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Old June 11th, 2013 (5:11 PM).
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Well, I finally picked up a copy of White 2 so now I can finally finish my Normal UMC, so I'll hopefully have an update for that later.

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First update for White2 Fighting:

Ultimate Fighting-Mono Challenge: White2

- Started the game on "Challenge Mode" for a bit of fun and chose "Tepig" as my starter and nicknamed it "Ton"

- Did the usual beginning stuff, caught a "Riolu" at the ranch and named him "Anubis"

- Challenged Cheren and won earning me the Basic Badge

- Yada yada yada'd my way to Virbank Gym and took Roxie down for the
Toxic Badge

- Chased Team Plasma out of the Castelia Sewers and caught a "Timburr" named "HurrDurr"

- Went to Route 4 and caught a Female "Scraggy" named "Lucy"

- Challenged Burgh and managed to grab victory for the Insect Badge

- Eventually made it to Nimbasa and easily beat Elesa for the
Bolt Badge

- Current Pokemon:


That's all for now.

Ultimate Mono-Challenges finished:

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Crystal Update, Ultimate Flying Challenge.

Now that my team was only missing one member it was time to make some moves.
- Got the medecine and gave it to Amphy
- Beat Jasmine thanks to Jet and his Surf
- Took down Chuck with a combination of Hoot, Bruce, and Bounce
- Arrived in Mahogany Town, and investigated the Lake or Rage
- Took down Red Gyarados
- Stormed the Rocket Hideout
- Defeated Price thanks to Sleep Powder/Leech Seed/Tackle from Jumpluff, and Surfs from Jet
- Headed through Ice Path and Arrived in Blackthorn
- Instantly went South and caught my final team member, McFly the Gligar
- Backtracked to Goldenrod and cleared the Radio Tower, Underground Path, and Radio Tower again
- Found and Captured Suicune (Boxed)
- Grinded a bit before Claire
- Was able to beat Claire after Kingdra was KOed by the ever reliable Sleep Powder/Leech Seed/Tackle combo
- Grinded everyone up to Level 40
- Headed to Victory Road
- Beat ASS
- Stocked up on Items and took on the Elite 4

Will: Was relatively easy, Bruce took down both Xatus with Bite (FLINCH HAX) and Exeggutor with Fly, McFly got Jynx with Iron Tail, and Hoot took out Slowbro with Hypnosis and Fly

Koga: Very easy. Ariados and Venomoth were victims to Bruce's Fly, Crobat was taken down by Jet with Icy Wind who also took down Fortress with Surf. Muk was taken down by Bounce and Sleep/Leech/Tackle

Bruno: Easiest Battle. Hoot got all the Hitmons with Hypnosis and Fly, Bruce took out Machamp with Fly, and Jet Surfed the Onix

Karen: Umbreon was annoying. But it eventually went down to Sleep/Leech/Tackle. Jet took care of Murkrow and Houndoom with Icy Wind and Surf respectively. Vileplume and Gengar went down to Fly from Hoot and his Immunity to Ghost Attacks

Lance: Gyarados went down to Sleep/Leech/Tackle but the rest were taken care of by Jet and a few Full Restores. Icy Wind took care of the 3 effing Dragonites and Surf did in Aerodactyl and Charizard


Current Team

Hoot, Level 42
Fly, Hypnosis, Confusion, Take Down

Bounce, Level 42
Sleep Powder, Leech Seed, Tackle, Poison Powder

McFly, Level 41
Iron Tail, Faint Attack, Strength, Slash

Jet, Level 43
Surf, Waterfall, Wing Attack, Icy Wind

Bruce, Level 42
Fly, Bite, Leech Life, Confuse Ray

X, Level 41
Fly, Night Shade, Leer, Future Sight

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Dark Update 1: Crystal 8/16

I actually put detail in this update, the first spoiler contains my GL, Rival, and E4 battles in text detail. And the second one contains pics of my team.

First rival battle is just Totodile using Scratch until Chikorita fainted.

