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I owe it to them.

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Old July 31st, 2013 (12:42 PM).
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Cause without them, PC would have been a totally different experience.

yes this is one of those threads, so be warned!

At some point, all of us were new here. And I think it's a safe assumption when I say that there was at least one person who aided us, be it in big or small ways. Perhaps someone ended up becoming your best friend, while another simply gave you simple, but crucial instructions on how to do something. Big or small, we've been helped on here at some point. Either when we joined, or some time after that, for sure.

So my question to you, forum, is this. Who do you want to thank for making PC the experience it has become for you?
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Old July 31st, 2013 (1:05 PM).
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Geoff has helped me so much in the last few years. I still have our PM conversation of 2010, he messaged me after I was being rude and annoying, managed to say things to me to calm me down and deal with the situation. That changed everything. The day before that I was a huge nublet, and I think the vast majority of people felt like giving me a good kick in the backside, after the conversation was when I began to grow as a member. Geoff has always been there to give me advice, to help me and assist me with my problems. He is the reason I've improved, the reason I'm not as big a nuisance as I was before. He trusts me to do things, he makes me feel good about myself. I would be lost without him.

Geoffrey, you are a beautiful man.

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Old July 31st, 2013 (5:15 PM).
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Had it not been for Nica, I would have never discovered the Battle Server where I have met almost all of my friends here. I was considering leaving PC after only being around 2 months and then because of her making me discover the server, I stayed. I met my best friend and dozens of others there. Thanks!

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Old July 31st, 2013 (5:24 PM).
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Toujours and sammi-san really helped me enjoy PC when I was new and without them I might not've stuck around as long. Toujours helped me out a lot with a signature issue while sammi talked with me for weeks on end through PM. :) I owe them a lot for being so kind and dealing with me as a new member!

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Old July 31st, 2013 (5:27 PM).
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I'd like to personally thank a lot of people from CCP (yes Bloodex, you too!) and the RP Corner, because I've easily found my home in these places, and it probably wouldn't be that way if you people didn't put up with my consistent humor. Also, anyone in Forum Games who posts on Ban the user above you or Make a wish and have it horribly corrupted gets my luvin' ♥

As for my first friends, I'd go with Miksy91, Jambo51, and karatekid22 for putting up with me and helping me out a lot when I first signed up, and for teaching me to be a ROM hacking genius (albeit being to lazy to actually ROM hack lol)
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Old July 31st, 2013 (6:39 PM).
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I'd have to say Forever, she was the one who convinced me to join the PC Battle Server. However, I've had a fair share of members inspire me to start hanging out in even more sections than when I was new, like I remember good old AlexOzzyCake making me want to branch out into Pokemon Clubs, Cirno in The Welcome Lounge, but I have to say MidnightShine was the one who made me want to eventually use CSS signatures and while he never comes on the internet these days so he probably won't see this, he did make me the member I was today.

And also Toujours gets a shout-out because she was the one who gave her Supporter prize from last year's PCX Get-Together to me, as a birthday gift nonetheless. Although the biggest shout-out has to go to AWsquared, he was like a friend I never had.
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Old July 31st, 2013 (7:22 PM).
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Hmmm. I think it would be a mix between both Shining Raichu and Morkula myself.

Both of whom I haven't talked to in a long time thanks to the disbanding of MSN. Basically Andy actually remembered my existence so I always came around every once in a while to see how he was doing. Morkula was just nice to talk to. I'm not even entirely sure how we started talking, but I sort of feel bad for not finding enough time to talk to either of them.
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Old July 31st, 2013 (9:31 PM).
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Loool... So many peoples XD

well... I'll start off with my tutor in how to type in a forum XD EliteBeats

One of my closest friends on here and one of my first... GimmePie

And all my friends from skype that i talk to all the time
(BlahISuck, LilJz, Mori(Cera<3)

hmmm... I guess shayshaytheshaymin keeps me up on here talking so that kinda made this experience how it is

haha im still pretty new but, its all good :p
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Old July 31st, 2013 (9:53 PM).
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The first people I met on here were NikNaks and Dreamcatcher - neither of whom I really see around any more but I owe them because they encouraged me to be open and confident in the community and share my ideas etc...

More recently though the people who have really made PC worth it for me are my friends in the RPC, especially Red's Hawt Chibi Pelippers (who was something of a mentor as far as I'm concerned), ChiliDawgs, EliteBeats and Lokiepie. They're a good group of people and just as important as a lot of the people I have met in real life.

The people in the off-topic forums are quite the interesting crowd too mind you - Shadow Excadrill has been awesome to talk to and the same goes for Avishka.

Really though, everyone on PC has done their own bit to make the community a great place to spend time I should really be spending on assignments.
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Old July 31st, 2013 (10:44 PM). Edited August 1st, 2013 by Limerent.
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I'd thank everyone who can put up with my twisted attitude and nonsensical opinions. Others, from my introduction thread Hikari10 and Cirno who were very nice at welcoming me to the community. From Skype where I met a lot of good friends who expanded my social usage of PC include BlahISuck, ChiliDawgs, WooliestSteam, Meganium90 and Cera, thanks for being such wonderful people :3 I don't really have any particular individual to thank because all the people I know are liked equally

Edit: Also Gym Leader Rozu is a great friend as Windy said
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Old July 31st, 2013 (11:44 PM).
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First, I owe it all to Gym Leader Rozu, because her cheerfulness makes me feel welcomed, and I started to become comfortable in PC because of that. And, also for Hikari10, synerjee and Twilight Sky, which become one of my inspirations in PC. If not for them, I might have left PC, and I won't be like what I am today.
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Old August 1st, 2013 (1:33 AM).
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I owe stuff to skylight (or Nica or Forever or whatever) and the other people (mostly the other mods) on the server, like Twilight Sky, Razor, glitch etc.

