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Old June 30th, 2013 (2:04 PM). Edited July 1st, 2013 by TehFisharmahn.
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    The Forgotten Taste of Freedom

    IC thread is here.

    Hello to my RPG. If you want a quick reference to what it is all about, I can tell you that as a player you will be a spy in service of the people who will fight for freedom beside your loyal Pokemon partners. This is no console game-like experience. Your Pokemon won't have a possibility to be healed after a battle. They will be killed viciously by your enemies considering you and your kind as rebels, pests who must be blasted to oblivion. Will you take the challange?

    At the beginning - sorry for some grammatical errors. I'm not english, but I hope everything is understandable


    In the world much like ours, but with the difference of existence of magical creatures known as the Pokemon, there is tyranny and no freedom. But it wasn't always like that. Once the whole world was an idyllic land, where people and Pokemon lived together as friends. There were no wars, as nobody lacked anything. There was almost no crime, as with Pokemon, peace could be easily sustained. Humanity throve alongside the magical creatures, who were their friends and allies.

    After more than six thousands years of humanity, a group of archeologists found the remnants of a long forgotten civilization. They discovered whole cities burriend underground with immense knowledge of the old peoples. Nevertheless, the ruins were only a curiosity, what the long gone civilization discovered, was known to the present world for a long time. The archeologists scoped through gigantic cities finding nothing but books scattering after being touched and pale walls going down when struck by mere wind. The excavation team was almost done with the place, their hope was all but lost... until they found a hidden room deep beneath the ruins.

    What happened there is unknown to the mankind. All we know is that one of the archeologists, Mark Newbark, was the lone survivor of some kind of an ancient trap. Not only he won his life, he also found a curious object in the hidden chamber. The item was much like a kind of a scepter reminescent of long gone king's regalia. Newbark later uncovered that the item had some unnatural attributes. Somehow, it could bound the mind of any Pokemon toi the will of the one using it. It was Mark Newbark who destroyed the long lasting peace of mankind.
    All this happened over twenty years ago, in the year 1998. Today, in 2025, nodoby is safe. An organisation started by Mark Newbark, which is known as The Rulers, controls the whole world holding every former government in its grip. What humans can do is nothing in the comparison to the magical powers of Pokemon enslaved by The Rulers.

    Although enslaved, mankind fights for its freedom. Secret association, which calls itself The Resistance, with bravery and determination of its members, tries to return the peace to the world. Despite the fact of being severly outnumbered and with no weapon to be used against the enemy, members of The Resistance fight for better lives of their's and their children's.

    Zenn Girou, a member of the Resistance, went on a sabotage mission to one of The Rulers' scientific facilities placed somewhere in the northern Johto forests. His mission was fairly simple - to find and destroy any more or less significant findings of the opposition. By what our spies discovered, the enemy is working on the DNA of the Pokemon, trying to alter and mutate the creatures to make them unnaturaly strong. This cannot happen. Such bestiality is unthinkable. And also, if they succeeded, our chances would be even closer to zero, than they are now. What's worse, Zenn didn't yet come back, despite he was gone for almost a week. He and his companion, Flygon known as Pest, are two of our best. They might need our help.


    Every player is to become a part of The Resistance. With an aid of a tamed Pokemon (or a few of them, if they choose to), they will try to make living better for the mankind. There are no magical Pokeballs, there are no Poke Centers capable of doing miraculous healings. People die. Pokemon die. Nobody is safe.
    For further notice, players start in a hidden Resistance base situated in a forest south of Mahogany Town (there are about 20 people here, but it is big enough to hold up to 50).

