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Old May 6th, 2013 (2:10 PM). Edited June 9th, 2013 by Vicktor Black.
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Long ago a man wanted to help the world, he wanted to make it possible to use the planet as a vessel to travel the vastness of space... but when he was about to come to a breakthrough the enemy came and took his research and using the man's research they split the planet into pieces and took control of them all and as the enemy has fallen apart each wanting nothing to do with each other destroyed the world and left it in chunks floating in space and it is your destiny to bring them back together and rebuild the world as it once was by defeating the enemy and reclaiming the world one piece at a time.

Always keep an open mind!
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Old May 16th, 2013 (6:05 AM).
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I love games with alot of dialogues, so for my first nuubie hack, I am making lots of dialogues.
This inspiration comes from my own character, I love to talk and write stories, but I also had this inspiration by games like the Tales series and Golden Sun.
Pokémon lacked alot of dialogues with the main character talking him/herself.

Since I am a student myself, I implemented a school, and when you all graduate in the game, you're going on a big adventure. You will encounter your schoolfriends quite a lot of times, and you will get to know their (back)stories with time passing.

Further concepts and inspiration:
Usually the real world and the Asian continent.
One of my favourite concepts that I have yet to implement and to write down on paper (its in my head already xD) is a part of the region in war or in a truce. You can Pokemonstyle this to Korea somehow.

Also, back in the day I dreamt about Pokémon while I was asleep, I remember some of the dreams and I can work them out.

I also made routes and Gyms with LEGO and had those Pokemon dolls that you could buy at a local store, with a Pokeball. I combined these 2 things to play outside when I was young. As I started imagining stories with my friends back then, I still remember some of them to work out in an actual hack.

Mainly I will get my inspiration from things that happen(ed) in the real world, like the Korea part for e.g. I also mix real places' names and create my own, kinda what Golden Sun did (Dejima [island in Japan] became Idejima in Golden Sun) You only know it once you see it.
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Old May 23rd, 2013 (5:36 AM).
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i got an idea

ok you start of choosing your starter instead of gender aron/geodude/smoochum

and you go through the story as the pokemon of a trainer that abandoned its trainer
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Old May 24th, 2013 (10:32 AM).
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I wanted to write a fanfic of this idea, but I'm too lazy/busy to do it, so I'm posting it here.

Basically, government is evil/tyrannical. Every powerful trainer (champion/E4/gym leaders) is a government puppet. The champion has ridiculous privileges which he can use and abuse arbitrarily. Only some citizens have access to education, Pokedexes and pokemon training in general. The rich constantly become richer and the poor poorer.

OK, so you're the hero/heroine. You're a suburb kid who has no chance in hell of getting a starter and becoming a Pokemon trainer. One day you go for a walk in a mysterious cave that's near your village, and long story short, you end up getting befriended by a legendary Pokemon. (I thought the cave could have several areas-say forest, sea, rocks etc- and you could get a different legendary depending on where you'd chose to go.)

The professor who lives next to you gives you is astounded, but he gives you his own old Pokedex and advises you to be careful because "the times are dark". Now technically, you fulfil the requirements to register for the Pokemon league.

You soon find out that the Professor was right. The gym leaders use a reasonable team (like the ones they use in the regular games) for the upper class kids whose parents are affiliated with evil government, but they use much more difficult teams (like the ones they use in hacks ;-) ) for everyone else. Noone has ever beaten the beefed up teams before. Moreover, nobody dares to protest about the situation.