They're responsible for helping me fit into PokeCommunity when I first got here and helping me get to know pretty much everything I do about this place, so thanks guys!
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Old August 1st, 2013 (12:54 PM).
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I can't trace any roots back to when I first joined PC, but I will say something from this year. I owe it all to my pair, Totodile42, for reminding me to come onto PC everyday and partake in discussions here. He might not be anywhere near as active as I am, but the fact that I have a friend and a pair just reminds me that PC is my home.

I also owe it to Cirno for being a good friend and inspiration for me welcoming members into the community.
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Old August 1st, 2013 (1:00 PM).
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If anyone I would have to say Ineffable aka Magdelena back when she was on here since she was one of the best friends if not the absolute best friend I somehow made on this site, I'm only on here nowadays so I can find a friend even half as good as she was again in all honesty.
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Old August 1st, 2013 (5:27 PM).
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I want to thank Astinus for being my first mod inspiration (who I modeled my original modding style after) and for being a great mentor back when I was new. And of course for always being my PC mom, even if he is a boy!

I want to thank Went for being the one that modded me (or sent the PM anyway!) and always sticking around to listen to my rambling. It's been cute to see you go from mod to smod to admin btw! So well deserved.

I want to thank Klippy for being the first person to really welcome me onto staff, disabling sigs back when I couldn't, being my mod inspiration even to this day (I still think you were the best!), for all the love and support, and so much more.
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Old August 1st, 2013 (7:10 PM).
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I don't remember who initially showed me around the site so I'll attribute it to Anna because we were both pretty new to this site around the same time and we were really good friends. Things were pretty different back then but I don't remember very much about it all. She probably remembers more than I do.
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Old August 1st, 2013 (8:09 PM).
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I owe it to a bunch of people, cause I was pretty inconsistent with my activity for a long time during the early days and wouldn't be around now if not for these guy.

Wolflare, first and foremost, was the first mod I ever really knew and helped me out in so many ways in the beginning. I was glued to the Battle Center for a long time and he made it such an awesome place.

Dominic for sending me my promotion PM. I know it wasn't too long ago, but if I didn't show my appreciation it wouldn't be right lol. It was really an honor and the news couldn't have come from a better guy.

Derozio, who was the mod of A&D during the time I started posting there and made it such a great place. I found my stride when I found A&D, and PC took on a whole new meaning to me.

Shout outs to the old group, Anti, Karp, Aero, Vrai, etc for letting me hang around and being nice in my early days. And Twilight Sky and Abnegation for being awesome and there for me when I needed them.
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Old August 2nd, 2013 (3:34 AM).
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I cant quite remember my time when i was new here, but i gotta thank Avishka for actually bringing me back to PC (i was inactive for quite some time).

Also i have a lot of awesome people that i have conversations with lately, both new users aswell as better known users. gimmepie, BubbleBeams, Broken_Arrow and takenbythewind are all fantastic people to talk to.
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Old August 2nd, 2013 (5:06 AM).
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I wanna thank Pink Mommy, because of her trading thread, she inspired me to open my own trade thread :-)

I also wanna thank BlahISuck, ChiliDawgs & Moriarteh.
Lately I've been in the worst of positions in my life until now. But they are always there for me and whenever I just need to talk to someone, I know that I can always go to them. (Thank you for putting up with me this past week, I know I've been pretty depressive lately but that didn't stop you all from always trying to comfort me, I love you guy <3)
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Old August 2nd, 2013 (3:37 PM).
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Furball the Umbreon. He was basically my first PC friend and made me want to stay here.

And of course the mods that I see regularly. They're almost like celebrities :p And 90% of the staff is very nice and love to talk so I owe it to them too.
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Old August 3rd, 2013 (11:07 AM).
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over here?

Fire Heart.

The other guy who helped me here did the same on EGC so I'll save that for the thread over there.
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Old August 3rd, 2013 (3:52 PM).
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Arcanine was the reason I decided to give the forums a shot.
Signomi was someone who was one of the first people I spoke to, and her impression was really the first impression I had of the forums.
BeachBoy was the person who was sort of my guiding hand in the community.
Forever made me feel like I was genuinely part of the community and introduced me to my first few friends.
Morkula was my mentor during my time on staff, and before.
Lightning is someone who I think was the perfect staff member in her position, and someone who I still aspire to become in my own.
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Old August 3rd, 2013 (4:42 PM).
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I know this'll just be a general cookie-cutter answer as I've only been here for a few days. Therefore there isn't specifically anybody that I have to thank, except that everybody in this forum made me feel welcome in this community. I hope to meet new friends here in the future.
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Old August 3rd, 2013 (7:55 PM).
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First and foremost, ♪Twiggy♪. He helped me with my transition from Bulbagarden to PC, and has been very helpful and (albeit hesitantly) supportive of all my internet entrepreneuring and websites I've made that have died and risen from the dead a thousand times over. He's also one of the oddest people to talk to, and I mean that in a good way. The mere fact that he doesn't respond to something is a sure sign I've messed up — and I better myself for it. Thanks, Twigster. :)

Secondly, I'd like to thank Cirno, for being so kind and nice in conversations. She's so fun to talk to, and one of the few people I believe cares 100%. I want to get to know her a lot better than I do, and intend to do that without fear of being ignored, which is a problem I have when talking to people online.
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Old August 4th, 2013 (1:51 PM).
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AlexOzzyCake. Ever since I joined these forums, xe has been so friendly to me, even though I never asked to be friends or anything.
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