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Old July 10th, 2013 (11:15 PM). Edited July 12th, 2013 by Quopol.
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    What makes a friend?
    For me:
    A friend is someone who...
    -can understand you pursuing your goals and other necessities and will therefore help you reach them if possible. This shows that it is possible for a person to be a friend even though he/she can't be there for you all the time. I'd understand if he/she has to unwillingly push some time aside in order to fulfill his/her goals/necessities.
    -never back-stabs you in any way. If he/she has to stab you for a good reason, they will stab you in the front.

    What do you think makes a friend?
    Post your thoughts below.
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    Old July 10th, 2013 (11:56 PM).
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    -How many friends do you have?
    Realistically I 'had' about 25-30 in real life and maybe 15 online. Now only about 2 in real life, 5 online. Most of my friends left our hometown after high school for either college or the military.

    -How did you meet your friends, i.e online, work, school, a random conversation on the street etc.
    Mostly just striking up conversations in high school out of boredom. Online was from a online pokemon game and back in the days where youtube was a social site.

    -Do you make friends naturally or is it difficult for you?
    Easy to meet guys from work, trying to find girls to hang out with is hard though since everyone at work is a dude and the fact that there are no good social areas around here.
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    Old July 11th, 2013 (1:03 AM). Edited July 11th, 2013 by Silvia.
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    A person who makes a friend is a person who I don't find much difficulty in talking to, is nice and caring and is also a lot of fun to talk to/be with. Someone who is trustworthy and kind.

    - How many friends do you have?
    I never bother counting, as I honestly don't care about the's about who they are and how much of a friend a person is, not the amount you gain.

    -How did you meet your friends, i.e online, work, school, a random conversation on the street etc.
    I meet them online, through Pokemon battle simulators, and PC of course :3

    -Do you make friends naturally or is it difficult for you?
    I honestly don't know..I guess it just happens. It's not up to me though, at least, that's what I think.
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    A friend is one whom you can interact with very well and actively interact with as well. Because of that, I seem to have made a lot of friends at school this past year and I will miss them (because they were underclassmen and I was a senior), but we still talk via SMS on occasion.

    But for my online friends, I think it involves us getting together in some form of group, chatting with each other for a while, and then develop a friendship. Two good examples on PC of that are when I first went to #Pokemonclubs, which was the IRC channel of Pokémon Clubs here on PC, and more recently, the GT 2013 Skype Chat, I made new friends.

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    I have lots of friends, but I only consider a few as my best friends. I met all of them in my school, and now that I've transferred, it's been hard because I often feel like they've completely forgotten about me. I miss them, and they say they miss me, too, but I just want to go there and stay with them, you know?

    Anyway, I don't really know what a friend is. I want my friend to be completely unexpected and random, but I think what makes a friend is the trust between two individuals.

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      I only have a few people who I would call "friends".
      A friend who me is someone who will not make fun of you because wear/have something.
      I have social issues so I do not make friends easily.
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        To me, a friend is anybody who I can talk to with ease. Having to hold my tongue or feeling awkward telling somebody something puts a wall up between me and a person and I just don't feel that connection there.
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          I'm going to be answering O07_eleven's questions. You guys could answer too if you guys would like, but you must answer the main question: "What makes a friend"?

          -How many friends do you have?
          I really don't have any real life friends to be honest. But that doesn't mean I'm totally antisocial out there. I think I have some friends around here, and I think that's about it.

          -How did you meet your friends, i.e online, work, school, a random conversation on the street etc.
          I signed up and talked to other people. Some of them welcomed me and struck a conversation with me, so we became friends.

          -Do you make friends naturally or is it difficult for you?
          It's really difficult for me to make friends outside, esp. school. Things don't flow really natural for me.

          Note: If any of you guys pledge to meet those two qualifications that I stated, I'd be more than happy to be your friend.
          I hope everyone in PC is willing to be my friend because I don't want anyone NOT to be my friend.
          So here's my request now: Please be my friend.
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          -How many friends do you have?

          Ummm... not to be like that douche that is over confident and thinks hes all cool but, i have quite a few friends xD Don't know how many but i have a group of 5 guys and were really close.

          -How did you meet your friends, i.e online, work, school, a random conversation on the street etc.
          I met almost all my friends through school. It's quit easy to meet people at school and all you really need to do to make at least a few friends is just show everyone love (be nice), act a little funny, and just not be annoying. It's pretty simple XD. Other ways i've made friends is from sports, church, and just online like here on PC.

