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    This fanfiction is somethin I've had in the back of my mind for a few years. I'll do my best to ad at least something new, each week, to the story, and improve as I type/write it out.

    As new member here, I have no knowledge of any past Fan Fictions in this forum; so if this story sounds similar to one before, let me know, and I'll stop my work. I don't want to make a story that's probably been done already, and take someone else's credit.

    With that being said, I hope you all enjoy

    The Trail of Roses
    There’s a lot of different stories I’ve heard from countless people—trainers, nurses, fans, even coordinators—that I’ve ended up telling to people, just like you. I could tell you about what happened to so-and-so that evening: Where they were when it happened, whom they lost that night, and what happened to them afterwards, and beyond.

    The problem nowadays, is that I’ve told the story of everyone else—but I’ve kept out the one story that is probably the most important. I’ve had some involvement myself in this one—but I haven’t told this story, because I couldn’t do so, years ago. There was a lot of emotion between the regions, lot anger, and a lot of politics. Had I told this story, I would have revealed the truth. And if I told the truth, years ago, it would bring back the problem that everyone found himself or herself in the first place. It would have been worse than any of the past conflicts any of the regions had.

    Now? There’s peace again. The tension is finally down. Who led the regions, the different Elite Four and Gym Leaders, have stepped down, or finally had a change of heart. What I’m telling you now, is the truth. This is history.

    ~Episode 1 - The Spark at Dusk ~
    I’ll start off with what led up to the first evening, and happened that same night.

    The Rose Conference. It was similar to the World Tournament, but much more competitive. The reason it was brought up, because the Big Five regions at the time—Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, and Unova—had their champions replaced by challengers. Each region had a new champion within the span of two to three years. Because of this, none of the regions could determine which trainer was the strongest, from where.

    Johto used to share the Indigo Conference with Kanto, until the Elite Four brought up a new League located north of Mount Silver, but still south of the Sinjoh Ruins. This would create a rivalry with Johto and Kanto, on who’s Elite Four were stronger, and which champion was the better. Hoenn and Sinnoh, on the other hand, have usually been in the mix; but these new champions showed a lot more determination and teamwork, than the previous Kanto and Johto champions—who were much better than Hoenn’s and Sinnoh’s. Unova’s champion, surprisingly, defeated the previous champion, in an upset. Its champion even boasted of being better than Kanto’s champion; and in fact suggested that there should be a gathering, to determine which region held the stronger trainer.

    And after a lot of discussion, it was settled that the conference would take place in Sinnoh. If it were in Kanto, many of the Johto fans would claim that Kanto would’ve had the home advantage. Sinnoh was seen to be the most neutral out of the five—although they nearly decided on Hoenn.

    The Rose Conference took place at Sinnoh’s Battle Frontier, since the Frontier was large enough, and had multiple arenas for the occasion. Many fans from all five regions—even Kalos (whom weren’t recognized as one of the larger regions at the time)—arrived to watch the conference. Even the competitive tension between Johto and Kanto had less tension, because it was gathering of all five. Something like this hasn't happened since the World Tournament in Unova.

    The way the tournament was designed was a series of multiple battles between each of the five champions. Each fought each other with one Pokémon, and faced the champions one on one. Each champion was then ranked into a bracket; but since there were 5, only four names could be on the bracket. The top-two ranked champions sat out the first round, while the bottom three competed against each other then for the #3 and #4 spot in the bracket.

    Kanto and Sinnoh took the #1 and #2 ranks respectively, and Hoenn was knocked out in the second round, in a very close match against the Johto champion. The final four were in order: Kanto, Sinnoh, Johto, and Unova.

    Then, came the third round of the Conference. I at the time was Sinnoh’s champion. In a best of 5 matches, I ended up losing to Johto’s champion, although the fourth match was very close. My involvement comes later in the story, since I left the conference stadium, to get some rest and relax. There was enough time to do so, because the Kanto and Unova matchup was becoming more intense, and was even lasting for hours with each match.

    The evening started, and was the final match between Kanto and Unova. The two trainers, Moby and Ayli, were nearly evenly matched. I thought the outcome would not have mattered, since both trainers were equally good, and worthy. The outcome of the match would never be known, since it could not be finished, due to the sudden event…

    Characters: The Character ID's are currently attachments, but I'll edit them into the character descriptions once I'm able to.

