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Shadows of Almia Review.

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Old August 11th, 2013 (11:21 PM).
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Okay, so I've been playing Pokemon Ranger: Shadows of Almia and now I am on some mountain trying to capture a grumpy, invincible Cranidos. So now here comes another review!

It is pretty fun, since you are a starter Ranger hanging out at school with your two best friends, pulling off heroic acts and being the talk of the town. But when you get to become a Ranger yourself, the fun really begins. Such as who doesn't enjoy being praised by the villagers, saving Pokemon and setting them free. Sure, it is a bummer when you catch a Shinx and you cannot switch it with your main Pokemon and as soon as you use it to pass a certain objective, you set it free. But I may as well just make you a list of the pro's and cons:


1. Easy and fun controls.

2. The sprites are adorable, even the humans have character.

3. It is fun and captivating.

4. Saving Pokemon makes you feel good about yourself, even though you're just controlling a simple Ranger.

5. It inspires you to actually become a Ranger.


1. Easy to become stuck.

2. Sometimes it may become annoying as characters give confusing advice.

3. They over-estimate your capturing powers at an early start of the game.

4. It is exhausting having to always switch between towns to do missions.

5. Sometimes the cities/towns seem effortless.

Sure, the cons may over-power the pro's, but still, it is a fun game and I enjoy playing it. :D (Pray I'll get pass the Cranidos, okay?) xD
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