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Draconius GO
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Old May 25th, 2013 (6:31 AM).
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Part Eighteen: The Wonders of Liz Island!
Or some truly terrifying e-monster designs and stories.


So last off, Miyor told us about their friend in Alice that could make the bad telemarketers go away.

Naturally, I choose to explore Liz Island instead.

Again with the consistent 'guies' spelling. And I wonder what sort of companies they have in this world...?

Oh no, level 19. Basically battling anyone here for now is a walk in the park.

They don't all resort to this I think, but it's the common expression for the angry e-monsters to use.

It can make factories!?

When I stop sightseeing.

Oh no!

...You just battled with me here! =(

Why must I do everything for everyone? =(

What are you trying to say!?

The woes of powerful companies. They have to put up with so much!

As opposed to saying 'You're not allowed here'.

Time to walk in the water surronding the island then as we can't go in the woods yet.

Oh, look, a...WAMITERA! Whatever it is.

Strange battle cry, but I did just that.

Makes it sound like Bek is writing these entries...

If you remember the telephone competition...we're next to where it was! In fact:

Selected part (sorta bottom left if you can see it) is the cursor on part of Liz Island with the water around it surronding the forest part we cannot yet access. Above is the first village with MUSA and to the left the second. Alice is all the way on the right with Palan next to it, and M-City Virginia is in-between it and Liz Island. (hurr hurr)

Basically - the world is arranged like a toddler's attempt at tetris.

How does one give an e-wave anyway? Is it like winning an internet?

Can I choose the revolvers we got earlier? =D

I guess it's a better attempt than the previous person's...

These villagers sure are confusing.

Gee, what a boring island!

The what?


Oh. =(

OSIE's evolution! He lost weight.

Oh god he heard my comment didn't he.

Why would you even ask me about golf and no it will not help you much in losing weight.

I can imagine a player hitting the golf (not the golf ball, but EVERYTHING GOLF) into a hole, and the caddy exclaiming 'OK' in response. Or 'Difficul'.

What questionable thing will come from this!?

The question really is - is it better than what gets played on the radio!?

This is a question. (Yes/No)

I am interested in two things. One - what was the actual question in Japanese? Was it so inane? And secondly - why am I being told this

Uh...hey guys, meet another new e-monster!

Yay for strange new attacks.

Maybe that's why they are electric monsters...?



A most terrifying attack.

But not as terrifying as the appearance seriously why.

I wouldn't follow either.

A considerly less scary attack in which some...smoke-looking thing appears for half a second? Nonetheless, WAMITE (which is, by the way what I think they should have called the new Vegemite) dislikes it.

Should just charge GERLIN for assault! D=

That is pretty good too though.



...I am not making it up - he really did call me shortly after beating GERLIN. =/



If ever there was a time when you could hang up a phone call in the middle of a conversation, now is it.

I could say the same thing about you, believe me.

Actually screw this I hate Liz Island now.

Next update we'll actually do the backtracking and do the stuff for Liz Island so we can get the hell away from Jabba the Hutt.

Relevant Advertising!

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Another couple weeks, another update! And a minor point to mention along with this too! As some readers may know on some sites, this is not the first time I actually attempted this LP. Back then I had foolishly went with imageshack which then screwed me over by suddenly changing max number of images limits on accounts. [Photobucket and also dropbox are much better with this].

This part here is actually the point where I had gotten up to before that happened and I was forced to replace all the images to avoid them being removed on me. Onwards is all new content! \o/ Let's see if I can get to the end this time around.

Part Nineteen: Back to the sea!
Or some fun backtracking and abusing an item.


Last time, we were escaping from a horrible thing and heading back to Alice to find some guy who can scare away e-waves or something. Palan is quick to get through so we'll just skip that...

Oh, hey, OSIE. mean fighting?

Oh hey I'm wondering about that too! I doubt answering these inane questions 'correctly' makes you bigger, so... let's go close. Because I can't get far away from any of you.

And whose fault is that, hmm? I suppose by close they mean closer in terms of friendship rather than physical distance though... oh dear, that's a horrid thought given what sort of creatures may try to come 'close'.

At any rate, time to make use of the shops in this town! I'm already pretty underleveled and later on this will only be worse, so I might as well grind. However, there is a way to make grinding easier!

Step one: Obtain P-card.

Step two: talk to this person and do this [reform evolve] with P-card.

Step three: get exp and repeat once more!

And step four is to have a single battle, and you level up. 2 P-cards give you half the exp of your current level, making it an amazing item. So soon enough I get Kuribute to the 30s.

Yay for the long-charge move! You won't use it too often, unless you like overkill in random wild encounters and don't mind waiting a while, in which case you will use it very often.

Funny in the way that makes my brain bleed.

'No' is pretty funny.

'It' was funny? =/

Is everyone going to swear at me again? Let's find out!

...Nope. Huh.

What? isunderstanding not.

Well, at least none of you look like Gumi.

I guess they are sorry for their swearing, but why can't they apologise now? Afterwards what?

What sake are you talking about? The alcoholic drink? O_o

Useless? I... they still don't make sense seeing this is clearly not the case.

I'll just pretend you said the last two words and leave.

Yes. But hang on, how was he going to break it anyway? Chainsaw? His e-monster? Mashing his face into it?


I think someone coded in the wrong dialogue. Or this one is just plain old cranky. =/

The sea still sucks let's leave already.


Remember kids about the dangers of sexting!


Oh hey I think I found the guy we're looking for.

Seriously what kind of name is Jinxi anyways.

Bek refuses to answer and continues the conversation.


Well how does one treat a Jinxi anyways?

Yes, your power of standing in the corner will surely send everyone running!

Everyone talks funny?

Oh yeah, that rule. 'Resolve everything with fighting'.



Note the high level. He's not very strong in attack, but he DOES have an attack with a high chance of paralysing in Needle, making him very hard for your team of mid-20s. That is, if you didn't abuse P-cards beforehand. Especially on a monster with a type advantage. >:]

Come, McBird! Observe a one-hit kill.

No no, you're not killed yet, Not-JINXI. Wait a moment!

Oh fine. You managed to make your super-duper attack stronger.

Now, wasn't that fun?

I already did!

Str for STRONG.

This text is pointless!

And then he disappears.

Hurrah for that though! Now we can go back to Liz Island in the next update.
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Time for the first 100% new content update! Oh boy!

Part Twenty: Down with the Telemarketers
Or using RANBRAGE for one thing.


Last time, we beat up a bishop looking monster. Let's see what it can do!

It can be... extremely friendly and has its name change to o.

I have no idea why. Let's just go back to Liz Island.

On the way there:

'Attack enemy by laping two wing.' Hmm. A very cultured monster, this.

That was quick.

Sure did! Let's just call them.

I guess this is how you do it, from memory...

You... want to give Not-Sandslash a R-gun?

...He beat you up, RANBRAGE.

No, I'm using telepathy.

Wait, where-


And from the heavens did descend RAMBRAGE, and all was Engrish.

See? I told you he descended from heaven.

Christ isn't very happy at the moment it seems.

It's awfully hard to understand what exactly is being said around now. =/

Like what, exactly?

You tell that Christ what to do, Bek.

At least he is a well natured guy, I suppose? Or was Bek making a threat there?


That's quite some special effects there, I guess.

Wait, what?

Didn't we just want to try and stop it being transmitted? :/

Or did we? I'm not sure anymore. I don't think the game is sure either.

In other words...

What happened was that RAMBRAGE did stop the e-wave. (Whatever that is exactly). But it still works fine for Bek's phone.

Because it is too special.

Good work explaining yourself out of that plothole, game! I don't think the Engrish is even at fault for this here.

And by we...

...we mean Bek.

Well, to be fair we've already seen what a walkover they are, and that was before the extra grinding done to beat RAMBRAGE...

Great teamwork! What you don't see is the sheep thing walk into a house and stay there for the rest of the game instead of helping out. :V

Damn straight RAMBRAGE isn't quite as quick at bashing up stuff as you.

Let's do this.

Deal with it.

I suppose that's one way to deal with it.

Who have come back?

As with the bad guys (or guies) in the sea or caves, they disappear once you beat them and force them to say something confusing.


Yay for levels.

Ah ah, you are right.

I'm just showing a few of the snippets of odd text you get from these mooks.

It has been back indeed!

Soon enough they're all gone, and so Bek goes to report back to...whoever that sheep guy is.

That's... one way to put it, Bek?

It's odd how half the time plot-concerned NPCs end up behind the text bubbles.

What an odd term.

Probably a fat one. Gee, I hope it's not Jabba the Hutt. =(

Sounds legit!

Bek makes a long boring spiel about wanting more friends.

Oh, you're going to help us?

Clearly not. What was really meant by the above is 'go find him yourself lol'. =/

The heck did sheep guy disappear off to...?

Previously, this one was standing in the way! Now we can actually see the inner parts of the island!

This has been another poorly constructed sentence presented by Telefang.

Trees everywhere, and not a master of island in sight. Guess what we look for next update!?
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Part Twenty-One: Hunt for the Master
Or bashing up a bunch of sheep and getting some ice cream.


Luckily this isn't a difficult maze by any means, but we still need to go find this master.

Are you the master?

...I'll take that as a no.

Why did you move to the left side?

We're definitely going places in this conversation.

Maybe what?


Not the sheep thing that was on the island, I might add. Or at least, I'm pretty sure this one isn't.

The level of it is at least comparable to Not-Sandslash, but it's still a simple battle.

I believe Bek is asking this, given the following dialogue. A fair question to ask of a talking fighting ram with a tiny hat.

We want money.

Oh. =(

Can't make what? Money?

Hmm, maybe he has money.

'It' was there? =/


What the game doesn't tell you is that you need to find two more of these guys to be able to find out where the master is. Nothing exciting happened between the first and second encounters, so:

Maybe for Engrish training.

I never really get why Bek is so eager to make new friends Maybe he likes violence, given that making friends usually involves bashing them up.

More than ten seconds? Dang.

These WARATA are not very good at making calls, given nobody ever comes to help them in the fight. Some training they do.


Dang those lying sheep.


Well, I did find the tree gate to the next place. So that's something.

And thus we encounter KESI's evolution: ICECREAM

Now in the delicious cancer variety!

I bet you never had your ice cream Miao at you.

It's the ice cream that bites back!

This game. It has things like this. Idk what the pirates were thinking in using that as a name for a monster.

But I don't think there's many other monsters that fit the name so well though. ;p

OSIE meanwhile has a much nicer looking evolution, and a less edible name!

OSIE also lost a fair bit of weight. Good on him!


Sadly, this heralds the start of a lot of phone calls while I try to find other monsters.

Well, you still could use some weightwatchers. >:[ And I am not, you are calling me! And yet, the correct answer (at least for getting FD) is Yes...

