki
[11:20:56] derkinator: >_>
[11:20:58] Kе$hа Dеrknot: Derkineration
[11:21:01] Classic Derk: derkinator
[11:21:01] Regenerạtion: all derks plz disband
[11:21:03] Classic Derk: has a ring to it
[11:21:07] srinator: lolol
[11:21:12] srinator: >_>
[11:21:17] • StarryDerky deactivates the Derk switch
[11:21:22] Regenerạtion: ^_^
[11:21:22] Deіdara: :>
[11:21:25] Deіdara: nice colour
[11:21:29] srinator: derdara
[11:21:29] StarryWindy: so?
[11:21:33] Deіdara: Okay
[11:21:35] srinator: >_>
[11:21:38] Deіdara: who else should we impersonate
[11:21:41] srinator: hmm
[11:21:42] Deіdara: or be like
[11:21:42] Regenerạtion: me
[11:21:44] srinator: me ^_^
[11:21:46] Derk #9001: jelli
[11:21:49] Deіdara: okay
[11:21:55] sonicfan1: there
[11:21:55] Regenerạtion: nou
[11:21:59] srinator: u
[11:21:59] sonicfan1: let's be like jelli
[11:22:00] sonicfan1: :>
[11:22:02] StarryWindy: Nou Camp?
[11:22:07] Dеrkenki: I'm going back to my main I've had my laugh
[11:22:16] StarryWindy: ok.
[11:22:20] srinator: oh wait , wait u cant be me ,im to cool for u ;)
[11:22:22] Dаikenki: And this purple is so nice on me
[11:22:23] Jelli #9001: <-
[11:22:26] Deіdara: I approve of this colour :3
[11:22:30] StarryWindy: I like this blue shade of mine.
[11:22:33] Regenerạtion: nah not jelli

OMG Derks everywhere!
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