Yeah... that's as far as I've thought, to be honest. I was sort of thinking you could make some friends along the way and organize a rebellion. You could use your influence as a champion to give hope to people and make them believe it's possible to overthrow the government since a regular kid like you became champion and blah blah. But if someone decides to do this, you'll have to use your own imagination from now on :/
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Old June 10th, 2013 (4:20 PM).
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I have an idea for a DPPt hack, but it may have some holes in it..:

You are the champion. You beat Team Aqua. You've done everything there is to do. You have won. You sat bored one day on your new throne, thwarting the challengers easily.
But you notice something. Everyone around you is dying. You hear a voice booming around you: NEW GAME.
it repeats itself over and over. you black out. All of a sudden, you are back where you started. A starter, a 'dex, no badges. This time, you don't go after the league. THIS time, you go after the voice you heard.In order to reclaim your old team, You go after god himself :Arceus.
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Old June 22nd, 2013 (8:58 PM).
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A group is trying to revive a demon dog that has the power to bring back the dead and as they get closer to bringing back the demon dog they soon learn that they cant control the demon and they must bring it down but as they continue to fight the creature they start to dwindle in number so they use the remaining members to seal the demon inside a cave where the chosen one will be able to defeat the demon and send it back to where it came from.

Always keep an open mind!
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Old June 24th, 2013 (9:26 AM).
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this isn't much of a story idea as it is just things that happen.
the player could find a pokemon and upon giving it a certain item the pokemon can be obtained. then suddenly a stranger shows up claiming that you have his pokemon and asks for it back. strangely enough, the pokemon refuses to go with the stranger and a battle ensues. upon defeat the stranger vows to get his pokemon back. the stranger will appear throughout the adventure and the player will over time gather clues as to why the stranger wants the pokemon so much. maybe a strain in it's dna from being experimented on to make it stronger than normal which would explain why it doesn't like the stranger.
another idea could be a very event based story somewhat like avatar where you help towns and villages upon your journey while thwarting team rocket with cameos from first gen gym leaders as allies. i can't remember which game it was probably gold and silver where lance the dragon trainer helps you shut down a radio station? it was so long ago idk. but i always liked the idea of having allies so maybe when you team up you can temporarily battle with the gym leader's as well as your own pokemon. it wouldn't be impossible to script. just something really story based.
i think it would also be cool to have factions like in fallout where you can gain reputation after certain events.
anyway these things are just off the top of my head so if anyone wants to brain storm just send me a message or something. im getting familiar with advance map and more recently scripting but i've been having trouble with spriting because im really familiar with leaf green and fire red but i like the tilesets of emerald. im just not found of the layout. also i like the idea of secret bases to maybe use to heal pokemon, i think somebody else said that.
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Old July 11th, 2013 (5:30 PM).
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Has anyone ever thought to make a fire red remake from the perspective of Gary Oak?

ROMs I Support:
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Old July 12th, 2013 (8:53 PM).
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Not really even though i do get inspired by things; however I never really got off into creating my own rom hacks because I couldn't figure it out (I still want to do it though), When I first joined i wanted to do a yellow remake that went to the Johto region after the sevii islands quest, but now I have an idea that's fully fanmade if anyone wants to help because I'm not very good at spriting or scripting I only have the story really.

Pokemon: ~Lunar~ : (fire red for the rom base)

You, a 13 year old boy named, Kite, finally get a starter (a choice of 5)
Fire: Charmander
Water: Totodile
Grass: Treecko
Electric: Pikachu
Normal: Eevee

To start your journey in the Krane Region, meanwhile the antagonist of the game the mysterious "Team Jade" have just gained the king of the sea (Lugia) under their control and plan to use him to destory the world because they feel as though it has grown too corrupt over the 1000 years their organization has existed (or do have a little more in mind than just world purification in this new dawn of time?) Along with your childhood friends Leon and Rose the ties of friendship are constantly tested along your journey.

Main Characters

Kite - Male Protagonist, age 13, calm in most situations, but very naive

Rose - Female Protagonist, age 13, hardy and competitive.

Leon - Your best friend, very dark and distant, Kite and Rose are his only friends and his "true friends"

Professor Julia - Pokemon professor of the game, unlike other pokemon professors she's also on a journey studying pokemon you tend to run into her from time to time.

Kiri'e - 2nd Gym Leader (dark type user), has bad history with team jade and is clouded by revenge when she finds out that they're active again

Joey - Age 15, no one knows the origin of this mysterious kid or if he can be trusted, but he doesn't seem like a threat atleast, and he proves himself quite useful to you on your journey as he will help from time to time.