    Kanto’s Champion. He is prideful and boastful, often relying on himself for any task. He often gloats about his victories, especially when it involves trainers from the Johto region. He has a Blastoise, as well as his favorite Pokémon, Magmar.

    Johto’s Champion. He is regionalist (or Nationalist) for Johto, and wants to bring his region glory by defeating Moby. He is competitive, but doesn’t pride himself in the same way that Moby does; He considers himself a leader, often feeling that his actions are going to be responsible for Johto’s status among the other regions. His favorite Pokémon are Houndoom and Mamoswine; and refuses to use any Kanto Pokémon.

    Unova’s Champion. She wants to prove herself as a true Champion by winning the tournament, and bringing Unova glory. She considers herself independent from others, and keeps her personal life a secret, while she represents the trainer and champion the public of Unova wanted. She's not one for international travel; even though she was the one who thought of the idea of gathering the Champions from other regions, and start the Rose conference. Her most loyal Pokémon is her Golurk.

    Hoenn’s Champion, and the protagonist for Part 1. He shows more humble and reserved character, but is the Champion with the least experience, only being a trainer for 17 months. He often makes mistakes, and struggles to overcome them. He is known for having a nearly all-Hoenn team.

    The Blue Bull:
    Sinnoh’s champion, and the narrator (for the introductions). Trademark Pokémon is a Tauros. The Blue Bull is a young and mature trainer with sandy/brownish hair and grey eyes. Wears a denim buttoned-down shirt, shorts, and boat shoes. The Blue Bull is more of a supporting character, and is not seen as a main character currently.


    I'll start working on Episode 1 on Friday, once I get done with studies for the week. This currently preparations, and presentation

    What do you guys think so far?
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      Loving the narrative. It pulls you in. That's the great thing about character narration, you can give it so much personality.

      The story is quality too. I mean, Champions battling each other is logic, makes for great entertainment and effectively helps establish which is the biggest region, probably pulling in tourists.

      You've got something good here, I can tell that for sure after reading the first chapter. I didn't find anything wrong with the story yet and I couldn't read focus on any spelling errors because I was actually too deep in reading it. So, you're definitely doing something right.
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        Thank you for the response dudebot! I'll be working on Part 1 today, and will likely post sometime tomorrow.
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          Chapter 1

          "OH AND SOOOO CLOSE! THIS LOOKS LIKE ITS ABOUT TO BE A BIT OF A LOP-SIDED MATCH!" The announcer shouted through the PA system.
          The crowds in the stands were roaring, cheering for the two champions in the middle of the arena. It was evening, and all of the lights in the arena focused in on the fight-- a ground based arena. The trainer in black lowered her cap a small amount; she was stressed, but refused to be frustrated. She found herself in worse situations, and was confident in her team of Pokemon.

          Ayli pointed at her Pokemon, a Pink Musharna, and looked towards her opponent's Pokemon.
          "Musharna! Lets try Hypnosis again!" She shouted to her Pokemon.

          The Musharna let out its cry, glowed a blue hue, and projected a series of rings toward her opponent.

          Ayli's opposite, let out a smirk. He pulled a locke of blonde hair from in front of his face, and laughed.
          "Starmie!" He yelled, "Dodge the rings, and quickly use Brine!"

          His Starmie graced around the field, spinning away from the rings as best it could, and got away from the range of rings that went toward itself. It sent a gush of water from its gem, striking the Musharna. The Mysterious Pokemon was much faster than Musharna, which became a problem for Ayli quickly in the match.

          The only other Pokemon Ayli managed to faint was Moby's Aerodactyl, which she believes was luck. Her Mienshao managed to end the Aerodactyl's rage by detecting its next move, and using Brick Break. Even then though, the Aerodactyl managed to faint two of her Pokemon before she could interpret Moby's strategy. But the time Aerodactyl fainted, Mienshao was quickly defeated by Starmie from a Psychic.

          "Come on Musharna! You've got this! We'll be able to hit it!" She said to her Pokemon, trying to motivate it. Sadly though, she realized herself that Musharna was not a good choice against this Pokemon. Her strategy was to put Starmie to sleep, which would allow her Musharna to use a larger range of moves to damage the Pokemon; that was how she managed to have an impact in the earlier rounds of the Rose Conference. Now though, Musharna was much slower, and no match for Starmie.