Everyone? Gosh, I hope not, especially considering how many things I hate.


I'll opt for Why?, as in Why are you saying this to me? (Also not a question to begin with!)

I don't think I want to know about this story, really. =(

This has nothing to do with anything, PUNIKA! =(



Well, you can't do anything about this guy, but we've seen him in a few places already. Hmm.

Guess we better meet the third sheep guy then.

Oh great, another guy who is quick to jump to conclusions.

Bek, that is not nearly enough words to say what you wanted to.

Somehow the sheep gets that out of what Bek said. =/


Of course.

There, happy?

I don't like the sound of that. =/

Somehow I don't think ET would be out of place here.


It was a glorious battle. Several telemarketers lay still on the sands of Liz Island.

We were already there!


Well, Bek, are you going to say thanks?

I guess not. Anyways we found the master, and he looks fat. We also got a call from RANBRAGE.

No they weren't, quit telling fibs.

Stupid RANBRAGE. Anyways, sorry to keep you waiting, Mr Master.

As in, this very spot you are standing on. And maybe a step to the right as well. Yeah.

Your money!

Well, everyone likes to make friend, Bek. But not everyone can have friend and money.

You have to be qualified for these things now?

In other words: 'I don't care if you are old, FIGHT ME! I'll MAKE you be my friend!'

I don't really like how he talks. =/


Even as a kid this whole arc felt out of place. Sure, you could say the same of the whole game, but for some reason this part was especially so. The 2nd half of Liz Island is 'find this master guy and be his friend', and he's not even that good. RANBRAGE was two updates back and two levels higher!

He can just have the regular battle theme, even.

erties! Also sky type. Weird looking owl.

Sums up WAMITE, I suppose.

Armory gets the type advantage here, so why not. So polite!

Sure, that's a lot of health...

But we do half of that on him despite the type disadvantage, and that's a bigger fraction of his health.

And then he crits Not-Sandslash. Spoke too soon! :V

But this battle is still rather simple...

Now we get a critical hit our way, for instance.

And ARMORY would have probably killed him anyway.

But you're good at hiding! We had to beat up three sheep to be able to notice you!

Not-Sandslash is currently flexing his muscles.

MagMon! Whatever that means.

All the tuber.

But we already have too many! =(

Did he just talk to the door...?

Oh? Is it the power to go home?

I... think I can?

Or are these the powers?

And then he disappears. Let's never use him! \o/

But he did give us some useful powers. Although how he did that is beyond me. Maybe he made Bek buff.

Remember those treasure chests from previous towns? We can access them now! But we'll bother with that some other time. Items aren't really important to progress in this game anyways save for the grinding sort.

Onwards to the next place!

That sure is a name to call your lake. Let's explore it next update.
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    Is it just me or would Bangupal be a really cool Pokemon?

    Still loving the fact no matter how hard you try you're still given no direction because of the Engrish haha.

    I've missed a few and should catch up, keep 'em coming!
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    Originally Posted by brane View Post
    Is it just me or would Bangupal be a really cool Pokemon?

    Still loving the fact no matter how hard you try you're still given no direction because of the Engrish haha.

    I've missed a few and should catch up, keep 'em coming!
    I suppose it has an alright design. Around here the designs probably start to improve in general some more, and maybe even resemble a few gen 5 Pokemon here and there.

    Given no direction? Oh boy, this'll really sure up later on too. But there'll be some vague forms of a more general plot to emerge too, but this doesn't help knowing what to do next in the game half the time.

    Cheers for the post! =D
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    Part Twenty-Two: Let's go fishing!
    Or getting confused by RESEARCH and doctors.


    Let's go see this oddly named lake.

    Palan got a new theme, as did Liz Island, so we should get a new tune, right...?

    Nope, back to the standard overworld theme! We will get a different tune later, but this is the theme for the update.

    Considering we've seen no lakes of note before, I suppose we'll take his word for it.

    Granted, this is the second square of the area we've seen (third if we count the tree), but that's a hell of a lake right there. =p

    Also yay a forced phone call.

    A lake.

    And Sungki is not easily impressed!

    What is with everyone and wanting to fish the moment they see a body of water?

    A logical conclusion.

    Don't ask Bek, he just knows about baseball and Peach Boy.

    Alright, that's an acceptable amount of water, and I suppose that's the antenna tree door too. But unlike the sea we can't actually go walking through water. =/ Talk about a lame power!

    What was the point of this map design? @[email protected] (Answer - seemingly none).

    The people around here like sitting in corners.

    A star thing! Let's hit it.

    It's a good idea to recruit some 'friends' around here given everything else takes three turns minimum to reach you!

    Yay type advantage.

    That doesn't sound like a good dex entry...

    What persons who came in?

    That's slightly more informative, I suppose. Guess we should check them out after some more exploring.

    Oh, one of these guys again! Useful to get, but sadly this one did not give us their number.

    And then this one appears. Another evolution of a monster seen all the way back in Tulunk.

    And he's friendly!

    And very good at hiding, apparently.

    What are you doing in the corner there?

    Biology is an interesting choice of words there. Useable, but strange for speech. I suppose that's the mystery of this place - strange thing in the lake, and some guys are scared of it.

    And some guys just want to be on TV.

    Another evolution! This place is full of them.

    A straightforward entry here. That's enough of getting friends as backup - time to see a guy with a unique sprite.

    He's just chilling.

    First time of...what exactly? =/

    Can't you see, Bek? He's being a plot relevant character.

    Looked more like you were just staring at the lake, really.

    The quest of friendship! Given we have pages upon pages of phone numbers, I'd have thought that we've already done enough of that, but clearly not.


    For goodness sake, Bek, don't encourage him! He's called DR BRAG, after all.


    A good question.

    So basically it's Telefang's version of a legendary Pokemon. Just supernal. Meanwhile Dr. Brag turned his back on us.

    Well, we found a fat master of the island, but I don't think that's quite it.

    So Bek has heard of it before, or not? Abuh.

    Come now, you can't just give us this conversation for no reason. We're going to bump into one of these supernal things sooner or later.


    I like how he didn't wait for an answer from Bek.

    Wait, did you say that?

    Bek, are you being brainwashed? =|

    I don't like how Bek was talked into this helping thing. Again. =|

    The doctor then goes up. Let's follow him!

    Hey, where did he go?

    Good question, random NPC!

    Dang. Well, we did hear about some guy running away back on the left side of the lake, so he's probably the same person as what Dr. BRAG mentioned. Might as well go there.

    This happened on the way there!

    Found him!

    That's a casual way to begin a conversation.

    RESEARCH? Oh dear, the game's assigning names before it should, or maybe when it shouldn't...

    That's an interesting reaction...

    ...As is that.

    Well, at least this plot development is a bit better than the attack of the telemarketers.


    If you cast your minds back to Kelina Village, you'll recall an NPC explaining this. They were into pharmacy! What a useful detail.

    Wait, what?

    Woah what no you are a person. Called RESEARCH, apparently. Uh.

    So basically, we've got an escaped scientist working for another, who is saying they are an e-monster created by their boss. Who treats e-monsters like draught animals.


    Well, maybe the dock will make more sense.

    Well, are you going to say anything else, Mr OCTOBRE RESEARCH man?

    Okay, I suppose.


    Let's just go.

    Oh look it's the doctor. Let's ask him-

    So the crazy guy was right?

    Huh. How about that.

    Sadly that earlier line is surely a mistranslation on the translator's side, and if anything is a line that shouldn't even be in the game. (Maybe something to that effect was unused text in the game though, and they just shoved it here?) All this does is just make things confusing. Or more so, given how this game has gone so far.

    Ha, ha, ha, ha! Why is this funny?

    This OCTOBRE jumps and then disappears back into the water.

    Who are you talking to?

    No, seriously, why are you monologuing loudly at the lake?

    Oh wait.

    Do something, Bek and Not-Sandslash!

    Nicely done. Hurrah for the convenient tree!

    I'm not really sure if Bek is speaking here, but let's just go with it.

    This screenshot is not a bad sum up of how confusing that sequence was.

    Palsy by sticks!

    Well, I suppose something weird is up. Let's check it out.

    And the first room greets us with statues.

    We'll explore inside in the next update!
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    Part Twenty-Three: Infiltrating the lab!
    Or forgetting this place has to do with lakes.


    Time to check out a lab with creepy statues! Standard fare I suppose.

    I think the theme here is pretty decent in setting up the mood for the location!

    Hi there, bookcases and person.

    He's a jumpy sort, but I guess you can say that of everyone here.

    He's also of a battling sort.

    I love this sprite. RESEARCH clearly wants to party down in the lab.

    This sprite however I hate. Meet one of the more annoying e-monsters in the game!

    It's not that it's strong or anything. It's just one move it knows that makes it annoying. You'll see in a bit.

    This first fight is just a 2-on-2, so it does help to recruit someone from outside the lab, as I did here. Of course, RESEARCH has two SHERSTLA.

    Well, SHERSTLA is doing a good job at that, I suppose. The starfish isn't the most defensively built monster though.

    Which one is which!?

    Well, now I can tell the difference between the two of them. One is horribly hurt!

    Ah, here it is.

    Yes, that thing did just flied in the sky. What's weird about that? :V

    But what's special about this? Well, it's like the move Fly in the Pokémon games - you can't hit them while they are in the sky (even if they are inside a building). Which is annoying if say they are the only remaining enemy - when it's your turn you can't land a hit. Fly isn't a damaging move either - they'll just return when it finishes (and it can last multiple turns!) and do a different attack. Or Fly again.

    And when there's two of them...


    Somehow Not-Sandslash stops this one.

    And our starfish finishes it off.

    At least Not-Sandslash has a non-attacking move while we wait...

    Trading blows...

    ...And smashing for good measure.

    EXP boost for fighting RESEARCH!

    And now I have an annoying monster on my side! But it's not very fun annoying the CPU. =/ Oh well. The last monster we knock out is the one that gives their number in these battles, but here it didn't matter given they were the same.

    These scientists don't take losing well. Or maybe it's a side effect of being near water?

    I like how the dex tries to offer an explanation for it knowing how to fly. Oh well, onwards!

    Remember how the Master of the Island gave us those powers? He must have known that we'd encounter terrible and difficult puzzles that'd require said powers to overcome them!

    However will we solve it!?


    C'mon, this isn't even a puzzle.

    Or maybe it was a trap.


    Ma-gun stands for machine gun.

    Wait, what?

    Bek celebrates this finding by demonstrating his other power - throwing vases.

    And then we encounter this guy.

    He's a decent one to recruit if you're not using Not-Sandslash, I suppose.

    Yes, I do see.


    An apt description for how it attacks.

    Oh look, a guy higher up guarding treasure. Let's work our way there.