Vs. Falkner
Houndour 12 vs. Pidgey 7: Ember OHKO
Houndour 12 vs. Pidgeotto 9: Ember - Mud-Slap - Ember KO

Vs. Rival 2
Houndour 17 vs. Gastly 12: Ember OHKO
Houndour 17 vs. Zubat 14: Ember OHKO
Houndour vs. Bayleef 16: Ember - Reflect - Ember KO

Vs. Bugsy
Houndour 18 vs. Metapod 14: Ember OHKO
Houndour 18 vs. Kakuna 14: Ember OHKO
Houndour 19 vs. Scyther 16: Ember - Fury Cutter - Ember KO

Vs. Whitney
Houndoom 26 vs. Clefairy 18: Bite OHKO
Houndoom 26 vs. Miltank 20: Bite - Rollout - Bite KO

Vs. Rival 3
Houndoom 26 vs. Haunter 20: Bite OHKO
Umbreon 24 vs. Zubat 20: Quick Attack - Bite - Quick Attack KO
Umbreon 24 vs. Magnemite 18: Mud-Slap OHKO
Houndoom 27 vs. Bayleef 22: Ember OHKO

Vs. Morty
Umbreon 28 vs. Gastly 21: Mud-Slap OHKO
Umbreon 28 vs. Haunter 21: Mud-Slap - Night Shade - Mud-Slap KO
Umbreon 28 vs. Haunter 23: Mud-Slap - Spite - Mud-Slap KO
Houndoom 28 vs. Gengar 25: Bite - Shadow Ball - Bite KO

Vs. Pryce
Umbreon 32 vs. Seel 27: Shadow Ball - Aurora Beam - Shadow Ball KO
Houndoom 33 vs. Dewgong 29: Ember - Icy Wind - Ember - Headbutt - Ember KO
Houndoom 33 vs. Piloswine 31: Super Potion (Me) - Icy Wind - Ember - Blizzard (Missed) - Ember KO

Vs. Jasmine
Umbreon 35 vs. Magnemite 30: Mud-Slap OHKO
Umbreon 35 vs. Magnemite 30: Mud-Slap OHKO
Houndoom 35 vs. Steelix 35: Ember - Screech - Ember KO

Vs. Chuck
Umbreon 36 vs. Primeape 27: Shadow Ball - Leer - Shadow Ball
Umbreon 36 vs. Poliwrath 30: Shadow Ball - Surf - Shadow Ball - Hypnosis(Missed) - Shadow Ball KO

Vs. Rival 4
Umbreon 39 vs. Golbat 30: Faint Attack - Wing Attack - Faint Attack KO
Houndoom 37 vs. Magnemite 28: Ember OHKO
Houndoom 37 vs. Haunter 30: Faint Attack OHKO
Houndoom 37 vs. Sneasel 32: Ember OHKO
Houndoom 38 vs. Meganium 32: Ember - Body Slam - Ember KO

Vs. Clair
Sneasel 42 vs. Dragonair 37: Icy Wind - Thunder Wave - Icy Wind KO
Sneasel 42 vs. Dragonair 37: Icy Wind - Dragonbreath - Paralyzed - Dragonbreath - Icy Wind KO
Sneasel 42 vs. Dragonair 37: Hyper Potion (Me) - Dragonbreath - Parlyz Heal (Me) - Ice Beam - Icy Wind (Critical) KO
Sneasel 43 vs. Kingdra 40 - Faint Attack - Surf - Faint Attack - Dragonbreath KO
Umbreon 41 vs. Kingdra 40 - Faint Attack KO

Vs. Rival 5
Sneasel 44 vs. Golbat 36: Ice Punch - Bite - Ice Punch KO
Houndoom 43 vs. Magneton 35: Flamethrower OHKO
Umbreon 44 vs. Haunter 35: Faint Attack OHKO
Houndoom 43 vs. Sneasel 34: Flamethrower OHKO
Umbreon 44 vs. Kadabra 35: Faint Attack OHKO
Houndoom 43 vs. Meganium 38: Flamethrower OHKO

Some serious leveling went on here, I love the speed button so much :D

Vs. Will
Sneasel 52 vs. Xatu 40: Quick Attack - Ice Punch OHKO
Houndoom 52 vs. Jynx 41: Flamethrower OHKO
Houndoom 52 vs. Exeggutor 41: Flamethrower OHKO
Umbreon 52 vs. Xatu 42: Faint Attack OHKO
Umbreon 52 vs. Slowbro 41: Faint Attack - Amnesia - Faint Attack KO

