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What's your favorite Pokémon [of Each Type]?

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Old April 19th, 2013 (12:17 PM).
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I only metioned ones that are a single type, I don't know why. xD

Normal - Eevee
Fire - Tepig
Water - Piplup
Grass - Leafeon
Electric - Pikachu
Ice - Glaceon
Fighting - Riolu
Poison - Nidoran♀
Ground - Diglett
Flying - Tornadus
Psychic - Unown
Bug - Burmy
Rock - Regirock
Ghost - Misdreavus
Dragon - Axew
Dark - Absol
Steel - Mawile

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Normal-Ditto.I never really used it in my team,always at the daycare.But in one nuzlocke run,it saved my life against mortys gengar as it was my last pokemon.

Poison-Seviper.I mean,look at it.It looks dangerous.Clever.And that tail.Its awesome.

Steel-Wormadam(Trash cloak).Its not a good battler in my team but it just looks adorable.

Rock-Archeops.Hard choice.There are so many good rocks.But this one just looks amazing and if i keep its health above half,it kicks butt.

Ground-Gliscor.It looks awesome and it has good stats.

Electric-Eelektross.It is a good team pokemon and it looks awesome.When i first saw it i thought it was water type.I was wondering why the hell it wouldn't learn surf.XD

Fire-Emboar.At the beginning of black,i used to hate it and despise it.But in black 2,when i used it,i grew to love it cause he was sooooo strong!!!

Water-Dewgong.It just looks amazing but it is a bad choice for battling.

Grass-Liligant.This was a close call between megaium and liligant.Liligant just looks elegant.But if it has ability own tempo combined with petal dance,its unbeatable!!!!

Dark-Honchkrow.It looks like a boss.Its also an amazing looking bird with a FEDORA!!!

Fighting-Scrafty.It looks amazing and its powerful.I always catch a female scraggy and feel compelled to nickname it 'Kayla' for some reason.

Psychic-Gardevoir.How could you not love this amazing,beautiful and powerful thing??

Ghost-Mismagius.It is just awesome with a fedora.I always thought of it as honchkrows sister.I mean, it loos awesome!!

Ice-Weawile.It looks amazing.Another sibling of honchkrow and mismagius?It is just so badass.

Flying-Mandibuzz.It is Honchkrows rival!!!!Plus mandibuzzz just looks so awesome.

Bug-Ariados.It looks awesome and i use it in my team every chance i get.

Dragon-Hydreigon.It looks awesome,amazing stats,amazing typing.
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My Favorite Pokemon is Umbreon I just the way it looks. I think it has the best design of all the eeveelutions. it has one of the best shiny sprites. and it is really cute.
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Well... I'll start with water, because my absolute favorite Pokemon is my fave of this type!

Water: Vaporeon, because I love the water more than almost anything else. That and the fact that it resembles my second favorite real animal. (A cat of course.)

Fire: Darmanitan. I really was surprised that I like this one more than Ninetails. I love Foxes and I despise any Simian creatures. (Disgusting things, those lowlifes.) But it just seems to embody fire more than any other Pokemon I've seen.

I'm leaving out all the other types because I can't really think of anything to say about my other favorites. I mainly like them because of their Pokedex entries, or their looks, or the fact that they're so overpowered. Not much that is worth putting down on a forum. (Only because it would turn into a list instead of a description. When you guys can say why you like one because of it's design, it's usually an awesome post/Youtube comment/tweet.)
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What your Best pokemon each type not legendary?
Here mine:
Fire : Arcanine
Water : gyarados
grass : Roserade
electric: electivire
ice : Walrein
Normal : Slaking
Fighting : Lucario
Psychic : Alakazam
Dark : Hydreigon
Ghost : Gengar
Poison : Drapion
Bug : Excavalier
Flying : Staraptor
Steel : Metagross
Rock : Tyranitar
Ground : Excavalier
Dragon : Salamence
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Originally Posted by FIKRI 29 View Post
What your Best pokemon each type not legendary?
The best pokemon of each class in my opinion (looking not only their power but their appearance) is:

Fire : Magmortar (It's one of my favorite pokemons)
Water : Swampert (Their inmunity to electric atacks is cool with their design)
grass : Chikorita (I know she isn't powerful, but i love the chikorita of Ash XD)
electric: electivire (I agree with Fikri, their design is so intimidate and great power)
ice : Lapras (looks like Nessie, and good resistance)
Normal : Linoone (I change snorlax for linoone, because this last for his ability pick up and hm slave great work are always a important member in my in-game teams)
Fighting : Lucario (I agree again with fikri)
Psychic : Alakazam (One of my 2 most favorite pokemon). Its like Neo of matrix with the spoon)
Dark : Hydreigon
Ghost : Gengar (Great speed and attack)
Poison : Weezing (A lot of times save the team rocket to be captured)
Bug : Yamenga (Nice speed and attack)
Flying : Staraptor (True, great attack and speed)
Steel : Metagross (No doubts about this one)
Rock : Tyranitar (I think the same)
Ground : Marowak (With their bone, duplicate his power)
Dragon : Dragonite (One of the overrall more powerful pokemon, but mainly he's my other most favorite pokemon)
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@FIKRI 29: Excavalier is a steel type Pokemon, not a ground type...

Anyway, here's my list:
Normal: Zangoose.
Tied with Breloom for favorite Pokemon overall. It's like the perfect package of power and looks.
Flying: Dodrio
Ah, the badass looking bird. Stat-wise not the greatest out there, but he gets the job done.
Grass: Breloom
High attack, good looks, and a combination of my favorite moves & abilities has made Breloom one of my all-time faves.
This was a tough one to decide, in the end I just went with the one I used most. I don't really think I have to explain why he's awesome, right?
Water: I'm not even going to bother here, the list would be waaayyy too long. XD
Electric: Electabuzz
Yeah, I'm not a great fan of the majority of gen IV's new evolutions. Even though Electivire is by no means bad, in terms of both power and looks, I still prefer Electabuzz.
Ice: Walrein
Hmm, I never been too fond of the ice type. Mostly because half of my older teams were all weak to it. XD Loved Walrein and Lapras though. Still got that Team Aqua's Walrein card I got together with Pokemon Sapphire.
Bug: Leavanny/Heracross/Scizor/Ninjask
Can't choose =/
Rock: Archeops
There aren't many rock Pokemon out there which I'm particularly fond of, but damn, this one is pretty epic. His ability is a let-down, but y'know, you can't have it all. XD
Each of em got its own charms, I really can't choose.
Steel: Lucario
One of the most popular Pokemon out there. Like most others, it's the combination of power and looks that earned him a spot.
Fighting: Hitmontop Technically speaking, Breloom should be here on the list as well XD
The Flexible break-dancing brawler, he became an instant favorite the moment I saw him. XD Funny how I never actually raised one in-game... They are so hard to get...
Poison: Vileplume
Comes in as a second on my fave grass Pokemon list, I've always adored Vileplume. Rivals Breloom when it comes down to looks, too bad his offensive moveset isn't too great.
Dark: Houndoom
Alright, his defense may suck, but that's about it. XD The rest is shear awesomeness.
Psychic: Reuniclus/Grumpig
Another tie! While Reuniclus packs more power than Grumpig, I really can't choose between the two of them.
Ghost: Mismagius
Perhaps the only Sinnoh introduced evolution I really like.
Dragon: Haxorus
Power, swords + dragon dance and dem fangs make for another favorite.

