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Create 8 Gym Leaders and Elite Four plus Champion

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Old November 1st, 2012 (6:32 PM).
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OK, so i didnt see a thread for this so i thought i'd make my own. The Game needs to be more challenging, so I say if you were the creators of the Pokemon game and you could create any gym what would you do ?

- Gym leader must be original
- Any pokemon from all the generations, excluding legends
- You must specify the name of the leader(s)/Elite Four and the type of pokemon used
- You must specify their levels of the pokemon.
- For the Gym leaders you must also create an original badge name, and TM and give a description of what it does.
- city name is optional.
- also use a mix of guys and girls

so heres mine. Also an an asterix besides each pokemon means they use the TM given
Gym Leaders Range from level 18- 65
Elie four Range from level 67-93

Gym 1: Markus Normal/ fighting
LV Pokemon
18 Machop*
20 Bouffalant
21 Watcho*
22 Lucario*

winning badge: Simple badge
TM given: TM 06 Flash Fist ( a flash of light distracts opponent leaving an opening for for a devestating hit, also lowers opponent's accuracy and evasion)

Gym Leader 2: Rose Bug/Grass
LV Pokemon
25 Grotle*
27 Butterfree
29 Scizor*
30 Serperior*

Badge given: Leeche badge
TM Given: TM 16 Rose Leaf( Razer leaf but with green and purple leafs at the same time has a 15% of poisoning opponent. If however used on a type that is weak against Grass types it recovers 2/3 of the damage done to it.

Gym Leader 3: Alexandra Electirc/ Steel type
LV Pokemon
30 Joltion*
33 Aggron
34 Electivire*
35 Skarmory
36 Magnezone*

Winning Badge: Circuit Badge
TM given: Circut Burn: An electrical discharge that causes damage and burns or paralyses the opponent. also sharply lowers the opponent's defense and special defense

Gym Leader 4: Kevin and Michael Ice and Water type
LV Pokemon
37 Beartic*
34 Lapras*
36 weavile*
35 Glaceon*

LV Pokemon
37 Samurott*
34 Gyarados
37 Milotic*
40 Wailord

Winning Badge: Liquid Badge
TM Given : Frost bite: A critical damage technique that bites an opponent and causes them to gradually lose HP and has a 12.5 % chance of freezing foe.

Gym Leader 5: Estelle Fire type

LV Pokemon
41 Emboar*
38 Charazard*
40 Magmotar*
41 Blaziken*
44 Infernape*
winning badge: Volcano Badge
TM given: Fire Spirit( creates a burning crater that causes 140 damage but has a 25% of confusing the user)

Gym Leader 6 Nebula Psychic/ Ghost/ Dark
LV Pokemon
43 Gengar*
44 Zoroark*
46 Metagross
45 Sableye*

Winning Badge: Fear Badge
TM given: Nightmare wave ( works only if opponent is asleep, it causes them to have a nightmare causing them to have night terrors and in the confusion they will hurt themselves with one of their techniques)

Gym 7 Charlie Ground/ Rock
49 Nidoking*
49 Nidoqueen*
53 Tyranitar*
55 Bastiodon
54 Rhyperior*
58 Garchomp*

Winning Badge: Split Badge
Winning TM : Earth Fist ( User digs underground and next turn punches their opponent causing massave damage and inflicting 1/3 of damage as recoil damage.

Gym 8 Ariel Flying type
LV Pokemon
57 Braviary*
54 Archeops
55 Honchkrow
55 Aerodactyl*
62 Pidgeot*
65 Salamnce *
Winning Badge: Wing Badge
Winning TM: Ariel slash ( user moves in supersonic speed attacking their opponent, if used often it may cause the user to become confused.

So yeah those are my gym leaders and elite four champion using pokemon from most of the generations. I used pokemon that look cool and strong. I also made up the TM's as well as for the very High Levels I wanted the game to be far more Challenging, I also used different types of pokemon to force people to adopt new strategies. also elite four trainers will be alot harder.

Elite Four ( Full Battles)
Juliette Poision type
LV Pokemon
67 Nidoqueen
67 Nidoking
69 Venusaur
71 Gengar
72 Skuntank
74 Toxicroak

Magnus Fire type
LV Pokemon
73 Infernape
75 Flarion
73 Ninetales
76 Magmotar
77 Typhlosion
79 Zangoose

Victor Dark/Steel type
LV Pokemon
78 Lucario
78 Zoroark
81 Hydragon
82 Bronzong
82 Steelex
85 Ferrothorn

Melody Grass
LV Pokemon
81 Venasaur
86 Torterra
83 Roseade
86 Trophius
84 Leafeon
83 Seravine

Elite Four Champion: Raphael
LV Pokemon
85 Dragonite
89 Garchomp
89 Salamance
87 Gyarados
90 Hydragon
93 Metagross

Thus the Toughest Elite Four in existence is born, Victor having two insanely powerful tank type Pokemon. oh and after you beat them once they all jump to level 100. good luck training your Pokemon

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Gym 1: Eve Grass
LV Pokemon
10 Oddish
10 Bellsprout
11 Bulbasaur

Gym 2: Pike Water
LV Pokemon
19 Psyduck
20 Krabby
21 Wartortle

Gym 3: Alex Fire
LV Pokemon
24 Flareon
25 Magmar
25 Charmeleon

Gym 4: Lucy Normal
LV Pokemon
30 Taurus
30 Chansey
30 Wigglytuff
32 Kangaskhan

Gym 5: Paul Psychic
LV Pokemon
35 Hypno
35 Mr. Mime
35 Starmie
37 Kadabra

Gym 6: Rebecca Fighting
LV Pokemon
40 Primeape
41 Hitmonlee
41 Hitmonchan
42 Machamp

Gym 7: Harry & Larry Ghost
Lv Pokemon
40 Haunter
40 Haunter
50 Gengar
50 Gengar

Gym 8: Watt Electric
Lv Pokemon
50 Magneton
50 Jolteon
50 Electrabuzz
50 Electrode
52 Raichu

Badges and TMs
They are inherited from the Kanto Region. (1 of 2 things unoriginal)

Elite Four
Ozma Bug
LV Pokemon
55 Venomoth
57 Parasect
60 Butterfree
60 Beedrill

Aria Flying
LV Pokemon
63 Pidgeot
64 Fearow
64 Farfetch'd
65 Dodrio
67 Gyarados

Hera Poison
LV Pokemon
70 Nidoking
72 Nidoqueen
72 Golbat
73 Vileplum
73 Muk
73 Weezing

Piers Ice
LV Pokemon
75 Vaporeon
80 Dewgong
80 Cloyster

Elite Four Champion: Red (Replaces Old Man met in Viridian who shows you how to catch pokemon... as a cameo.)
LV Pokemon
90 Venasaur
90 Blastoise
90 Charizard
90 Snorlax
90 Lapras
95 Pikachu

Secret Boss (Return to Mt. Moon) Blue
Lv Pokemon
100 Moltres
100 Articuno
100 Zapdos
100 Mewtwo

The setting is in a much older Kanto as a "what if" scenario. What if Gamefreak released a sequel set only in kanto, no other regions exsist, Insane graphics/story upgrade, Balancing moves/types, and a freaking epic after game... (Pokedex and Battle Park on steriods)

The after game goes like this... After being beaten by Red, Blue sets off to find an ultimate way to defeat Red. Red never completes his pokedex because he refuses to try to capture the Legendaries, after finding out that Mew will personally come and liberate them (Mew can only be caught with Masterball). Blue uses this to his advantage and proceeds to hunt them down using all available resources, even pairing up with the remnants of Team Rocket. He plans to use all the legendaries against Red and the Elite Four. You come across him because you are trying to complete the pokedex after the E4.
In an epic showdown, you beat Blue and are then allowed to catch Mew using the one Masterball Silph Co. produced, Team Rocket stole, Blue possesed, and you recieve.