Vs. Koga
Houndoom 52 vs. Ariados 40: Flamethrower OHKO
Houndoom 52 vs. Forretress 43: Protect - Flamethrower (Failed) - Flamethrower OHKO
Houndoom 52 vs. Muk 42: Flamethrower - Minimize - Flamethrower KO
Sneasel 52 vs. Crobat 44: Ice Punch - Double Team - Full Restore (Koga) - Ice Punch - Ice Punch KO
Umbreon 52 vs. Venomoth 40: Shadow Ball - Gust - Shadow Ball KO

Vs. Bruno
Sneasel 52 vs. Hitmontop 42: Slash - Dig (Charge) - Slash (Missed) - Dig (Attack) - Slash KO
Umbreon 52 vs. Hitmonlee 42: Shadow Ball - Swagger - Shadow Ball KO
Umbreon 52 vs. Hitmonchan 42: Mach Punch - Umbreon hit itself - Mach Punch - Umbreon hit itself - Mach Punch - Shadow Ball OHKO
Houndoom 52 vs. Machamp 46: Flamethrower - Cross Chop (Missed) - Max Potion (Bruno) - Flamethrower - Flamethrower KO
Sneasel 52 vs. Onix 43: Surf OHKO

Vs. Karen
Houndoom 52 vs. Umbreon 42: Sludge Bomb - Sand-Attack - Sludge Bomb - Mean Look - Sludge Bomb KO
Sneasel 52 vs. Murkrow 44: Ice Punch (Critical) OHKO
Houndoom 53 vs. Houndoom 47: Sludge Bomb - Flamethrower - Sludge Bomb KO
Sneasel 52 vs. Vileplume 42: Ice Punch - Stun Spore (Missed) - Ice Punch
Umbreon 52 vs. Gengar 45: Shadow Ball OHKO

Vs. Lance
Umbreon 53 vs. Gyarados 44: Confuse Ray - Rain Dance - Shadow Ball - Gyarados hit itself - Shadow Ball KO
Sneasel 53 vs. Dragonite 47: Ice Punch OHKO
Umbreon 53 vs. Charizard 46: Shadow Ball - Flamethrower (Burned) - Faint Attack - Flamethrower - Faint Attack
Sneasel 53 vs. Aerodactyl 46: Ice Punch OHKO
Sneasel 53 vs. Dragonite 47: Ice Punch OHKO
Sneasel 53 vs. Dragonite 50: Ice Punch OHKO


Good luck to everyone else.
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This challenge looks awesome and I can't wait to try it on my bro's Pokemon Black. Thinking of keeping it poison type and starting off with a Koffing. Challenging idea?
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Update #3 for Bug UMC on Emerald

  • For once, I'm actually deciding to buckle down and make some actual progress this time around. Anyway, headed to Slateport, taking down every trainer in the way.
  • Ran off Team Aqua from Slateport
  • Went and owned May on Route 110
  • Caught Omlette the Illumise
  • Owned Wally
  • Beat all of Mauville's gym trainers, then went to go train my team up to Lv. 25 except Popple since I just about replaced him with Omlette.
  • Got owned by Wattson twice, so I had to go and do some more training...and take advantage of Popple.
  • Trained Queen Bean, Buttermilk, and Omlette up to Lv. 27, and only brought Popple up to Lv. 25 just so I could take advantage of using Shedinja, but soon figured it was pretty useless with the moves it had at the start. Cue more training to bring Shedinja to Lv. 25 just so it could at least do more than 1 HP per use of Cut to Magneton.
  • Finally beat Wattson on my 3rd try. Took long enough, and the battle was pretty unfair on my part nearly the entire time. Just my luck.
  • Made my way to Fallarbor Town, bringing the pain on every trainer in my way.
  • Reached Meteor Falls.
  • Returned to Rustboro City, all the while considering whether I should use Popple or not.
  • Went to Mt. Chimney to own all the Team Magma Grunts
  • Took down Maxie
  • Beat Flannery in Lavaridge Town's gym
  • Returned to Petalburg City and beat Norman
  • Saved on Route 121

Team Bugsy

Buttermilk (Dustox) Lv. 32 @ Nothing
Nature: Quiet
Ability: Shield Dust
Moves: Moonlight, Gust, Light Screen, Psybeam

Queen Bean (Beautifly) Lv. 32 @ Miracle Seed
Nature: Adamant
Ability: Swarm
Moves: Morning Sun, Mega Drain, Gust, Stun Spore

Omlette (Illumise) Lv. 32 @ Blackglasses (Yup, Marriland's Emerald Nuzlocke refrence)
Nature: Impish
Ability: Oblivious
Moves: Thunderbolt, Quick Attack, Flatter, Moonlight

HM Slaves
Popple - Cut, Flash
Zigzagoon - Rock Smash, Surf, Strength
Swablu - Fly when I get it

While I'm at it, may as well update Normal UMC since I recently started that.