    No, I just want the treasure.

    Bek doesn't have a license.

    Work hard. Play hard.

    For some reason this particular message of BANDAs is amusing.

    Such friendly opponents.

    Contrary to the dex entry for it, it doesn't spin about to fly.

    Not-Sandslash decides to take it out on the non-flying foe.

    It doesn't even pose much of a threat considering in usual circumstances it's down in two hits. But then Not-Sandslash is a touch overlevelled for this area.

    RIKORIS however is just all kinds of unimpressive.

    HIT. A great attack name.

    Combo victory!

    Yay, more of these! @[email protected]

    It's the sea all over again.

    Not another swearing scientist!

    So he changed?

    That's not an answer. >:[

    This guy is a side evolution of ARMORY.

    And he has this guy too.

    Not a bad attack!

    Oh wait.

    BAIBU though manages to dodge a hit.

    And then fails to hit itself.

    BANDA shows us how it's done.

    BANDA is certainly more frail than Not-Sandslash, given this wasn't a critical hit.

    That one however was.

    Yay, all the stat boosts.


    Not quite the right wording, but at least they tried.

    Another wild monster, just running about in the lab. Does seem well-maintained to me.

    They're not very polite, I have to say.

    The most inspiring of dex entries.

    Well, at least he said please.

    And then we meet the melted version of Jabba.

    A 3-on-3 battle here!

    They're not very dangerous, but still this battle can be a trouble if you don't have a plan or an overlevelled monster.

    Oh boy

    Sure, it does rather little damage. But it's a melted Jabba spewing on you. =(

    TAMPALA shows how unthreatening it is. It has a type advantage here.

    PHANEL isn't too shabby on its own.

    This is one of the more annoying parts this battle can throw up - status.

    It cured the next turn for BANDA, but note that it takes up the whole turn.

    Luckily that's only one of two troublesome parts of this battle.


    It's not even a damaging attack and it was stopped.

    This is the other annoying part. Status all round for BANDA!

    PHANEL doesn't need telling to know what it should hit.

    Really unimpressive.

    So Not-Sandslash puts it out of its misery.

    Great, it just became a sitting duck! Or a sitting melted duck. I'm not sure.

    So close!

    So not close.


    Oh, we do.

    It has a bomb!?

    This piece of news disturbs me greatly.

    That RESEARCH sure can jump!

    'person who barged in' is a popular phrase of this game, by the way.

    This guy has crabs. :V

    And a killer pony!

    Let's get the pony's number!

    Not today, we're overlevelled. Or at least Not-Sandslash is.

    Banda is actually doing more damage than the pony.

    On the flip side, it's faster than it. But in the end:

    Aw yeah.

    Maybe it's an advertisement? It could be for a company called ****, and they sponsored this lab and brainwashed the sea monsters.

    Makes as much sense as this game after all. We just found a missile lying about in a lab.

    Yeah, if only we could use such items ourselves. =(

    More of these guys!

    ??? I have no idea what that means, but I do know this guy has another melted Jabba. Which means:


    Always a fun move. Let's see what sort of a defence it can put up!


    Someone's angry today.

    And by someone, I mean everyone here.

    Maybe that's why they're so grumpy. Stuck in a lab, guarding against intruders and roaming monkeys and demons. Oh my.

    Really, overall this section is oddly easy. Then again Liz Island was too... I suppose it's just a darn easy part of the game, if you discount RAMBRAGE.

    Everyone's helping!

    What is with these rooms?

    Sure, okay.

    And what is a starfish doing in a lab anyways?

    BANDA cares not for logistic, he just cares for levels. Sadly he doesn't gain any SP (speed), as that's something that is rather lacking. =/


    This guy has two DORIA. The battle isn't very interesting though.

    Yay more friends.

    Nay more swears.

    This room here is curious. Nearly every other guard will challenge you to a battle if you get too close, but these require being talked to.

    Took you long enough to realise Bek was not a party-hard RESEARCH.

    The other curious thing is that these are 2-on-3 battles.

    Not-Sandslash however is very quick to level up the score.

    And really, I'm lucking out here on what is normally a tougher battle. But then I never kept Not-Sandslash in my party up to here.

    I should keep a counter or something.

    These things at the bottom of the stairs are... more stairs, perhaps. They act as a form of one-way barricade...

    ...but not in this instance, as you can still walk around them. I do not know why there are here.

    Do they include the wild monkeys?

    Oh, of course.

    I like this part of the killer pony. Healing for all!

    Rude. =(

    Two pony fight! But these are low levelled and not worth using. =/

    So we'll just beat them up instead.

    Did we need to be more overlevelled? I think we did.

    No u

    Does this mean the roaming monkeys, demons AND starfish are not strangers?

    Killer Pony dislikes e-magic.

    REALLY dislikes.

    Not a bad level there. Note that Not-Sandslash is sitting on level 38.

    A Mo-Gun.

    One wonders what weapons we'll continue to find. But that'll have to wait for the next update!
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    Part Twenty-Four: Doctor's Orders
    Or encountering the first really over-levelled boss.


    Who leaves guns lying around in their lab anyway? I mean, really. I guess they don't have any safety regulations around here.


    No, and I'm glad for it.

    I won't question your judgement on this, SIGERA.

    I'll deal with you later.

    I wonder if he shouts this at the wild monsters too. Or are they his friends?

    BUBARIA are nothing much to talk about, really. They have some bulk, but...

    Nothing Not-Sandslash can't handle.

    No, BUBARIA, those are cobras.

    You are a crab.

    That face isn't even intimidating.

    Well put, good sir.

    Hopping down the staircase things! And that's all they're good for. Like one-way ledges, I suppose.

    A-gun, or just a gun? You decide.

    Oh my, sorry, uh

    You might want to clean that up.

    Now now, don't go blaming me. There wasn't a door and this isn't a bathroom!


    What are you doing here? Hiding from the guy above?

    I don't know, would he?

    Gosh, sorry.

    The R is for ridiculous.

    Another puzzle!

    Gee, I wonder.

    Right, got rid of him and now we're placing the last crate...

    Gosh, that's rude of you, Not-Sandslash! :o

    The trickiest of puzzles. The random jar is there to add to the sheer madness of it all.


    I think we have a disgruntled employee here.

    I'm sensing a recurring theme here.

    Oh, something that's not a gun! Although one can't be too sure about these things.

    And after that detour, we're back on track. The statues help!


    Guess someone has to file the paperwork.


    Nay. >:[

    The puzzles are still dead easy.

    Oh yeah, I remember you from the start of this update. How sneaky.


    There's no kill quite like overkill. ~

    Yay again!

    Nay again!

    Let's try down first.

    Aha, more... 'treasure'.

    Good guess.

    Really, this is the highlight of that battle.

    What guns will we get this time!?

    Just a regular gun? Oh.

    That doesn't have Gun in the name!

    Oi! Where are my [Letter]-guns?

    Oh good, I'm going there right now.

    Yes, this must be the place. More statues than usual.

    Almost as cool as using the force. Let's go, Bek.


    We came all this way to find an empty room save for more statues?

    Not even a lab table or something.


    Oh, there you are. Couldn't see you under all those text boxes. You know how it is.

    The moment of truth-wait, we already know the answer.

    That's not very funny.

    Sounds simple enough when you say it like that.



    AAAAAA where did it come from

    No. >:[

    There are two things to take notice of here. The first is that we're fighting an oversized pink elephant-octopus thing.

    The second is that it's level 50, a good 11 levels over our already over-levelled Not-Sandslash!

    Pistol and Horn luckily are not great attacks, although G-SEA is pretty cool looking for the charge-up attack. But that level difference can be a big challenge.

    Luckily we have two type advantages. :V

    Let's do this.

    This is why BANDA is useful here. That's still a decent chunk of HP though.

    This however is fantastic. =D

    It's pretty fast for an e-monster given the level difference, so one must be careful. That's where killer pony comes in.

    Ah, one of my favourite status effects to use.

    Yes, we can see.

    This battle is going very well, but it helps that I know how to play the game and actually stuck with the starter who has a type advantage here. I suspect the next area's boss will be decent too.

    That was quick.



    Jump all you like, you lost!

    Sorry to disappoint you there.

    Yeah, like Not-Sandslash, I suppose! And it's not okay if they are Jabba the Hutt!


    Oh yeah, you're still there. Funny, that, usually defeated e-monsters disappear.

    Bek just stands around like a douche who just broke into someone's lab, took all the guns inside and beat up a giant elephant sea monster.

    He was your friend in the first place?

    Will the thing forgive the doctor!?

    Meanwhile Sungki decides to interrupt this moving moment.

    Can't touch this ~

    So casual there, Bek.


    I think we know Bek is going to say yes though.

    Gotta go fast.

    Which key? The one we already used?

    Then the doctor speaks.


    Where did that name come from?

    No seriously, game, why does he have a name now?


    Oh well let's see if anybody noticed.

    No TV moment for you!

    These people really wanted to be on TV, didn't they?

    And then BANDA bothers to get an increase in speed. Bit late there, monkey.

    I'm wondering what the doctor did exactly to his supposed friend, and why we just let him off the hook there and why we only now know his name.


    'He has the cleanliness' is one of my favourite quotes now. And no, OSIE, we're not giving you any of our guns.

    You're welcome, I suppose.

    Oh, is this how we're going to get to the next antenna tree?

    Time for an acid trip again.

    How does this even work!?

    Oh well, we're here now. I suppose we'll explore this village in the next update.
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    Part Twenty-Five: Knock Knock
    Or walking about trying to find someone sane.


    Right, what sort of crazies will we encounter next?

    Huh, just buildings to greet us.

    Another overworld-theme town. Nothing special about it then I guess in that sense.

    ...You have a house, Not-Sandslash?

    Or wait, does this one just belong to another one? It's locked and none of our [KEYS] work.

    He has a house too?

    Okay, odd information about houses which we can't enter at all. Okay.

    Well, there's a shop. And grass.

    And this thing again.

    Interestingly, for our first fight we have a bunch of monsters who can show up straightaway!

    Of course, 3-1 battles are darn easy in this circumstance, and there's really not much besides this e-monster in this area.

    But here, we can see Bansis Village is right next to Liz Island. Although it seems the water, lack of direct antenna tree and barrier between there and here doesn't stop the e-monsters much. Not that great a system.

    The shop is fine, although maybe not in the sense of its products.

    A blender for what, exactly?

    I don't think it's called that.

    That's exactly what I want to have.

    Is it even a song? Or maybe it's what you guys listen to. I'll take your word for it.

    Whose grandpa?

    Oh, there was this really old clock
    It sat next to grandpa's spare sock~

    Oh hey, tiny hat ram reappeared! They're wild here.

    Excellent! There's a rather interesting dex entry for this, although I'm not sure interesting is quite the word I'm looking for...