Copy this, makes it easier for y'all to fill in.
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ok I think I'll answer this thread now

Glitch: M'
Fire: Flareon
Electric: Pachirisu
Flying: Togetic
Nomal: Wigglytuff
Water: Horsea
Dragon: Dratini
Dark: Sneasel
Rock: Geodude
Ground: Sandile
Poison: Trubbish
Bug: Swaddle
Psychic: Munna
Fighting: Lucario
Steel: Bronzor
Ghost: Gengar
Grass: Bulbasaur
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Oh god this is always so hard for me to choose D:

Normal: Minccino
Fighting: Mienshao
Flying: Togekiss
Poison: Roserade
Ground: Swampert
Rock: Tyranitar
Bug: Leavanny
Ghost: Mismagius
Steel: Empoleon
Fire: Ninetales
Water: Vaporeon
Grass: Sawsbuck
Electric: Flaaffy
Psychic: Espeon
Ice: Froslass
Dragon: Garchomp
Dark: Umbreon
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Normal: Persian
Flying: Pidgeot
Grass: Torterra
Fire: Emboar
Water: Gyarados
Electric: Pikachu!!!
Ice: Lapras
Bug: Butterfree
Rock: Golem
Ground: Hippodon
Steel: Steelix
Fighting: Primape
Poison: Muk
Dark: Umbreon
Psychic: Alakazam
Ghost: Gengar
Dragon: Dragonite
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Normal: Linoone
Flying: Pidgeot
Grass: Sceptile
Fire: Ninetales
Water: Vaporeon
Electric: Raichu
Ice: Glaceon
Bug: Shedinja
Rock: Golem
Ground: Sandslash
Steel: Magnezone
Fighting: Infernape
Poison: Muk
Dark: Houndoom
Psychic: Espeon
Ghost: Gengar
Dragon: Flygon
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My favorite non-legendary Pokemon of each type are largely on the same as my list as the ones that do include them, but nonetheless:

Bug - I always try and say that I don't have one favorite Pokemon, but if I did, it'd be Butterfree.
Dark - Umbreon, as it's probably my favorite of the Eeveelutions, and one of my favorite designed Pokemon.
Dragon - I don't really care for many non-legendary Dragon types, but I guess I'll go with Hydreigon.
Electric - This type usually flip-flops depending on my mood, but right now my favorite Electric type would be Rotom.
Fighting - While Fighting is it's secondary type, I have to put Heracross here since Butterfree takes up my Bug spot.
Fire - I can never decide if I like Ninetales or Arcanine more, so they'll have to share this spot.
Flying - Pidgeot, since it was always a staple on my teams in the earlier games.
Ghost - Gengar would probably be my #2 favorite Ghost type, but I'll put my favorite in another category.
Grass - Another tie, this one between Sceptile (one of my best starters to date), and Breloom (my first shiny Pokemon).
Ground - A type I rarely use, so I've got no real favorite. Dugtrio, Excadrill and Nidoking would probably me my top 3, in no particular order.
Ice - Froslass is easily my favorite Ice type, and was arguably my most useful Pokemon throughout the entire 4th gen.
Normal - Lots to choose from, but the Blissey in Emerald's Battle Factory helped cement it as my top Normal type.
Poison - Strangely, my #1 Poison Pokemon is already listed as my #2 Ghost Pokemon. I guess the runner-up Poison type would be Crobat.
Psychic - Unown, but definitely not for their usability in battles.
Rock - I would've put Aggron as my top Steel Pokemon, but I can't say there are many other Rock types that I care for, so it goes here.
Steel - Empoleon gets the nod here, as it was probably the strongest starter aside from Sceptile I can remember using.
Water - I've got two. Starmie, because it was the anchor of my FireRed team when I traded it over, and Magikarp- just because.
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Posts: 2,634 much choices, so much types, so little to pick...anyway, here goes.