  • Started the game
  • Chose Oshawott as my starter to use as a future slave
  • Beat Josh, my rival in Aspertia City
  • Went and caught Lenora the Patrat on Route 19 once I had access to Poke Balls
  • Went and caught Sadman the Azurill at Floccesy Ranch. I only intend to use Azurill as a challenge within the challenge because I know it has awful stats, and I plan to get an Everstone for it from my Black 2 so it won't evolve to maintain it's Normal type
  • Went and beat Josh again at Floccesy Ranch
  • Went and found the lost Herdier
  • Retured to Floccesy Town to deal with the stuff with Alder
  • Went back to Aspertia to take on the gym
  • Decided to go and train Lenora up to Lv. 12 before tackling Cheren
  • Beat Cheren pretty easily, mostly with the power of spamming Charm and Tail Whip with Sadman to help Lenora take down his Lillipup in one shot with Bite.
  • Got a free TM and the C-Gear from Bianca
  • Traded Sadman over to my Black 2 for about five minutes to go and give it an Everstone
  • Started heading for Virbank City
  • Reached Virbank City and saw the whole thing between Roxie and her dad
  • Went and caught Floter the Pidove in the Virbank Complex
  • Saved in Virbank Complex, mostly because it's intense training time.

Team Ruby

Lenora (Patrat) Lv. 12 @ Nothing
Nature: Adamant
Ability: Run Away
Moves: Tackle, Detect, Bite, Bide

Sadman (Azurill) Lv. 12 @ Everstone
Nature: Brave
Ability: Thick Fat (>_____>)
Moves: Charm, Water Gun, Tail Whip, Water Sport

Floter (Pidove) Lv. 11 @ Nothing
Nature: Sassy
Ability: Super Luck
Moves: Gust, Growl, Leer, Quick Attack
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Type: Flying
Game: Platinum
Badges: 5

We quickly left Hearthome City for the next Gym, as Murkrow's attitude was beginning to become a problem again. Just outside Solaceon town, Staravia evolved into a beautifully strong Staraptor - and she learned Close Combat! At some point we finally arrived in Veilstone, where we quickly took on the Gym Leader. Staraptor easily sweeped the entire gym, including its leader. With Murkrow back on board, we moved on to Pastoria, picking up a Razor Fang on the road. Tonight is the night, Gligar!

In Pastoria, the gym proved easy enough. Staraptor was able to plow her way through, more or less by simple, brute force. Tonight we're gonna do a bit of training and pick up a Dusk Stone somewhere. Still, Drifblim is a more than a day away, and by then, it'll have to be put through some serious grinding to catch up. We'll manage, though!

Current team:


Staraptor, lv. 41 @ Shell Bell
Female // Jolly // Intimidate
- Aerial Ace
- Close Combat
- Return
- Roost

Gligar, lv. 38 @ Razor Fang
Male // Careful // Hyper Cutter
- Rock Tomb
- Earthquake
- Faint Attack
- Swords Dance

Murkrow, lv. 42 @ Soothe Bell
Male // Adamant // Super Luck
- Taunt
- Astonish
- Fly
- Faint Attack
Currently working on: Fakemon FireRed
Not finished yet, but complete-ish up until Lavender Town.