    Let's get to the technical part

    Everyone willing to take part in my campaign is to stick to following rules:

    1. Two basic RPG rules (1. GM is always right; 2. If GM is not right, see point 1. )
    2. If not stated differently below, all regular PC rules apply
    3. Any absence should be noted (by PMs [it sounds so wrong...] sent to me), if it won't be and the player will not write anything in more than 3 days (that is tops), I shall make decision by myself as if they were an NPC (sentient and intelligent, so I won't suicide you, no worries). If absence is noted, I will discuss the actions of the player with him- or herself
    4. As I previously stated, death is an option (both player's and their pokemon's)
    5. Basically, all the players are a part of weak minority, hence heroism and stupidity are close to each other (it's more of a remark than a rule)
    6. Players have control over them ONLY. Their Pokemon are tamed, but have their own consciousness, you can give them orders, but not decide what they do by yourself. In the heat of the battle, on the countrary to Anime's customs, one would rarely scream the orders. A trained partner would more likely adjust to commands given at the beginning of the fight, but would be thoughtful of trainer's 'tips'. Having one-word commands for given fighting styles is a good idea, but any kind of creativity in training is even better
    7. As stated in the story part, there are no magical pokeballs, revives, potions, pokecenters, rocket grunts giving money after being defeated and running away and so on. Players should know when to forfeit the battle and mind the life of theirs' and their Pokemon's. Acquiring a partner would require some skill in handing those magical creatures, this skill will be a kind of statistic in a game (explained later).
    8. Pokemon up to 4th generation (yet I myself prefer them up to the second, but I know much about all 493)
    9. The world we play in, to make it easier for everyone (I'm polish, so I know much about Europe, but other continents aren't my best side), is from Pokemon games, but more realistic. I know, this world is somewhat situated in our real one, but everyone here knows Johto and Kanto inside-out, don't we? Hence, we play mainly in these two
    10. Rating - M. We pretty much die here, swearing could be seen (so we can create an appropriate atmosphere)

    Sign-up Template
    (by xxx sentences required I mean fully constructed ones, not 'Black hair, blue eyes.' That's not even a sentence)

    Name: That is first name, (optionally) second name and (a must) a code name (you are supposed to be a part of a silent resistance, you shouldn't use your own name)

    Appearance: everything from the tips of your toes to the top of your head - skin tone, hair, eyes, but also how you casually dress. At least 3 information-filled sentences required.

    Personality: that's basically an answer to a question: "Who are you?". How old are you, something about your past, your characteristics, where do you come from (all over the world allowed, but Pokemon games' cities and towns would be best for the story), why would you join The Resistance (that is an essential question). You are a part of The Resistance, but more like a grunt, not a high ranked spy (but you can always advance further in the game). At least 6 sentences required, but 10+ would be better (still, don't make an individual story here).

    Equipment: that is some stuff you want to have and are of some importance. A guitar would be a nice example, but also a gun. This one is essential for role playing. You can fit everything in one sentence.

    Resistance apparell: this one is quite essential. Everyone, when on the mission, must be incognito. In my RPG it is practised, that every member of the group would wear a specific mask. An act of getting inside The Resistance is having a simple mission with white expressionless mask on and, if succesful, creation of one's genuine one. In this section I'd like to read something about your first mission (stealing some plans, freeing a bunch of Pidgeys or any other of this sort) and how your mask looks like (it would be a kind of a creativity test). Also in this paragraph one should state what he or she dresses up on a mission (please, be original and not choose Matrix's coat )

    Skills: some abilities a character possesses. Riding a bike wouldn't be one, but riding a bike in a overly-effective way (standing on the seat and shooting would be an exaple of such) is something good to put here. Due to the fact of not being able to rate everything, simply think if you can't do too much. Let us say that everyone gets 8 'skill points' and can get up to eight skills with rating 1-3. That is, 1 is an ability to do something in a pretty good way, 2 is being close to expertise and 3 is somewhat of a mastery. Handling Pokemon is a skill, so note not to forget it. Of course, you don't need it at 3 (as that would enable you to influence someone's creature).