          -Do you make friends naturally or is it difficult for you?

          It's pretty easy for me... i think that i'm relatively easy to get along with and i just try and be chill and be nice to everyone i meet.

          -And last but not least.. The most important question! What makes a friend?

          Hmmm this is hard... i would say in a sense if i were to explain to someone that didn't know what a friend was, i would say just what Quop said but after experiencing friendships, good and bad, I believe there are good friends and bad friends. But the thing that makes someone your friend is that you just generally like them and they like you. What makes that friend a good one or a bad one is up to what happens after the initial friendship. I don't think that you must pass certain things to become a friend just you become one... some of my closest friends and I have gone through rough patches but the friends that you can get through the arguments and struggles with are the ones that are the closest and the good ones.
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          I'm only going to reply with my offline friendships in mind.

          I have a pretty strict definition of friendship. Offline, I put a lot more into my relationships with other people than I do online. I'm okay with being alone, and I prefer it most of the time, but I'm human and need social interaction outside of work and those are far and few in between. I want a like-minded individual to be able to mutually share experiences with, good times, and laughs, as well as hardships and character defining moments. I want to be able to support them and I want them to be able to support me if needed. Unfortunately, I don't have many people who are as emotionally and mentally involved in the "friendship" we share, and therefore, I don't really consider them a friend. Though, I'm sure many people can say that about me.

          Right now I only have two friends offline: Sarah and Paige. Paige I met at marching band sophomore year of high school, I believe. We didn't really talk much until my senior year and onwards. We didn't become friends until after I graduated, but we had a few conversations during the time that we started talking and I thought she was really cool and would be a fun person to be around. She's the person I hang out with the most. Sarah, I met at my first job at CVS. We were hired at the same time, and we hung out a lot after we started talking. At the time, I also had a friend named Chris (who is currently her boyfriend because I kind of played matchmaker, and I don't really talk to him much since he's not the greatest texter if you know what I mean) and the three of us hung out about two or three times a week and all Saturday most of the times. We had early morning diner trips and late night park adventures. Sarah is currently my best friend offline, but we don't hang out much and she's really, really flakey, which disheartens me.

          Also, recently, my frame of minds and values have shifted drastically, and I'm reconsidering my relationships with other people because of that. I'm very much interested in meeting new people and forming a circle of about three or four other people that would be my friendship circle. I envision we'd do practically most things together and we'd hang out as much as we could. I've wanted a friendship group since I was in high school, but never really fit into one particular clique. I kind of drifted between and didn't take the opportunity to develop those relationships to possibly form genuine friendship with them. They were just school friends, to me. People I would hang out with strictly at school. Throughout my school life, I probably had less than ten friends that I hung out with regularly outside of class.

          I have plenty of people I'm friendly with and am on friend-like terms with, and I also have my fair share of work friends. I'm sure they consider me their friend if they were asked, but I don't really consider them to be mine because of those reasons. The phrase, “If you have two friends in your lifetime, you're lucky. If you have one good friend, you're more than lucky.” comes to mind when I think of friendship. Good friends are what I define as friends, and I've only had a few of them in my lifetime.
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            That is really my thoughts, but here are some more:

            1. Somebody who will always be there for you, through good and bad. Somebody who won't bail because they're 'too busy', no, a true friend will always be there.

            2. Somebody who doesn't judge you, even through your darkest thoughts, even when you think the worst things about your family. They don't judge, they only help, make you love and tell you to toughen up. Because being weak in life gets you no where.

            3. It doesn't have to be somebody which shares your same interests or thoughts. It's somebody who loves you and cares what you do and what you don't, even if it seems like they don't give a damn.

