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WPC #31 - POLL

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View Poll Results: HOLY GRAIL
Entry 1 3 50.00%
Entry 2 2 33.33%
Entry 3 1 16.67%
Voters: 6. You may not vote on this poll

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Old July 22nd, 2013 (11:52 AM).
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Weekly Pixel Art Challenge: #30 - POLL
Hosted by: Logiedan

Theme: The Bittersweet & Wicked

Vote for only one entry this poll.

Voting Rules:
  • One vote per person (unless stated otherwise)
  • You may not vote for yourself
  • You can post which one you voted for and why
  • Critique is really appreciated to help those who struggled in votes!
This Week's Rules:
  • Canvas Size: 126x126 MAX
  • Palette Requirements: 21 colours MAX.
  • Transparency: Optional (WILL NOT COUNT AS A COLOUR)
  • Animation: None
  • Other: N/A
List of Contestants:
NOTE: This is in no particular order or related to the order of entries below.
blackmoonflower, Retribution and Fenneking

Entry 1

Type: Dragon/Fairy
Dex Entry:
"It may look like cute, but it is very territorial and will bite at intruders with its small, sharp teeth."
Stand-alone Pokemon. DRAXIE has no evolutions.

Entry 2

Type: Grass/Fairy
evolves from PANOME.
Entry 3

Type: Ice/Fairy
Dex Entry:
"The diamonds that cover their bodies shine brightly the more colder its environment is."

Method:DIMONTESSA evolves from JYNX when leveling up at night while holding a Crystal Tiara.

Good luck!
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Old July 27th, 2013 (12:47 AM).
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The second most ignored WPC in the world. How come if I ignore it, almost everyone does?

In any case voting for no. 1 Draxie since it looks cute 0-0
The implementation of those slightly dragon wings were nice, also the face is a good combination of a pixie and a dragon face.
Also I like the tail, but just a small problem in the fact that it somewhat clashes with the wings, meaning the pose can be a tad bit altered

And no that doesn't mean the others suck.
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