Jack - Team Jade admin, team jade has seen your prowess and has sent him after you to stop you in any attempt to you make to defeat them.

Rita - Team Jade admin, appears along with Jack, yes that means a double battle (sort of a team rocket thing like in the anime exept they can actually succeed)


* A New Protagonist
* 2 regions, the Krane region and the Jinto region
* 16 Unique Gyms and 2 Pokemon League Elite 4
* A pokemon world tournament (after clearing both of the leagues)
* All 386 (1st 3 gen) pokemon obtainable some form of way (some are obtained through events that occur during the journey)
* Gym Battles Will be 3 v 3 in Krane, Double Battle 4 v 4 in Jinto
* Me, Sora, the Pokemon World Champion (it's a bit much of a title, but i rarely ever see hackers include themselves in their hacks, but if going to appear I've gotta do something amazing and I help you in Jinto)
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Old July 13th, 2013 (11:13 PM).
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We need a hack where Ash wakes from his 'coma' and is faced with some sort of natural disaster. All he has is his Pikachu.
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Old July 21st, 2013 (1:19 PM).
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i really want an avengers hack, were you play as furry, or somthing and you have to catch and raise the heros. i think it would be fun. i know i have more ideas but im out of time for the day so i will have to post them later
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Old July 21st, 2013 (8:03 PM).
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World war 2 has begun and in a last ditch effort to win the war Japan starts the Pokemon protocol. Giving children a wild pokemon, usually reserved for adults, and having them fight generals for badges. You are one of the children who discover that the government is using you to fight their war. Now you are torn between your loyalty to the nation and your honor.
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Old July 25th, 2013 (7:15 PM).
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Originally Posted by Ambushwhack View Post
Here's an idea that I've got pretty well developed. If I had any skills, I'd probably be looking to put together a team and actually make this hack. You begin as a lab assistant in Prof. Pine's lab. You awake one morning to see an excited e-mail about a pair of fossils and an opportunity to bring them back to life. When you arrive it lab, it's disheveled as usual - Prof. Pine was never very organized. A holorecording then activates, and it's Prof. Pine explaining that he was called away suddenly, and unfortunately one of the fossils proved to be fake. But you can revive the other one and please do some field work, battling with it and learning about its behaviors and capabilities. It's a dome fossil, and you get a Kabuto. As time goes on, you're contacted by Prof. Pine a few more times, and he gradually becomes more and more suspicious, until it becomes apparent that he's being held captive and making these recordings under duress. Meanwhile, you encounter Team Rocket or Team Helix (not sure if I'd prefer to use the standard bad guys or name my own team). Their goal is world domination, and toward that end they're working at engineering new, more powerful Pokemon. Team Helix uses some "Fakemon," and even their real Pokemon are often hacked to have illegal movesets. Like a Magikarp with Hydro Cannon, Blast Burn, Frenzy Plant, and Hyper Beam. (Hypothetical example). You'll probably encounter a Venustoise. Other fan theories are made canon - Voltorb really are failed experiments into early Pokeballs, possessed by Haunters/the ghosts of Pokemon that were captured and can't escape. Gengar really is Clefable's shadow. Ditto really are failed attempts at making Mewtwo. Genesect really is a Kabutops in armor. Eventually you do rescue Prof. Pine, and you find that Team Helix has made Mewtwo (from the stolen Mew fossil, which was the other one Prof. Pine had). The Mewtwo goes berserk and the world seems to be in grave danger. Prof. Pine comes up with a plan - they were also working on plans for a Genesect, and that may be the only thing powerful enough to face Mewtwo. That's why they were using the character to begin with - a dupe to train the Kabuto for them in order to get Kabutops. Prof. Pine is leery of the idea, but the bond you have with your starter may be enough to ensure Genesect doesn't go similarly unruly. In other words, Kabutops evolves into Genesect by an event that requires high happiness. I'd also like to put a Deoxys in that keeps running and changing forms. It may be implied by programming in three running legendaries (speed, defense, and attack formes) that only start appearing after you encounter a normal form Deoxys that runs. Mind you, having three kind of makes it difficult to believe. I wonder if there could be a way to hack the Castform sprite change and just use a single running legendary? Form change might end up becoming weather dependent, but oh well. Also, one of the Gym Leaders has a Porygon2 that gets upgraded to a Porygon-Z but gets a virus and goes berserk. So there's a retrieval mission that just happens to also make wild Porygon family members appear in the wild during this time. Essentially, the virus is duplicating itself.
FYI, I've begun making this hack. I've never done any hacking before, so I'm just learning how to do this. So far, I'm comfortable with YAPE and I'm getting comfortable with Advance Map. I've tried inserting sprites of 4th and 5th gen Pokemon as well as custom music, and failed miserably on both those counts. Once I build up a little more skill, I plan on trying to put together a team to work on this hack - I'm definitely going to need a scripter and a spriter (custom sprites for the Fakemon in particular will be beyond me). Point is, yeah, this one is now in the works. I figured anyone following this thread would be interested to know. Currently, the hack name is either Ancient Amber or Primal/Prehistoric Purple. Ancient Amber sounds better, but ______ Purple works well with the starring Pokemon, Mewtwo and Genesect, both being purple.

