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Old June 5th, 2013 (6:12 AM).
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    Let's see :D

    miakalina - You are one of the first people I traded with on PC, even if that was a giveaway. I still have the Tepig you gave me
    PinKMommy - I shall thank you for the starters you gave me before. You inspired me to breed Pokemon for Egg Moves, which is cool.
    Cid - I know you won't be able to see this since you aren't active anymore. You are a cool guy.
    It was fun battling you in Pokemon Showdown. It's a shame that I only knew today that we know each other IRL. What a shocker @[email protected]
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    Old June 5th, 2013 (10:19 AM).
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      Cirno - She takes a lot of time to introduce members and answer questions. Also, I've never such beautifully made intro reply posts in all my time on forums. Great job ‎Cirno, and thanks for your outstanding effort here on PC! ^ ^
      "With care she will grow, from love she blossoms. A thrill to behold, a sight so awesome.
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      Old June 6th, 2013 (9:11 PM).
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        shoutout to Blade and tabor and Mac for being helpful and sweet today <3 and Necrum for kicking me in gear and being amazing :D

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        Old June 7th, 2013 (3:01 AM).
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          Abnegation: You've invited me twice to spend time round your house and I'm sure this goes without saying but yeah I really appreciated those two weeks of holidaying it up.

          Kura: Thanks for attending those Pokemon TCG pre releases with me, you somehow always managed to pull the rare cards that I needed to make my decks haha.

          Mr Cat Dog: Cheers for being such a great guide around London and for rolling with my punches XD

          Scarf, Alexial and TwilightBlade: It's like I have my own personal team of graphic designers! Thanks for putting up with my barrage of requests over the years.

          Dark Azelf: You've helped me a lot with my competitive battling when I used to play, and shaped me into a decent battler. Though I no longer play, you have my gratitude for that.

          Rednael: Thanks for inviting me into your home during the weekend I attended that YGO tournament.

          Lightning: Thanks for giving me suggestions and whatnot during my KH gaming and such. Also thanks for recognizing my intelligence.

          Renpuu: Thanks for being my right hand man for over a decade. We're still going strong!
          "Power through ambition." - Overlord Drakow
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          Old June 17th, 2013 (9:40 PM).
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            EVERYONE ON POKECOMMUNITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For keeping it clean, safe and protected by the harshness of the world.

            Thank you, everybody!
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            Old June 18th, 2013 (5:00 PM).
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            Yep, that's me
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            I will like to give my gratitude to the staff on this forum.

            You guys are just awesome devoting your time and effort to make this forum a cool and wonderful enjoyable Pokemon community and I enjoy this forum. You guys rock.
            Hi Tabor62 <-- This guy...he's cool to VM.

            My favorite evolution series

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            Old June 18th, 2013 (8:58 PM).
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            Going to take a moment and thank three people who I personally feel I owe a lot.

            Razor Leaf, lets start with you. I didn't ever notice you until I came back from my hiatus late last year, and you were one of two mods in what eventually became my favorite section, the then Other Chat and Discussions. While admittingly, we never actually communicated, you were and always have been a helping hand that I am truly appreciative of. Since you were promoted, I feel like you've done so much for me, and the community as well. You're truly amazing, and your help deserves to be realized. Thank you so much for being a part of why I'm still here and how I've gotten so far.

            Next up, Livewire. While RL was a more of a good thing in the long run, you were part of the reason I decided to stick around on PC immediately, if that makes any sense. Your wit and sense of humor were things I admired, and the fact that you were so... carefree I guess is something I've learn to appreciate. It's a shame that you don't moderate CCP anymore (ironic, I guess?) considering that's exactly what made me stay to begin with. I feel like my admiration of you and Razor Leaf might make me a little annoying, especially in your case. The people who I truly respect are the ones who I like to joke around with, perhaps excessively. Sorry if I've ever annoyed you with my antics, just know that it was out of respect and wuvv!!!!

