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Old June 17th, 2013 (2:39 AM).
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    I haven't started playing yet but here's the team I want. Please give me advice on the movesets, the natures my Pokémon should have and maybe Pokémon I could change. I'm not a big fan of Jolteon but I feel like I need him as I don't want to use Raichu (I've been burned before, I don't like his stats even if he's cute.)
    I'm a true beginner. I don't know which stats are more important for which Pokémon so please tell me if you know, I want my Pokémon to be well-trained. I'm currently learning how to EV train. I'll probably use the Vs. Seeker to (partly) EV train my Pokés.

    Venusaur: I've always loved him, Synthesis and Sleep Spore all the way.
    Final moveset:
    Sleep Spore/ Giga Drain?
    Leech Seed/ Solar Beam?

    I'd like him two have 2 "active" attacks at the end because 3 moves that are defensive or boost stats might not be that useful. If he's full HP and fully boosted the three moved will be useless for the duration of the battle.

    Pin Missile
    Thunder Wave/ Thunder?

    Okay, I don't know any good moves for him. I apologize if this moveset looks horrible.

    Arcanine: (AKA fluffy ball of barking goodness)

    Hidden Power? (I don't really know what it does)

    Shadow Ball
    Dream Eater
    Sludge Bomb

    Body Slam
    Belly Drum

    I don't know which Pokémon could learn Icebeam. I think the Poké needs a lot of Sp. Attack but I'm not sure.

    Could someone please give me advice/ opinions on the team? I look forward to playing.
    Thank you!

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    Old June 17th, 2013 (4:57 AM).
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      First of all, your moveset for Venusaur is looking good however, you might want to pick one of your grass-type moves and change the other one with a poison type move. You'll need some variety plus it will get the STAB boost. I recommend this moveset for Venusaur:
      -Sludge Bomb
      -Solar Beam
      -Sunny Day (So that it can use Solar Beam long-term)

      Then we have your Jolteon. Keep in mind that Jolteon was designed to be a fast, Special attacker so physical moves, such as Pin Missile, aren't the best for it. Here is the moveset that I think would be a good choice:
      -Thunder Wave
      -Agility/Rain Dance (So that Thunder can have 100% accuracy)

      Arcanine can be either a special or physical attacker so no problems there. Though I think that you should switch Bite with either Fire Fang or Crunch. If you want a more powerful move than Flamethrower, you can go with Fire Blast but Flamethrower is pretty great besides it'S way more accurate than the latter.

      For Alakazam, I think that you should change Psybeam with Calm Mind. You might as well boost your SpA and hit hard with Psychic rather than dealing with Psybeam. Hidden Power is an interesting move that changes its type depending the stats of a Pokemon. For example, a Psyduck might have H-Power Ice-type while an Abra can have a H-Power Ghost. It all depends. It can be useful as a special attack though, accompanied by the boost you get with Calm Mind, so I suggest you keep it.

      Your Gengar and Snorlax both look good!

      By the way, your Snorlax can learn Ice Beam but I wouldn't recommend it since Snorlax is not the best Special Attacker.

      I hope this helps and have fun in your playthrough!
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      Old June 17th, 2013 (5:42 AM).
      Melua Melua is offline
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        Thank you very much for your advice.
        If I get a Gengar then I guess I don't need Sleep Spore on Venusaur.
        One more question: what natures would you recommend for each of my Pokémon?
        I'd say either +Sp Attack or +Sp Def for Venusaur but I don't know which stat to lower, same for the others.
        Old June 17th, 2013 (6:09 AM).
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          Of course!
          Venusaur is a better special attacker than it is a physical attacker. I suggest Quiet nature (+SpA -Spd) since Venusaur isn't meant to be fast anyway.

          For Jolteon, Modest nature would be a good choice. (+SpA -Atk) It's not much of a physical attcker.

          Now Arcanine is bit tricker. You don't want Adamant (+Atk -SpA) or Modest since it will have a koveset that includes both Special and Physical attacks. So the only things you have left are the natures that decrease defense stats. Arcanine has a slightly higher physical attack so we can focus on that or on strenghtening its special attack:
          Natures that Increase Attack:
          -Lonely (-Def)
          -Naughty (-SpD)
          Natures that Increase SpA:
          -Mild (-Def)
          -Rash (-SpD)
          Both of the defensive stats on Arcanine have the same base value so it comes down to which defese stat you're willing to decrease.

          Alakazam and Gengar should have Modest nature. However, they are both very fast and if you would like to strenghten that even more (make them fast sweepers) you can go with Timid nature. (+Spd -Atk) They both also have low defense stats so you can also go with natures that decrease physical attack but increase one of the two defense stats.
          List of natures that increase Defensive stats but decrease Atk:
          -Calm (+SpD)
          -Bold (+Def)
          It's up to you but I recommend making them good attackers instead of defensive pokemon.

          Lastly, the best nature for Snorlaz would be Brave (+Atk -Spd) since Snorlax is a slow physcial attacker. Be careful with Snorlax physical defense stat though. It is pretty low. If you want to strenghten that then Relaxed nature (+Def -Spd) is ideal. But then again, the type of Pokemon you want to have on your team in terms of stats is up to you. You can make many combinations and you'll never know, they might work!