    Pokemon partners: yes, at least. What are the rules here? Go to bulbapedia and choose yourself any combination of Pokemon so, after summing up, their total base stat total wouldn't go over 1500. No legendaries. Note that rarely would you have more than two partners on one mission. In this RPG having a Dragonite isn't always the best solution (it's kinda big). Also, in this section write where all your partners are (they can be in the base you start in).
    Leaving the fully technical side, the partner Pokemon should also be described. How do they look like (in the games Pokemon would have 2 color schemes, you can make up your own, but note, that it should be realistic), their personality (not nature and the IVs, but who they are) and their training (if they had any, and, I believe, they did). The last one would be what orders did you train them and how they usually response to them ('sit' and 'play dead' aren't those, Pokemon are intelligent, more like 'defense!' would mean they should fight coutiously and 'kill the bastard!' would... well, mean what it seems it does). There are no 'movesets', let's try making it 'magically realistic' (Arcanine can breath fire and bite, Tyranitar can hurl boulders if there are any close to it, but a sandstorm inside of a house is not legit at all). We'll use Pokemon's Pokedex entries and various characteristics. I know it sounds strangely, but feel free to refer to Pokedex data from bulbapedia (as stated above) or simply ask me any questions.

    Number of players:
    Due to the spy-like character of the game, I'd like no more than 6 players (this can expand later).

    Technical Additions

    First of all, there are some Pokemon, which might occur as weak in the games, but when used creativly and with no limitations of the programming, would do a lot better than many. As I noted above (pretty much high above actually), every Pokemon is worth it's base stat total in points when creating a character. Some will be more expensive than the others, as listed below:

    - Ditto - 500 points. This little fellow is more of a curiosity than real power in the games, but as of the fact, that this RPG is all about spying, an ability to change form into close to anything is a kind of overpower. I know, Ditto had to see the target to change its form in the games, but here, it doesn't. Let's just say he needs to be trained for various forms. Having a ditto would mean having a lot of other Pokemon. What's the con? He can't remember every command. Though flexible in form, his training will have to be very specific. He could have a set of Pokemon he would change to depending on whether you want him to fight defensively or offensively. This trait is not measurable, but let's just stick to common sense.

    - Any legendaties - priceless. I mentioned it prevously, one can't have any legendary Pokemon at start, but nothing stands on the way of finding yourself a pal like that. Let's just agree, that legendaries are very rare Pokemon which are listed as genderless only because they've been seen in so few numbers, they could not be tested anyhow.

    - Unown - 200 + 50 for every Unown owned (so 1500 for five Unowns). In games this Pokemon was highly underpowered. It was said as semi-legendary, with power above imagining in the animes. When caught in Pokemon Gold it would only throw some balls at the enemy and do second to nothing to him. Here, we'll make it far more practical and powerful. I'm thinking of making Unown a Pokemon which fights in groups. Let's face it, in this RPG there will be no rules for fights but for 'You lose, you die' rule, so using all your Pokemon at once is logical. Unowns will have a power to join with the others and make almost everything come true. It will only depend on their letters. One can form a word with them, which will cause some effect. For example, Unowns 'F', 'I', 'R' and 'E' can form a word 'fire' and set something aflame. Or magically breath fire. Or what you want it to be. That is - it all depends on training. Still, Unown will be a kind of legendary Pokemon, hence will rarely be seen as someone's partner.

    - Wobbuffet - 650. His particular skills involve an ability to rebound attacks and... well, nothing else. Still, it is powerful, as it will rebound it ALL while taking no damage itself. It will, of course, require proper training, as weaker Wobbuffets will lack the power required to absorb whole strikes.

    - Smeargle - 450. Apart from painting nicely, let's agree that he can mistycally copycat every move he sees and also remember some of them. Breathing fire? No problem!

    - Kecleon - 470. We are the spies and he can be almost invisible.

    - Gastly's family, Misdreavus' family, Shuppet's family, Spiritomb, Sableye (did I miss anyone?) - +50. They too can be invisible (but completely in this case).

    - Wailmer/Wailord - +0. I'd just like to point out that... well... they are big. No, they are ENORMOUS. I'm not banning them, if you find any use for them, be my guest.

    - Scizor - +30. Let's agree his defense is lower, but speed is like Scyther's. So it's just Scyther with Steel type next to his basic two (as Pokemon an have more types here, I said so below), more Attack and Defense.

