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Old July 20th, 2013 (4:11 PM).
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    So anyways,the other thread was going nowhere fast and a bunch of trolls took over it so I just let it die and now back after a few months of going quiet about it.
    A bunch of new updates from the idea that's now far enough that its gunna be made into a real Windows PC game

    So what happened afterwards was that I decided that I was going to continue the idea and push it to reach its full potential and after many months and a dev team I'm in now...Pokemon Battle Network is now there(or almost).

    In case you have never herd of it: Pokemon Battle Network takes the idea that real Pokemon battles can be done using the battle system from Megaman Battle Network but I felt that it just be no better then copy paste the idea,I had to take that a step further...The idea is that in order to make a real Pokemon game,you have to fuse all the major aspects of Pokemon into one thing...The video games,anime,manga and card games,all into one game AKA "the all in one Pokemon" game...Something that has never been done before. I see these threads and I see(no offense)but they all are Version games and can be done by hacking...You all will say"Its because it works so well"well,I say...It may work but the same thing is being made over and over again,how can you innovate if all you can do(and know) is repeat what has already been done. Pokemon Battle Network is that idea that breaks that cycle

    ...and for some of you who have been following me,as of right now 68 pages are in the game design document and STILL not done.Im in a team of 5 as me as the game designer and story writer(I have a editor for my sloppy grammar skills) and the team going to start programming the UI near the end of July(this month)
    PS:I'm finished with concepts and working now on game mechanics.

    Ill summarize everything I revealed so far and new stuff:
    -A typical Pokemon RPG game with realistic Pokemon battles(Turn based Real Time Action Tactical RPG style battles) and 3d graphics
    -Easy and fun to understand user interface
    -The story takes place 50 years after the events of FireRed and LeafGreen,Ash is a Pokemon Master and a 60 year old Professor who gives you a starter
    -Pokemon Trainers can fight like Pokemon now and some will ingadge in fights with their Pokemon
    -Many of the citys and towns you knew in FireRed and LeafGreen have realllllly grown since 50 years ago,Example: Pallet City is the size of a city with over 100,000 people,it used to be really small village until Ash became a Pokemon Master.
    -The game mechanics in Pokemon gets a MAJOR upgrade,Energy Points replaces Power Points,You Pokemon can use more then one move per turn in the form of "Chips"that takes Energy Points to use;also those Chips can fuse to become more powerfull moves that your Pokemon can use at no cost of Energy Points,Your Pokemon can wear certain items in battle to enhance battle capibilitys like armors and helmets and even shoes and boots,EV and IVs can now be seen but cant be edited or the game considers that "cheating"by not allowing the Pokemon to ingaude in online Pokemon battles for examples
    -The Pokemon Trainers you can chose are both 18 years old,both can fight like Pokemon by using a arm cannon like device that has a tablet embedded in it as well as see real time battle stats ect.
    -Real clock feature as well as real weather feature,battles during the day will become night battles where if your not in the moon light,then you have to use the lights on the arm cannon to see like a flashlight as well as weather changes if the weather around you changes,so does the weather in battles
    -The Pokedex gets a overhaul where you can see all the Pokemon attacks as well as all the Pokemon you have caught.

    I will reveal more as the project goes further in development as new unseen stuff does pop up and the GDD has changed a few times because

    Ill post these images and hope you guys will be ok this time around,sorry for before
    PS: How I combined genres that instead of fusing Real Time with RPG...I thought of Video games,Anime,Manga,Card games as separate video game genres and I thought of what each "video game genre" was lacking and thought of what the other "video game genre" could make up for that.

    Here are some of the pics from the game design document:

    So as you can see,the game design document is DRAWN out like how the old games were made,Its slow but better and I can get my ideas out easier. This is just a few of the 68 pages in the game design document and soon more tonight.

    There's still alot that needs to be done with it but I promise this game will be released on Pokemon's 20th birthday as a 20th Anniversary game for Pokemon and something that you can compare to how far Pokemon has become and something you and other and look up to for future Pokemon games.