    Who even came up with this, and how? ...Actually, I probably don't want to know.

    Who needs insta-growing grass?

    Well this is an odd feature in the middle of town.

    Nothing to see here, it seems.

    Oh, one of these buildings. We saw one back in Kelina. It somehow has a tree inside it

    Of course. Wonder what's in there.

    It smells like egg inside.

    This might actually be the antenna tree door. Guess we need plot to open it up.

    Oh hey, that douche!

    I'll note that there was actually a reason in me getting all these screenshots.

    Oh look, a green thing in the corner! But let's check these houses first.

    Whelp, all locked.

    It's alive!

    ...Not-Sandslash, why is this the only thing we've seen here besides the shopkeepers?

    Couldn't you have asked that a few times earlier in these game, Bek? I can think of a few examples...

    Besides the shopkeepers, that is. Not very fond of Moving, really.

    Did the engrish overcome them?

    Honestly Bek why do you keep doing this to yourself?

    Seems normal to me so far.

    Wait what

    Bek the hero to the plot as always.

    Well, we were already there, and there wasn't anything interesting.

    That won't stop us checking again though!

    A for effort right there.

    Well... he is a good hider, I'll give him that.


    ...How did you hear that, and why do you call it sth.?

    That was the entire phone call, by the way. No questions, or details, or concern. Just 'I heard some stuff is going on over there!' I suppose it's the game's way to tell you where to go if you (somehow) get lost, but...

    Well, still nothing...


    Bek isn't a bug. >:[ Not-Sandslash... well, who knows?


    Bek gets right to the point.

    So I guess this guy is the kidnapper. Okay.

    Stompy mc stomp stomp.

    Not a bad idea, Bek. Cutting to the chase to the boss battle there.

    Oh. Can... you do that?


    What what?

    Hey where did you go

    What did that mean?, without the bridge? Order?

    I need a drink.

    KESI are you home and do you have any drinkable and safe liquids


    How did we get here-

    Wrong again? What? I wasn't wrong before.

    Why did poking KESI's house teleport us here?

    Well... maybe we should try what you said. You mentioned GUMI's house first... stupid Jabba line.

    How did we suddenly end up here? Why are we in front of...

    ...yeah, that guy's house.



    Now to explain what's happening! This is a badly worded puzzle in which you need to end up in the middle of this water feature, which can be done by visiting houses in the correct order. Talking to a house teleports you... somehow.

    I have no idea why or how, and this really stumped me as a kid. In part because I didn't write down what he said about an order. This part also has a curious effect in that the more often you screw up the faster this kidnapper appears to say you screwed up.

    Luckily emulators allow for screenshots! So this puzzle is much easier thank to them serving as notes. And so:

    Well that was fun.

    We made it!


    ...we just did. =|

    What? Why not? First we can't fight, and then after this stupid puzzle you won't do this anyway? You suck, kidnapper thing.

    Yes, what I said, Bek.

    Oh. Okay then, I guess?

    Wait what now

    Another teleportation sequence. Great.

    And now we're suddenly here. @[email protected] Why? I don't see any villagers.

    Where are we, Not-Sandslash?

    Oh, here. Okay then- how did we get from the island to inside this building?

    Oh boy.

    HITODE you are not helping why would you ask this

    I'm not cheating any exam, unless this exam is one on my remaining sanity. In that case I need all the help I can get.

    Talking starfish are terrible helpers.

    Alright, what is all this about?

    This tune comes up again too. That's promising.

    Oh, of course. Should have been obvious - teleportation continues to be the theme.

    Oh, so you're not a guard or something. Are you kidnapped? If so, why are you just wandering around here.

    More teleportation panels!

    That's a good question, actually. What is the motive of this kidnapper? He just laughed a lot and refused to fight.

    Oh fun. Options.

    More fun - a guard! Let's beat him up next time, in I-can't-believe-it's-not-warp-mazes.
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    Part Twenty-Six: So I heard you like warp mazes
    Or finding out how dumb the villagers are.


    Alright, greeny, let's see if you want to fight us.

    Fitting music continues to play!


    I didn't screencap the battle, because it was the same as a regular wild one - dead easy. =/

    There was this though.

    These guys don't usually jump at you if you get too close like the RESEARCH guys too.

    Pity I can't just throw it...

    Well you're doing a bang-up job!

    These guys are here too, but again, Not-Sandslash outlevels them easily.

    Alphabet fun with WARATA!

    Oh. How annoying.

    Silly WARATA. For those who forgot, 'attacked freely' means they attack automatically whatever opponent is showing up, regardless of what said opponent is doing.

    Well that was effective.


    Well put.

    There are phones around the place, but you can't actually use them. Although everyone should have their own phones anyway...


    These guards are terrible.

    You are so bad at this I am just going to beat you up as punishment.

    That was easy.


    I think this is an easy choice.

    Oooh, what is he going to look like now...?

    SupMon! Now with a touch more height, that armour deal, and...

    ...and the same name as his first stage evolution.


    Believe me, I'm remembering it all too well.

    I hope you don't go about trying to learn Fly, Not-Sandslash.

    Oh hey, you!

    RODANSA proceeded to use Dust.

    I hate Dust when I can't use it but my opponents can. That takes up my turn!

    'You come here!' 'No, you come!'


    RODANSA can be pretty darn frail.

    This is getting a touch annoying though - hard to hit this guy.

    Especially now...

    Let's look at Not-Sandslash's moves in the meantime. Assault and Crusader are pretty strong, and the others are the same as before.

    What exactly is charging, anyway? What is e-magic? Or do I not want to know?

    Not bad considering we're twice evolved and he's not (albeit RODANSA has the type advantage).

    And he's being quick now!

    Oh well, that taught him. I like how this wild e-monster battle was far harder than the battles with the guards.

    This could be tougher yet.

    So why would I give a dog-like beast a saw...? Because he has a friend?

    I don't get your idea of friendship, e-monster world. According to you, friends beat each other up, harass them on the phone to buy them bombs, and then buy each other items they have no way to use.

    Oh look a not-guard.

    So you are just going to stand there? Sheesh.


    The villager could have just used the warp panel to the right and walked straight down and he would be free.


    Go away.

    Not there.

    Gasp! A smart guard!?

    He has a name?

    A look at what, exactly?


    WARATA reacts well with that.


    Oh hey, something that was useful!

    This isn't useful.

    Well, at least he said please...?

    Oh hey we got one of these guys. Yay.

    The excitement of the maze continues!

    Well, you see...'s right there. =|

    I guess two brain cells is better than one.

    That doesn't quite make sense...

    Are you protecting anything important?


    ...There's no VIP here. >:[

    The heck is this VIP? Very Important Point?

    Looks more like a bow to me, if you can see past the sparkles.

    That's one letter away from NIGERIA.


    We can't end this update now. Stop trying to break the fourth wall!

    ...No? I guess?

    I'm not sure at all.

    This is now one of my favourite lines in the game. Especially as it can be read as her being boring is why she got kidnapped.

    Another green thing!

    Great, even the guards don't know the way.

    Maybe that's why they're so angry.

    ...And just standing in corners.

    What 'guies'?

    That's unfortunate.

    Keep doing that, Not-Sandslash.

    And suddenly I stumble on the end! But I don't want to go here yet as I'm pretty sure there's still some places to explore first. But at least I know where to go.

    ...release? Oh dear.

    Everybody's gotta go~

    What is a jet doing here anyway!?

    Nothing but a broken phone here!




    Well, they actually acknowledged them. That's neat, I suppose.

    I present to you the dead-end room.

    See, he's all hit and speed.

    Oh boy.

    It's not you, I can say that much.

    I find the existence of the he/she bit interesting, actually. Besides, this is an old game and I'm pretty sure it's addressed to Bek, not the player.

    Wait what

    I just


    Either he meant lying, or...I didn't know he had those feelings for Bek.

    Like, really, woah. Talk about sudden.

    Oh yeah, I guess I decided to go beat up the boss now. The maze itself isn't very large, but it's dang annoying as it is.

    Didn't we just pass them on the way here, Bek...?

    Treat me as his player? Okay.

    Let's do this.

    Not a bad design, I suppose!

    A pity he's Lake (water) type. Not-Sandslash might just be having a field day with his recent evolution.

    I suppose so!

    Learn with WARATA and friends.

    Faster, but he's not doing too much.


    Yes, you were attacked.


    Oh. Okay then.

    Okay, have fun with your multi-turn charge attack.


    I accidentally an entire boss.


    I really don't think there was any luck there. That was an embarrassing walkover. Sorta like the opposite in difficulty of this maze.

    Ooooh, Bek's appying the salt.

    Jump all you want, you still got smashed.

    Huh. That's interesting.

    Just what I was thinking, Bek.

    Of course you can't.

    Oh my. Bek is, uh, really aggressive right now. Maybe he thought about ****.


    Back to the name of Brag then, I see.

    This SANARBA guy or group or whatever sound like a powerful influence.

    'Let my people go!' Now I'm imagining the story of Moses with e-monsters.


    Well, you saying that means everything is fine now...?




    Well I guess that concludes the main plot of Bansis Village! Next we get to see the result of everyone being returned, apparently.

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    And back!

    Part Twenty-Seven: Conversing with Villagers
    Or encountering an old friend.


    So last time we...beat up the evil guy in only two updates, and then whited out?

    Or rather, just teleported back here. Well okay then. Let's... leave?

    I guess not just yet.

    I agree, air is pretty dangerous! As are [Sickle]s. And e-monsters. E-monsters are the worst.

    Okay, let's leave- oh hey another phone call.

    To be clear, this is Bek talking here. Because you normally respond with Hello?[my name] when you answer a phone call.

    Wait what

    Yeah, you tell them, Bek!

    Now, let's...and then I get another phone call after taking another step.

    Who is it now?

    You know, even for Telefang this is pretty weird.

    Uh-oh, Bek is getting angrier...

    Bek angry! Bek SMASH!




    Many being two. Well, three, if you include the [Sickle] discussion. I think it's fair enough to do so.

    Again? =/

    Haven't even moved off the island here and we're already getting the plot for the next area.

    By not talking on the phone. :V

    Huh, we're looping back to the third town we visited?

    At least you get told where to go and how to get there.

    And that's all there is to say on the matter. Never again does Bek get called about pizza though. The programmers just stuck in this part to show the problem and never keep it going afterwards. Which might be a good thing, but nonetheless it feels off.

    Oh well. Let's explore this village before we leave.

    We still can't go inside these. Pity, I wanted to see Not-Sandslash's crib.

    No, I contributed, not contributes. Nobody gives me any money anymore for saving them. =(

    I'll just take your word for it.

    Yep, so we were told.