          If you want to see all the other natures, you can do so through this link:
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          Old June 17th, 2013 (9:05 AM). Edited June 17th, 2013 by Melua.
          Melua Melua is offline
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            Thank you so much! I'll try to catch Pokémon which have good natures.
            I have a few more questions about my beloved Venusaur.
            I ended up getting a Venusaur that has a neutral nature because he had 30-31 IV and decent IV in Sp Atk/Sp Def.
            I'm currently EV training him mainly for Sp Atk, some Sp Def too. At the beginning of the game I was forced to EV train him for HP and Speed since all of the beginning Pokémon (the bugs) give those stats.
            I mainly tried to give him HP though, then Sp. Atk. I want to capitalize on his strengths.
            His regular Attack/Def will probably stay low-ish.
            He's already Level 44 (leveled him the old way without any cheats with the Vs. Seeker) and he's my only Pokémon for now.

            I didn't teach him Growth and I don't know if that was a good idea but I felt like I could use something better.

            Here's his current moveset (I taught him Hidden Power because I was sick and tired of Tackle, not to worry though because I get TM10 all the time from the 5 Meowths in my team)
            Hidden Power
            Sleep Powder
            Leech Seed
            Razor Leaf

            What move should I un-learn for Synthesis? I mean they all look like useful moves to me, and Hidden Power is a needed filler for Arenas since Venusaur is my only Pokémon right now.
            Yes I know I should have more trained Pokés by now (I'm in Vermilion City) but I really don't want to be training the weaklings you find at the beginning of the game.

            Now since I'm working on his Sp Atk I will need either a second Grass attack or a Poison attack.
            I did work a bit too much on his speed but I was forced to level him up on not-so-EV-smart Pokémon early on.

            His stats:
            HP 143
            Atk 89
            Def 93
            Sp Atk 121
            Sp Def 104
            Sp 91

            I'm pretty happy with them, it's my first time EV training a Pokémon.
            I would like a moveset that takes advantage of his now high-ish Sp Atk. I guess Synthesis goes well with High HP too.
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              IMHO, ya'll are overthinking this :P. Natues, EVs, IVs, and all that stuff really aren't TOO relevant for in-game teams. If you want to maximize for the fun of it, go for it, but it is by no means necessary.

              Also, a few of the suggestions for moves are either not available until post-game (Sludge Bomb) or aren't learnable in this generation (Discharge). Even though you've already started playing, I'll still give my suggestions in case you decide to switch it up :)

              -Razor Leaf/Giga Drain
              -Leech Seed
              -Sleep Powder/Toxic

              -Thunder Wave
              -Bite (learns it as an Eevee at Lv. 30. Bite is still special in this gen)
              -Anything really. You can get Double Kick if you use the Thunderstone at Lv. 30 after you learn Bite

              -Agility/Aerial Ace/ Anything, really

              (You probably won't find much/any use for Roar in-game. Just sayin')

              -Light Screen (TM traded for a Fresh Water on the Roof of the Celadon Dept. Store)
              -Seismic Toss (Move Tutor in Pewter City)

              -Shadow Ball (through level-up, so you can use the TM as well)
              -Hypnosis/Confure Ray
              -Dream Eater/Giga Drain
              -Night Shade

              -Shadow Ball (really fun, since Ghost moves are physical in this gen, and Ghost-type mons won't be able to hit you back)
              -Brick Break/Rock Slide (Move Tutor in Rock Tunnel)
              Old June 18th, 2013 (1:54 AM). Edited June 18th, 2013 by Melua.
              Melua Melua is offline
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                Thank you very much for the help!

                Quick question: I have 2 Snorlax (one female, one male) and I don't know which one has the best stats.
                Could you tell me which one to train please?

                Snorlax (girl)
                HP 137
                Atk 73
                Def 39
                Sp Atk 44
                Sp Def 85
                Speed 28

                Snorlax (boy)
                HP 142
                Atk 78
                Def 57
                Stp Atk 45
                Sp Def 72
                Speed 32

                Also, would a Lapras complement my team well?
                I don't like Jolteon enough to train him. I also caught some other Pokémon at the safari.

                Frankly, I don't know what I will teach some of my Pokémon.
                One of my big issues is that I defeated arena 6 yet only 3 of my Pokémon are trained.
                Gengar is level 48 (she's a big girl! ) Venusaur 55-ish, same for Alakazam.
                I trained them manually yesterday (yes, I played a lot).

                My Growlithe will soon turn level 30 but I don't know if I should keep training him since I'll encounter tons of water Pokémon very soon. I should probably get a Jolteon.
                Old June 18th, 2013 (4:39 AM).
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                  Lapras definitely is a good pokemon, so if you want to use it, definitely try it out! ANd instead of Jolteon you could use Electrode, or Zapdos if you don't mind using a legendary. I agree on Arcanine, it is not the best Pokemon to use in the Pokemon league either, so you might want to use Lapras instead of that.

                  As for Snorlax, the boy is definitely the better one. It has all stats higher, except for special defense. The most important is it's regular defense being higher, so it will be a bit more sturdy at the physical side, while it's special defense is still respectable.

                  If there is anything else you need help with, please VM me

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