    Any other changes would be posted later.

    Other thing to note, so it would be vivid and clear - moves. As I mentioned, you may say there are none in particular. A Pokemon with big jaws can bite hard, fire Pokemon can breath fire, water Pokemon can spit tons of water. But here one has to note, that water itself does nothing to, for an example, a snake. So Squirtle would more likely bite an Ekans than 'water him gun'. Water will make fire, ground or rock Pokemon wet, which they hate and it harms them in a way; water will make flying Pokemon's wings wet, which makes them unable to fly.

    Of course I'm not saying there are no Ice Beams and such. Some Pokemon will be able to learn them. Ice Pokemon should do without a problem, but training a Blastoise in an icy cave for some time would make him develop such skill due to him being a Pokemon - a magical creature. What I'm saying is Pokemon won't have many 'unnatural' (for them, I mean) abilities (like Solarbeam for an Arcanine), but they CAN have them (yet it requires much training). Naturally Pokemon would have around two or three moves, that is: physical (involving using their body to attack, punches, jaws, claws, etc.) and special (breathing fire, 'dragonfire', spitting water or so). I know, this all is pretty complex, but I believe it's not that hard to imagine after giving it some thinking.

    Now, I'd like to add some reference about a few Pokemon and/or their abilities:

    - Selfdestruct/Explosion - these two being fused into one will not mean Pokemon's death. It would only make your partner faint while releashing all its energy. So, if a Koffing would still be eager to fight and suddenly explode, it will hurt, but one close to dying wouldn't do a thing. Additionaly, a Pokemon exploding in such state would propably die too (fainting while being severly damaged doesn't end well).

    - Voltorb/Electrode - well, there are no Pokeballs here, so they seem to have to rights to be, right? On the countrary. Let's agree that these two are simply some sort of electrical beings who came to life because of electricity itself. They won't have to be shaped like orbs, but mostly will.

    - Dragon type - this type is pretty much illogical. Let's just agree that it is a fusion of water, fire and electric types (so quite powerful indeed), but dragon's breath, despite being fire, would harm everybody equally bad (as it's flame of mystical dragons, come on!). Dragon's vulnerability to their type will be erased (as there is no dragon type anymore), but a dragon vs dragon would have more chances than a puddle of slime (i mean a Muk) against a dragon.

    - Pokemon abilities and types - the games had a con of max two types and one ability. But there's much sense in Flygon being a flying type and not levitating, right? Also, Pokemon who have two abilities, will have them both (unless they are senseless, but I can't think of any now). The given Flygon won't have it's Levitate, but it will create Sandstorms above sand (as it's said in Pokedex) and vanish in it (as it is too said in the Pokedex). Additionally, Pokemon with Intimidate won't always do so. A small Growlithe can't scare a Tyranitar, right? I'm an engineering student, I love logic, that's why I want it to be here

    - Poison, paralyze, 'state stuff' - poison will likely mean death, paralyzed Pokemon won't move at all, sleeping Pokemon will count as defeated too. This facts will make you thing twice before attacking some foes, but it will also give you more ways to beat them off.

    - Telepathy and intelligence in overall - Pokemon are intelligent in games, they just lack the possibility to communicate with us. Some (in this RPG's case, almost every psychic Pokemon and most of those able to learn TM29 in games [I mean Psychic, of course]) will be able to communicate telepathicaly while also being able to be an interpreter for human-Pokemon relations.

    - Partnership doesn't equal slavery - being bad to your Pokemon means it can leave you or kill you (or both) if it chooses to. I know, the later is much less likely, but just remember it while playing.

    - Training takes tame - a LOT of time. Remember it.

    - Giving life - Pokemon hatch from eggs in games. Here, not every of them does. There are a lot mammal Pokemon. Mammals come to life... well, you all know how. All I want to say is that breeding will be more complex than having two Pokemon and waiting for the eggs.