What ya think? (only took forever to think up and type.)
"..."- Red
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We'll get to that tomorrow
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Gym 1: Nikola, Electric Types
Level 20: Elekid
Level 18: Pikachu
Level 18: Magnemite

Gym 2: Feynman, Psychic Types
Level 25: Elgyem
Level 23: Kadabra
Level 30: Alakazam

Gym 3: Bruce, Fighting Type
Level 34: Conkeldurr
Level 30: Machamp
Level 30: Medicham

Gym 4: Howard, Steel Type
Level 40: Magnezone
Level 40: Lucario
Level 44: Probopass
Level 45: Empoleon

Gym 5, Percival, Dark Type
Level 50: Houndoom
Level 46: Mightyena
Level 46: Umbreon

Gym 6, Daniel, Ghost Types
Level 52: Gengar
Level 44: Haunter
Level 43: Drifblim
Level 50: Mismagius

Gym 7, Ryusei, Dragon Types
Level 60: Garchomp
Level 55: Dragonite
Level 45: Altaria
Level 50: Salamence

Gym 8, Yuki, Ice Types
Level 61: Abomasnow
Level 63: Weavile
Level 63: Froslass
Level 60: Glalie

Elite 4

Moredcai, Flying Types
Level 75: Togekiss
Level 75: Staraptor
Level 80: Swellow
Level 85: Skarmory

Stream, Water Types
Level 85: Blastoise
Level 85: Feraligtr
Level 90: Samurott
Level 92: Gyarados

Endo, Fire Types
Level 86: Charizard
Level 88: Typhlosion
Level 85: Infernape
Level 92: Magmortar

Gaia, Grass Types
Level 90: Venusaur
Level 92: Meganium
Level 93: Sceptile
Level 90: Tropius


Wally (ya that little sick kid from R/S/E is the Champ)

Level 96: Roserade
Level 95: Magnezone
Level 95: Delacatty
Level 95: Scizor
Level 97: Gardevoir

Basically the story here is that the gym leaders are also the region's brightest group of scientists and doctors. They're all trying to see the effects of pokemon on the trainer, and how the health of the trainer is crucial for the performance of the pokemon and vice versa, which is why Wally is the champ, his improvement is the result of their research.

Make sense? Oh, what fun is there in making sense?

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1 rachet Type: NORMAL Badge: NORLIZED BAGDE tm: Crush claw

ditto LV 12 Zangoose LV 16(partner)

2 Ria Type: poison Badge: POILIZID BADGE tm: Poison tail

grimer lv 18 Seviper lv 22(partner)

3 ACE Type: ICE Badge: COLD BADGE tm: Ice beam

snover lv 21 snorunt lv 24 sneasel LV 27(partner)

4 ryo Type: fight Badge AURA BADGE tm: Focus blast

Machop lv 29 gurdurr LV 30 Lucario LV 33(partner)

5 KEN Type: PSYCHIC Badge: KIRL BADGE tm: Psychic

KADABRA LV 30 Gallade LV 35 GARDEVOIR LV 35(partner)

6 SPENCER Type: GHOST Badge: AFRAID BADGE tm: Shadow Ball

Shuppet LV 31 Duskull LV 32 Haunter LV 33 Mismagius LV 37(partner)

7 CHAD Type: GROUND Badge: STARTER BADGE tm: Eathquake

swampurt LV 36 Torterra LV 38 golem LV 40(partner)

8 WEATE Type: WATER Badge: TYROS BADGE tm: Water pulse

VAPOREON LV 39 octillery LV 41 Floatzel LV 46 Seismitoad lv 47 LUDICOLO LV 50(partner)

Elite four


Scizor 54 steelix 54 jolteon 54 Aggron 56 Metagross 56 ANIME JOLTEON METAGROSS AGGRON metleon STEELIX


Mightyena 56 Shiftry 56 Skuntank 56 Dusknoir 57 WEAVILE 58


Raichu 58 Manetric 58 Probopass 58 Magnezone 60 Electrive 61


Flareon 60 Houndoom 60 Medicham 60 Magmortar 61 Infernape 64


Gyarados 62 Flygon 63 Altaria 64 Haxorus 65 Garchomp 66 Salamence 67

As you see every Elite four member and the champion have a pokemon that isn't from their representive type.
And the elite four used to be Gym leaders and all Gym leaders and Elite four strike to be the champion. And every year a tournament is held to see who get's the positions.
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1. Leader: Bob Age:22 Personality: Bob is a clumsy, but well mannered man. While he may seem like an ordinary joe his battling skills have earned him the title of Gym Leader. Outside of battle he enjoys reading and writing.
Type: Normal Pokemon: Bidoof lvl 12 Teddiursa lvl12 Powerhouse: Zangoose lvl 14 Badge:Blank badge Tm: Slash

2. Leader: Nami Age:15 Personality: Outside of battle Serena is calm, quiet, and friendly. However when she finds herself in a battle Her personality changes to a more confident side as she dominates her opponent like a raging wave. Type: Water Pokemon: Azumarril lvl 16 Frillish lvl 16 Corphish lvl 17 Powerhouse: Prinplup lvl 18 Badge: Tsunami badge Tm: Waterpulse

3. Leader: Jardin Age:17 Personality: He is an athletic and spirited individual. He loves nature and enjoys swinging on trees as well as traveling almost as much as battling. Type:Grass Pokemon: Ferrothorn lvl 23 Sudowoodo lvl 23 (he knows its a rock type but its a tree so he cant resist) Nuzleaf lvl 23 Powerhouse: Grotle lvl 26 Badge: Gaia badge Tm: Leechseed

4. Leaders: Fer and Roche Age: 16 (twin sisters) Personalities: Fer is the older twin who has an unshakeable determination and bit of an attitude. However she cares for her pokemon and sister. Roche isnt as confident and is in fact very timid. Her battling skills are almost on par with her sister's nonetheless. Type: Fer uses steel Roche uses rock. Pokemon: Fer) Mawile lvl 30 Magnemite lvl 30 Skarmory lvl 32 Powerhouse: Lairon lvl 33 (Roche) Bonsly lvl 30 Boldore lvl 30 Nosepass lvl 32 Powerhouse: Graveler lvl 33 Badge: Sync badge Tm: Irontail (Fer) Rollout (Roche)

5. Leader: Robin Age: 20 Personality: She has a very twisted sense of humor, nonchalantly making morbid comments in a jokingly manner. She is very quiet and only shows passion forher close friend since childhood and fellow gym leader Titania. However she is still polite with others and is very calm and collected. Type: Dark Pokemon: Sableye lvl 36 Honchcrow lvl 36 Pawniard lvl 36 Umbreon lvl 37 Powerhouse: Absol lvl 38 Badge: Yomi badge Tm: Dark pulse

6.Leader: Ryu Age: 27 Personality: Ryu is a strong and noble fighter. He happily welcomes any challenger hoping that they would provide him a worthy challenge. Hes a good sport always encouraging those he defeats to become stronger. Due to this he has many disciples training in his gym. Type: Fighting Pokemon: Scrafty lvl 41 Medicham lvl 41 Hitmonchan lvl 41 Heracross lvl 42 Hariyama lvl 42 Powerhouse: Gallade lvl 44 Badge: Tekken badge Tm: Close Combat

7. Leader: Sonido Age: 19 Personality: Sonido is a musical prodigy. Skilled at playing musical instruments (mostly guitar and drums) He's always got a song jammin in his head. Hes never seen without his signature headphones and drumsticks. Despite his love for rockin out hes an extremely chill and mellow guy. Type: Electric Pokemon: Jolteon lvl 47 Raichu lvl 47 Ampharos lvl 47 Elektrike lvl 47 Electivire lvl 48 Powerhouse: Luxray lvl 50 Badge: Jolt badge Tm: Charge beam