          Musharna focused in still on Starmie, waiting for Ayli's next command.

          Moby continued to laugh. "You know Ayli, I'm having too much fun with this! All the hype about you from everyone else now seems like a bluff! You know you are no match for Kanto's supreme champion!" Moby shouted across the arena.

          "It's not over yet!" Ayli responded back, "Musharna, use Future Sight!"

          Musharna's eyes glowed blue this time, and chanted its name slowly. A wave of energy was sent out, but quickly disappeared through time.

          Moby was unfazed, and his confidence kept him from being worried about the Future Sight attack.
          "Completely useless," He said, "Starmie! Finish off Musharna with Brine!"

          Starmie again streamed another gush of water, quickly hitting the Musharna. It wasn't weakened at all during the match, but the Brine was still strong, and hit the Drowsing Pokemon. Musharna finally fainted, falling to the ground of the Arena.


          Ayli returned her Musharna to its pokeball. Two Pokemon left at her disposal-- two of her most reliable Pokemon at her disposal. She ignored the cheesy lines that announcer shouted, took one of her pokeballs, and threw it to the middle of the field.

          "Go... CARRACOSTA!"

          "Would you like to buy a drink?"
          Tom inserted a few Pokedollars into the machine, but was puzzled with what to buy. It was only a simple choice between three drinks...

          "Would you like to buy a drink?" The machine repeated again.

          "Come on, I'm trying to think!" Tom said to the machine. He was still puzzled between lemonade, or a sodapop-

          "Would you like to buy a drink?"
          "YES! JUST LET ME THINK!" Tom shouted. He quickly made his decision, and pressed the button for sodapop, and took the can while he still could.

          "Would you like to buy another drink?"
          "NO!" Tom said, frustrated. He began to walk away, towards a small yellowish-blue Pokemon standing a few feet away, eagerly waiting with each foot stomping on the ground.

          "Decided against buying a drink." the Machine spoke, in a quieter volume.

          Tom rolled his eyes, and walked back to his Minun. Minun perked up when he saw the Soda Pop in Tom's hand.
          "Minun!" It cried, reaching its hands toward the sodapop.
          "Not this time," Tom said, about to open the can.
          "MINUN! Mi-Minun, MinunminunMINUN!" Minun screamed to his trainer.
          "Okay, okay! I'll get another" Tom said, turning around to the Drink Dispenser. Minun quickly jumped onto Tom's shoulder, sitting down as Tom carried it to the machine.

          "Back for another drink?" The machine asked.
          "Shut up..." Tom said, as he took a few more Pokedollars, and received another sodapop from the Machine.
          "Would you like another drink?" The machine repeated.
          "No thank you." Tom said, walking away, and handing his Minun the new sodapop. He walked away quickly before the machine made another noise.

          "Minunnnnn!" The Pokemon cried out, hugging his trainer, and then gulping down on the sodapop. Tom proceeded to drink his soda, relaxing as he sipped the cold fizzy drink drink. He heard shouts and applause from the stands of the arena, and wondered how the battle was going between the two champions.

          "So cute!!"
          Tom turned around, seeing two girls rush to him, and staring at the Minun. There dressed almost identical in clothing- cosplay in fashion to one of the former Sinnoh champions- but varied between the colors pink and red.
          "I LOVE this pokemon! It is so adorable!" the girl in pink said in awe.
          "Can we please take a photo with him?" The other girl asked, looking towards Tom.
          "Um..." Tom began to say.
          "PLEASE?? It is so adorable, and its one of a kind!" The girl begged again.
          "Minun!" The Pokemon said, hopping onto the girl in red's shoulder, with a smile. Tom couldn't think of what to say, but watched as his Pokemon surrounded himself with the two Pokefans. The girl in red handed him an insta-camera, and went back to her friend to pose with Minun.

          Tom held up the camera, looked through the lens.
          "Say Cheese!" He said,
          "Minun!" Minun said, winking as Tom took the photo. He handed it back to the girl in red, and asked Minun to return to him.

          "Thank you so much!" The girl in pink said to Tom, "and thank YOU for being one of the most cutest things at the stadium!" she baby-talked to Minun.
          Minun blushed a bit, but continued to smile.

