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    This is my main team at the moment. I just beat the Black Tower with them, and it seemed really easy. I have a lot of other ideas, but don't have the pokemon to make them work properly. Anyway, tell me what you think and what you would change.

    My lead Pokemon.

    488 Cresselia Lvl. 84

    Item-Light Clay


    Nature-Relaxed(Def+, Spe-)

    252EV's HP, 180EV's Def, 80EV's SpD



    Move Set

    Lunar Dance
    Light Screen

    I like this move set on Cresselia because she's bulky enough to take a few hits in order to set up reflect and light screen. With the light clay in her possession, effects for reflect and light screen linger for 8 turns. After setting up some screens for team defense, switch out into a weaker sweeper for a better chance at a much needed set up before dismantling the enemy team, or you can switch into another tank pokemon if you want to stall the game. Let's say you're battling, and you've only got Cresselia and Volcarona, and you have Volcarona out there, pumped up and shutting your enemies team down. Then, out of nowhere Volcarona takes a physical rock move... oh no... she's just about down... switch Cresselia in, use Reflect and light screen and then Lunar Dance. Cresselia dies, and Volcarona is switched back in fully healed and cured of any status under protection of the reflect and light screen... pretty much says Volcarona is about to go off, right. That's why I have Lunar Dance on Cresselia instead of Moonlight. Psychic, her only offensive move, is there because it's a STAB move, and pretty powerful.

    One of my favorite sweepers is my next Pokemon...

    560 Scrafty Lvl. 88

    Item-Life Orb



    252EV's ATT, 252EV's SPE, 4EV's HP



    Move Set

    Drain Punch
    Ice Punch
    Dragon Dance

    You have to breed Scrafty with a dragon pokemon to get him to learn Dragon Dance. I leveled a Dratini up to level 51, learned dragon dance and bread it with Scraggy... poof, a Scrafty with his best boost move... We all know Scrafty is pretty slow, so to make him effective we have to counteract that. Make sure he has a Jolly nature and do some serious speed ev training... and use dragon dance. With the ability Moxie Scrafty really get's going after he KO's a Pokemon. With Drain Punch, Ice Punch, Crunch and a Life Orb item he has the ability to stay on the field for a period of time given the pokemon your opponent uses, and has the coverage to hit just about anything for at least neutral damage. Some would use Hi Jump Kick over Drain Punch, and Dragon Tail over Ice Punch, but don't... do... that... stick with Drain Punch and Ice Punch... he'll be the best sweeper on your party.

    598 Ferrothorn Lvl. 75


    Ability-Iron Barbs


    252EV's HP, 80EV's DEF, 180EV's SpD



    Move Set

    Gyro Ball
    Stealth Rock
    Leech Seed

    The tank/annoyer good enough to fit on any party. Ferrothorn has a ton of defenses and has the ability Iron Barbs.Worst case scenario you can let physical attackers pretty much kill themselves. You have to breed Ferrothorn to get Leech Seed. I bread mine with a Cottenee... haha. Leech Seed is important as it saps your opponents very life force and restores your life equal to the amount sapped. Add that with the little bit leftovers restores and you can restore up to 1/4 of your hit points every turn. You can use Protect to get the most out of your leftovers and leech seed. Only thing bad about leech seed is it doesn't work on grass types. Gyro Ball is it's obvious stab move. It's nature lowers it's already rock bottom speed stat so Gyro Ball is pretty beefy. Some people prefer Spikes over Stealth Rock, but I see a lot of flying, fire, bug and ice type pokemon these days, so I think Stealth Rock is the way to go. It heavily damages heavy hitters coming in like Dragonite, Volcarona, Rayquaza, and others who are weak to rock type moves.

    637 Volcarona Lvl. 80

    Item-Life Orb

    Ability-Flame Body


    252EV's SPA, 252EV's SPE, 4EV DEF



    Move Set

    Heat Wave
    Bug Buzz
    Giga Drain
    Quiver Dance

    Volcarona may be frail on the physical side, but given it's MASSIVE special attack stat, really high speed stat and decent special defense stat, he deserves a place on anyone's team. Equipped with a Life Orb and Quiver Dance, Volcarona hit's like a freaking Nuke... Heat Wave is my main STAB move at the moment, but I'll give it Firey Dance at Lvl. 100 when he learns it. Firey Dance may be a bit weaker, but it has a good chance of increasing your special attack even higher every time you use it. Pretty sick. Bug Buzz is another good STAB move and Giga Drain is essential due to Life Orb. You have to have something to counteract the recoil damage you take using the life orb if you want Volcarona to stay on the field longer than two seconds.

    149 Dragonite Lvl. 80


    Ability-Inner Focus


    252EV's ATT, 252EV's SPE, 4EV's DEF



    Move Set

    Fire Punch
    Extreme Speed
    Dragon Dance

    I've been playing Pokemon for nearly fifteen years now, and I've trained a Dragonite in EVERY single generation. There's nothing different this time around. Dragonite is always a strong partner. This time around I went with the Dragon Dance option. Outrage is a good STAB move, Fire Punch hits Steel pokemon that resist Dragon type moves and Extreme Speed is a good strength priority move to knock off weakened pokemon and make up for Dragonite's rather lackluster speed stat. Decent move set.

    612 Haxorus Lvl. 80

    Item-Choice Scarf

    Ability-Mold Breaker


    252EV's ATT, 252EV's SPE, 4EV's HP



    Move Set

    Stone Edge

    Why would I have 2 dragon types on one team? Haxorus is a freaking beast. At first, I had him equipped with a Life Orb and Swords Dance so I could swing with an Outrage powerful enough to KO anything in one hit... but I learned his frail defenses rarely allowed me to set up before I was knocked down. I said screw it, his attack is high enough by itself, so I put a choice scarf on him, and took swords dance off. Now he jumps into battle to revenge kill something with crazy speed. Outrage, Earthquake, Superpower, Stone Edge has really good coverage. You can super effectively hit lots of things.

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    Old August 11th, 2013 (1:38 AM).
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    I don't really know if this is for in-game or competitive use, so it'd be better if you specify that, but even then, this is not the section for team advice. We actually have another section dedicated to just that, however. c:

    Located here in the Battle Center, people can help you figure out the perfect team for you! But please, be sure to read the rules before making a post within the section. If you want advice on an In-game team, try their In-Game Team Help thread, which is also located in the Battle Center section.

    Again, be sure to read the rules of each section before making a post within them, and be sure to read the rules of each thread (should there be any), before posting.

    Closed due to being in wrong section.
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