    Cant wait.
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    Old July 22nd, 2013 (4:42 AM).
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      Wow, finally some truly original ideas for a pokemon fan game! Pretty cool stuff; the "chips" you mentioned seem particularly interesting. While I can't really help you much on this project at the moment, let me offer some advice:

      - Don't bite off more than you can chew. If the scope of the game gets too big, it can be impossible to retain the drive needed to get through. Don't be afraid to sacrifice some mechanics to keep the workload from becoming overwhelming.
      - Have your editor edit your posts on this thread. Honestly, your grammar is pretty bad, and no one's going to take you seriously if your posts look sloppy. Moving your design documents to a medium other than "colored pencils and paper" might be a good idea too.

      Anyway, good luck, and I hope this project can get support!
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      Old July 22nd, 2013 (6:40 AM).
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      Wow I fricken love the MMBN games so this will definitely be played. I'll definitely follow this.

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      Old July 22nd, 2013 (7:08 AM).
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        Okay, I vaguely remember that thread you had a while back, and I have to say that this idea is indeed quite a new way to interpret Pokemon Battling, and a whole new approach to the generic staples everyone has been accustomed to. If you can, this would look amazing if you can get some pictures up of your game.

        Now, I don't want to sound like a jerk or anything, but calling people trolls because you can't accept the criticism they gave you is really low, and only casts you as an ignorant person. I can understand that you were pretty upset about what they said, but again, they were merely suggesting or mentioning better ways to tackle what they found meek, and you never really did have to listen to what they said. Remember that not everyone will find your idea fantastic. And if they were trolls, ignoring them would have helped better in the long run.
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        Old July 25th, 2013 (12:50 PM).
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          Sorry I haven’t been online in the last few days,family,projects around the web ect ect ect ect blah blah blah...You know...

          Anyways, Since I keep you guys waiting ill make it up to you by talking about some game mechanics.

          In Pokemon Battle Network,you will be interacting with a lot of objects in the game and some objects will block your path, now since Power Points and the limit of 4 moves per Pokemon has been removed, the system does something different like this: When you come up to a thick bush for example,you will need your Pokemon to slice down that bush but the way to do it is remember that Cut HM chip you got,now is when you put that HM in the Pokemon Folder(the folder containing the Pokemon like Moves called “PokemonChips”),then after you select the Pokemon from the “Pokemon,Virus and Me” menu that has learned the move “Cut” and select it,a option will come up asking if you like to wish to use Cut and after selecting “yes”,the Pokemon will come in the field and slice that bush blocking your path. If for example,that HM Cut is not in the Pokemon Folder,then the option to slice the bust isn't available also the option isnt available if the Pokemon hasn't learned the move or you don't have the right badge to use it.

          Which comes up to another point:
          In the “Battle Folder” menu...there's two folders containing chips,One for you and your Poke Partner(The Pokemon with the arm cannon) and one for your Pokemon. Your battle folder contains 30 Chips and the only two rules are that you can have three of the same Chips and when you get Chips that summon something like a virus or a Time Bomb,5 Chips that summon max. Pokemon Folder can only have PokemonChips and TMs and Hms(Pokemon can't use BattleChips), 5 of the same Chip in it and three HM's max totaling 45 Chips(you get a starter Pokemon Folder when you get your first Pokemon,which will be a starter Pokemon)

          You may probably ask about this:”If it set up like this then I can just get my Charmander a FireBlast PokemonChip and beat the crap out of the other Pokemon”..No,there are things to consider...If your Pokemon has never used the move before then how can they “use the move”If they never knew how. So what I did is that,if you try to make your Pokemon use a move before it has learned the move,the Chip will blacken out in the Custom Screen to where you cant select it(Don't worry,there will be a list in the Pokemon stats screen of what Chips your Pokemon can use and what level or other things you need to do in order for your Pokemon to have the ability to use the Chip...This is known in the Pokemon fandom as a “move set”if I got the wording right.

          So once again,sorry I haven't been here telling(been busy with my life) you all the new stuff being introduced to Pokemon from Pokemon Battle Network. Hopefully if the team isn't too busy,the team can start programming the UI for the game in the start of next month, also I saw your guys comments about the GDD being drawn out instead of a graphic like GDD;where I come from, everything is done by hand and its the most easy on my limited skills I have sorry.(I heard that the old games GDD's were done by hand as well)
          Ill try to get back with you guys more often so stay tuned!

          Pokemon Battle Network
          the future
          Pokemon X and Y(Version)
          the past

          PS:If you like to stay updated with me and my team as well as see and hear about other ideas we come up with,see me on skype: megamandx...let me know who you are and where you come from first before you send me the contact request
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