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    Since time began there has been a number of constants. One of those constants is a word we hope to never experience. That word is injustice. Injustice is something that is cruel and unfair such as a punishment you did not deserve. But injustice can be on a much larger scale such as war where (it could be argued) thousands of innocent lives are lost. That's injustice on a unfathomable scale. The Pokemon world too is full of injustice. Pokemon just like humans squabble with each other and often more than even humans do. Like humans Pokemon too have a police force which is meant to step in when injustice is done but like in our human world the police can only handle a certain number of things at a time and thus injustices are still committed each and every day and often go unaccounted for. But there is one edge the Pokemon world has over the human one. That is there is one group that is always ready to step in when a major injustice is committed on the streets of Poketropolis and its surrounding areas. They don't work for the police or the government and there whereabouts is a ongoing mystery. But the inhabitants of the Pokemon world know who they are and that they are not to be trifled with. Some describe them as brave heroes whilst others believe them to be uncontrollable menaces. One thing is definite about them though and that is their name. They are known as "The Hounds of Justice!"

    Darkkip presents:



    Who are the hounds?

    The Hounds of Justice are three Pokemon who as there name suggests are dog like in form and who also have a strong (although sometimes differing) belief in there cause and to make those who carried out injustices pay. Here is a brief biography of each member.

    Arcanine: The leader of the team and definitely the bravest. Arcanine believes that the Hounds are a benefit to the ever increasing criminal nature of the Pokemon society. Arcanine is the youngest member of the team but was appointed leader by the other two thanks to his strong attacks and success when working under pressure. Arcanine confounded the Hounds after both his parents lives were taken by the great Pokewar.

    Houndoom: Houndoom is definitely the member of the team with the biggest mean streak. His vision of the team differs with that of Arcanine as he sees himself more of an unpaid bounty hunter rather than a valiant hero. He occasionally has conflicts with Arcanine because deep down he feels he should lead. He was the last member to join the Hounds after many years on the streets he felt he had seen too many injustices and wanted to make a change. He joined the team through his old friend Mighteyna.

    Mighteyna: Mighteyna is the oldest and most cunning member of the group and is often the one to suggest which injustices needed to be solved. Mighteyna was the son of a crooked but successful business man. Mighteyna objected to his father's fraud but was kicked out onto the streets for it. It was here where he met Houndoom and the orphaned Arcanine (who he treated as a little brother) who he confounded the Hounds with. The Hounds are funded by Mighteyna's now dead fathers fortune. Mighteyna is not as strong as the other two members but can still hold his own in battle.

    The thread begins towards the beginning of the Hounds career. A variety of other characters and intertwining stories will be introduced as we progress. Feel free to leave your opnion on this thread at any time.
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