Normal: Sawsbuck, it has a unique typing, and a good distribution of moves and stats.
Psychic: Reuniclus, it can take hits, and can return with full's also rather cute c:
Ghost: Either Chandelure or Gengar, they're both awesome in terms of design and looks.
Steel: Magnezone, its unique typing serves it a good purpose, as I recall it resisting a whopping 12 types.
Rock: Well, if it was legendaries included, Terrakion would have this spot, but since legendaries aren't allowed, I'll go with Aggron. Its one hell of a powerhouse.
Water: Gyarados - it looks menacing, has impressive strength, and it's always mad.
Poison: Crobat, it's really fast, looks like a boss, and has a good movepool - as I say: "Gotta go fast".
Grass: I don't use this type a lot, so I'll go with Breloom. Its Grass/Fighting typing wrecks most Pokemon competitively, and who doesn't love mushroom/kangaroo things?
Ground: Krookodile - its name makes me think of a hoodlum (I guess it's Scrafty's bestie), and..well, it's a crocodile.
Fire: Darmanitan, it's a flaming monkey thing, with fire eyebrows. Cool stuff.
Ice: Mamoswine is one of my fav Ice types, since it's strong, bulky, and Dawn has one.
Flying: Easily Staraptor. It outclasses the other starting birds in my opinion, and was one of my staple Pokemon during my Platinum replay.
Bug: Volcarona is my favourite Bug-type, since it's a giant flame moth, and is said to have been related to sun deities...
Dark: Weavile is a really cool Dark-type, and my pick here, since it's a cunning weasel with good power in its attacks.
Electric: This spot goes to either Rotom or Jolteon...Rotom is a versatile Pokemon, as it has its different forms, my personal favourite being Wash Rotom. Jolteon's a fast, powerful and cool Pokemon, which served a main purpose during my first Platinum playthrough.
Dragon: The Hackersaurus! Haxorus is definitely a beastly Dragon-type, strong, and looking like a menacing Dragon-type (look at dem tusks), something you don't want to mess with.

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Wow, it's really difficult to pick.

Normal: Porygon-Z. I really love its animation and it's the only Normal type that I've used regularly in competitive play.
Flying: Staraptor, definitely. I've never gone a DPPt run without getting one because its power is so consistent through the game.
Grass: Lilligant. It's one of my favorite Pokemon of all time and I used to do decently when I battled with it.
Fire: Infernape. Infernape Infernape Infernape Infernape Infernape.
Water: Feraligatr, which is a close second for my favorite final evo of a starter behind Infernape Infernape Infernape.
Electric: Electivire or Rotom. We'll go with Electivire because I like to get physical.
Ice: Vanilluxe. [laughs hollowly]
Bug: Heracross and this will never change no matter how many Bug types are introduced.
Rock: Cradily, oddly enough. I used to love using Cradily.
Ground: Hippowdon. We made many gen 4 memories together.
Steel: Skarmory, I guess. I like using them in gen 3 but I've never used one in any other game.
Fighting: Infernape Infernape Infernape Inferna If we're counting secondary types, Gallade.
Poison: I like Skuntank a lot but Weezing is better.
Dark: Murkrow, both in-game and competitively.
Psychic: Mesprit. It's pretty flexible, but it doesn't specialize in offense or defense and that hurts it.
Ghost: Mismagius, but I never really learned how to use one effectively.
Dragon: No clue, really. I've probably used Flygon a lot more than any other, but I liked using Dragonite more.
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Hm kinda awkward to be choosing Poison, Rock, and Ghost types considering I just posted about why I don't like them we go:

Kingdra - It's a Water/Dragon type...making it weak to almost nothing except Dragon.
Grass: Roserade - Albeit limited in its movepool, I like its Special attack stat, plus it's relatively quick on its feet.
Fire: Quilava - No, not Typhlosion. I like Quilava just because it's still lovable, before it evolves into this (iunno please don't hurt me)
Electric: Eelektross - Never really used many Electric-types but it is definitely the most memorable one, as it's weak to nothing due to its Ability.
Flying: Staraptor - Hm...too many to choose from but I definitely like its Attack compared to the rest of the regional birds.
Psychic: Gardevoir - Great Sp. Atk'er. I remember not using one in Emerald on my first playthrough of it, but every time after that I've used one.
Bug: Volcarona - Special Attacker once again, plus its type combo is very intriguing (Bug/Fire).
Ground: Torterra - It was my first starter (I played Pearl first), and even though it's weak to many types, I still like it.
Normal: Persian - Really, I have no idea. I never used Normal-types, but I found all of them to be okay. Persian fits my money-hoarding style (Pay Day!)
Ice: Walrein - Water typing offsets weakness to Fire and Steel (although it does add weakness to Grass and Electric). I also like its stats in general (even if it may be a bit slow).
Dark: Houndoom - It's a hellhound basically, and it's a relatively great Pokemon that I have on my team.
Dragon: Dragonite - Hard toss-up between Dragonite, Kingdra, and Garchomp but...Dragonite has a massive Attack stat, and balanced stats otherwise. Learns a multitude of moves, too.
Fighting: Lucario - Fighting + Steel...what a great type combo. Aura Sphere is nice as well.
Steel: Empoleon - With access to water and ice moves, I personally like Empoleon the most of all the Steel types.
Poison: I can't really choose one, I don't use them often. Although one exception would be Crobat. It's pretty decent as a Poison-type, regardless if I hated Poison-types or not. Toxicroak comes in at a close second. (Okay maybe I don't entirely hate Poison-types...)
Rock: Archeops - It's just a great physical sweeper. Its move pool is also pretty good.
Ghost: Meh....Gengar. I've never used Ghosts much. Shedinja comes in second
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Oh man, way too many choices, but here it goes:

BUG - Scyther. He has an awesome design and is a badass Bug
DARK - Zoroark. Love his ability and his overall look
DRAGON - Zekrom. My all-time favorite legendary, love his typing
ELECTRIC - Electabuzz. Loves him as a Kid and still do!
FIGHTING - Blaziken. My faovrite Starter and the original Fire/Fighting Pokemon!!
FIRE - Houndoom. Looks badass and has a unique typing
FLYING - Gliscor. Awesome and unique typing, great looks
GHOST - Haunter. Best Ghost ever, period.
GRASS - Ludicolo. Aka, the party and always happy Pokemon!
GROUND - Camerupt. Numel is adorable, Camerupt can dish out
ICE - Mamoswine. Love his Stone Age looks
NORMAL - Snorlax. Do i need a reason?
POISON - Drapion. He is a Scorpion for god's sake!
PSYCHIC - Gallade. Can whoop you in so many ways
ROCK - Crustle. Earth-Crab Power
STEEL - Aggron. Very powerful and great design
WATER - Starmie. Love at first sight, awesome in battle

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Hmmm many fit my likeness but I will only mention one in each type categorie.

Bug : Volcarona
Dark : Darkrai
Dragon : Salamence
Electric : Zekrom
Fighting : Mienshao
Fire : Charizard
Flying : Briavary
Ghost : Chandelure
Ground : Groudon
Ice : Kyurem
Normal : Eevee
Poison : Drapion
Psychic : Gallade
Rock : Tyranitar
Steel : Metagross
Water : Blastoise
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Normal ~ :Wigglytuff -- YOOM-TAH!!

Fighting ~ Scraggy, the coolest of all the Pokemon. If you do not think Scraggy is champion cool, you
need to reconsider your lifestyle choices because wow. Get dunked.

Rock ~ Pupitar. I like Pupitar better than Tyranitar because, I mean, just look at it. Thing's hilarious.

Ground ~ Garchomp ~ ♩ Ground type is my favorite! ♥

Fire ~ Blaziken because wow I had one in Diamond and wow

Electric ~ Luxray! Electric is my least favorite type v-v

Water ~ Pelipper or Kabutops. Agh, another type I hate x~x

Dragon ~ Latias, she's pretty and graceful and has one of the better movies.

Psychic ~ Deoxys. Deoxys has the best movie. Plus something seems so inherently sad about Deoxys...

Grass ~ Celebi. Admittedly Pokemon 4ever is horrible but I liked it as a kid. Also Celebi is really cute.


Flying ~ Vespiquen... There are a lot of awesome flying types, but Vespiquen is well-thought out and has all those customized bee moves and the like, so she's special!

Ghost ~ Giratina, because it has capital awesome moves. Also Golurk.

Bug ~ Ledyba. You cannot put Ledyba on a Poke Walker and tell me it's not the most hilarious thing to watch waddle back and forth.