    ...I don't think they're very happy though. =/ Again - probably why the e-monsters there hate everyone.

    In other words - wanted the rest of the treasure in here? Too bad! You can never go back now.

    And here is- oh.


    Sir Bek? Boy, he's laying it on really thick here...

    I am now imagining Mr Politician rolling around in the grass, singing to himself, while Bek looks on.

    That's too many letters. Look at Bek's name. Short, only three letters. Uncle is only five and sounds kinda funny if you say it a lot of times.

    Bek is trolling here, you can tell.

    I guess this is a sore spot.

    ...Gourmand street?

    Not this again...

    Bek is thinking the same way as myself, it seems!


    Eat what up...? =/

    Regardless of the risk though, let's take the plunge.

    You know, this is also pretty weird, this whole conversation.

    No Bek, it's just grass.

    I can cook, so I'm telling the truth!

    Do what quickly? Again, confusing statements!

    What is serious about curry?

    But I don't understand...




    Interesting typo there.

    And that concludes the tales of curry guy. No, really, that's it. He'll stay here and say that he is the gourmand street a couple times when you talk to him, and that's it. What an odd conclusion.

    Another phone call?

    I didn't sneeze at all...

    How will I do with it? Well at least the question options aren't hard to understand, like A: Talk me.

    Uh...okay, then.

    In other news:

    This happened.

    But really, that's it for this boring town. Nothing else of note to see or do. We didn't even get a [Revolver] or anything.

    So let's go on to the next village in the next update and figure out what's wrong and see if anyone is selling pizza.

    (How do these teleportation trees work anyway seriously)
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    Part Twenty-Eight: Tliba Village
    Or investigating trees with problems.


    Right, we're in Alice, and we need to find a way to this new village.

    These guys used to block this way! How nice of them to step aside now.

    They don't say anything different now however. =/

    ...What a boring forest. =/

    And stuff is pretty darn under-levelled here.

    Hi, RODANSA.

    That was quick.

    And going into the cave leads you to...outdoors. And facing the wrong way. Well, okay then. Guess we'll just ignore that with everything else and try talking to peop-er, things.

    That sure are problems.

    ...what, like swing on the branches yelling loudly? And what person? How unhelpful.

    Okay, so the tree is big enough to have e-monsters live in them...does the teleporting part work? If so, what is the problem?

    Okay, that makes more sense. Mind control or whatnot is never a good thing. (Unless you're in charge.)

    The east end of the village.

    For one, it has a funny name. Tliba?

    Most of the houses have this.

    To be honest it's like nearly every town has these trees as their symbol. That, or curry.

    Anyone has something can be done and something can't be done.

    Ow my head.

    Missiles will make everything better.

    And these too.

    The heck is a Tayta? Well, some sort of rock or gem, but beyond that...

    Actually going to buy pointless stuff because 65,000 balls is the most Bek is able to carry, apparently. Might as well use some of it!


    Why must I? =(

    I'm just going to say no because I don't trust anybody successfully telling a story correctly around here.

    Apparently this means I was wrong.

    Who is saying this? Bek or the green blob?

    Yeah, the translation is pretty darn poor in this instance.

    Of course, thou must talk to the human being before you can check out the tree!

    This is a different e-monster saying the same thing. How original!

    Oh hey a cool thing.

    It seems that e-monsters from the Lake area are close by to arrive straight away. That's useful.

    That was fun!

    Hurrah, a guy who's weaker than everyone in the tree itself!

    I guess this makes some sense.

    I didn't do anything...?

    How rude. >:[

    And I'm disappointed in everyone else.

    Is that a command? Come on, everyone, let's be disappointed with ourselves. It's easier than you think!

    In the meantime let's check another shop.

    You know, it doesn't look much like a spring to me. =/

    L is for...what? Laser?

    The heck


    These shops suck.

    Oh great.


    Oh look, the human being. Stay there so I can stare at you and be disappointed.

    Yep, sure did a good job there. Just stuck you in a house I could freely walk into and all.


    Because they were disappointed!

    No, Bek, the curry is responsible.

    Wait, ordered? And medicine?

    Magic medicine, full of insta-grow.

    Yes, you mentioned. And I was ordered to be disappointed in you.


    Not asked, ordered! Listen more, Bek.

    Of course it is. At least the plot is consistent in that of late?

    Because he's [SANARBA]. He can't just spend all his time running drug companies and discovering new worlds!

    How convenient.

    Sounds easy enough. Too easy. What's the catch?

    What's the other catch?

    No Bek, there's got to be another catch.

    Exactly, too easy.

    Here it comes.

    Why not trust Not-Sandslash? Is it because he doesn't talk much? I think that's a pretty wise thing to do here.

    Of course, there it is. Need to get to the top first. :V

    On the way there:

    Well you're a weird looking one.

    No, I'm standing by the door.

    Notice that we didn't get a key or anything, but we can access the tree now! You need to pick Yes, of course.

    Well. It sure did grow.

    Standard evil dungeon theme for the game as of late. At least we didn't have some rubbish game to go through just to get here this time around. This is already an improvement!

    Huh, and this guy is friendly too. So much for mind control?

    Notice the weird panel on the top, by the way.

    Run into it and you get sent the other way.

    Two of these blobs here.

    Nobody seems to. The guy who does just called it medicine too so he probably doesn't know either.

    That's... notably less friendly than the other guy.

    Yep, battle time. This guy is of the Land type and sure looks weird.

    This is a good start! Doesn't say much about BUBARTI's defences though. But we are of a higher level.


    I would have guess it was a poison cloud, myself. Oh well.

    Not-Sandslash doesn't stand for this nonsense.

    ...yes, I did.


    ...But it's not okay. We can use phones just fine without a bigger one. In fact, the phone calls went badly due to this! You are dumb, killer pony.

    Hi there, being with soulless eyes.

    And even less defences.

    At least he knows what to do.

    Sadly, wild encounters are what you'll rely on in here with getting phone numbers.

    But this cool guy is in the tree too. ~

    But he didn't want to give us his phone number. This guy is more useful than the soulless eyes guy I suppose...

    That's kinda neat in concept, but mostly creepy!

    And check out these moves too! Saber is a good attacking one, we've seen Hypnotic..

    What does this one do?



    I daresay it is. BIBANAM, let's never argue, okay? :<

    Yes, you do that. Or you get curses.

    Same for you.

    Good question! I don't think I want to know!

    By the way, this is a neat little addition I think to this segment. This message starts to show up in the tree, suggesting something odd is going on with the e-wave.

    Pity this guy has a pretty poor moveset. =/

    Excellent, just what I wanted. He's not fantastic here, but he'll do better than the others.

    And with that, we're set up for taking on the dungeon! That'll happen in the next update.
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    Part Twenty-Nine: This tree has holes in it!
    Or e-monsters shout at Bek, then apologise.

    Time to climb this tree!

    A nice way to start the update. These battles are really simple, so there's nothing worth showing off here.

    This, however...

    You're a terrible thing that happened, so you're right there.

    There's stairs, and more of those planks stuck on the walls too.

    Our questionable friend here explains them - although you can't enter them from the bottom, you can run down from the other side and take a shortcut. So for anyone who needs to exit the dungeon, this is the fast way to do just that.

    But that's just one gimmick of this tree.

    That said, this is as exciting as many of the floors on the ground floor get.

    Believe it!

    The result of Not-Sandslash believing.

    What a weird thing to say.

    A strange man in a house.


    Great, dead ends!

    That's... nice to know. Again.


    Other friends to call instead of me. But hum. If they are befriending the likes of Gerlin, that's not a good sign. =/

    But I didn't say anything...?

    I suppose it's the guy who we just spoke to then.

    There's a few ways to get to the second floor, but sadly this isn't the right one.


    I assume they mean to not stand on the bad places rather than to take care and support these unfortunate places.

    Gotta be brave to stand on the bad floor.


    Another way up, which leads to...

    This. Notice the off-coloured floor there.

    Bek is great at demonstrations!


    This is a way to get down from higher floors quickly, but really they just serve as an annoyance. Because you really only want to go up here.

    But... all I did was fall down a hole. =(

    Hmm, that doesn't sound promising.

    Half of everyone wants to get beaten up, it seems.

    Anyways, that's enough pointless walking around on the ground floor. Time to show off the proper entrance to the 2nd floor, which needs some finding. This is the way to the right place!

    Luckily it's pretty simple to see how to get to that treasure.

    What the heck was that doing in the tree?

    Bek fell down in shock.

    Nobody saw anything.

    Besides watching your step, you have the odd necessary battle to deal with in order to get past.




    But not everyone actually blocks your way here.

    In fact, some will just talk to you. Not a very menacing dungeon...

    This is the general premise of this floor. Don't step on the bad floor, and all will be fine.

    Could you perform a jig, at least?

    Again - why is there a blender in a tree?

    I suppose this layout is tricker...

    I didn't notice at all!

    That was fun.

    So... why did you battle me?

    This'll be easy-

    Spoke too soon.

    What does this even mean!?

    Ow my head.

    The last challenge of this sort. Thank goodness, it's not very eventful.

    So, what's the gimmick of this next floor? More 'bad floor'?

    ...Yeah, I suppose this floor is pretty bad too.

    Amazing variety!

    It's a bit hard not to, to be honest.

    But... I'm already inside the tree. Right now. Talking to you. I'm standing in it.

    This is stupid.

    Yay stats.

    So you want me to fix it after all?

    They sure like whinging about us here.

    What if I said please? Like, really nicely?

    Oh, okay then.

    But... I won.

    If I lose, can I not worry about this place any more?

    Whoops I won.

    Do you count as a hobo then if you don't have a proper house? Even Not-Sandslash has a house!


    This thing is sitting on this side of the room.

    But don't try to run into it, otherwise you'll rebound right into that hole.


    That's... what I am trying to do. Stop blocking my path!

    Blah blah blah

    GEIWUR is helping.

    There was no reason to be angry in the first place! I'm here to fix things. Sheesh.

    We made it to the end of the floor!


    Okay, what's here. Is all of the floor bad or something?

    I don't like the sound of that.

    Can I try yours instead?

    E-monsters are very bad with understanding that someone who is here to fix stuff isn't the same person as the person who broke it in the first place.

    At least this guy offers to help afterwards...

    Hmm, I don't think that was the right way. Bad floor everywhere there. So back to the previous room - you have two of those plank-panels to choose from.

    And if you choose wrong... down you go. Multiple floors at times too, if you keep landing on bad floor tiles. =/

    Luckily, if you hold the opposite direction straightaway you can get back to the previous room and avoid falling down. long as you keep holding, that is.

    There, easy! I don't know if that's actually intended to be possible by the game, and nobody mentions it, but it sure makes it a lot less annoying.


    Yes, sadly.

    Is this one of those times?