8. Leader: Titania Age 20 Personality: Titania is smart, beautiful, and extremely powerful. She is noble and graceful in battle and her rank as eighth gym leader proves it. She is extremely close friends with Robin. She has a bit of a temper however and she spends so much time battling, that shes has trouble socializing which makes Robin her only truly close friend. Type: Fire Pokemon: Arcanine lvl 54 Rapidash lvl 54 Torkoal lvl 54 Magmortar lvl 54 Darmanitan lvl 55 Powerhouse: Ninetails lvl 58 Badge: Hiken Badge Tm: Flame Charge
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1. Arb (Grass)
Oddish lvl 11 Lombre Lvl 14
TM: Energy ball
Geodude lvl 17 Rhyhorn Lvl 20
3. Nema(Normal)
Slakoth lvl 23 Jigglypuff Lvl 26 Snorlax Lvl 31
4. Rocky(Rock)
Onix Lvl 34 Nosepass Lvl 32 Rampardos Lvl 36
Lvl 36 Gabite Lvl 37 Dragonair Lvl 39 Druddigon
TM:Dragon claw
6.Murky (Dark)
Lvl 43 Absol Lvl 41 Houndoom Lvl 48 Honchcrow
TM:Dark pulse
Lvl 44 Swellow Lvl 46 Gyarados Lvl 48 Staraptor Lvl 49 Noctowl
TM:Aireal ace(Or however you spell it.)
Lvl 49 Ninetails Lvl 50 Magmar Lvl 50 Heatmor Lvl 51 Simisear Lvl 55 Blaziken

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I won't make them all now, I'll just list the ones on top of my head and leave the rest for later.

~ Gym Leaders ~

#1 Policeman Riggs (Fire)
- Growlithe and Houndour

#2 Fireman Sam (Water)
- Wartortle and Vaporeon

#3 Survivor Joel (Dark)
- Absol, Zoroark and Honchcrow

#4 Vigilante Bruce (Fight)
- Scrafty, Toxicroak and Machamp

That's all I've got for now!
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1. Steven type: Steel
Lv10 Forretress Lv13 Pawniard
2. Buddy type: bug
Lv16 Beedrill Lv15 Ninjask Lv20 Shuckle
3. Eve type: Psychic
Lv24 Solrock Lv24 Lunatone Lv29 Medicham
Ill do rest later

4. Kronos type:fire
Lv30 Lapent Lv28 Macargo Lv 31 Arcanine
5. Tiffany type: ice
Lv33 Jinx Lv34 Vanillish Lv32 Glalie Lv40 Delibird
6. Darius type: dark
Lv37 Umbreon Lv36 Shiftry Lv39 Mandibuzz Lv41 Drapion
7. Sean type: water
Lv42 Poliwrath Lv41 Slowking Lv45 Crawdaunt Lv43 Starmie
8. Ariel type: flying
Lv46 Fearow Lv47 Dodrio Lv47 Vespiqueen Lv50 Togekiss
Elite four:
1. Baron type: rock
Lv54 Sudowoodo Lv52 Bastiodon Lv53 Rhyperior Lv52 Aerodactyl
2. Elise type: electric
Lv55 Raichu Lv53 Electrode Lv57 Luxray Lv52 Manectric Lv54 Magnezone
3. Chuck type: fighting
Lv56 Hitmonlee Lv56 Hitmonchan Lv56 Hitmontop Lv58 Heracross Lv57 Gallade
4. Kevin type poison
Lv58 Arbok Lv56 Victreebel Lv61 Seviper Lv55 Skunktank Lv55 Scolipede Lv 60 Crobat
Champion: Viktor
Lv64 Snorlax Lv61 Exeggutor Lv65 Magmortar Lv66 Ampharos Lv65 Whiscash Lv70 Hariyama
EASTER EGG: Professor Oak(gain national pokedex)
Lv 100 Venusaur Lv100 Blastoise Lv100 Charizard Lv100 Moltres Lv100 Articuno Lv Zapdos
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firstly the gym leaders.

gym 1 - bug
paras - lv.10
venonat - lv.11
scyther - lv.13
gym 2 - normal
clefairy - lv.16
whismur - lv.17
munchlax - lv.19
gym 3 - water
staryu - lv.22
slowpoke - lv.23
wartortle - lv.23
frillish - lv.25
gym 4 - electric
luxio - lv.28
rotom - lv.29
magneton - lv.29
electabuzz - lv.31
gym 5 - ice
piloswine - lv.34
snover - lv.35
vanillish - lv.35
glalie - lv.36
weavile - lv.37
gym 6 - psychic
exeggutor - lv.40
jynx - lv.41
bronzong - lv.41
musharna - lv.42
gardevoir - lv.43
gym 7 - poison
beedrill - lv.46
vileplume - lv.47
toxicroak - lv.47
garbodor - lv.48
nidoking - lv.48
drapion - lv.49
gym 8 - steel
registeel - lv.51
excadrill - lv.52
aggron - lv.52
steelix - lv.53
skarmory - lv.53
metagross - lv.54

now for the elite four.

elite 1 - flying
noctowl - lv.59
crobat - lv.60
tropius - lv.60
yanmega - lv.61
honchkrow - lv.61
staraptor - lv.62
elite 2 - fire
houndoom - lv.66
infernape - lv.67
typhlosion - lv.67
volcarona - lv.68
magmortar - lv.68
heatran - lv.69
elite 3 - dark
umbreon - lv.73
spiritomb - lv.74
shiftry - lv.74
skuntank - lv.75
hydreigon - lv.75
tyranitar - lv.76
elite 4 - dragon
kingdra - lv.80
haxorus - lv.81
garchomp - lv.81
salamence - lv.82
dragonite - lv.82
latios - lv.83

and finally the champion.

suicune - lv.88
alakazam - lv.89
moltres - lv.89
snorlax - lv.90
lucario - lv.90
sceptile - lv91
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The Pokemon League of the Zorra Region!

Shama Town: Ivette, The Maiden of Love!
Normal-Type Gym - Simple Badge
Lvl 11: Happiny
Lvl 12: Buneary
Lvl 13: Eevee
Gives TM 22: Love Crush, a move that does 2x damage if the oppenent is attracted to the user.

Cruno City: Titus, Keeper of the Flame.
Fire-type Gym - Flame Badge
Lvl 17: Growlithe
Lvl 18: Houndour
Lvl 19: Litwick
Lvl 20: Flareon
Gives TM 12: Smolder, a move that does 2x damage if the opponent is inflicted with a burn.

Vishville: Pusan, the Rain Maker.
Water-type Gym - Hydro Badge
Lvl 22: Lombre
Lvl 23: Huntail
Lvl 25: Politoed
Lvl 25: Vaporeon
Gives TM 30: Riptide, a move that is always a critical hit.

Aknawood: Nel, Preserver of Nature.
Grass-type Gym - Nature Badge
Lvl 30: Vileplume
Lvl 31: Jumpluff
Lvl 32: Breloom
Lvl 33: Leafeon
Gives TM 27: Offensive Odor, a move that lowers both the opponent's Attack and Defense stats by 1 stage, or 2 stages if the opponent is poisoned.

Teyer District: Erik, the Strong Arm of Labor!
Fighting-type Gym - Labor Badge
Lvl 40: Machamp
Lvl 41: Hariyama
Lvl 42: Conkeldurr
Gives TM 5: Heavy Lifting, a move that increases attack by 4 stages but lowers speed by 2 stages.

Mercury City: Milo, the Brilliant Innovator.
Electric-Type Gym - Bright Badge
Lvl 50: Electrode
Lvl 51: Rotom
Lvl 52: Magnezone
Lvl 52: Jolteon
Gives TM 18: Electrify, a move that electrifies the user, causing physical strikes from opponents to deal back damage.

