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Old July 24th, 2013 (8:45 PM).
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    A hopefully simple question. I have an ability, BALLOONS(Balloons!!) on a alternate form of Pikachu that currently mimics the effect of the Air balloon item. Switching forms works fine. However, I want it to take three hits to ground this Pikachu after which its abillity will change to GROUNDED until swapped back in and out.

    So I added added an accessor, attr_accessor(:ballons=hit=counter) with equal signs due to censorship, to the PokeBattle_Pokemon to count these hits. However, when I try to set this to any value I get a undefined method error.

    Here's the error in full

    Pokemon Rebalanced: Pastel Red
    Exception: NoMethodError

    Message: undefined method `ballon****counter=' for #&&
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    Old July 25th, 2013 (4:38 AM).
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      A Pokémon in the party is an instance of PokeBattle_Pokemon. A Pokémon that's out in battle is an instance of PokeBattle_Battler. The two are separate (but related) things. The reason is that, in battle, a Pokémon's features can change (most notably by using Transform), yet those changes are only supposed to be temporary and not affect the actual Pokémon.

      So you put the attr_accessor(:balloonshitcounter) in the wrong place. Your best bet is to instead add another value into PBEffects, and then the counter can by accessed with battler.effects[PBEffects::BalloonsCounter] (or @effects[PBEffects::BalloonsCounter] if you're in PokeBattle_Battler).

      Then in PokeBattle_Battler, def pbInitEffects, set it to the default value of 0. Stick this at the end of the method.

      A little further down is def pbAbilitiesOnSwitchIn. I'm guessing this is where you put your code, and that's the right place for it. However, you should set the value to 3 here rather than 0. It's going to count how many balloons the Pokémon has left, and each pop will reduce the number by 1.

      As for the popping itself, I assume it works the same way as the Air Balloon item does. So add code in all the same places as it which do (roughly) the same things.
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      Old July 25th, 2013 (5:49 AM). Edited July 25th, 2013 by Wootius.
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        Thank you, Maruno. I know enough about programming to know that I don't know enough. It's 100% working now, including losing then resetting the ability by switch out then back in. The only thing "wrong" is the listed ability doesn't change on the Status screen when I change the ability, due to that info being from PokeBattle_Pokemon I assume. Does Mummy do the same thing? Mummy Doesn't update on the Status screen while under its effects either. I may try and "fix" this.

        You're awesome.

        In looking to help others with this/something similar I'll add the code here. Using this will give you a Pokemon with an ability
        that mimics Air Balloon for 3 hits after which it changes abilities to one without an effect until the next time it's switched out/in.

        In PBEffects, added at the end of the list
        BalloonsCounter   = 165
        Inside PokeBatle_Move, adding to the Air Balloon check
              if isConst?(opponent.item,PBItems,:AIRBALLOON) || isConst?(opponent.ability,PBAbilities,:BALLOONS)
                 if isConst?(opponent.item,PBItems,:AIRBALLOON)
                  opponent.pokemon.itemInitial=0 if opponent.pokemon.itemInitial==opponent.item
                  @battle.pbDisplay(_INTL("{1}'s Air Balloon burst!",opponent.pbThis))
                  #@battle.pbDisplay(_INTL("Hello, this is before bcncrement",opponent.pbThis))
                  opponent.effects[PBEffects::BalloonsCounter] += 1
                  #@battle.pbDisplay(_INTL("dsdsa ",opponent.pbThis))
                  @battle.pbDisplay(_INTL("One of {1}'s balloons burst!",opponent.pbThis))
                   if(opponent.effects[PBEffects::BalloonsCounter] >=3)
                    @battle.pbDisplay(_INTL("{1}'s balloons are gone!",opponent.pbThis))
                    @battle.pbDisplay(_INTL("{1} was grounded!",opponent.pbThis))
        Anywhere in PokeBattle_Battle where an Air Balloon check is
        isConst?(pkmn.item,PBItems,:BALLOONS) ||
        Added to def pbAbilitiesOnSwitchIn(onactive), to enable the abiliy
            if isConst?(ability,PBAbilities,:BALLOONS) && onactive
              @effects[PBEffects::BalloonsCounter] = 0
              @battle.pbDisplay(_INTL("{1}'s balloons lifted it high up!",pbThis))
            if isConst?(ability,PBAbilities,:POPPED) && onactive
              @effects[PBEffects::BalloonsCounter] = 0
              @battle.pbDisplay(_INTL("{1}'s balloons lifted it high up!",pbThis))

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