    - Pokemon with black glasses bite harder - no, they don't. Items exist, of course, but having your Pidgey have some sharp beak given to you by a lady with a strange name won't make it fly faster.

    - 'I always wanted to fly!' - you can use Pokemon as mounts, but once again, logic. Pidgey won't serve well as a flying mount, Pidgeot might. But you must remember about the importance of saddles. If you think they are useless, try riding a horse without it and them we'll talk. Of course, Ponita with leather saddle will propably burn it. Will it? Nope. It states in the Pokedex, Ponitas can control their fire. BAZIN!

    - Darvinism - evolution in my RPG won't be as shiny as it is in the anime, nor it will look as it does in the games. It will more likely be like normal aging, sometimes speed up by training. Pokemon like Pikachu or Vulpix will evolve normally, no stone required, but the item will make them do so faster. I don't mean touching them will magically change them, but a long exposure will make them evolve much (times ten to the tenth) faster. Eevee will NEED the stones to evolve (we'll make Shiny stone evolve it to Espeon, Dusk Stone to Umbreon, Leaf Stone to Leafeon and some Icy Stone to Glaceon), but this also means a requirement of lengthly exposure. The evolutionary stones will be some scientific creations made after long DNA tests. Any other forms of evolution (by trading, leveling up with some move or so) will be downgraded to simple evolution.
    But, there is something we have to ask here:
    - Slowpoke - Shellder IS required. It will later change it's appearance, but not so rapidly.
    - Beldum and his family - two Beldums = Metang; 2 Metangs = Metagross. Pokedex is clear about it.
    - Magnemite - similar to the above example
    - Kadabra - he needs another spoon! (meh, just joking)
    - Execcute - let's agree the eggs will plant themselves and then grow as a palmtree. Well... legit...
    - Porygon - only Pokemon which would evolve instantly when upgraded by given code discs.
    - Clamperl - he will sometimes evolve (slowly, as everyone but Porygon) into Huntail and sometimes into Gorebyss. That depends on the Pokemon's DNA (you can somehow manipulate it, I leave it to you)
    - Pokemon evolving into more than one - like in the games, Gloom turns into Bellossom with Sun Stone, normally (on the countrary to how it's in games) it would turn into Vileplume. Same is with Poliwhirl.
    - Scyther -> Scizor - let's agree that Scizor is better than Scyther (as mentioned high above)
    - Baltoy -> Claydol - I don't see logic behind such change, but let's just agree, that if it comes to such time, Baltoy will bury itself in clay and come up as a Claydol. So, that will be a second quick evolution.

    - Digglet and Dugtrio - let's agree it's 'bottom' side is of the mole's and Dugrio is a three-headed mole.

    - Delibird - his 'presents' will be some junk found in various places. No healing powers, just snowballs and small rocks. He will, of course, be able to fight normally (with wings, beak or magically controlling snow).

    - Pupitar -it's a pupa. A fighting pupa. So it will be kinda slow, but still powerful as it is.

    - Masquerain - Bug/Flying/Water, because I say so. Types are less relevant in this RPG, so three of them isn't anyhow close to owerpowering.

    - Rotom - it will be able to change form at will. If it sees a lawn mower, it can... well, 'embody' it. Thus, it will change his Ghost type into a new one, just like in games.

    That's basically the copy/paste from my IC thread, but anyway, here's where anyone willing to participate in my RPG should post
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    I'd love to join. I'll post my SU on Sunday.
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    I'm sorry but I'll be busy from right now to August so I won't be able to post my SU.
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    Old July 7th, 2013 (11:01 AM).
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      Well, that was disappointing :D

      Anyway, I see that not many people are eager to play my RP (about 1 on 100). 1% interest with first one is still a good note, I dare say :D
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      Old July 11th, 2013 (6:04 PM).
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        This looks really interesting and I really hope you like what I'll give you in a few hours. So if it's possible, can I get a reserved spot?
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        Old July 12th, 2013 (4:13 AM).
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          Yeah, of course, after all not many people are interested, so don't worry.
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