Ice ~ I recently recruited a Glaceon in PMD whom I named Galaxy. So I'll say Glaceon.

Poison ~ Skuntank, not sure why.

† Excepting Scraggy, of course.
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BUG - It's the cutest and knows good moves.

DARK - It's typing is cool and its style, idea and appearance is awesome.

DRAGON - It's the most epic dragon.

ELECTRIC - Call me boring, but Pikachu will always be great to me.

FIGHTING - Blaziken was great but Infernape makes for an even more badass fire/fighter, being a monkey.

FIRE - Almost as cute as Charmander and almost as cool as Charizard. The best of two worlds and the best lizard and I think best starter also, imo.

FLYING - Almost tied with Pidgeot and Braviary. Skarmory is just a bit too awesome to have in Ruby to not be my favorite.

GHOST - There are some pretty nice ghosts, but Gengar is the original and best Kellogg's Cornflakes

GRASS - A cat/dog thingy that can throw leaves and stuff, squeeee!

GROUND - I've always loved Marowak's design and style.

ICE - I like its design and it was really fun to use in a RP :D The chains are useful.

NORMAL - Was my main battling pokémon every dime I played Ruby. I liked it in the anime as well.

POISON - He was nice to have in Yellow and among the various pokémon who shares the body shape with him, Nidoking is the best looking one I think.

PSYCHIC - It's extremely cute and has a lot of great attacks.

ROCK - If you'd want only one rock type, this should be it. It's a titan.

STEEL - This fighter is probably many people's favorite in one way or another, because its design is great for a bug and it's strong.

WATER - Always liked its design, even though I found the Poliwhirls more useful in the games, where Staryu was a glass cannon. Liked it better than Starmie, even though its evo was much stronger.

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Pokémon Silver was my first game and when I caught Lugia, our eyes met and we knew we were meant to be together. the moment was too much to bare this was it, this creature was the one for me.

Just the looks the power and nature of Lugia, and the Anime topped it all off for me.
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Normal - Porygon

Fire - Flareon

Water - Cloyster

Electric - Jolteon

Grass - Leafeon

Bug - Scizor

Rock - Tyranitar

Ground - Gligar

Ice - Articuno

Flying - Pidgeot

Poison - Muk

Fighting - Hitmonchan

Psychic - Espeon

Ghost - Dusknoir

Dark - Umbreon

Steel - Steelix

Dragon - Dragonite

Fairy - Sylveon
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I'm surprised I've never replied to this, but anyway...

Normal - - This has made me realise how bad the normal type pokémon really are on average. I could've picked many normal/flying pokémon over Meowth, but I don't count them.

Fire - - No question, my favourite pokémon of all. There are a lot of great fire types I like, but unfortunately none stand a chance with Typhlosion among them.

Fighting - - Despite there not being as many Fighting Pokémon as some other types, there are a lot of cool choices such as the Machop and Timburr evo lines. Primeape is among my top 5 pokémon overall though so it has no real competition among its type.

Water - - This was a tough choice as there are no stand outs among the type imo, but I think Mudkip is probably my favourite. I like its design and it served me well in the R/S/E era.

Flying - - Similar to Primeape and Typhlosion, Pidgeot is my one of my overall favourites so no real question here. All of the early birds are cool except Unfezant though.

Grass - - It's tough not to pick Ivysaur which I like pretty much equally to Bulbasaur, but I'll hand it to Bulbasaur due to its role in the animé setting it apart. A lot of other cool choices such as Meganium or Victreebel could've been picked, but I just love the Bulbasaur line that bit extra.

Poison - - I was almost tempted to hand this to Victreebel due to the lack of choice among pokémon who have Poison as their primary type, but I remembered the major role Toxicroak played for me on Platinum and decided otherwise.

Electric - - It's tough to exclude Zapdos and Jolteon, but Raichu is my second favourite overall and therefore takes it. While I have used all three for similar amounts of time in the games, I slightly prefer Raichu's design over that of the other two. Pikachu is nothing in comparison to its evolution.