Set Dome: Hondo, Keeper of Graves.
Dark-Type Gym - Shadow Badge
Lvl 55: Houndoom
Lvl 56: Absol
Lvl 57: Honchkrow
Lvl 57: Mandibuzz
Lvl 57: Umbreon
Gives TM 22: Heckle, a move that lowers the opponent's Def and Sp. Def by 2 stages.

Uzume-to: Kiyomi, The undisputed Beauty of Zorra
Psychic-Type Gym - Perception Badge
Lvl 59: Jynx
Lvl 59: Medicham
Lvl 60: Gardevoir
Lvl 60: Gothitelle
Lvl: 61: Espeon
Gives TM 50: Brainwash, a move that causes the opponent to lose 1 PP from each of its moves.

Elite 4: Zorra's Capitol: Panthonia

Elder Maynard: Wielder of Ancients (Fossil Pokemon)
Lvl 70: Armaldo
Lvl 72: Aerodactyl
Lvl 72: Carracosta
Lvl 73: Archeops
Lvl 75: Rampardos

Elder Matilda: Wielder of the Cosmic (Extraterrestrial Pokemon)
Lvl 70: Starmie
Lvl 72: Solrock
Lvl 72: Beheeyem
Lvl 73: Lunatone
Lvl 75: Clefable

Elder Callen: Wielder of the Depths (Deep Sea Pokemon)
Lvl 70: Lanturn
Lvl 72: Gorebyss
Lvl 72: Cloyster
Lvl 73: Wailord
Lvl 75: Gyarados

Elder Seraphina: Wielder of the Sky (Aerial Pokemon)
Lvl 70: Xatu
Lvl 72: Braviary
Lvl 72: Altaria
Lvl 73: Drifblim
Lvl 75: Togekiss

Champion: Jigme, Hero of Zorra
Lvl 80: Dragonite
Lvl 80: Tyranitar
Lvl 80: Salamence
Lvl 80: Metagross
Lvl 82: Garchomp
Lvl 82: Hydreigon
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I'm going to add more on my gym leaders
Steven gives you diamond badge and TM Gyro ball
His gym is a mine
Buddy gives you mosquito badge and TM X-scissor
His gym is a beehive
Eve gives you foreign badge and TM Trick room
Her gym is a simulation of the distortion world
Kronos gives you magma badge and TM Will-o-wisp
His gym is a volcano
Tiffany gives you chilled badge and TM Frost breath
Her gym is an igloo with the trainers inside wearing penguin suits
Darius gives you Doom badge and TM Theif
His gym is in a desert. Inside, there's only a long hall with trainers in it. There's no music. The gym leader is at the end of the hall
Sean gives you Fish badge and TM Aqua ring
His gym is inside a big hole in the ground that's filled with water
Aaron (I changed the eight gym leader's name) gives you windy badge and TM Brave Bird
His gym is a watch tower

Even more
The region is named Cynaplo, which is known for its strange landscape, especially there's a land border in the shape of a C
Steven's gym is in Sturny Village: a hot, dry, and barely populated village known for its music
Buddy's gym takes place in Borest Town: a town inside a lush and beautiful forest. Known for its rain
Eve's gym is in Cynaplo city, The capital on the C in Cynaplo. Known for its ranged weather and gym
Kronos's gym is outside Magmot town, a dangerous place because of the active volcano nearby
Tiffany's gym is in Carthice City: A peaceful, but cold city. Known for its arcades
Darius's gym is in the middle of Gry desert and is in fact the former leader of the crime organization Team Solar
Sean's gym is like a underwater tunnel leading to the gym leader. Outside is Aqualol city: a city filled with rich people
Aaron's gym is the watchtower of Famellot port : a port outside Wraterage City, a quiet city known for its food, Ferris Wheel, and writers
The pokemon league is on top of Coltage Mountain: a big mountain next to an incredibly tall mountain called Teroponn Mountain
Viktor, the champion, is also the guardian of Teroponn Mountain, which lies a sleeping legendary pokemon
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Far from the other regions, there is region in the South-West part of the world.
It is called, Baroglave, a circular region

This region is divided into Six Sectors
-Fire Sector (North-West)
-Water Sector (South-West)
- Ice Sector (South-East)
- Earth Sector (North-East)
- Federal Sector (North-East; a sector within the Earth Sector)
- Mystic Sector (Center)

Within the sectors (except the Mystic and Federal Sectors) are the 8 Gym Leaders (Each GYm Leader; The main pokemon of all GYm Leaders/E4 will be marked as (MAIN)

Within the Fire Sector
1) Fortaleza Beach Gym- Fighting
1) Machop Lv. 14*
2) Tyrogue Lv. 15*
3) Combusken Lv.16* (MAIN)
Prizes: Athletic Badge, TM08 Bulk Up, HM01 Cut (Ability/HM), Lv. 16 Torchic

2) Graca City Gym- Normal
1) Persian Lv.24*
2) Eevee Lv.25*
3) Blissey Lv.26* (MAIN)
Prize: Pure Badge, TM70 (Flash), TM10 (Hidden Power), HM04 Strength (Ability and HM), Mysterious Egg

3) Pyros City Gym- Fire
GYM LEADERS Daniel (1,3) and Aldo (2,4)
1) Houndoom Lv. 33*
2) Quilava Lv. 34*
3) Darmanitan Lv. 35*(MAIN)
4) Camerupt Lv.35* (MAIN)
Prize: Volcano Badge, TM35 (Flamethrower), TM11 (Sunny Day), Choice of Charmander, Cindaquil, Tepig

Within the Water Sector-

4) Iguacu River City Gym- Water
1) Vaporeon Lv.40*
2) Blastoise Lv.39*
3) Seedra Lv.41* (MAIN)
Prize: Waterfall Badge, TM55 (Scald), HM03 Surf (Ability and HM)

5) Cathedros Town Gym- Psychic
1) Xatu Lv. 44
2) Espeon Lv. 43
3) Alakazam* Lv.45 (MAIN)
Prize: Telepathy Badge, TM51 (Ally Switch), HM02 (Fly) Ability, Sage
**Sage will now accompany you throughout the Baroglave Region, even after you defeat the Elite Four**

Within the Ice Sector-

6) Espanto Village Gym- Ghost
1) Gengar Lv.50*
2) Chandelure Lv.50
3) Spiritomb Lv. 53 (MAIN)
Prize: Spite Badge, TM65 (Shadow Claw)

7) Southern City Gym- Ice
1) Glaceon Lv. 52
2) Cryogonal Lv.53
3) Lapras Lv.54*
4) Lapras Lv.55* (MAIN)
Prize: Iceberg Badge, TM94 (Rock Smash), TM79 (Frost Breath), HM06 Dive (Ability, HM)

8) Horizon Village Gym- Rock / Ground
GYM LEADERS Leonardo (1,3) and Orlando (2,4)
1) Nidoking Lv. 58*
2) Rampardos Lv. 60* (MAIN)
3) Onix Lv.60*
4) Steelix Lv.60* (MAIN)
Prize: Mountain Badge, TM71 (Stone Edge), TM28 (Dig), HM05 Waterfall (Ability)

After battling Gym Leaders Leonardo and Orlando, you recieve an invitation to the Federal Sector to battle the Govenors of the Four Sectors and the President of the Baroglave Region, treat this battle as a "Pre-Elite Four"
1) Fire Gov. Pyros
- Darmanitan
-Arcanine (MAIN)
2) Water Gov. Zayn
-Milotic (MAIN)
3) Ice Gov. Glacia (yes, she imigrated from the Hoenn Region to Baroglave)
-Walrein (MAIN)
4) Earth Gov. Flora (Notice she uses a mix of Rock/Ground/Steel/Electric/Grass/Bug)
-Meganium (MAIN)
Baroglave President Barros
1) Volcarona
2) Kingdra
3) Abomasnow
4) Vileplume
5) Flygon
6) Salamence

