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Hey guys this was my first creative submission on the forums.
Rating- T (Language, Violence, Mature Ideas)
Sorry to anyone looking for something bright and happy, this is a dark, tragic Fiction thus I can’t guarantee everyone will like it, but it is certainly worth reading. The chapters are like short stories with one or two chapters per story. Indents arent working so Ill send the actual word doc if you email me for it. This is NOT a journey fic, there are no gangs, elite four, or legendary pokemon. This is the story of a boy who looks back on his life on this island

Chapter 1- A Girl of Flowers
I woke up for my first day at school, disorientated and not fully awake. I’d just moved from the Hoenn region and I spent the entire summer getting used to this new region. The locals call it Insulam tragoediarum, a fitting name for this region; it means the isle of tragedies. They say nothing but sadness waits for those who live here, though the locals seem happy enough. The city I’m in is Rosepetal city a very bright name for a dark named island.I never once met anyone from the school, so I spent most of my summers watching the Pokémon. I noticed many of them were the same as the Hoenn region but since I never got a starter at my last town I couldn’t catch any.

I got up and ready for school, tripping over my blankets that had fallen on the floor, “Ah crap!” I yelled. “Risio honey, are you ok up there?” she walked into my room “Risio you need to pick up your room, I swear we’ve been here 3 weeks and you’ve already almost given yourself a concussion”

“Sorry ma, I’m just thinking about the summer.” Her Delcatty skipped into the room happy as can be “Hey mom, can we go to the local professor and get me a starter?”

“You have school today remember, and you’ll need a signed paper from your guidance counselor to get approved here”

“Really? That sucks; I’d have a pokémon already if we hadn’t moved here.” I dropped my shoulders.
“Why don’t you go to school with Delcatty? I’m sure she’d love the walk!” She clapped her hands and walked out “I’m not making breakfast today, take the money off the counter and get some at school and for lunch” she shouted from downstairs.
I stroked Delcatty’s head and sighed, mom was a pokémon trainer too, she got 5 badges and stopped when she met dad. Dad on the other hand never wanted to settle and continued on to be a trainer, leaving my mom with me. I went into my mom’s room to look for Delcatty’s ball.

“Mom! Where’s Delcatty’s pokeball?” I shouted

“I put it with the money downstairs, I have to go now, and I’m taking Gardevoir with me.” I heard the door close and her car drive off. I got dressed and grabbed the cash and ball. “Delcatty return”
I grabbed my bag and walked to school, humming an old tune from a TV show that I had seen. “Hey what’s that song?” a voice from behind startled me, I turned around to look at who had asked the question. I turned around to see a girl my age smiling and holding an eevee.

“Uh, an old TV show theme song.” I felt like a loser, admitting that.

“Well it is super catchy, I’ve never seen you before are you new or home-schooled?”

“I’m new here, my name is Risio but I prefer if people just call me O”

“Doesn’t your name mean laughter or something? I love it! My name is Rose, named after the city and the city after the flower. “She laughed and pointed at the open fields “They call it Rosepetal city because of the roses, but I’m sure you know that!”

“So do you go to the school here?”

“Nope, not one bit, I’m home schooled. I don’t go to public schools because my school is at home!”

“Well, I got to get to school before I’m late.”

“Oh, oh can I go with you? Please! Please! Please!” She jumped about excitedly.

“Uh, sure but don’t you have to be home?” I was a bit nervous around her.

“I get the day off, and the day off is for me!” She cheered

“Ok, but I don’t think I can help you much, I might get lost.” Then I remembered that my mom taught Delcatty the way to school. “Oh wait, I got my mom’s Delcatty” I let Delcatty out “Take me to school please.” It nodded and started to walk.

“What kind of pokémon do you have O?”

“I don’t have any, my counselor has to approve that I can own one.” She laughed, “What’s so funny? “

“All I have is this Eevee that I rescued this mourning and I never needed approval for it.”

“That is a cute Eevee, so why do you want to go with me to school?”

“I get lonely, I don’t get to meet new people at home and not many people live in our neighborhood.” She sighed, “Anyways it is my day off!”