Feel free to check out my old hack: Pekin's Ruby Hack
Finished and playable, but with fewer features.
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Update#4 Poison Mono-challenge in FireRed
i beat Sabrina; surprisingly there really was no challenge... BeeDrill 1 shot everything /gg
I kicked rocket out of silph and took hitmonchan from the dojo and then went to Blane.
I got a Tentacool at level 34.
Tentacool evolved at lvl 35.
I beat blane; no challenge...
I went to Giovoni, and he put up a good fight fainting 3 of my team but couldn't take out my Nidoking.
I went to go to Victory Road and fought my Rival... he brought me to an inch of life but i won with my Nidoking having 16 health left being the last of my party.
I dispise Victory Road but i must endure. On to the elite four.
Current Team:
Gengar/GENGAR - Sassy Nature
lv48 - Female
125 HP
82 Attack
70 Defense
135 SP.Attack
95 SP.Defense
121 Speed
Shadow Ball
Confuse Ray
Brick Break
BuzzOff!/BEEDRILL - Relaxed Nature
lv48 - Female
137 HP
94 Attack
67 Defense
60 SP.Attack
93 SP.Defense
88 Speed
Pin Missile
Fury Attack
Wilber/NIDOKING - Jolly Nature
lv48 - Male
143 HP
118 Attack
94 Defense
90 SP.Attack
91 SP.Deffense
121 Speed
Nibbler/GOLBAT - Careful Nature
lv48 - Female
144 HP
93 Attack
92 Defense
72 SP.Attack
91 SP.Defense
106 Speed
Aerial Ace
Steel Wing
Confuse Ray
Tentacruel/TENTACRUEL - Quirky Nature
lv48 - Female
144 HP
91 Attack
84 Defense
94 SP.Attack
125 SP.Defense
121 Speed
Hidden Power (ice)
Giga Drain
lv48 - Male
154 HP
81 Attack
95 Defense
110 SP.Attack
116 SP.Defense
113 Speed
Sleep Powder
Leech Seed
Razor Leaf
Ultimate Poison Monotype Challenge: 4 out of 6 Generations Completed
Fire Red | Soul Silver | Alpha Sapphire | Flawless Platinum 2/8 | Blaze Black | X

Ultimate Nuzlocke Challenge: 0 out of 6 Generations Completed
Fire Red | Soul Silver | Alpha Sapphire 3/8 | Platinum | Black2 | X
RIP Flappy, lvl 21 Taillow [Death Counter: 1]
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- Hopped on the SS Aqua and arrived in Vermillion.
- Took down Surge with McFly the Gligar
- Next took out Sabrina with X the Xatu
- Headed to Celadon and took out Erika with Hoot the Noctowl and Bruce the Crobat
- Hopped on the cycling road and Beat Janine with X
- Took the path to Lavender town
- Flew back to Saffron and went north to Cerulean
- Headed to the Power Plant
- Back to Cerulean and got the Machine Part
- Headed to the Cape and met and then defeated Misty with Bounce the Jumpluff
- Back to Vermillion to wake up and KO Snorlax
- Arrived in Pewter via Diglett Cave
- Beat brock with Jet the Mantine
- Headed south through Viridian to Pallet Town and talked to Oak
- Surfed to Cinnabar and met Blue
- Surfed to Seafoam and beat Blaine with Jet
- Flew back to Viridian to earn my final badge and beat Blue as a collective unit
- Went and saw Oak then headed to Mt. Silver
- Grinded everyone to level 50
- Explored Mt. Silver and arrived at Red

Red was not as hard as I originally thought. McFly was able to pretty much wall Pikachu outside of Quick Attack and eventually wore him down with Slash after a few heals by Red. Next was Blastoise who got outsped and Sleep Powdered then Leech Seeded by Bounce. Then Giga Drain FTW. Charizard was up next and Hoot survived a Flamethrower and hit Charizard with a Hypnosis. Then I switched to Jet and Surfed Charizard to death. After that was Espeon who I managed to get two Night Shades off against with X before succumbing to Psychics. Hoot was able to finish off the job with Hypnosis and Fly. Then out comes Snorlax. F*** Snorlax. I had to stall out Snorlax's Body Slams with Revives and after that I Leech Seeded him and was able to finally (after like 6 Rests) whittle his Defense and HP down with Iron Tails from McFly. After that was Venusaur who Bruce came out and hit with 3 Flys to defeat Red and complete the Johto leg of my Flying Ultimate Monotype!!! Up next is Ruby Version!!


X, Level 50
Fly, Psychic, Night Shade, Flash

Bounce, Level 50
Giga Drain, Leech Seed, Sleep Powder, Tackle

McFly, Level 51
Iron Tail, Faint Attack, Strength, Slash

Jet, Level 51
Surf, Wing Attack, Icy Wind, Waterfall

Bruce, Level 51
Fly, Bite, Toxic, Confuse Ray

Hoot, Level 50
Fly, Hypnosis, Confusion, Dream Eater

Attached Images
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Top celebrate this momentous occasion, I am extending a special promotion! Any player who posts within the next week with the phrase "Happy Birthday, Monotype Challenge!" may trade or hack one non legendary Pokemon of your challenge's type into their challenge.

