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The Best Region

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View Poll Results: The Best Region
Kanto 9 13.85%
Johto 11 16.92%
Hoenn 25 38.46%
Sinnoh 11 16.92%
Unova 9 13.85%
Voters: 65. You may not vote on this poll

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Old June 14th, 2013 (10:36 AM).
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I agree with the aforementioned. Sinnoh had offered much, much more compared to the other regions, in my opinion.
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Old June 15th, 2013 (3:41 AM).
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I like all regions in different ways :] Lemme go through them and try to decide on a favorite. My guts say Johto, but that's more like I like the pokémon and overall feeling of gen II.

I like the color theme of its cities and I wish similarly clever themes had been used for cities in other regions. But since it was created back in gen I, the layout and landscape is pretty dull. Even the layout of the cities. I do like, however, that they make the cities feel pretty big, such as Saffron and Celadon. Buildings without doors are okay to give that feeling! Unlike Hoenn, where every building seems to have to be important - Slateport and Rustboro don't feel like as big cities as Celadon and Saffron. There also aren't really any favorite landmarks or sites that I have in Kanto.

Now, this is a different matter. Johto is marked by dark pine forests (in my mind ^^) and mountains. Nice landscape. The routes are long and interesting and the pokémon are great. I also like the cities, they were more diverse than Kanto's without seeming strange like some of Hoenn's cities. Ecruteak and Goldenrod are favorites. So Johto lands pretty high.

The landscapes are much more interesting than for the previous regions, and it makes sense with Hoenn being an exotic island and all. But the cities are pretty weird, like Fortree and Pacifidlog (or whatsistscalled) even though Sootopolis was cool. I loved that you could dive and have a large area to surf in though (I know some others dislike the big waters of Hoenn :p) and the later part of the games were more fun and rewarding compared to the earlier games. But if we're not just to look at the games, I think Hoenn has too little of a... feeling, or something, it doesn't give me a pleasant enough atmosphere. I always thought the anime here was pretty plastic and the manga was so different compared to how it had been in Johto and Kanto (and Sinnoh, for that matter).

Okay, I've still never played through a whole game here, not even half a game actually :( but I've seen some anime and read the manga and Sinnoh has a fantastic atmosphere to it. I want to push through and play the game some day because even though the gym leaders are too weirdly designed for my taste (I prefer Kanto's and Johto's gym leaders), the pokémon are pretty cool and the design of the routes and especially special areas is really good. Also, the music from the games! They are, apart from a few tunes from Hoenn, my favorite pokémon game music.

I liked that it was so different and new from the older games, and the anime makes good use of it. But overall, I don't have much connection with Unova yet. Other than the pokémon being the next best generation, probably. Or third, at least ^^ The bridges and cities don't appeal overly much on me though.

It's France! Love it. Hahaha. No I have no idea about this region yet. But it seems like it'll be pretty similar in feeling to Unova. I can't really count this one in, anyways.

I think my favorites are Johto and Sinnoh. Can't decide :]

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Old June 15th, 2013 (3:43 AM).
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Hoenn :D
'coz it's the first region that i've ever played xD
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Old June 17th, 2013 (12:19 PM).
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I think the best region was Hoeen. I liked that he had different Climate regions and It introduced one of the best Legendarys. But Johto is also really close to be my favourite region because of the overall look of the region and the pokemon it had.
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Old June 17th, 2013 (10:03 PM).
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UNOVA! Hoenn, Kanto and Johto are so original and cool, but I am such a huge fan of Pokemon Black it forces me to awnser Unova. :D
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Old June 19th, 2013 (6:55 AM).
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Hoenn is the best its a big world and there is a lot to offer plus also the fact the island is great.
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Old June 19th, 2013 (7:42 AM).
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I voted Unova but I also like Sinnoh don't ask why I think its because to me it feels like a big world but when I compare Unova to Sinnoh Unova is probably bigger.
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Old June 24th, 2013 (5:19 PM).
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Despite the second generation games being my favourite, I actually like Kanto a bit more than Johto. While I've always felt like the journey through Johto felt much more free, as past the fourth gym you could pretty much decide which order you wanted to beat the gyms and do the events in yourself, I've always just liked Kanto more. I guess it's pretty biased, because as always, the first generation lies close to my heart. I just like the theme of the city names, and how they've positioned things like the Pokemon League and Saffron City at such central places, where they piqued ones interest, only to make you realise that you wouldn't be able to access them yet. I liked it because in my first playthroughs, where I wasn't completely aware of how the story progressed, it just made me feel like there was so much to the game. A city blocked off, a tower which I can't get to the top of, etc., and I just loved it whenever I got to access those places. That's why the blocked off places in Silph Co. and the Kanto Radio Tower in the second generation games always were so interesting, because I felt like whenever something was blocked off, it had to be accessible at some point. Unfortunately they were not :(

But yeah, I don't really have much more to say about it, because in all reality, this choice is mainly biased because of how it was my first region to go through, and the one I've went through the most, so yeah. Kanto ftw!
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Old July 24th, 2013 (4:11 PM).
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My favorite region is Kanto because I like most of the Pokemon from Kanto. My second favorite is probably Sinnoh because of the same reason.
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