          "Hey, aren't you Hoenn's champion?" The girl in red asked Tom.
          "Yeah, I am." Tom said, surprised. His face was turning red, as he didn't know someone would recognize him without his hat on. He was Hoenn's champion; but lost in the first round of the Conference. It was a good performance, and he was ranked third halfway through the first round; but he began to lose after a match against Moby, when his Blaziken was seriously injured.
          "I'm not that great though..." Tom said sullenly, trying to think of something to say. His smile faded, as he began to think about his Blaziken.

          Tom looked up to the girl in red again.
          "Smile! So what if you lost! You gave one heck of a performance, and did your best. This conference only happens once, and won't determine who you are afterwards!" She told him. "And personally, my friend and I thought you did the best out of anyone in the first round."
          "Why is that?" Tom asked.
          "Because you did your best for our home region. To represent us in the Conference must be amazing!" The girl in red explained.
          Tom began to smile, now thinking of putting the conference behind you. The girl in red then handed him a photo.
          "The photo I just took?" Tom asked.
          "The insta-camera accidentally printed a second one. Here, take it!" The girl in pink suggested. "It still needs to develop though!"

          Tom took the photo, currently black, but beginning to lighten, and looked to the two fans.
          "Thank you." He said.
          "You're welcome! Have a good evening, and enjoy the rest of the conference!" The girl in red said to Tom.
          "And YOU TOO!" The girl in pink said to Minun.
          The two fans then ran off, out of Tom's sight, with lines of people moving away from the concessions, back to the stadium.

          "Minuuunnnnn...." Minun said to Tom.
          "What?" Tom asked.
          Minun gave him a look, and then winked.
          "Oh come on! Lets go see the rest of this match..." Tom said, placing the photo in his pocket, and walking back towards the stands.

          "Carracosta!" The Prototurtle Pokemon roared. It swung its tail towards Blastoise, using Aqua Tail. However, the Blastoise grabbed tail, halting Carracosta's attempted strike.

          "Very good Blastoise!" Moby shouted, "Now, use Skull Bash!"

          Blastoise pulled on Carracosta's tail, causing it to tumble towards itself. Blastoise then lowered its head, and struck the Pokemon's shell. Carracosta was pushed by the impact, but not that far. It was seriously damaged, coming off from defeating Moby's Starmie and attempting to attack the defensive Blastoise.

          "Carracosta, use curse!" Ayli said to her Pokemon. Carracosta responded, placing itself in a defensive stand. The speed of Carracosta lowered; but at that expense the Prototurtle made up in a raised defense and attack.

          "Its still not going to do much to my Blastoise!" Moby shouted across the field.
          "We'll see about that!" Ayli responded.
          "No, really. Carracosta doesn't even compare to its modern counterpart!" Moby said mockingly.
          "Excuse me?" Ayli shouted.
          "Your Carracosta is ancient! It doesn't match up to the real power of any Blastoise!" Moby shouted.
          Ayli was stressed, but now only angry. She was okay with anyone trying to mock her-- she would brush it off any other way-- but if someone mocked her Pokemon, she would fight back.
          "NO ONE SAYS THAT ABOUT MY CARRACOSTA!" She shouted, wanting to run up to Moby and punching him.

          "Very well," Moby said, "Blastoise use Hydro Cannon!"
          Blastoise pointed its water cannons at Carracosta, roaring and releasing a very strong force of water.
          "Carracosta, use Smack Down!" Ayli yelled to her Pokemon. Carracosta proceeded to raise its fins to hit the Blastoise; but the impact of the Hydrocannon along with its slower speed kept Carracosta away from Blastoise. The water pushed Carracosta back, so far back that it hit the wall of the arena. The Pokemon lowered itself, eventually falling face first onto the ground, fainted.

          "No!" Ayli shouted.
          "AND THATS ANOTHER ONE OF AYLI'S POKEMON DEFEATED! Folks, this looks like that this match is ending up like a blowout victory for Moby!" The announcer shouted.

          The crowds were cheering, eventually chanting 'Moby' very loudly.