-Password must be redeemed by June 19th, 2013 at 7:07pm US PST.
-Password may only be redeemed once per player.
-Any participants who take part in this event are free to continue their new Pokemon after the week is up, as long as they received it within the given time.
-You must post within the time frame regarding what Pokemon you have hacked or traded and what game you are doing so on.
-Your Pokemon does not have to be from the regional dex of the game you choose.
-The Pokemon must match the type that you are playing with.
-The Pokemon must not exceed the level of your strongest Pokemon.
-The Pokemon must not be legendary.
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Ground monotype - SoulSilver

After hours of running around Victory Road trying to bring Mamoswine to the same level as Golem and Quagsire, I went raiding the E4 and won. Oddly enough, I had the most difficulty against Koga while Lance went down extremely easy. Cubone, unfortunately, is the same level as when I caught it. I'll have to spend all my time in Kanto bringing him up to speed.

Lv. 53 Golem - Strength|Earthquake|Stone Edge|Explosion
Lv. 55 Quagsire - Waterfall|Strength|Amnesia|Earthquake
Lv. 53 Mamoswine - Avalanche|AncientPower|Strength|Earthquake
Lv. 16 Cubone - Tail Whip|Bone Club|Headbutt|Leer (derp)
Terriermon and Lopmon

White: 1463 5558 5309
X: 2208 5685 5454
- - - -
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"Happy Birthday, Monotype Challenge!"

I'll be adding a Houndour to my Dark-Mono playthrough of Emerald, speaking of, here's an update:

Ultimate Dark-Mono Challenge: Emerald

- Started the game, caught a "Poochyena" just until I catch a "Sableye" then I'm dropping it

- Trained Useless until it learned Bite, then beat Roxanne for the
Stone Badge

- Went to Dewford and caught a Sableye, then dropped Useless off in my PC

- After a bit of training, challenged and easily beat Brawly for the
Knuckle Badge

- Went to Slateport, beat Team Aqua, beat May, then arrived in Mauville and had an okay fight with Wattson for the
Dynamo Badge

- Skipped all the way to Meteor Falls, then came back around and beat Team Magma

- Went south to Lavaridge and beat Flannery for the
Heat Badge

Well, I guess I'll hack in my Houndour and catch my Cacnea when I play again.

Ultimate Mono-Challenges finished:

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#5 Update for Monofire - Platinum

-Picked the Careful Male
-done beginning stuff
-defeated Rival
-evolved intoon Route 203

: diffciulty 0/5
*Mach Punch

-defeated Team Galactic
-done the Wood

: difficulty 0/5
*3 Flame Wheel

-defeated Team Galactic
-done Cycling Road
-avoiding trainers to grind later
-got the Adamant Male

: difficulty 1/5
*resisted with 7HP but I only used Flame Wheel

-defeated Rival
-got Fire Stone and evolvedinto
-evolved intoon Route 210
-caught the Naive Female
-evolved intoin Lost Tower

: difficulty 0/5
*3 Flame Wheel

I won't hack anything like I didn't some time ago just want to play the game clean but I appreciate your initiatives Necrum Warrior
On going Challenges:
RBY Solos with all 151 pokemons
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Update on Dark run

-caught a Mandibuzz on Route 4
-defeated Elesa
-received N's Zorua
-defeated Clay
-Zorua evolved into Zoroark


Lv. 28

Lv. 28

Lv. 28

Lv. 28

Lv. 28

Lv. 30
Current Challenges:
Completed Challenges:
Ultimate Monotype
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I'm gonna start a second ultimate run, since doing just water can get really repetitive.

Username: hollywooddream
Type: Bug
Challenge: Ultimate
Game(s): LeafGreen, Silver, Emerald, Platinum, Black
I don't calculate stat values, I don't breed my way to perfection, and I don't care about natures. I catch my Pokemon the way they are, and treat them like individuals instead of brainless drones. If you use this philosophy, copy & paste this into your signature.
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Happy Birthday, Monotype Challenge! ^-^

But I still won't hack anything in xD
I abused the previous event enough as is so don't want to abuse this one as well xD

If you'd like to play with me, you better be sure you know the game.