On an unrelated note, Pokemon: World War P. Perfect name for a hack centered on the war Lt. Surge served in.
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Old August 12th, 2013 (6:28 AM). Edited August 12th, 2013 by Ryumbda.
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I've been wanting to make a hack based on the following story, but I'm really bad at scripting and don't have a lot of graphical talent. If anyone is interested in making this I'd really love to write out the story and dialogue further.

For the story I'll be referring to the player character as "Tom".
This story takes place in the Kiirto region. Tom and Ralph from the town of Lostwood are both 16 years old. As the story commences they are within the forest at half an hour away from home. They are goofing around and having some fun when they suddenly realize the forest has gone quiet. As they are about to leave they are ambushed by a pack of wild Mightyenas who seem to be under control of some mystery trainer shrouded in black armor. The trainer reveals to them that he is Ser Ragnoras a knight who was in service of the Raptuso Empire that ruled the region around 600 years ago. Stating that he served a new master now, he raised his blade and stabbed Ralph to death. Tom couldn't even scream as he stared at his dying friend. Ragnoras told Tom to run and spread word of his return. Scared for his life Tom flees the scene.

Once he got back to Lostwood, Tom raced towards the village's Mayor. He told the man everything about the knight and Ralph. The mayor instructed him to go home and go to bed. Confused and tired Tom fell asleep in his bed. After what seemed like a few minutes someone woke him up. As he opened his eyes, he saw the face of the mayor. Tom was told to follow the man and so he did. Once they arrived at the mayor's house he received a Shinx for his protection. The old man said they were both leaving shortly for a town called Entrax. The two men went outside and Tom was surprised to see the Kiirto league champion, Elisabeth. She was called upon by the mayor to fly them to Entrax using her Flygon.

Once they reach Entrax the mayor and Tom enter an ancient cave while Elisabeth stays outside with her Flygon. In the cave the mayor explains to Tom he is trying to find out how Ragnoras can be alive at this point in time. In the main chamber there are two pedestals, on top of one rests an orb, on the other nothing. The mayor seems shocked about this and says the orbs are used to seal evil pokemon away. Since one orb went missing, there was probably a wild pokemon loose. Determined to stop the disaster, the men made it to the cave entrance but found out a new surprise. Before them stood two trainers in a weird uniform. They introduced themselves as Cindy and Rush, two leading members of the unholy knights, the servants of Ser Ragnoras. They demanded the mayor to hand over the briefcase that he had with him. As the Mayor refused, the two ordered their "squires" to retrieve the briefcase.