          Ayli returned Carracosta to her pokeball, and took out her last pokeball. A Pokemon very loyal to her, and hasn't failed for Ayli since the start of her adventure from Unova. She grasped the pokeball, and threw it to the ground, releasing a tall, statue-like Pokemon. It eventually moved, proceeding to crack its stone knuckles.

          "Golurk! Are you ready?" Ayli asked her Pokemon.
          Golurk looked to its trainer, and nodded.
          "Good. Lets give them a show."


          Moby laughed again. "A ground Pokemon? Your last Pokemon?? This will end very quickly."
          "We'll see..." Ayli shouted back.

          Blastoise had to recharge after the Hydrocannon, allowing Golurk to make the first move.

          "Golurk, use Iron Defense!" Ayli yelled to her Pokemon. Golurk glowed blue, and began to shine as it readied itself in a defensive stance.

          "Really? Iron Defense?" Moby shouted. "You had one shot to try and hurt my Blastoise and you use IRON DEFENSE? How did you become Unova's champion??"

          "Find out." Ayli shouted back to Moby.

          "You'll regret this," Moby said, "Blastoise, use Skull Bash!"

          The Blastoise rushed to Golurk, head first and passed right through the Pokemon.
          "WHAT?!?!" Moby shouted.

          Ayli smiled. "Golurk, HAMMERARM!"

          Golurk nodded, turned around and grabbed Blastoise. Its right arm then hammered onto Blastoise's shell, pummeling it to the ground.

          "Golurk, finish with Earthquake!" Ayli yelled.

          The Automaton Pokemon stomped its feet onto the ground, shaking the foundation of the field. Blastoise stumbled around, trying to get up and regain its footing. By the end of the shaking though, it lost its footing, and fell to Golurk.

          "Great job!" Ayli shouted. The crowd went silent, and then shouted again for Unova's Champion.

          "WHAT AN UPSETTING MOVE!" The announcer shouted, "AMAZING!"

          "What happened?!? Why didn't Golurk feel the impact???" Moby frustratingly shouted.

          "Simple," Ayli said, "You were correct that Golurk was a ground type Pokemon. However, Golurk is also a Ghost-Type. For a champion such as yourself, I thought you knew more about Pokemon."

          "...IT WASN'T A KANTO POKEMON!" Moby shouted. He returned Blastoise to its pokeball, and threw another one onto the fail.

          "Tangrowth, GO!" He shouted.
          The Vine pokemon appeared onto the field, angrily looking at Golurk.

          "I thought you only knew Kanto Pokemon..." Ayli said to Moby.
          "R.... Tangela evolved! I had to adapt! Stop being so sassy!!" Moby yelled to Ayli.

          "Says the one who's been mocking me since the start of this match..." Ayli said under her breath, "Golurk, Fly!"

          Golurk pulled its legs and hands into its body, and propelled itself up using an unknown energy.

          "WHAT?! COME ON!" Moby shouted.

          Ayli smiled, ignoring Moby's frustration.


          Golurk began to spiral itself, spinning and falling as it collided with the ground, and fainted.

          "What the-?!" Ayli said. The crowd went silent.
          "What? I didn't do that!" Moby said.

          Ayli looked around the stadium, then upwards. She knew that Moby's Tangrowth was doing nothing when she heard the blast; but she was still frustrated. In the dark sky, there was nothing, but a glimmer of something, beyond the stadium lights. Suddenly, a beam started to appear, revealing a floating structure, moving towards the arena. The beam crossed through one of the lights, destroying it and causing it to fall in the arena. Several more beams began to appear, and race towards the lit-up arena.

          "Golurk, return!" She said, raising her Pokemon back. Crowds began to panic, and all of the attention was focused on the moving structure. She ran towards her tunnel entrance in the arena...

          "Where are you going??" Moby shouted, "This isn't over!"

          Ayli turned around, "Are you kidding me?! Look up!" She shouted, and left the arena through her tunnel. She had to get to a Pokemon Center, and quickly...

          Moby looked up, and returned his Tangrowth to its Pokeball. He was more frustrated with the interruption of the battle, rather than the chaos that appeared on this somewhat normal evening.

          "Dang it... This isn't over." He said to himself, running to his entrance...


          What do you guys think? Let me know
          I'll get to work on Chapter 2, once I'm free next week.
          Drinking RedTauros may give you wings...
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