    Gasp, three choices!

    I don't know. I was hoping you would...


    A quick battle later:

    But I don't know the right road!

    Wahey! This seems like the right road.

    ...Or not.

    A cruel move by the game.

    While Bek worked his way back up:

    The only sport for Bek is baseball, and he is not a girl. Last he checked anyway.

    Bek doesn't know. He supposes girls also play baseball and it would be unfair to restrict them from such a wonderful sport...

    How will this tornado with a phone depend on Bek? =/

    Out of interest, nearly all the floors in this dungeon have this layout.

    Anyways, we made it!

    Yeah, yeah. I'm more worried about the amount of choices here...

    Did... 'something'. I suppose make the tree a giant mess full of holes and panels, and now populated by e-monsters with mood swings, is something.

    Bad floor, bad.

    I don't know, but I hope I don't meet any of you again. >:[

    I'm not really sure why there's some bad floor in the top right corner of this room...

    Another suspicious guy.

    He helped Not-Sandslash. =)

    Oh, we must be nearly there!

    So close...

    ...Well, I suppose a table makes this room more of a Research room than any other we encountered. Less holey too.

    Next update, Bek shall attempt research!
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    Part Thirty: Let's meet characters to do with some larger plot!
    Or battling some ugly bird thing.


    Let's check the table.

    Yep, it sure is a table.

    I don't know how he knows this, but let's just go along with it.

    I like that it got a name like that.

    And then suddenly this text. It makes no sense for this moment, so don't worry about that. And yes, supernal electric monster is a thing.

    Hi there mid-jump screenshot of... whoever that guy is.


    Only Bek is allowed to jump!

    'For completely innocent and non-suspicious purposes!'

    Huh? Are... you a celebrity?

    I like those exclamation marks. And that instead of asking who he was, he just jumped straight into a battle.

    Bring it!

    That's... not the person, by the way. Just his e-monster friend. And it sure is ugly.

    It's a Sky type, so he's actually going to be a challenge against Not-Sandslash. So this time the level difference of 11 this guy has over us is significant.

    This helps, though.

    Wise words.


    Why. Why does he use Fly. A boss battle, and it starts off by delaying everything. Talk about annoying.

    Pretty much the only thing we can do until then.

    You don't say.


    Nothing he can do, unfortunately.

    Still? @[email protected]




    ...that's not a bomb. Those are arrows.



    Oh. Lucked out there. Rather than trying to kill everyone, he wants to wait multiple turns to do that instead. I'm okay with this.

    Stop missing, guys. >:[

    Sure, that's a not-very-effective attack, but also after two attack boosts. Certainly a tougher battle than previous ones.

    Meanwhile, any monsters you recruit here are really going to struggle.


    This is how you make use out of the e-monsters from this area.

    And thanks to SPEED, although he's barely hitting that thing, he's hitting often.


    That was useful.

    Shush, he's helping.

    Is there something stuck in your throat?


    To clarify, he stopped his charge-up attack because I put him to sleep. Given how quickly it charged, I rather'd have stopped him one-hitting something and have a few extra turns anyway, at the risk of him killing stuff later.

    Now it's red!

    Ouch. Two, maybe three shots Not-Sandslash. That's why it's important to keep it busy. Or, well, asleep.

    Because these guys won't last long without him.



    I sometimes wonder, do I use a large net or something to catch it in?


    What, only 'not bad'? =(

    See, you should start out with this first.


    Bek jumps while this guy leaves. With his name. Uh, okay, great use that'll do him.

    Disgusting. I think that's the first we saw this word in the game.

    Who was he though?

    Hi there, text that was seen early in this section and shouldn't be in this part!

    Man, I hate it when this happens. Really confuses you, especially when you are only... how old was I when I first played this? I think nine. This confuses you when you are nine or so. I don't think I got to here that quickly without restarting.

    Oh yeah, that's Boundary.

    Also the guy with the good music theme.

    I don't get that it's noisy, but okay.

    Yeah, who is he?


    Bek, you were told this. You can't know that it's true.

    (Even though it is).

    Good, that means we don't have to.

    Yes, do that. I think.

    Oh. Bek really wanted to ask him to a baseball match.

    Is he, Bek? The last time we saw him he was trying to kill trees, Bek. Trees. Innocent, defenceless, teleport-power trees.

    Yeah, like this one. That's the same animation as from before, by the way. Yay, reusing stuff. The key thing is:



    Okay. I'll be sure to forget that then.

    You are welcome, RESEARCH guy.

    Wunan? Wait a sec... Bek called someone Wunan before.

    Huh. They are certainly not the same person. That other guy had a hat. This is, well, confusing.

    Oh well!

    Sure, that tree.

    Well, given they previous kidnapped and imprisoned this guy...

    You are welcome. Do you have treasure?

    That's not treasure.

    That's a request. >:[

    Stupid Bek.

    Oh well. Fulaura sounds interesting though. Fulaura.



    Or is it Fu-lau-ra?


    Do you have treasure?

    Does Fulaura have a tree? I am getting sick of them.

    Let's find out in Fulaura in the next update.




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    Wow, this game is the greatest "stand in a room next to a table" simulator I've ever seen!

    Suit Up!

    "pps new screenie" - No, really shut up yuoaman.

    Haaave you read my LP?
    Pokémon Quartz - The only one of mine really worth reading.

    What about my [Un]Abridged series?
    Aquaman the Unabridged Parody Series - Language warning.

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    Originally Posted by Yuoaman View Post
    Wow, this game is the greatest "stand in a room next to a table" simulator I've ever seen!
    Lots of detail. And tables. Well, one of them.

    Any other comments from any readers? While I do get a bunch outside of the thread/forums, it would be nice to have more comments in here for a change. =p

    Part Thirty-One: Fu-wu-la~
    Or learning how the standard villager of this town screwed up things this time.


    Right, let's see what this town is like already.

    That sure is a colour scheme I love. And with owls too.

    A mining place, eh?

    A mountain, I see. I guess that's different.

    More owls.

    Bad reception problems? Gee, haven't heard that one before.

    Of course, Bek doesn't ever have problems besides the odd message as seen last village. Because of the D shoot. Somehow.

    I don't know!!

    Fine, turn your back on me. Stupid owls.

    The catch is there's only a single store here.

    More houses. We know to the north is the mountain, but what's south?

    Figures, see water, get a phone call.

    I don't understand, should I give it a thing or not? Why did you start by saying Bub as well are you drowning or something?

    Hmm, this does seem familiar...

    Yep, the village is also north of Liz Island.

    And this is the right side of the water separating it from M-city's forest.

    This happened while swimming/walking.

    Huh, what's this? This hole was a little bit to the west of the beach...

    Nothing. Guess we can just forget about this place then until it's relevant! :V

    And a dead end if you continue in either direction. How boring.

    I don't know, if you are trying to order pizza then maybe it will help you lose weight?


    Why don't you just swim? Or heck, fly there?

    These guys are lazy. THEY ARE OWLS THEY CAN FLY. PROBABLY.

    I do not know why they refer to the mountain like this a few times when it has another name that's used in the map and all. And it doesn't even have cherries, let alone bays of them there.

    See, there's the name. Bebli.

    'Until you are told to fix stuff, then it's okay!'

    ...what? A devil is in the mountain? Okay...

    HMM. Gee, I wonder what the plot of this part of the game involves.

    But before we confirm our fears...

    What? is right. For myself, anyways.

    I really do not see. But I'll pretend otherwise.

    ...No? :/

    Here's the plot continuation house. Starts with the standard villager monologuing.

    Bek, this whole world is strange. Many somethings have happened on this adventure, all of them strange.

    Scream. Alternatively, pay attention to me.

    Some jumping and more of this continues... so let's skip that.

    Well, we kind of already observed a bunch of owls complaining about phone reception, Bek. Doesn't get much more complicated than that.

    See, there you go. Owl removes seal on mountain, phones stop working. Unless you're a protagonist.

    That question is better.

    [there was a devil living in the mountain]. Sounds like a thing an owl would say I suppose.

    As you do.

    Bek is referring as to why he removed said very big rock.

    Did they say please, at least? If they asked nicely than that makes it perfectly understandable that you would REMOVE A GIANT ROCK SEALING AWAY A DEVIL.

    The lesson you will have learnt from this update is that 'owls are dumb'.

    You know, that guy.

    It is a bit odd, actually, that it was him.

    Firstly he forced a guy to do it, here he just bribed someone. Oh well, whatever works I guess. I suppose if you threaten an owl they'd just fly off.

    Hands up if you didn't see that coming!

    Or that stock standard response from Bek!

    Thank you for helping us with our mistakes. Derp, we sure do mess up a lot by ourselves!

    But before that, let's check out the rest of this village.

    A typo there. Not that it's unusual or anything.

    Friends do the strangers things! Let's check the shop.

    Hum. I don't see any rocks.

    Also a saw to the left. Pretty darn cheap, really.

    After this section of the game you can go in here!

    Well, for yourself anyway.

    As we've heard.

    That's new, though. Visional forest?


    Really, no more villages after this? This can only bode well!

    Yes, please stay here. Don't remove any large rocks.

    So why did you let the other owl up there?

    Would you rather we not go and let a devil run loose?

    Whelp. Let's get going.

    That's a mountain alright.

    Wonder what's up?

    As we approach the e-monster blocking the path, a battle starts!

    Oh hey an evolved one. Type sand. We've seen his pre-evolution ages back, in the second cave of the game.

    Remember him? He's the only one who'll reach us in three turns, and is a good 26 levels lower than our opposition. It's kinda important for the moment that we get at least one 'friend' here.

    Considering Not-Sandslash is great at attacking and at a higher level, that's really not bad of a defence there.



    Yeah, you're not going to do anything here.

    Well, I guess if BUNIDE(R) hit it again...

    Oh hey, you arrived.

    You're six times better than BUNIDER!


    More coherent and descriptive than other entries we've seen.

    Permission from who?


    Fine, be like that.


    Whatever that actually means. Sounds like a marvellous character though. 'Hey man there's this marvellous guy, he's great, he loves GUN.'

    Moving right on.


    Increase is a decent attack, Pricker is a weak one that may inflict poison. TITTLE is the charge up move.

    I've continued north for a moment.

    To show you this wonderful door.

    Oh. Well that was boring.

    Hi flaming bird.

    Bye, BUNDIE(R).

    As an aside, the names get shortened like this because of character limits that don't pose the same problem as Japanese. And it's really the assigned nickname of the e-monster. That's right, in the real games you could nickname stuff, but you can't here. But that's also why RANBRAGE became 'o!'. Because that was its filler nickname. For... some unknown reason.

    That's after two hits, and may I remind you Not-Sandslash is weak to birds.

    Mr. Scorpion here however tanks stuff like a boss.