I've got more story but it's pretty long. If anyone is interested in making this reality I'll be glad to supply all of the story and dialogue.
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Old August 15th, 2013 (9:51 AM).
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A good idea would be changing the story of the game slightly (preferably R/S/E), so that you had a sister/brother, and all fights would follow the same system as in mosdeep city, when you join Steven to face off Team Magma. Also, one would edit the sprites so that your bro/sis would follow you like a damn pikachu
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Old August 17th, 2013 (7:56 AM).
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This idea... is VERY gimmicky, but alas...

You're a student in some big name school (for pokémon training and other subjects). It's a student's life basically. You're studying to be a trainer, but your friends are doing like engineering or Pokémon Nursing. The aim is to graduate.
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Old August 22nd, 2013 (6:46 PM).
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How about a hack that takes place almost entirely in the Distortion World? Giratina could be about to destroy the world or something. Maybe he (yes, I know, genderless, but I call him a he) would be angry because more and more people and pokemon were finding their way into the Distortion World, and pretty much wrecking Giratina's home? Maybe the player would have to stop it, save the world, and, of course, befriend and catch Giratina.
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Old August 30th, 2013 (11:54 PM).
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Just a fun little idea

A twist on the zombie apocalypse, you are the king of the zombies and you must go forth and turn the living into a part of your undead horde. With the defeat of each gym leader you gain another general to add to your army and when you have claimed the rest of the living in the towns around the region you go forth to claim the elite four to complete your zombie army. From there you can venture forth into other lands and claim their people for you to add to the army or keep some to supply food for your undead empire.

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Old January 22nd, 2015 (2:47 AM).
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Originally Posted by kinataki View Post
third one
doctor who. wow i can imagine now, it would be like the best hack ever. ever. you became doctor who. and you travel across the time and galaxies, once you go you can never come before you kill all the dalex's or something like that.
THIS PLEASE... Slightly old thread, yes, but still.. For this to work, I'd imagine it'd be possible to logically tie the Doc into the pokemon universe so long as his entrance occurs after The Day of the Doctor. This way, Galifrey is potentially usable in the rom, or, it is simply the plot's excuse of how the doctor finds his way into the game.. Here's my idea:

Pokemon Universe backdrop: Arceus reigns over reality as we know it, and there are multiple realities in existence. Each reality is protected by an Arceus of each type(Arceus can still use or be all types, but there is one which is the dominant type which has an effect on each different reality which each different Arceus has created). Something is causing multiple types of Arceus to begin appearing in The Origin Reality(created by Normal type Arceus or Fairy type, depending on certain factors), and because of this, the Creation Energy that Arceus releases naturally begins to merge with the energies released by the other Arceus types, leading to Chaos Creation(or something similarly titled in-game..). How this affects the pokemon world(how the rom is altered thus far):

.Towns from every game make up the world map, in a relatively random manner
.All main characters, rivals, gym leaders, elite four members, unique evil team members, and professors from every game exist in this world
.Numerous pokemon types and movesets are altered drastically(for example, Zangooze as an electric fighting type, or Charizard as the fire dragon that most veterans always wished he would be~Zangooze 4tw imo..~). Also, many pokemon which were previously too weak to feasibly use in battle are no longer so bad..
.All legends are in the game.. Some to be controlled by the evil teams, some protected by other main characters or elite four members or even professors, but all will be found, at some point, standing in an open area in the wild or somewhere, for us to catch. All of them, with the exception of perhaps the Origin Arceus(normal or fairy, remember), are obtainable BEFORE victory road and the final battle. That is unless we have 2 or 3 regions with seperate elite fours. In that case, all legends should be obtainable BEFORE the 2nd victory road etc..
.The starting town is the largest town in the game, and at least all the rivals and past main characters originate from the pokemon school in town, and everyone begins their pokemon journey here