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Happy Birthday, Monotype Challenge!
I'll be hacking in a Bulbasaur for Liquid Crystal it will be level 1 and be as if hatched from an egg (no special moves or whatever... no stats edits... just entered into the game via gameshark as a random encounter forced to be as the next encounter)
Anyways I completed FireRed here are some pics

I've got to say though.... doing it so underleveled cost me a LOT of revives/hyper potions. I spent probably 30 Revives on my Rival alone. I had to revive through Psychic until it ran out of PP lol. (thank god that it does run out in this game)
MvP is definitely Gengar... he was a BEAST and had the highest SP.Attack
Whelp. On to the next game.
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Wow, its been a while, eh (got my psn back online, so, yeah). Finally, here is my 3th Update for Johto. Sleeping near a cave is not easy, espically with zubats hanging out near. After a lot of annoyance from Zubats, my Pokemon decide they had enough. I couldn't argue with them, and besides that, time passed by fast. Going through Union Cave was easy, although I did lose some PP. The hiker outside of the Union Cave almost fainted Loyal, but with careful switching, the hiker went down. In Azalea Town, there was nothing to do, even the gym was blocked off, but I heard of a someone named Kurt, who made Pokeballs apricons (I think that what they are :p). I honestly headed over there to see if he could give me some donuts. Apparently, he was more worried about the slowpokes that were missing than food, then mentioned Team Rocket. That got me worked up, no wonder the Slowpoke Well was blocked off, but now they have purple hair. Heading over to Slowpoke Well, I kicked rocket ass and Kurt took me back to his house. He did have donuts after all. That guy blocking the gym even left. The gym, well, that is self-explanitory. Loyal solo'd Bugsy, it was that easy. However, my rival's a different story. Derp wanted to know where Team Rocket was, and when I told him the truth, he said I lied and challenged me. Tyson fainted to Croconaw after defeating Gastly. Loyal almost fainted as well, but with a critical hit bite and a bit of flinch hax, Croconaw went down. With healing, Loyal defrated Zubat, with some difficultly, Confusion hax is quite annoying, is it not. Finally, Derp was brought down after an exhausting battle. Finally, I chased a Farfetch'd back to its owner, obtaining Cut. Caught a Sandshrew because Rattata fails at what I'M intended him to do. Oh well, and happy birthday, but no hacking for me, as it is kinda unfair and takes some fun away. That is just my prespective. Anyway, my current party is: Tyson the Quilava(M) Lvl.18 with: Tackle, Leer, Smokescreen, and Ember; and Loyal the Growlithe(M) Lvl.17 with: Bite, Roar, and Ember. Any moveset suggestions are always welcome, and good luck to anyone attempting this challenge. See you later. Oh, and here's another thing: I still have an account on my black 2, and I just started ev training a Speed Boost Blazekin :D. I'll eventually have a team ready, so if anyone wants to battle me one day, I can give you my friend code. :D Anyway, yeah, see you later.
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Happy Birthday, Monotype Challenge!

I'm only going to take advantage of this on Black 2 for Deino (I don't want to wait 'til Victory Road).
I'm going to trade it in from my Storage White 2 at the same time as Larvitar (I already got Necrum's approval on this), both as Eggs.

Dark Update 2: Emerald 5/8

Here's my team so far:

Flannery is so annoying, I hate that Attract and Overheat+White Herb combo.
I'll probably have another update tonight or tomorrow.

See you later.
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"Happy Birthday, Monotype Challenge!"

I think I'll take advantage of this and start up a ghost challenge.

Username: James901
Type: Ghost
Challenge: Ultimate
Game(s): LeafGreen, SoulSilver, Emerald, Platinum, B/W/2 (Not sure yet)

I'll start with LeafGreen and hack in a Shuppet as my starter.
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Happy Birthday, Monotype Challenge!

This isn't really a true update on my Fighting Monotype on HG, but I did just want to quickly introduce the newest member of the team....

Rushlight the Gallade ♂, Lv. 49
Ability: Steadfast
-Zen Headbutt
-Brick Break
-Leaf Blade

Rest of the Team:

Ringo the Heracross ♂, Lv. 46
Ability: Guts
-Shadow Claw
-Aerial Ace
-Brick Break

Asha the Poliwrath ♀, Lv. 45
Ability: Damp
-Wake-Up Slap
-Focus Blast

Muscle the Machamp ♀, Lv. 45
Ability: Guts
-Cross Chop
-Seismic Toss

Eddard the Hitmonchan ♂, Lv. 49
Ability: Keen Eye
-Ice Punch
-Sky Uppercut
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Now that I have recovered from my explosion after my save file corrupted, I am going to give this another go. ^__^