After defeating the Elite Four, you recieve a Rios Ticket to get to Rios Island to challenge the Elite Four, after going through Victory Road (More like ruins of an ancient civilization)

Now to the Elite Four (Sorry for the wait )
Pokemon League, Rios Island, Baroglave

Elite Four Daniel- Electric
1) Zebstrika
2) Eelektross (MAIN)
3) Magnezone
4) Electrivire
5) Jolteon

Elite Four Gabriela- Flying
1) Tropius
2) Pidgeot
3) Fearow
4) Xatu
5) Altaria (MAIN)

Elite Four Alejandra- Steel
1) Bronzong
2) Scizor
3) Skarmory
4) Steelix
5) Metagross (MAIN)

Elite Four Zach- Dark and Fighting
1) Umbreon
2) Sharpedo
3) Lucario
4) Hitmontop
5) Houndoom (MAIN)

Champion Shawn – Dragon
1) Dragonite
2) Dragonite
3) Hydreigon
4) Salamence
5) Flygon
6) Haxorus (MAIN)

After battling the Elite Four the Credits will roll, and soon, you are invited to participate in the Interegional Battling Challenges in the newly renovated World Battle Center in the Federal District

After winning the Interegional Battling Tournament, new gyms will open up throughout the Region and Surrounding Islands, Types will come out such as, Electric, Dragon, Flying, etc... As well, you will be able to captured the Baroglave 4 (Four Legendary Pokemon that guard the Sectors' Treasures)

After capturing the Baroglave 4, a new sector will be opened, Mystic Sector, an untouched area, preserved by nature, home to the Dragons (Salamence, Dragonite, etc...), the clean waters are home to Milotic

Trivia about Baroglave
*You can choose between three pokemon (Water / Fire/ Grass), and the professor will give you either a Normal or Flying Type soon after.
*A new story about the Legendary Pokemon is written on how the World was created
*You get to capture Pokemon in a set of Cities/Locations in the Human World (ex: Mumbai, Loch Ness, Bermuda Triangle) dubbed, "World Cities"
*Post Elite Four, there is an ongoing conflict of the loss and gain of Dark Magic, and how Good Magic must triumph over Dark Magic
*Proof of the above comment is a sorceror who befriends the trainer and his group, named Adrian, along with his sidekick, Mikhail.
*There is a "Revelation / End Times" Section Post-Elite Four
*Your first encounter with a Legendary Pokemon is right after the 8th Badge
*Most of the Legendary Pokemon are located on the Octavian Islands, a set of eight islands with Latin names refering to numbers 1-7, with the exeption of the 8th ISland, being called Octavian Island
*The 6th and 7th Islands are home to the Final 6 (Last Legendary Pokemon before the FINAL Pokemon)
*The 8th Island is home to ?????, the Omega Dragon Pokemon (LAST POKEMON)

-I'm currently writing a storyline for the region/game
If you wish for more details on the gyms that open Post-Elite Four, let me know
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Okay, lets give this a shot.
Region: Isdolan (Based off of the Middle East, specifically Iran)
Gym Leaders:

1) Abyek City
Gym Leader Seth (Dark Type)
1) Zorua Lv15
2) Mightyena Lv20
Prize: Night Badge and a TM containing Night Slash

2) Jayvaba Town
Gym Leader Lane (Normal Type)
1) Munchlax Lv25
2) Miltank Lv27
3) Snorlax Lv30
Prize: Heavy Badge and a TM containing Body Slam

3) Oskou City
Gym Leader Marcus (Rock Type)
1) Onix Lv30
2) Golem Lv32
3) Aerodactyl Lv35
Prize:Hardy Badge, a TM containing Stone Edge, and an Old Amber

4) Boliyama City
Gym Leader Kaitlin (Electric Type)
1) Raichu Lv35
2) Zebstrika Lv37
3) Magnezone Lv40
Prize: Zap Badge and a TM containing Thunderbolt

5) Sadra Town
Gym Leader Braden (Steel Type)
1) Steelix Lv40
2) Scizor Lv43
3) Metagross Lv43
4) Aggron Lv45
Prize: Mill Badge and a TM containing Meteor Mash

6) Barrothorn City
Gym Leader Shannon (Grass Type)
1) Vileplume Lv45
2) Leafeon Lv47
3) Sceptile Lv49
4) Torterra Lv50
Field Badge and a TM containing Leaf Blade

7. Ruins of Dohktar (Gym was relocated after an earthquake)
Gym Leader Andrew (Ground Type)
1) Donphan Lv52
2) Dugtrio Lv54
3) Krookodile Lv54
4) Golurk Lv56
5) Swampert Lv58
Prize: Mud Badge and a TM containing Earthquake (Ironic lol)

8) Mahmuei City
Gym Leader Allison (Dragon Type)
1) Dragonite Lv60
2) Gyarados Lv62
3) Charizard Lv63
4) Haxorus Lv64
5) Flygon Lv65
6) Hydreigon Lv67
Prize: Fang Badge, a TM containing Draco Meteor, and entrance to a secret area in the Ruins of Dohktar where you can catch Dragon Pokemon Lv50 and up.

Elite 4:

1) First Room
Elite 4 Marc (Ancient Power)
1) Armaldo Lv70
2) Cradily Lv70
3) Kabutops Lv72
4) Carracosta Lv72
5) Rampardos Lv72
6) Archeops Lv73

2) Second Room
Elite 4 Evin (Ghost)
1) Gengar Lv75
2) Dusknoir Lv76
3) Cohagrigus Lv78
4) Chandelure Lv79
5) Shedinja Lv80
6) Froslass Lv81

3) Third Room
Elite 4 Chloe (Creepy Crawlies/Bugs)
1) Heracross Lv81
2) Scyther Lv82
3) Galvantula Lv83
4) Scolipede Lv84
5) Yanmega Lv84
6) Vespiquen Lv85

4) Fourth Room
Elite 4 Zach (Variety)
1) Machamp Lv87
2) Snorlax Lv88
3) Tyranitar Lv90
4) Tauros Lv91
5) Electavire Lv92
6) Charizard Lv93

Champion's Room
Champion Alex (Variety)
1) Lucario Lv93
2) Salamance Lv94
3) Blaziken Lv94
4) Lapras Lv95
5) Zoroark Lv96
6) Eelektross Lv97

The storyline takes place in the Isdolan Region, an area that has been through a lot of fighting and war with other Regions, but has recently come to peace with the other Regions. This results in you finally being allowed to begin your journey after you served in a military career for the Original Army (Kanto, Johto, etc..). Your family decided to move to the recently liberated Region to get a fresh start after losing your original home in the Hoenn region during the War. You start off with your one Pokemon that fought along your side in the war. (Riolu, Zorua, Larvitar, Mudkip, or Pikachu)

During your adventure, you meet a person that will become your Rival. He wants to battle you, saying that he has never lost but if he did, he would give you a useful item, which is the Pokedex. You then begin your journey for the badges.

Important Notes:
1) You can obtain every Pokemon up to Generation 5 in-game
2) After beating the Elite 4, you can go scuba diving in Barrothorn City. While diving, you find an ancient relic which shows each location of Legendary Pokemon. You then proceed on a Legendary Hunt travelling to different regions to go to Legendary locations. (Seafoam Islands, Tin Tower, Sky Pillar, etc..)
3) You can buy Master Balls from the Isdolan branch of Silph Co. for $100,000

I am also writing the storyline for this region/game.
I feel bad for all the kids who didn't get to play Pokemon when they were younger. That would've been a very boring childhood.