How Doctor Who fits into all of this(gueheheh XD):
The Doctor is searching for Galifrey, and during this time, he stumbles upon an ancient energy signature and follows it. As he follows, he discovers that isn't simply one energy signature, but an accumulation of the same energy being pulled together through various alternate realities/universes. By the time he realizes this and tries to direct the TARDIS away from the anomaly, it's already too late, because the TARDIS has already latched itself onto the energy signature and rides it into the Origin Reality(cuz, any Doc fan knows that deep down, the TARDIS loves stuff like this).
In the amount of time it takes the TARDIS to land, the Doc comes to the conclusion that the energy comes from Arceus. Conveniently for the plot, Arceus is not only the Origin pokemon an blah blah blah, but also happens to be an ancient beast from Galifrey. According to Time Lord legends, Arceus is the first living being to evolve and gain sentience on Galifrey, and that all other life there, including Time Lords, originated from the happenings and interactions between Arceus and nature. Or something like that.
So as the Doc travels this new pokemon world(since the TARDIS is effectively useless because 1) it wants to be there and B: multiple Arceus are using their energy to protect the Origin World from the foreign energies which the TARDIS is made up of), and as he goes, he meets all the cool people etc etc and eventually finds out that the Master(from an alternate universe) is the mastermind behind the scenes, causing the different Arceus to manifest themselves in a single reality, in order to build a large enough power source to punch enough holes in reality to blah blah blah evil timey whimey stuffs :D

So yea basically that's it lol.. I think it'd be hellacool to see this hack happen some day. Otherwise, I'll probably just mess around on my own a bit, since I'd like to eventually learn enough and make my own hack. But I'd only probably try and use a lot of the elements I mentioned above while excluding the Doctor Who stuffs(electric fighting Zangooze w00t WooT). And with my current level of hacking skills(ZERO), I wouldn't consider any of these ideas to be "claimed" since I'll probably only get so far as to edit some pokemon with YAPE or something and just playing the rom because looking at all the work I'd have to do by myself, it's an overwhelmingly disheartening thing to look at heheh.. Anywho, END OF TEXT WALL
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Old February 16th, 2015 (2:57 PM).
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Originally Posted by Cracker77 View Post
My idea for a pokemon game would be Pokemon: Brawl!! ANd Pokemon: Melee. Basicaly Pokemon with monsters from other Nintendo games. Metroids, Goombas, Octo Rocks, Waddle Dee, Kremlings, and anyone of a hundred other creatures from the nintendo catalogue. Nintendo characters could be trainers Metaknight , Link, Captain falcon and the like could be something like gym leaders. I would do it but i seriously lack the time and resources and ability for such an endeavor.

I had a similar idea. That is what I came here for is to post my idea, but then I found you pretty much said my idea. Except in my idea the Pokemon are replaced with Smash characters. Basically this is my idea for Pokemon + Smash:

Pokemon are Smash characters. Each city is replaced with Stages. Like Pallet Town could be Mushroom Kingdom. And each stage has a house for each character. You must fight them all in each stage to unlock the other characters. You can only have one character in your party until later on. Kind of resembles having a main. You get a choice of Mario, DK, Link, Samus, Yoshi, Kirby, Fox, and Pikachu. Then you get further on in the game, you beat the final boss of that region and move onto the next, which is based off Melee. And you get a choice of the beginning characters in Melee. Then Brawl. Then 4. In the end you will have 4 characters total. The trainers can be the people who main the characters. Like Ken could have Marth and would be in the Melee region. This would be a pretty big game, too if it had 4 regions. I do not know about having 4. Maybe it could be divided into multiple games like how you have Melee and Brawl divided. I was going to do this myself. But I suck at adding sprites. I cannot even find sprites for all the characters. I also suck at adding tiles to tilesets and connecting maps. Which would be very embarrassing.

My friend code is: 2148 8938 7906.
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Old February 22nd, 2015 (2:31 AM).
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I have an idea where sun is a fakemon and provides energy to all living things and then all pokemon treat it as their source o
As a meteorite was the one that bought pokemon to earth one day mew decides to stand up to arceus and say it is God so a three way fight starts and world is on verge of destruction you start like link and with a bulbasaur to guide you
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Old February 28th, 2015 (3:46 AM).
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Looking at all of these ideas makes meme wanna create them into real games.

Everyone has gewd ideas <3
Pokémon Flare - Coming SOON

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If you're interested, feel free to leave me a VM/PM
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