Username: Tide
Type: Bug
Challenge: Single
Game(s): SoulSilver

Also, "Happy Birthday Monotype Challenge!" I will take advantage of this by hacking in a Cascoon. (I want to ensure that I get a Dustox, rather than a Beautifly)
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I have decided to do SoulSilver instead of Liquid Crystal. I will be using the Birthday code as i've previously stated in my other post or if you didn't see it "Happy Birthday Monotype Challenge!" on Toxicroak instead (Croagunk at lvl 1 which will eventually be Toxicroak)
My next update will be after the first or second gym.
Ultimate Poison Monotype Challenge: 4 out of 6 Generations Completed
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Ultimate Nuzlocke Challenge: 0 out of 6 Generations Completed
Fire Red | Soul Silver | Alpha Sapphire 3/8 | Platinum | Black2 | X
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Happy Birthday, Monotype Challenge! I will use this code For Suicune in Heartgold
-After I beat Surge I cut the tree in Cerulean
-Went to Lavender Town
-Beat all trainers in Lavender Tower so I wouldn't have to later.
-Went to Celadon.
-I went to the Celadon Condominiums to get Eevee
-Evolved it immediately
-Grinded in the game corner to get a bunch of coins.
-After 2 hours I finally got enough coins to get the Ice Beam TM.
-Taught it to Vaporeon
-Went to the Celadon gym
-Vs. Erika difficulty: 1.5/5
-Spammed Ice beam with the new Vaporeon, while Evading grass attacks.
-Went to Team Rocket HQ
-Beat Giovanni
-Got the Silph Scope
-Went to Lavender town
-Defeated the poor Marowak ghost.
-Talked to the old man
-Got the Pokeflute
-Awoke Snorlax... OHKO with my Gyarados's Hyper Beam
-Got my Super Rod from the Fishing Guru
-Unlocked Saffron city
-Traveled to Fuschia city
-Went to the Safari zone
-Got Surf and Strength
-Taught everything on my team Surf
-Caught a Poliwhirl, and named him Paul. Lol
-Trained Paul to level 35 and evolved him.
-Went to Fuschia gym
Vs. Koga Difficulty:3/5
The battle wouldn't have been that hard if Koga's Koffings and Weezings didn't have Levitate. Its so annoying!
Team: Blastoise (F) Gyarados (F) Vaporeon (F) Poliwrath (M)
P.S Can I add Pokemon X to my Ultimate run since I will most likely still be doing this in October

Kanto 8/8, Johto 11/16, Hoenn 0/8, Sinnoh 0/8, Unova 0/8
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Bug Monotype Single Run (SoulSilver): Update #1


- Did the standard beginning events (went to Mr. Pokemon's house, etc.)
- Caught a female Ledyba (Level 4)
- Dumped Totodile into the PC
- PokeGen'd a male Cascoon (level 3) into my ".ds1" file (due to the birthday "special", or "clause".)
- Grinded both pokemon to level 12 on Route 30 (Cascoon evolved into Dustox)
- Continued North along the route towards Violet City
- Healed up in Violet City, then headed into the Bellsprout Tower.
- Annihilated every sage in the tower.
- Used an escape rope and exited the tower.
- Headed to Falkner's gym, and easily beat the gym trainers.
- Defeated Valkner.
(Rating: Absolute Destruction/5 )
- Picked up the Togepi egg in the Pokemart, and dumped it in the PC right after
- Headed south; exiting Violet City.
- Followed the route, beating trainers left and right
- Entered Union Cave, and dodged as many trainers as possible (My team doesn't have the movesets to take on Rock types quite yet)
- Exited the Union Cave, and headed west towards Azalea town, defeating the few trainers that were there.
- Healed up, then went straight to the Ilex Forest.
- Caught a male Paras
- Grinded Paras by 12 levels to catch him up with the other pokemon (Level 17)
- Went to Kurt's house to be enlightened about the wonders of apricorns; he darted out the door to go save the Slowpokes
- I followed him, and stood outside the well, and saved.

Game Time: 2:27
Badges: 1/16

Current Party:

Ledyba (Lv. 17)
- Light Screen
- Mach Punch
- Comet Punch
- Supersonic

Dustox (Lv. 17)
- Harden
- Confusion
- Gust
- (Blank)

Paras (Lv. 17)
- Scratch
- Stun Spore
- Spore
- Leech Life


(I had to)
-.- Joey I'm a good son.
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