My X/Y Shiny Pokemon - Lanturn (1st Shiny Ever!), Basculin, Poliwag, Gyarados, Dragalge, Corsola (Coral Blue #5), Drilbur, Greninja

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Safari Pokemon - (Ghost) Shuppet, Pumpkaboo, and Dusclops.
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The Shimazu region is one of great diversity in climate, having forests, volcanos, beachfront, deserts, tundrass, and grassland. Originally a part of a Greater Johto (explaining its similar pokemon variety) , Shimazu split from the mainland in a catastrophic earthquake. Here is my basic setup: No pokemon past Gen. II
Professor: Professor Cyprus, an expert in Pokemon Inter-species relations. An absent minded, disorganized, detached but kind hearted middle aged man with large, round glasses. Gives the player the Gen. II starter options.
Starting town: Geradium Town, population 11

Gym 1: Junager City
A city of stars and wind. A natural place of peace and calm.
Has a FIghting-type Gym.
Gym Trainer: Youngster Hugo
Pokemon 1: Machop, Lv. 9
Low Kick, Leer, Focus Energy
Pokemon 2: Machop, Lv. 9
Low kick, Leer, Focus energy

Gym Leader: Joseph, the master of 10,000 martial arts. Fighting type.
A human of incredible height wearing a loose jumpsuit
Pokemon 1: Tyrogue, Lv. 10
Tackle, Leer, Rocksmash
Pokemon 2: Hitmontop, Lv. 13
Rolling Kick, Focus energy, Pursuit

Opening Statement: Hi, (name). Welcome. I am Joseph, fighting master! Ha! You have no badges, so you're going to be quick! Hurry up and lose already, I've got other matches waiting. Prepare yourself for an endless world of hurt!
Defeat Statement: FIne then. You were lucky. Take the Strength Badge. Have this too. Its TM 08, Rock Smash. Its pretty self explanitory, but also lowers defense. Go and win, I'd be embarassed if you didn't get any more badges.

Shimazu Region

Gym 2: Felagon Town
A small, secluded beachside settlement renowned for its medicine.
Has a Water-Type gym.

Gym Trainer: Swimmer Dylan
Pokemon 1, 2, 3: Shellder, Lv 13 x3
Withdraw, Tackle, Supersonic
Gym Trainer: Swimer Felicia
Pokemon 1: Psyduck, Lv 16
Scratch, Tailwhip, Disable, Confusion
Gym Trainer: Sailor Harold
Pokemon 1: Remoraid, Lv 14
Water Gun, Lock On, Swift
Pokemon 2: Chinchou, Lv 15
Water Gun, Thunder Wave, Supersonic, Flail

Gym Leader: Sebastian, the mystic of the ocean. Water Type.
A man sitting cross, legged, meditating. White hair, but young.
Pokemon 1: Chinchou, Lv 17
Water Gun, Thunder Wave, Supersonic, Bubble
Pokemon 2: Slowpoke, Lv 18
Tackle, Growl, Curse, Confusion
Pokemon 3: Mantine, Lv 20
Tackle, Bubble, Supersonic, Bubblebeam

Opening Statement: Greetings, friend. I foresaw that our paths may meet some day. Though fate has told me otherwise, I must challenge you now. Perhaps you may further my career, and not the reverse.Now, friend, the power of Water!
Defeat Statement: Very well. You have progressed in your journey. Take the Ocean Badge. You earned it. In addition, accept the gift of TM11, Bubblebeam. It is a personal favorite, lowering speed and dealing damage.

Shimazy Pokemon Region additions

Gym 3: Berngadi City
The largest in Shimazu, Bengadi has many shops and a shady underground.
Has a Ground-type Gym

Gym Trainer: Worker Clay
Pokemon 1: Rhyhorn, Lv 18
Horn Attack, Tail Whip, Stomp
Pokemon 2: Onix, Lv 18
Tackle, Screech, Bind, Rock Throw
Gym Trainer: Worker Henry
Pokemon 1: Diglett, Lv 18 x2
Scratch, Growl, Dig, Magnitude
Gym Trainer: Manager George
Pokemon 1: Dugtrio, Lv 23
Tri Attack, Scratch, Dig, Magnitude
Gym Trainer: Worker Tim
Pokemon 1: Phanpy , Lv 19 x2
Tackle, Growl, Defense Curl, Flail

Gym Leader: Juniper, the master mining girl. Ground Type
A girl, fifteen years of age, in a construction worker's beige outfit, holding a pickaxe.
Pokemon 1: Onix, Lv 19
Tackle, Screech, Rock Throw, Sandstorm
Pokemon 2: Cubone, Lv 20
Headbutt, Tail Whip, Bone Club, Leer
Pokemon 3: Donphan, Lv 21
Horn Attack, Earthquake, Flail, Defense Curl

Opening Statement: This gym I inhereted from my father. My town's mines I inhereted from my father as well, and I fight and work because of him. I know he's watching this match in person today, and I won't fail him!

Defeat Statement: I failed...I'm sorry Daddy. (Father comes in, comforts Juniper) If he doesn't believe I failed him, then take this, the Burrow Badge. I want you to take TM26, Earthquake, as well. Use it to break the toughest enemies!

Gym 4: Sarpedon Island
An island unlike any other, Sarpedon has three inactive volcanos, each with a cave system underneath, and is known for its tourism industry. Also known as Volcano Island. Has a Fire-Type Gym.

Gym Trainer: Blacksmith Richard
Pokemon 1: Slugma, Lv 20 x3
Smog, Ember, Harden
Gym Trainer: Blacksmith James
Pokemon 1: Magmar, Lv 22
Ember, Smog, Leer, Fire Punch
Pokemon 2: Flareon, Lv 22
Tackle, Tailwhip, Ember, Quick Attack
Gym Trainer: Blacksmith Randy
Pokemon 1: Rapidash, Lv 25
Ember, Stomp, Fire Spin, Tailwhip
Gym Trainer: Blacksmith Ezekiel
Pokemon 1: Growlithe, Lv 21
Bite, Roar, Ember, Takedown
Pokemon 2: Vulpix, Lv 23
Ember, Quick Attack, Roar, Confuse Ray

Gym Leader: Rutherford, the iron guardian of Volcano Island. Fire Type.
A bald and older but still strong blackmsith with a graying mustche and a hamer in hand. Wearing gloves and a leather apron.
Pokemon 1: Slugma, Lv 25
Smog, Ember, Harden, Amnesia
Pokemon 2: Ninetails, Lv 26
Ember, Protect, Roar, Quick Attack
Pokemon 3: Charmeleon, Lv 26
Ember, Smokescreen, Fire Punch, Rage
Pokemon 4: Magmar, Lv 28
Fire Punch, Ember, Fire Blast, Leer

Opening Statement: Hello there, (name). Did you see the Volcanos and their caverns? Thats not what you came here for? Did I forge you anything? No? You must want my badge then. Are you ready to face the fire for it? Get ready, now!

Defeat Statement: I gave it my best, and lost. So the torch is passed down to the next fiery soul. Here is the Forge Badge. I make them myself. Oh, here's my favorite fighting move, Fire Blast, in its TM38 form. Take it, and use it. It'll burn just about anything.
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Alright, this is gonna be a bit of a marathon post!

It's something I have definitely thought about, before, though, so it's mostly just recycling my own ideas. I've been trying to do an eighteen Gyms thing in my head because I can't just pick and choose Types, but for this post, I'm whittling it down to the eight Types I feel need new Gyms the most!

I've tried my hardest to keep these Gym Leaders in line with the main Pokémon canon so that they could conceivably happen, in theory I mean. I predicted Wulfric and Ramos, so maybe Generation VII will provide a few characters quite a bit like these!