            Lastly, sammi-san. You are the person who I've known the longest on PC that's still around, and it was fitting that you were the person who helped me out the most. Before I got promoted, you were a great friend, always there when I wanted to talk. After I got promoted, you basically turned into an older sister, guiding me where I needed guiding. I've been a moderator for about 2 and a half months now, but without your assistance, I can say with complete honesty that I wouldn't have lasted 2 and a half days. I really appreciate your help and I really miss you being a part of the team. I hope retirement's treating you well, old bat. <3

            I'm going to throw in this last one, considering I feel like it'd be rude if I don't. Shining Raichu aka Andy! While I may not have known you before hand THAT well, I knew you well enough to know that you were a very nice and very helpful person. I remember when I got scolded in a post one once and you commented on my post (the private comment thingy) saying not to worry. I was really touched, and I knew you at that point how nice of a guy you were. I know you've been gone for a while thanks to the new apartment, but now you're back, and I just KNOW that you're going to fill the shoes Sammi left behind, the shoes of a mentor, and of a great friend. I'm looking up to you buddy, and I know you won't let me down. <3

            Hehe, late night confessions? <3 you guys
            he did it, not me.
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            Old June 18th, 2013 (9:06 PM).
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            are you my dad?
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            Some more shout-outs I want to make:

            Wind Heart - You are one of the friendliest members I ever met, and I also act as an inspiration to you, and remember I do hope you keep shining bright!

            diab_low - You only just returned after 5-6 months off PC, but you have always gained a place in my heart as one of those newbies from 2012 who kept me entertained for months. And I felt sad for the court issue involving your uncle that kept you out of PC since January, but at least you got over that and returned.

            Alexial357 - Ah, the great artist Alexial. I really miss Dero but I know you're doing an awesome job stepping into his shoes, because he acted as a mentor to you in your early days of modding. And you have been doing a great job with Art & Design's activity, not to mention the amazing profiles you make, you should teach me how to do one sometime.
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            Old June 18th, 2013 (9:55 PM).
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              Dark Azelf
              Shining Raichu

              basically everyone i find hilarious, there are more, but i get confused with who's who.
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              Old June 21st, 2013 (2:07 AM).
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              Everything will be Daijoubu.
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              I'll give some of my shout outs to...

              Gym Leader Rozu - Your cheerfulness when welcoming me at the first place makes me excited in PC as well! Thanks!

              Hikari10 - You're one of the friendliest, and one of my inspirations! Remember, be the Oshawott that you'll always proud of!

              ephemera - I enjoyed our time together, even though our time was short. Thanks!

              ForeverDash, glitchguy, Narnia, jellicentfan1, Forever, Twilight Sky, Cid, Classic Sonic, EternallyAnna, Pachy, Twihiki_Amias, srinator! You guys cheer me when I was down, and you're one of the reason I'm still here!

              There will be more to come later!
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              Old June 21st, 2013 (4:02 AM).
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                Fenneking and BahISuck, you guys are awesome! Thanks for all the help, encouragement, and tips in the workout thread, not only for me but for others, too!
                ~Yuugiou Fan~
                ~Kamen Rider Fan~
                ♡(´・ω・`)LOVE! ☆
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                Old June 22nd, 2013 (12:40 AM).
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                Pink Mommy
                You're awesome and really fun to talk to. I enjoy talking to you on Skype and you're one of the first persons I talked to when I first joined PokeCommunity. You also helped me kick start my Starter Adoption thread. I thank you so much for that. No cambies nunca, Te quiero mucho

                Thanks a lot for all the Pokemon you gave me. You are always willing to help me with the Pokemon I want. I like how you don't want any Pokemon in exchange, and just wanna make people happy with the Pokemon you're giving away. You got an awesome trading thread, keep it up RNC :D

                You do an excellent job at making challenges and you do an excellent job at taking care of the other challenges. I love how much details you put into your challenges to make it seem fun for everyone. Even thought some people might not like your challenges and criticize them, always know that I always love the challenges you make
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