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Old July 1st, 2013 (2:08 PM).
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Zapdos Modest - Charti Berry


Hes pretty simple to be there to set up a tailwind. T-Bolts are for water types and H-wave is to hit everyone even if its not that well.

Weavile Jolly - Dark gem
31,25,15,31,15,31 Hp-Spd

Fake out
Night Slash
Ice Shard

She covers Zapdos to let it get the tailwind off and covers priority in case of being paralyzed. taunt is to cover TR.

Hitmontop Modest - Fighting Gem

Fake Out
Low Sweep
Close Combat

Similar purpose for him as in Weavile, but he does more beating up and with Intimidate helps reduce damages from rock slide. My choice between the two depends on if TR Mon is likely to appear.

Starmie Timid - Expert Belt
15 28 6 28 30 30

Bolt Beam with Surf and Protect

It is intended to be my special sweeper, However It doesnt always seem to get the job done correctly and Not sure what to do with it.

Garchomp Jolly - Dragon Gem
6 30 23 16 20 27

Dragon Claw

Hes just the standard physical pokemon. I wouldnt call him a sweeper just for the fact that he can sweep sometimes other times his effort is underwhelming.

Alakazam Timid - Focus Sash
22 27 9 30 8 30

Shadow Ball
Energy Ball

He is pretty on here to cover Water/ground type pokes. I also use him as another Special Sweeper.
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Old July 1st, 2013 (2:24 PM).
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Why is Hitmontop Modest? It's supposed to be Adamant, which boosts its Attack further. Also, it's absolutely helpless against Ghosts, so I'd drop Close Combat for Sucker Punch, or possibly Low Sweep for Mach Punch, since Hitmontop is a good priority abuser,.

How is Starmie not doing its job right?

Outrage isn't useful in a VGC format, since it hits a target at random. I'd rather use a coverage move instead, like Stone Edge, Aqua Tail or Fire Fang.

Focus Blast, despite the shaky accuracy, is the superior option over Energy Ball on Alakazam, since you never know when it has to go against Steel Pokémon.

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