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~YABADABADOO~ The Flintstones fan club

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Old June 27th, 2013 (3:57 AM). Edited July 2nd, 2013 by PandaBoy.
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~The Flintstones fan club~

Ever wondered what happened with the old school Flintstones?
Ever wanted to talk and share your minds about that lovely cartoon?
Ever thought that the Flintstones rocked?

Ever wanted to be in a Flintstones fan club?
Well if you have, then you're the right dude/girl, in the right place in the right time!

~The Flintstones fan club~
We are Flintstone lovers!
We love the old funny cartoon!

  • Follow PC's rules
  • The only topic is the Flintstones
  • No Flintstone haters allowed

So? You have decided to become a member of this fan club?
Well its not hard to become a member.
You just have to answer a question.
Here it comes:

What is Barney's last name?

All the members are in the spoiler,
so you don't need to scroll all the way
PandaBoy: Club owner and admin

Who is your favorite Flintstone character?



Send me PMs if you have better mascots

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Old August 5th, 2013 (12:02 PM).
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No members? I'll be the first then!
Name: AnonygooseD
Favorite character: BAMBAM! It's so amusing watching a little kid lift & destroy stuff he looks cute doing that too!
Barney's last name? Rubbles ofc!

BTW Dino fits perfectly as a mascot.
Old August 6th, 2013 (2:54 AM).
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Unfortunately you were a little too late . You're not allowed to post in clubs that haven't been posted in for more than 30 days. Also the club owner himself hasn't even signed into PC for the last three weeks, so I don't hold high hopes for this one anyway


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