Ground - - There's not a greal deal of choice among this type imo, but I'm happy to pick Groudon as my first game was Ruby. Hopefully we'll see some remakes so I can have him in my team again soon.

Psychic - - There are a lot of cool choices, but for someone who had the first film on video as one of his first Pokémon experiences, there's no other choice than Mewtwo. He's just too badass and I love his backstory, something which few pokémon receive.

Rock - - This really is a poor type to pick from. I've never even used Tyranitar in a game if it helps to put into context how bad the choice really was. I like Tyranitar, but not great amounts.

Ice - - Once again not much choice, but I'm happier picking Articuno than I was picking Tyranitar.

Bug - - Though there is a lot more Bug types than Rock or Ice, I still don't really like many of them. Butterfree is probably within my top ten favourite pokémon which makes it a really easy choice among this type.

Dragon - - There was a lot of choice here, the only Dragon type I don't like is Vibrava (which only has it as a secondary type so I wouldn't have picked it for this type anyway). Dragonite is the original dragon though, it's the best design and it's just the overall coolest. The fact it still remains decent competitively five generations later is cool as well.

Ghost - - This was pretty much between Gengar and Giratina as there aren't many cool Ghosts. Giratina's altered forme doesn't look very good though, so I give it to Gengar.

Dark - - I pick Zoroark mainly due to the role it played for me on Black 2, but its design is pretty cool as well. I could have picked Darkrai or Weavile, but I haven't had the chance to use them as often.

Steel - - This is like a mix of my last two choices, it was only between Cobalion and Dialga and I picked Cobalion due to what it did for me on Black 2. I also narrowly prefer its design to Dialga's.

Fairy - - Obviously this will change as more Fairy species are announced, but Gardevoir is by far the coolest among those announced so far.
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Totally stealing CloysterOyster's color scheme, haha

Normal - Regigigas
Fire - Charizard
Water - Gyarados
Electric - Raikou
Grass - Victreebel
Bug - Heracross
Rock - Kabutops
Ground - Donphan
Ice - Jynx
Flying - Lugia
Poison - Nidoking
Fighting - Primeape
Psychic - Mewtwo
Ghost - Haunter
Dark - Houndoom
Steel - Metagross
Dragon - Kingdra
Fairy - Marill, but really (Azumarill?)
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Heracross because of the life he brought into the Bug type and being the Greatest ever, his typing is unique and his STAB Megahorn hets work done
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I'm gonna try and use the Pokémon's dominant type...

Normal - Blissey. A true tank on my team, and my favourite Pokémon that I've done the Lvl 100 grind for.
Fire - Charizard. I kinda inherited this from my brother, who was always a huge Charizard fan. I've always envied that shiny Charizard card he had...
Fighting - Machamp. Just a cool Pokémon to look at. :3
Water - Gyarados or Lapras, just strong Pokémon that always seem to have a place in my party.
Flying - Pidgeot. My go-to flying type.
Grass - Don't really care for it... But I've always liked Venusaur.
Poison - Crobat. Definitely worth having to level a Zubat/Golbat...
Electric - Ampharos, but I've always had a soft spot in my heart for Raichu.
Ground - Dugtrio. Always one of my go-to early game Pokémon.
Psychic - Espeon. I love Espeon and Umbreon, two of my alltime favourite Pokémon in general.
Rock - Tyranitar. If I play with my all Dark party, he's a great component for it.
Ice - Delibird. Sentimental value. :3
Bug - Heracross (The bug boss!) or Butterfree. Not a big fan of bugs, either, but still nice Pokémon to use casually.
Dragon - Rayquaza. My second favourite Pokemon of all time, right behind...
Ghost - Gengar! My all-time favourite. Something about him... His trickery, tomfoolery, cunning personality... Love him. :]
Dark - Umbreon. Beautiful and majestic!
Steel - Steelix or Aron. Steelix for power, Aron for cuteness.
Fairy - Marill. By process of elimination...
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