I'll worry about the Elite Four and the Champion later, they're a bit harder to do right!

1. Kindle
"White-Hot Host!"
-Fire-Type specialist
-The showy and flamboyant host of an acclaimed Pokémon variety show and never one to turn down a public appearance. His fun and passionate persona makes him popular with kids, and as such he enjoys providing the first Gym challenge for many new Trainers.
-Litleo (Level 12)
-Darumaka (Level 14)
Sizzle Badge
TM: Fire Spin
Additional notes: Kindle would frequently appear on televisions throughout the region on various "episodes" of his show (one I have yet to name), much like Christoph and Nancy would in B2/W2.

2. Mendel
"Unlocking the Science of the Inexplicable"
-Psychic-Type Specialist
-An eccentric and reclusive doctor researching the science and potential behind psychic powers. He has made great developments in regards to Pokémon communication, nearly achieving a telepathic link. The gravity of his research makes him a bit paranoid about others stealing his ideas or inventions.
-Slowpoke (Level 18)
-Inkay (Level 20)
Neuro Badge
TM Psyshock
Additional notes: Some invention of his to synchronize with Pokémon and fully harness their powers personally could prove to be important in the long run as a crucial part of the villain team's endgame.

3. Dusty
"Tenacity and Toughness Beneath the Surface!"
-Ground-Type specialist
-A rowdy tomboy with a penchant for getting dirty. Although she and Kristy may have their differences, the two of them are long-time best friends and nigh-inseparable. She has a latent talent for detecting objects beneath the dirt.
-Diggersby (Level 26)
-Graveler (Level 28)
-Dugtrio (Level 30; it's under-leveled, but worse things have happened)
Grit Badge
TM Mud Bomb
Additional notes: Her Gym would be entirely underground in a valley city. This city would be separated from Kristy's summit city by a looming mountain overhead. As the French would say, "That's some contrast brah"

4. Kristy
"Beauty and Elegance Atop the Shining Peaks"
-Rock-Type specialist
-Whereas her childhood friend Dusty related to the messy, gritty side of earth-based Pokémon, Kristy found herself more enamored by the sheen of jewels. Famous for her glamorous designs, Kristy's bejeweled couture is coveted by many elite socialites.
-Amaura (Level 29)
-Boldore (Level 29)
-Carbink (Level 32)
Jewel Badge
TM Power Gem
Additional notes: Her Gym would be a rising tower in a high-altitude city, on the mountaintop overlooking Dusty's low-lying valley city.

5. Haywood
"The Fellow from the Forest"
-Grass-Type Specialist
-The heir of the very wealthy but very strange Sylvester family, a family that forgoes all of the social events that the upper class tends to entail, preferring to keep to themselves in their mansion deep in the woods. Haywood's easygoing, if a bit quiet, performance as a Gym Leader has helped to quash rumors surrounding the family.
-Nuzleaf (Level 34)
-Trevenant (Level 35)
-Exeggutor (Level 38)
Pine Badge
TM Ingrain
Additional notes: The Sylvester Mansion would be a hidden side-area in one of the game's forests, and indeed the rest of the Sylvester family is as normal as Haywood, simply preferring the quiet company of Pokémon to the busy cosmopolitan lifestyle.

6. Malory
"Terrible Queen of Monsters"
-Dark-Type specialist
-A snarky and snide girl with a fashion sense somewhere between punk and goth. She has a dark sense of humor, her completely deadpan delivery even making some uncomfortable. Her "too cool for this" personality can be abrasive, but, as her overwrought Gym Leader title would suggest, she is more than happy to embrace goofier things.
-Pangoro (Level 38)
-Sharpedo (Level 40)
-Scrafty (Level 42)
Fiend Badge
TM Nasty Plot
Additional notes: Daughter of the groundskeeper of the region's Pokémon cemetery, Malory can be found there on certain nights and will help the player catch otherwise unobtainable Pokémon with her knowledge of the crypt.

7. Vin
"Garbage Collector, Poison Protector!"
-Poison-Type specialist
-The oddball of the League by far, this young man makes a hobby out of sneaking onto the garbage barges of his industrial port hometown with his Pokémon, discovering various discarded treasures and the occasional abused or lost Pokémon. While crass and a bit vulgar, Vin makes a point to tolerate everybody except those that would bully the mistreated.
-Vileplume (Level 43)
-Swalot (Level 44)
-Skuntank (Level 44)
-Garbodor (Level 46)
Filth Badge
TM Sludge Wave
Additional notes: Vin would be found outside of his Gym at times, occasionally having various items from his latest trash dive to give to the player.

8. Pinkley
"The Wisest and Worldliest!"
-Fairy-Type specialist
-A prim no-nonsense old woman with a fairy godmother look, Pinkley is very knowledgeable on many Pokémon subjects, but refuses to share her strategic secrets with those she deems will use them for foul means. A much more pleasant person once you get past her stern exterior, Pinkley has a soft spot for newbie Trainers and is more than willing to help them begin.
-Granbull (Level 47)
-Aromatisse (Level 48)
-Slurpuff (Level 48)
-Togekiss (Level 50)
Diviner Badge
TM Moonblast
Additional notes: With competitive play becoming easier and easier to access, Pinkley could provide something like an advanced Trainer School. Instead of telling the player stuff they figured out a decade ago, she would provide insight on useful strategies and counters and that sort of thing.

So how is it?
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I'm bored, so why not...
Gyms 1 - 4

A shy sort of guy who is often caught reading a book or studying a new technique.
~Geodude Lvl 18
~Boldore Lvl 22

A girl who seems to find enjoyment in everything. Her cheery attitude never seems to fade, even after she loses a battle.
~Scolipede Lvl 25
~Muk Lvl 27
~Arbok Lvl 30

A girl who is rarely seen outside of her gym. It is said that nobody has heard her voice.
~Clefairy Level 35
~Floette Level 40
~Granbull Level 46

A mysterious man who is often seen lurking in the shadows. He shows no mercy in battles.
~Houndoom Level 50
~Umbreon Level 52
~Bisharp Level 52
~Krookodile Level 54

Gyms 6 - 8, the level curve is a bit less steep here.

A former miner who was once caught in a collapsed mine. He and his pokemon dug their way out and have had an unbreakable bond since.
~Stunfisk(lol) lvl 56
~Mamoswine lvl 58
~Camerupt lvl 57
~Flygon lvl 58

An elderly man who nurses injured pokemon as a side job. He believes friendship with one's pokemon is the key to winning all battles.
~Hydreigon lvl 59
~Salamence lvl 59
~Dragonite lvl 60
~Altaria lvl 63

A girl with a passion for battling, she will never accept a loss.
~Emolga lvl 62
~Lanturn lvl 62
~Electivire lvl 64
~Magnezone lvl 65

Elite Four:

A beautiful girl who battles aggressively.
~Ninetails lvl 74
~Magcargo lvl 74
~Pyroar lvl 75
~Magmortar lvl 78

A gentle woman with a care not to hurt pokemon too badly. She is known for having limitless compassion.
~Floatzel lvl 74
~Carracosta lvl 74
~Simipour lvl 75
~Seismitoad lvl 78

A gardener who takes immense pride in how strong his pokemon are.
~Tangrowth lvl 74
~Leafeon lvl 74
~Abomasnow lvl 75
~Victreebell lvl 78

A woman who doesn't think losing in an option. She trains rigourously around the region, trying to perfect her battling skills.
~Yanmega lvl 74
~Archeops lvl 74
~Honchkrow lvl 75
~Crobat lvl 78


Champion MOM(literally the player's mom. Wat-a-twist!)
Your mom used to do some serious battling. She surprises you with the fact that she is the Champion and warns that even though you are her kid, she won't hold anything back!
Sylveon lvl 80
Metagross lvl 80
Mandibuzz lvl 82
Lucario lvl 84
Tyranitar lvl 84
Milotic lvl 86

That's all!
My Chainsaw Meowth is currently missing! If you have a lead or think you know something, PLEASE PM ME! I am desperately searching, and I dread the possibility that I may never find him...
On a side note, if anybody can answer the following question right, then they get a mystery prize! *Must have a Gen V game to claim prize*
Question: What the heck did Jinora do in the finale?! I don't get it! I know 90% of you won't know what I'm talking about, but I need an answer!
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Oh I'm working on a hack and I have this perfectly planned out already.