    And while not as strong offensively is still respectable.


    This made me laugh more than it probably should. 'Alas, it is on fire.'

    Anyways, that's enough fooling about for now.

    Next update, we're taking on this mountain of joy.
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    Loads of devils this time! And yea, people usualy call when you're facing a body of water. I dunno why, but it's like a rule. Or something!

    Anywho, you were due for a comment, as I will say that I still love this LP of yours, and I'm still keeping track of it! I encourage you to keep it up !<33
    supercat | moirail | family | s-mod | twin | credit
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    Originally Posted by Aura Blackquill View Post
    Loads of devils this time! And yea, people usualy call when you're facing a body of water. I dunno why, but it's like a rule. Or something!

    Anywho, you were due for a comment, as I will say that I still love this LP of yours, and I'm still keeping track of it! I encourage you to keep it up !<33
    Well, mentions of devils at any rate. It may be a while until we see the devil of the mountain too.

    People call too often full stop. >:[

    Cheers for the comment. I shall try to get to the end!
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    I think this is about where I got up to when I actually owned the game way back when and... idr why I didn't go any further. Either I just randomly stopped playing, it became too hard, or just got way too confusing (most likely). Then again, I was only a kid, so. d:

    Have fun with the mountain of joy anyway! If it's as hard as I remember it being, you probably won't.
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    Originally Posted by Razor Leaf View Post
    I think this is about where I got up to when I actually owned the game way back when and... idr why I didn't go any further. Either I just randomly stopped playing, it became too hard, or just got way too confusing (most likely). Then again, I was only a kid, so. d:

    Have fun with the mountain of joy anyway! If it's as hard as I remember it being, you probably won't.
    Either of the latter two options would make sense, haha. But I guess we shall see in the next few updates.

    Yes, it's going to take multiple, somewhat-longer ones to get through this section. Let's do this!

    Part Thirty-Two: Welcome to the freak show
    Or why Bek hates mountains.


    Hi there, bald guy.

    What better way to explore a mountain than with this tune playing on loop?

    ...Well, it'd probably be better without e-monsters, for starters. It's somewhat unlike any other we've heard before, and an interesting beginning. If you get up to here in the game this'll play a lot.

    Oh. So I guess we can expect to fight a bunch of them here. This guy however doesn't fight you! How nice.

    Taking the lower route leads to the first treasure chest.

    But what OS does it run?

    Oh no, there's scorpions in this computer! D=

    Did you notice something by the way?

    Suddenly this first encounter we see, who's a stage evolution below Not-Sandslash, is hitting as hard as him.

    There's been a level spike - by about 7-8 levels just by walking inside. Whoops! That means even this scorpion is of a higher level than our reliable starter, who is by the way level 45.

    All things considered, we're actually lucky other monsters didn't show up first.

    Well, you're helping.

    And our one is seven levels lower. And no poisoning occurred. =(

    That helps though.

    Thank goodness for one hard hitter.

    The fight is as good as ours now - even if it has a good special attack stat, it won't have time to perform that move.

    Anywhere near enough time, actually.

    Sadly, he didn't give us his phone number. =(

    That's not good - basically I need to grind here to get someone's number, or the trainer battles will wreck me. And as said, some of the natives will be dangerous anyway.

    This... is not one of them.

    But heck is it a creepy thing. What is going on with this monster? Do I even want it on my team? =/


    Which end is- nevermind.

    As said, it's a weaker monster than others that could have showed up. The only real threat it offers is to our eyes.

    Yes, good idea. Kill it quickly.


    Well, you are better than nothing...

    Horrible, horrible science did this.

    On that note, while you can evolve stuff yourself, this guy doesn't evolve for anything, nor evolves further. So at least kids don't have to feel responsible for this thing.

    Let's not talk to him more than we have to, Not-Sandslash.

    This guy is pretty neat looking. Less bony and mouth-y.

    And at least our mouse friend has a type advantage as well.

    Mind you, RASEN is one of those that would have been dangerous to encounter straight up.

    He's not a happy chappy either.

    Well, that helps. Starting with the long-setup move? I'm okay with this.

    And he is kinda frail too.


    Oh again.

    Wayaa indeed! We've failed to hit twice and got one hit, and he's already nearly ready to attack with the charge-up attack! Which normally takes several turns.

    That's the danger of RASEN. Not really strong offensively, nor defensively. But he's fast as heck. Encounter this with an underlevelled monster, perhaps a slower-than-average one if you swap out regularly, and nobody nearby (and remember, Not-Sandslash was over-levelled in the previous dungeons too), and he may well just outspeed you.

    For sake of example, one incident I recall when playing as a kid had RASEN move six times in a row. Six!

    Thank goodness he chose the charge-up move, huh?


    He's the hill kind, and he'll take lib. Whatever that is. Its dex entry tells us it 'Attack by violent flame.'.

    Oh look, another one.

    Respectable, but it is just as well we used some P-cards on Not-Sandslash ages back so he's not so under-levelled here.

    Much overthrowing.

    Oh look, it moved again already.


    I don't like this singing.

    That's pretty minor, but what a weird name for a move.

    Whoops. Needless to say we won.

    Let's skip a bit more of the grinding to meet this fellow:

    He's the evolved form of a guy we used in a lab a while back!

    RASEN was unable to overthrow RAIGARIN.

    Hum, that's a pretty good hit.

    I don't like RAIGARIN.

    He can hit hard too. Again, meet one of these early on and you could lose. And I'll remind you that with the pirated versions of Telefang that if you didn't switch off before going past the game over screen, your save file got wiped. :<

    Thank goodness for backup!

    Yes, you do that.

    It does seem a bit too big for him...

    Uh oh, now my head will feel heavy.


    This happened. Yay, we're catching up!



    We encountered another friendly bald guy. What's with this SANARBA group?

    At least this one didn't run on scorpions.

    Moving...? The heck is that?

    Well, let's get moving. Another two path deal, and there's a guy above there, so maybe we...

    Oh, let's face it, every choice here will be wrong. I guess I have enough choices around to take them on relatively comfortably...

    Because he'd much rather something bad happen to owls than himself.

    Heeler? That's not right, this sprite has hair!

    Wow, that thing looks dangerous.

    And it's careless? I bet a lot of accidents happened there...

    This guy is one of the evolutions of KOKIA. You know, that bird monster in the wild around Tulunk Village right at the beginning. Not a bad way to turn out!

    ...but how does it fly?

    And here are its friends. Take lib, erties!

    No, don't wait, else it'll-


    Well, that's the easy part out of the way.


    I like how the status sign for confusion is 'Hi!'. Pretty fitting actually when you think about it. 'Hi there, thing that just jabbed me with its horn!'

    Sober? Did you just make our heavy-headed friend drunk?

    Well, that's a nice critical, especially as he was attacking the guy which resists his attacks.

    I'm okay with this.

    If you haven't yet guessed, RIGODEN is also fast.


    That's what confusion does - you're more likely to fail in attacking.

    Not really doing much there...

    ...Yeah, that happened. Type advantage and all, but how about that, stuff can OHKO your starter here.

    Let's get rid of the guy who can murder our remaining two monsters then.

    Now to chip away with mouse-thing.

    Dang, that was... pretty darn close. Would have been in serious trouble if that did any more.

    No, stupid mouse thing, you're suppose to hit spikey bird thing!

    Yay! Thank goodness for backup hard-hitter.

    You're all right for a guy with a giant head.

    As it was the last e-monster to get defeated, we get its number. Which is why I left the most dangerous monster alone until the end, if you were wondering.

    It did pay off in the end, didn't it? =p

    Well said.


    Let's continue on and find the next guy to fight.

    Not too loose, I hope.

    Hi, KAMERAN!

    At least he isn't called ICE CREAM. We've seen the others before as well.

    Whole bunch of hard hitters here.

    Seeing he can paralyze us, it's the bigger threat.

    Besides, KAMERAN is a coward.

    That was easy.

    Oh, I thought you were going to exploit your type advantage by actually attacking.

    That wasn't a wise decision, talking... whatever-you-are.

    I told you.

    Unfortunately we have to wait for KAMERAN to reappear first.

    Edge-bird isn't very defensively strong either, but that's okay.



    I guess that's alright.



    On to the next one.

    So they do know about Bek.

    Alas, lots of fire.

    Two fast birds and a snake. Gee, I guess they do get on well these days.

    Now, really, I should have chosen RASEN because of his own speed and type advantages. But I dun goofed and pressed A too quickly, and then decided, hey, what the heck let's see how this battle goes.

    And yes, this was a 2-on-3 fight.

    No, don't wait.

    He's the fastest, but luckily not quite as hard hitting as the other. Still, that's about half my health gone!

    Dang, just needed a bit more. Blame that on still being on a lower level than the other guys.


    Oh, he hit. =(

    Not bad, just need a KO.

    Wait what

    Did he just


    Yes, that snake, which we've seen since, what, the second dungeon - smashed him. Sure, type advantage, but that's scary.


    ...Okay, now both of them are charging up. I could survive maybe a regular hit from one, but not a charged up attack.

    Oh thank goodness, a critical hit in my favour

    Oh god

    You...poisoned me?

    Well, not yet - this message displays first, then you take the damage after performing an attack. This is problematic though - the snake is a bother, but I'm going for the birds first.

    See how quickly it charged up its attack? Dang!

    Chip damage, really, but every bit counts...

    I'm trying!

    Oh dear oh dear oh dear

    Oh thank god that was lucky.

    Wait how did you charge it up so quickly you are the slower of the two birds! C'mon HIT


    Shut up game I'm doing things my way!

    Yeah, I'm not taking your spunk, game.

    Oh yeah, poison.

    No stop that snake

    41 points? Dang, where did you get so strong, SURUGEM? D=

    Oh dear, I don't know if it applies after knocking out something, and I still have to hit first!


    Oh goodness, I won.

    Good grief, that was close.

    Yes, thank you.

    I hate you.

    Well, I... think that's a good a time to end an update. Remember kids, mountains are dangerous. I got lucky there and that's after getting a decent start in recruiting monsters too!
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    Ahh, Rasen looks really cool *_* <3
    That Surugem battle looked pretty painful for you, though. ;o;
    supercat | moirail | family | s-mod | twin | credit
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    Always liked Rasen's design, personally. He was a cool guy. Even if he gave me some grief...

    I'm kinda glad I could show how tough this place was given I lucked out in who I encountered first and befriended early too. Even if it was annoying at the time... and I did luck out too.
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    Part Thirty-Three: Navigating the Mountain
    Or revealing the second difficulty.


    Last time, I demonstrated the capability of the game to ramp up in difficulty here with the battles. But that's not all! Time to continue.

    Oh, and we mustn't forget the music of the place too.

    I'm not SANARBA. Unless you're talking to him by phone...?