            That is my opinion. :3
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              A friend is someone who swears an oath of fealty to me and who obeys my every command unquestionably.
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              Originally Posted by Drakow View Post
              A friend is someone who swears an oath of fealty to me and who obeys my every command unquestionably.
              i value loyalty as well. other than that, i don't know what i want in a friendship anymore. i'm tend to be averse in making friends with people i don't care about, which seems to make friendships a non-starter and doesn't make any sense. it's hard for me to make friends, and to be a friend.
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              For me a friend is a lot. I wasn't a person to make a ton of friends, but those that I did/do have are special to me and I love them all dearly. A friend is someone who you can turn to whenever you need them, someone who you can laugh with, someone who you can cry with if needed. A friend is someone who makes you smile at even just the thought of their name. A friend is someone who always has your back and you always have theirs.
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                a freind is someone to carry out all of my needs. ''joe, please go and fetch me a mcdonalds!''
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                A friend is someone who never EVER backstabs you with anything (maybe thats the reason why i have so few real friends). Also a friend understands you and helps you with your problems, even if he/she cant solve it completely
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                A friend is someone who is willing to have your back and help you out, they enjoy being around you and they trust you. Other than that it all depends.
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                  The socially fabricated label "bromance" comes to my mind! It sounds wonderful!
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                  anything could make a friend as long as there is caring and loyalty
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                  Old July 21st, 2013 (12:12 PM).
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                  To me, a friend is a person who is there for you that has common interests that you can spend time with. A friend has to be kind to you and not abandon you over stupid stuff, someone you get along with and someone you feel you can talk to about difficult things and provide support and you should do the same for them, as it works both ways.
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                  Old July 21st, 2013 (1:54 PM).
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                  To be honest: I don't know ^^"

                  I guess there's no right answer to this question. A friend is simply a friend if you see this person as a friend.

                  I suppose I could give an answer to the question, what a friend not is xD

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                  Old July 22nd, 2013 (11:30 PM).
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                    A friend isn't nearly so simply explained as could be processed on a forum, a true friend, regardless of type, is best described as a feeling.
                    However, this is what I seem to have discovered, personally at least, about such a feeling.

                    –A good friend will always stab you in the front.

                    –A good friend is somebody you can be stupid, not only around, but with.

                    – A friend may pay your bail, but a good friend is in there sitting next to you saying "God Damn, that was awesome!"

                    –A good friend is somebody who, when the tidal wave comes and you're standing on the beach, locks arms with you to take it on the chin, beside you all the while. Then at the last second, asks if you feel up for surfing.

                    –There is nothing better then a friend, unless it is a friend with chocolate.

                    Yes sir, very tricky business.
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                    What makes a friend?

                    Its hard to define what a friend is. Different people have different answers to all sorts of questions and this is no different. For me, a friend is just someone who will always be there for you and someone who won't abandon you in tough times. Someone who you can share laughs with, cries with and generally someone who just understands you for who you are. Someone that you can be silly and goofy around, a person that has your back, someone who is always willing to listen when you need to vent, someone who's willing to lend a shoulder to cry on and most importantly someone you trust and can easily talk to. In my opinion, friends are amazing, everyone needs them no matter who they are. They're the biggest if not a huge part of anybody's life in my opinion.

                    How many friends do you have?

                    In real life, I have around seven. All of them, I'm really close with and I share laughs with everyday. I have people I'm polite to and occassionally chat to but I won't include them since I don't know them that well enough yet. I used to have a few more but some of them have since moved back to another country or left the school. Generally I don't care how many friends I have though, I'd rather have a few close friends over a huge number of acquaintances and maybe one or two real friends.

                    Online I consider fifteen people who are actually my friends. Some of them are just people I talk to rarely, some of them are really cool but I haven't known them for that long and so forth. But I love my online friends as much as I do for my real ones, though we never get to see the face behind the computer screen, talking to them makes me smile.

                    How did you meet your friends, i.e online, work, school, a random conversation on the street etc.

                    Most of my real life ones, if not all were met at some form of school. I met my first best friend on the first day of Kindergarten, since we sat next to each other and then just started talking. I still chat regularly to him this day and we're still really good friends actually. I met most of them over the years by being introduced to them by another friend and then just talking to them and gradually getting to know them over time. I remember meeting two of my friends when they were new to the school and I showed them around and helped them out. The others I just met when we were paired up in group activities and some of them, I met at the tutoring college I went to. I don't go there anymore so I lost touch with them (since the tutoring place was 30 minutes away or so via driving), but they were still really good people.

                    Online, I met some of them when I first introduced myself and they greeted me, showed me around PC. Never felt so welcome before to be honest. But I've mainly met all my friends on PC's Battle Server, over the past year or so! I've met some of the most amazing people there and although some of them have gone, I'll never forget them. But yeah, I mainly met them through Showdown and they're all amazing. :)

                    -Do you make friends naturally or is it difficult for you?

                    I'm actually really shy in real life. I still don't know to this day how I even met people. I just feel awkward when I talk to people I don't know or I'm intimidated. So I find it kind of difficult, even online! It's just naturally hard for me, I've tried but I can't muster the courage to talk to new people and socialize. But I'm still happy with the friends I have now, so I won't complain. :]
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