Gym 1 Normal, Angela (a religous catholic nun that is trying to get rid of ghost, psychic, and dark types)
Blissey (14)
Jigglypuff (12)
Slakoth (13)
Herdier (13)
TM : Headbutt, Normal Badge (I seriously can't make a cool name out of normal type)

Gym 2 Poison, Mark (A young guy that is intrested in science and nuclear weapons)
Muk (19)
Tentacruel (21)
Weezing (20)
TM: Toxic, Toxic Badge

Gym 3 Dragon, Lily ( a young girl that likes dragon pokemon because she thinks they're cool)
Dragonair (21)
Altaria (24)
Druddigon (26)
Vibrava (22)
TM: Dragon Claw, Mystical Badge

Gym 4 Fighting, Matthew (35 year old man whose gym is in a prison, and he is the warden)
Pangoro (32)
Lucario (29)
Heracross (31)
Poliwhirl (28)
TM: Focus Punch, Brutal Badge

Gym 5 Fire, Ricky ( a 15 year old pyromaniac that likes fire and burning things)
Arcanine (35)
Ninetails (34)
Magmar (32)
Lampent (31)
Houndoom (34)
TM: Flamethrower, Flare badge

Gym 6 Steel, Stella (lol see what I did there) (a middle aged woman that has been through hard (lol) times)
Aggron (40)
Bastiodon (39)
Metagross (42)
Bronzong (38)
Bisharp (41)
TM: Steel wing, Sharp badge

Gym 7 Fairy, Abby ( a 10 year old playful little girl)
Gardevoir (45)
Mawile (43)
Granbull (42)
Clefable (41)
Mr.Mime (44)
Deddene (44)
TM: Moonblast, Cute Badge

Gym 8 Bug, Geronimo (A 40 year old man that enjoys collecting bugs)
Volbeat (47)
Illumise (47)
Scyther (48)
Scizor (48)
Vespiquen (49)
Scoliopede (52)

And the Elite Four
First Member Manny, Dark (16 year old kid that is intrested in ninjas and martial arts)
Greninja (56)
Weavile (57)
Houndoom (54)
Hydreigon (58)
Malamar (55)
Zoroark (55)

Second Member, Andres, Electricity ( a punk that likes to play rock music)
Jolteon (57)
Luxray (58)
Electivire (55)
Manectric (59)
Raichu (56)
Rotom (56)

Third Member, Ice, Mary ( a 20 year old woman who likes to go skiing)
Weavile (58)
Walrein (59)
Lapras (56)
Glaceon (60)
Mamoswine (57)
Vanilluxe (57)

Fourth Member, Psychic, Alvaro ( a 25 year old guy that likes to battle)
Alakazam (59)
Gardevoir (60)
Exxegutor (57)
Gallade (61)
Metagross (58)
Bronzong (58)

Champion, Flying, Not sure about the name (A 17 year old guy that is best friends with Ricky and likes flying around in his flying pokemon)
Dragonite (63)
Crobat (62)
Talonflame (61)
Braviary (64)
Gliscor (66)
Archeops (65)

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This is gonna be a long post. xD

Gym Leader 1: Joe (Normal)
-Rattata (Lv. 11)
-Munchlax (Lv. 14)

Gym Leader 2: Stan (Fighting/Rock)
-Onix (Lv. 15)
-Rhyhorn (Lv. 16)
-Lucario (Lv. 18)
-Machoke (Lv. 20)

Gym Leader 3: Molly (Psychic)
-Gastly (Lv. 21)
-Kadabra (Lv. 22)
-Kirlia (Lv. 24)
-Gothorita (Lv. 26)

Gym Leader 4: Skye (Flying)
-Doduo (Lv. 28)
-Tranquil (Lv. 30)
-Pidgeotto (Lv. 32)
-Staraptor (Lv. 34)

Gym Leader 5: Phoenix (Fire)
-Talonflame (Lv. 35)
-Magmar (Lv. 38)
-Infernape (Lv. 41)
-Camerupt (Lv. 43)
-Magmortar (Lv. 43)

Gym 6: Ricardo (Steel)
-Magneton (Lv. 49)
-Aggron (Lv, 52)
-Skarmory (Lv. 54)
-Klinklang (Lv. 55)
-Steelix (Lv. 55)
-Metagross (Lv. 57)

Gym Leader 7: Rachel (Water)
-Starmie (Lv. 59)
-Gyarados (Lv. 63)
-Lapras (Lv. 66)
-Empoleon (Lv. 67)
-Cloyster (Lv. 68)
-Quagsire (Lv. 70)

Gym Leader 8: Flora (Grass/Bug)
-Butterfree (Lv. 74)
-Beedrill (Lv. 76)
-Scizor (Lv. 78)
-Vileplume (Lv. 75)
-Victreebel (Lv. 79)
-Torterra (Lv. 83)

Elite 4

Elite 4: Jack (Ghost)
-Dusknoir (Lv. 90)
-Golurk (Lv. 90)
-Chandelure (Lv. 90)
-Gengar (Lv. 91)

Elite 4: Prince (Ice)
-Glaceon (Lv. 91)
-Frosslass (Lv. 91)
-Mamoswine (Lv. 91)
-Abomasnow (Lv. 92)

Elite 4: Quinn (Fairy)
-Mr. Mime (Lv. 92)
-Azumarill (Lv. 92)
-Sylveon (Lv. 92)
-Gardevoir (Lv. 93)

Elite 4: Rosie (Grass/Poison)
-Muk (Lv. 93)
-Toxicroak (Lv. 93)
-Venusaur (Lv. 94)
-Tangrowth (Lv. 93)
-Bellossom (Lv. 93)
-Roserade (Lv. 94)

Champion: Raphael (Diversity)
-Hydreigon (Lv. 96)
-Pidgeot (Lv. 96)
-Gardevoir (Lv. 96)
-Abomasnow (Lv. 97)
-Delphox (Lv. 98)
-Gyarados (Lv. 99)

Leaders Stan and Molly (Postgame rematch)
-Lucario (Lv. 99)
-Sawk (Lv. 99)
-Machamp (Lv. 100)
-Alakazam (Lv. 99)
-Gothitelle (Lv. 99)
-Gallade (Lv. 100)
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Alpha Sapphire - Wonderlocke (Did it while away)
Fire Red is on hold until I can get around to it.
So many challenges to update, so little time...
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Well its nice you didn't see there was a thread but there are 2 in fact, one of them (gym leader) is by me and an elite four one by another (i keep forgetting the useraname).

You can look them up they are right here
~Made by Pebbles~
Wonderlocke- Alpha Sapphire ~ completed
Randomizer Nuzlocke- White 1/8
Nuzlocke- Platinum493 0/8
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No Move Left Behind- Blaze Black 0/8
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Originally Posted by darkpokeball View Post

Champion MOM(literally the player's mom. Wat-a-twist!)
Your mom used to do some serious battling. She surprises you with the fact that she is the Champion and warns that even though you are her kid, she won't hold anything back!
This is actually a pretty epic idea... I feel like stealing it for a hack

There was something similar in the Beyblade franchise at one point, it really comes as a nice twist in the story
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This thread is over a month old, guys. Don't revive old threads, please.

you see these trees, man?
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