    Not that you were making much sense anyway.

    It's the Reject Crew!


    Yay, you're a sitting duck now for several turns.

    But you're just annoying, so let's try to get rid of you first.


    I think I have a dumb RASEN. =(

    RAIGAR knows what to do.

    But I don't want to be stabbed!

    Uh, okay.

    Not Sandslash has a fear of being stabbed. And licked.


    That's more like it.

    A light touch. Man, I really did get a bad RASEN. =/

    Not much danger in this battle now.

    That's mildly annoying.

    Yes, we gathered.

    NIGERA is a rather bulky thing.

    But it can't do very much either save for that Lick move which can be good for status.


    As it was the last one we defeated, we got its number.

    Oh look, another guy! Note that I'm actually backtracking right now to battle these guys.

    Which is the odd one out...

    >Get angr
    >Get angr

    Such a cheerful guy.

    How annoying. Oh well, at least it isn't killing me right now.

    Got to hit something, I suppose.

    And drill-bird-thing finishes that job.

    Keep doing that.

    Type advantage there. =/

    And here's my type advantage. Goodbye, friendly ARMORY.

    Still? You can come down you know, we killed your friends already!

    Not much else I can do right now...

    He has no stat-up moves. =/

    Of course.

    Yay - show, but hits like a truck.


    Noooo come back down

    This is pretty pointless!

    But so is that. See what I meant by FLY being an annoying move?

    This is even more frustrating. =/

    No EXP for Not-Sandslash.

    Quite the violent move!

    Seeing it's shared between two monsters now, that's a fair chunk.

    Yay, I suppose.

    I do.

    Not as funny as its other form. =(

    Ah, here we go. The first significant choice of Belbi Mountain. Right, or down?

    I'll show what happens when you go down first, then backtrack.

    Well, not exactly exciting.

    A moment during the wild battles on the way. Seems awkward.

    Oh, another one of these guys...

    Huh, he just wanted to say that.

    Oh, you can tell we'll have to fight this dude though.

    Led what up?

    GERON are never cool. >:[

    This is cool, though!

    Not too bad - worse at attacking than the deformed drill, but faster so it may get more hits in.

    RAIGAR just hits.

    Already went again, as you can see!


    That was a... very easy battle. Yay taking the time to fight the previous trainers!

    That old chestnut...


    Installations...? Are you referring to the computers lying about?

    How exactly do they stretch out...?

    What awaits us upstairs?

    ...Outside-ness, I see. Hum.

    Nothing to the right...

    What's this way?

    Another hole!

    Look at that bald guy, just running around the room.

    'Totally not suspicious guy'.

    Two panels and a button. (Yes, it's a button).

    But before we press it, let's see what was missed if we went right.

    On the way back I encountered this guy! But he didn't want to give his number. =(

    Anyways, back here, let's go.

    To that mountain? We're IN a mountain. =/

    So both ways has at least one trainer battle, hum. EXP, yay.

    Minor annoyance during this battle.

    Quickly solved.

    Another annoyance.

    Here's FAIKKE's moveset, by the way. CRUSADER is a good enough attack, and GOGGLEAT is a nice status move to abuse as well.

    I would not give a knife to RAIGAR.

    KAMERAN are pretty weak, really...

    Let's never use you. Heck, you're only level 43!


    Found one of these, but no number either. Bugger, I rather like him.

    You're yelling at my foot. =|

    Oh, more flying types, joy.

    Making sure to bring you to this fight then!

    That's a nice change.

    Hum, RASEN is good enough to land a critical!

    Not-Sandslash will struggle in this fight, sadly. I could have always just switched him before the fight, but where's the fun in that?

    FAIKKE likes attacking without being commanded to.

    Works for me!

    Oi, this other one has the wrong idea. >:[


    He went again, but didn't follow. Sigh.

    That's more like it.

    Just enough.

    Yay, another drillbirdthing!

    You know, the design of this is kinda obnoxious. Down a lot, up a lot again, and trainers in the way of the narrow passages.

    Well... yes, it would. You'd probably confuse the poor thing, evil as it may be.

    Three land types this time.

    This battle was really boring, so here's the stats of a few of our guys instead. Interestingly they all have pretty similar fend (defense) stats.

    Anyways, I won.

    I suppose them all knowing FLY was annoying...

    Do de do.

    Yes, I think so.

    Mine, all mine.

    Huh... didn't someone near the start say that? Oh well, let's see what the exit holds.

    ...Hang on.

    That's right - a dead end. Even with all the trainers, and a chest along the way... the game decided that hey, if you went that way and kept going, it was all for nothing in terms of actually progressing! Have fun walking ALL THE WAY BACK!

    And you can't even blame this on the Engrish, this is how it was in the original too. And thus I have started to reveal to you one of the challenges of the game that only starts to show up now - the map design.

    Because really, making me go all the way back like this is cruel. Stupid mazes.

    Oh boy.

    Wha-never mind, I'm just going to ignore what you just said. Scream, is my advice.

    Annnd back to the fork.

    And back to this part too!

    So the button opens one of the doors. At least we're not forced to pick again. Interestingly, it's a time limit thing too - take too long and the door falls down, and you have to step on the button again.

    And here is where we will leave it. You can rejoice though - we're finally on the second floor of the mountain!
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    Part Thirty-Four: Keep on Climbing
    Or being unable to move.


    Let's continue with... this.

    Can't forget the music! Settle yourselves in, this update's a long one.

    Can't forget that these things live here too.

    At least they have exp.

    Anyways, continuing on this path leads to... this. A room of buttons.

    The gimmick of this room is that you have to wait on a button for it to be pressed down - keep moving and nothing happens. Each button press opens that door... very slightly.

    And you don't have to press them all to open the door! Of course, if you press one button too many, then the door closes and you have to do it again. It's... very straightforward however, and to this day I don't really get the point of this room.

    That's all there is beyond it - another button


    The quick way back. :V

    Evidently I was too quick.

    Oh, really? Well, maybe they can help out too. know, this is possibly the first useful and comprehensible phone call we've gotten thus far. Huh. Save for the 'came back to life' deal, it really just got released. But that's a good effort, BANLES! You've been studying.

    Anyways, the effect of pressing that button means that now the other gate opens. So that was a very short and boring diversion.

    An electric monster...that's evil?

    Hey man, I honestly haven't a clue myself. I hope it's not an owl though. They're the worst.

    Two flatworm things and a driller.

    Although the bird has a weakness to the driller, our scorpion has an advantage against the GEDEJIAs.

    Or well, when it isn't hiding anyway.

    Good start.

    Oh. Okay, thanks for making this fight trivial.

    Or not. Mostly just delaying the inevitable, but it's kinda annoying.




    Two down. You're soloing this, drill-bird!




    Good grief.

    ...wait, that's it?

    Huh. DORIA's stat for special attacks must really suck!

    Stop being paralytic.


    Well, at least you can move.

    Not much damage was dealt.

    Imagine if I hadn't had the good start earlier!


    Pity it takes up the whole turn...

    Let's just buy some time.

    My status attack failed.

    I just

    ...It's almost more frustrating than before, that while I can't hit it, all it does are frankly ineffective attacks.


    You're not earning your keep, Mr. Scorpion. >:[

    Take that!

    Screw you.

    Oh... I will...

    The next room gives this. I've stood on the button, and those panels to the left and middle appeared.

    Notice that they move - basically you have to time your crossing.

    This was also straightforward.

    If only I could combine them... But then I'd probably just film myself screaming, while unfitting mountain music plays.

    Hi there.

    Don't worry, I won't scream.


    Three of them! Sounds like fun.

    You better attack.

    For those who paid attention to the mobile reception... this is another 2-on-3 battle. Oh boy.

    Good start!

    Hardly did a thing, but that's more than enough with the status. =/

    ...Oh no, I can see where THIS is going.

    At least with this choice of monster, they can barely touch me damage wise. I just... need to have a chance to hit.

    Huh, that's an improvement.

    Hmm. At least it's by the one already damaged. And hey, that's one less that can paralyze me right now!



    That's okay with me.



    Hah, it's even attacking the one it won't hurt much.




    It paralyzed both of my monsters by itself? D=


    To rub it in, it re-paralyzed my scorpion. Yes, that can happen.

    We know, we know.

    Oh thank goodness.

    Pieces of rock proceeded to break on screen.

    Still not a bad hit, considering it's hitting a tank and with a type disadvantage...

    Arrgh! At least Not-Sandslash can hit now.


    I hate GEDEJIA.

    I hate them so much it materialized into a cure for paralysis.

    I'm... I'm okay with this!

    ...Not that, though.








    God dang it, at the very end, I have to wait.

    No point doing anything else anyways.

    ...why couldn't this have happened earlier?

    Readers, this is how annoying battles can get here. Not very hard, but very, very tedious.

    I am never going to use you.

    Not another one...

    Huh, he doesn't actually want to fight. Thank goodness!

    Huh, another one of these.

    An example of failing - wait too long on the zig-zagging panels and you have to try again.

    How obnoxious.

    And the guy tries to get in the way too!

    Pa-trolls is right!

    No...more birds...

    I'll counter with my own bird and RASEN. Thank goodness I can choose three for this fight!

    Dang, this bird is smart.

    But so am I.

    That's good too.

    And this too, I'll be able to knock it out before then... touch wood.

    ...Of course.

    Oh. Well, he still hit something anyway!

    RASEN you are still drunk go home.

    Man, I'm not very lucky.

    That was silly.


    Yay again!

    That's a nice bonus as well.

    Sorry, I already have a drill-bird!

    Nice to battle you too.

    Hmm, what's down?

    Of course. Treasure and battles.

    Why not? :<

    NIGERA... look kinda nasty.

    The pink things still aren't dangerous!

    Note that I have a type advantage here. Those things are Lake (water) type, based on sea urchins. With...tongues.

    Not very effective. But just enough to knock that one out!

    He stabbed me, and I was stabbed.

    NIGERA are actually pretty darn defensive.

    Well that was silly.

    Anyway - after all, 70 for a super-effective hit isn't much for Not-Sandslash.

    You do that too much. =/

    That's much better than being paralytic!

    I know, I know. Mountains are ****.

    I like that these two guys just decided 'hey, we found this treasure. Screw actually doing our job, let's guard this instead'.

    Seems straightforward.

    Good start.

    Not bad either!


    Oh, never mind. It's just OBANA, they suck in attacking.

    It's a start, I suppose...


    Despite that though:

    Twice the finisher!

    Now, let's see what they were guarding.

    ...A pan called Flying, and a pencil.


    Huh, really?

    Statues. Or coffins. Never really sure about these.

    Oh look, a red one and a green one. And they're not people, nor are they owls!

    Let's talk to them and see what's up in the next update.


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