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Idea Oblivion Mod [Arthur's Tale]

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Old June 25th, 2013 (12:51 PM). Edited June 25th, 2013 by KingCharizard.
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As the title says it will be an oblivion mod, it will be made for the PC version of the game as you cannot mod 360 games. It will be a side story/quest that will take you through the tale of king arthur and his knights of the round table and what not...
This idea is still in developmental stage so most ideas or things listed below are subject to change.

This mod will feature new story books, new magics, new items, new locations and finally new quests. I want to add at least 7 new quests, 6 new books, 4-6 new items, at least 6 new locations, and a few new magic spells(if possible).

Dungeons: Initially I want there to be at least 6, one for Uther Pendragon, Arthur, Guinevere, Lancelot, Merlin, and Morgana(Morgan le fey). Each custom built.

Books: The tale of arthur, the tale of uther, the tale of morgana, the take of merlin, the tale of Guinevere, the tale of Lancelot they will each be a page or more long and will tell you the story of why they are buried in Tamriel. They will paint a picture of dragons, how arthur's story fits into Tamriel and who he was to the kingdom.

Items: New weapons, such as Merlin's Staff, Excalibur, Morgana's pendant Uther's Armor and more these are just a few ideas.

Spells: I have none yet as i don't know what exactly is going to be possible.

Quests: These won't be listed till they are fleshed out and are complete, as I complete them and make them tie into Tamriel's history I'll add a brief description about them including their names and where u can find them.

I already did some ground work on this idea, I wrote some story, i picked a few locations where the dungeons can go. What you see posted above is just the basis of my idea, I'm making this topic to see if I should keep developing this and if anyone would like to help, if so reply with what you want to contribute. I'm guessing this should maybe take me a few months of development, depending on my time and how much i work on it.
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