“Well there’s the school there do you want to meet up there when I get done?” I almost choked on the words I was so nervous.

“Yea, I’ll be right here at the gates!” And so I went in and waved goodbye.

The day went by with very little activity, I wasn’t noticed by students and I didn’t make a point to meet any, I had two focuses find my counselor and think about my next meeting with that girl. Throughout the day I checked the student office, but the counselors were not there, I was told they’d be out for the week. I was slightly disappointed but I knew there were more important things than my first pokémon. I hadn’t eaten breakfast that day because of the girl, so by lunch I was starving, I had enough to buy lunch and still have half my money. The classes were not great, I took many of them the previous year and it wasn’t productive for me to retake them so I just let my mind wonder.
After school I practically ran to the front gates, and to my joy there was Rose smiling and joyful. “Hey there Rose, what did you do today?”

“I waited here with my Eevee for you to get out!” I was stunned, did she really wait out there all alone.

“Did you wait out here by yourself?”

“Yep, I didn’t know when you got out and how to get back home.” She looked a bit sad. “But now you’re out and we can go right!”

“Did you eat anything Rose?”

“No” She looked down, “I’m so hungry too”

“Well I have some money let’s go get some food.” I looked at her and smiled as brightly as I could. “What do you want to eat?”

“I don’t know, I’ll eat whatever you get.” So we walked into town and looked for somewhere cheap to eat, we came across a shop that sold ramen and decided that this is where she would wait on her days off.

Each day she met me in front of my house and after school, almost routinely, she always told me it was her day off. Though I never asked about why she had so many. Then my counselor came to school and I was finally able to talk to her. “How can I help you uh…” she looked at her form, “Risio?”

“I need a signed form that I can get a pokémon from the professor.” She nodded and looked at her forms.

“Well you are eligible for a pokémon and your grades are more than decent.” She smiled, “You are approved; take this form to professor Yule. Is there anything else you want to know? Are you getting along well here?”

“Well, I did meet this one girl, but she doesn’t go to this school, I really like her too, she’s pretty and nice.” She smiled and nodded but it didn’t seem happy, I didn’t notice at the time.

“Well, you should have a nice day then”
“Hey Rose, want to go to the lab today?” She was waiting at the gates even though it was raining. “I’m going to get my first pokémon.” We were walking to the shop but she didn’t look very happy today. “What’s the matter?” She looked at me with tears in her eyes.

“I don’t have any more days off.” Sobbing now

“That’s okay, when do you have more off?” I hadn’t understood why she was so sad. “I can meet you at your house this time.”

“But you can’t, I no longer have days off, I won’t be here anymore.”

“But you can’t just leave I thought you were lonely, don’t you like me?” I started to cry now, but I didn’t know why, I’d never cried for someone before. “Don’t be so sad Rose.”
She dropped to the ground but had stopped crying, she looked at me with the saddest eyes I’ve ever seen and she gave me the happiest, tear filled look I’ve ever seen. She pointed at the fields, “I’m named after the town and the town is named after me.”

“What do you mean, named after you?” She smiled and laughed.

“Your name means laughter, that’s a happy thing, you’ve made me less lonely, and all that I ask from you is that you stay here in this region.”

“I swear I will, I swear I’ll wait here until your next day off.” She smiled with more tears and ran off, with me staring off in her direction until she disappeared. Somehow, I felt she would never have a day off again. I then felt a hand on my shoulder, I looked behind me. It was my counselor looking down at me.

“The island is said to make people sad, and a lot of the stories are true. That girl you saw, you made her happy even here, and that should make you happy, even if you feel empty inside.” She looked at me and tried to smile “I don’t know if that girl really was human but, rumors say there are spirits of the island and maybe she was one. You should get home though before you get rained on more.” I couldn’t say anything; I had a heavy chest and a lump in my throat, I couldn’t even move and eventually I passed out.

When I woke up I was at home in bed, I could hear my mom speaking with someone but I still couldn’t bring myself to move. So I went to sleep again.
=============================================End of Ch. 1
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