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ee hab borked me brains

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Old June 26th, 2013 (6:11 PM).
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When's the last time you've gotten confused by something?
did u no there r 21 letters in the alphabet
o i forgot 5

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Old June 26th, 2013 (6:50 PM).
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don't you remember?
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The very first time I watched Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows.

That movie was confusing the first time but I'm watching it for the fourth time because I loved it so much, regardless of the confusingness.
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Old June 26th, 2013 (7:42 PM).
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when my geology professor explained the big bang theory (the actual event not the tv show)

he tried shoving this video in our heads earlier today and I didn't understand it. I felt he should've explained it better.

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Old June 26th, 2013 (11:51 PM).
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    when I tried to watched Studio Ghibli's Spirited away and couldn't understand what ii is about.
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    Old June 27th, 2013 (4:07 AM).
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      Last night/right now. I have a major speech in about... an hour and a half and I'm really lost. It's supposed to be 10 minutes, and I probably have about 2 minutes worth of material. So this is going to go really well, obviously :p
      My professor has been no help, and my topic is confusing.
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      Old June 27th, 2013 (5:16 AM).
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      After that, I got confused because I didn't understand what someone at work was saying because I couldn't hear them properly, but that doesn't really count I don't think.
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      Old June 27th, 2013 (7:15 AM).
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      When my cat somehow managed to get into my bedroom. I know I didn't let him in when I opened the door. But something caught my eye, so I turned around and he was standing there in front of the door.

      I still want to know how he got in there. I:
      I can't think of a good signature.
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      Old June 27th, 2013 (7:27 AM).
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        Yesterday over the apparent variety in spelling (xir versus zir) of a neologistic gender-neutral pronoun analogous to his/her, and the lack of adequate grammar my friend used in listing the possible reasons for this variety.


        Actually, I'll tell you what's confusing: my E in English.
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        Old July 3rd, 2013 (3:30 PM).
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        hmm,i won a trophy in magical ride and then i didn't find the gem i earned so i felt confused and mad!...what's with the weird threads here tbh!i have ni clue
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        Old July 4th, 2013 (9:51 PM). Edited July 4th, 2013 by Quopol.
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          I am basically confused everyday, but...
          Today like 30 minutes ago after watching fireworks with my next door neighbor and their whole family. One of my neighbors said that he/she loved me And this is what went through my head:
          Why did my neighbor just say I love you when he/she isn't so close to me? How could anyone do that? What is love? Is it possible to begin "loving" anyone you know? So love doesn't have to be sexual as many other people perceive love to be? Why did that person say he/she loved me? There seems to be no reason to do so.
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          Old July 5th, 2013 (12:28 PM).
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          My final exam in Biology last semester was SOOOO CONFUSING. I passed it, but barely. I had never been so stumped in my life as I was on that one test.
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          Old July 5th, 2013 (1:09 PM).
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            I left my umbrella in one of the utility closets at work and when I went back to get it, the security alarm went off and the whole building went into lockdown. By that point in the day I was so exhausted that I thought my umbrella triggered the door sensor, but I think it was caused by a couple of people trying to get this lady's keys out of a medical supply closet.
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            Old July 7th, 2013 (3:29 PM).
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              Pretty much any Miyazaki movie has done nothing but make me scratch my head and say "...why?". Besides that, my entire Chemistry class, probably my worst subject.
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              Old July 7th, 2013 (3:45 PM).
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                I think when most people ask me questions (like in a job interview) is where I get the most confused. I just don't understand what they are trying to say to me sometimes. (I think I brained my damage)
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