Fourth Generation Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum kicked off the fourth generation of Pokémon. Two years later, fans of the Johto region were treated to a remastered adventure in HeartGold & SoulSilver. Discuss the games, explore the features, share your experiences, and help other players out!

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Old May 26th, 2013 (2:45 PM).
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I never really liked game corners that much. Platinum's was actually more fun for me than previous ones as I just got free coins from the slots as opposed to losing more coins in them. But Voltorb Flip was much, much better than slots, roulette etc. (is it just me or is Hoenn's Game Corner the most like a casino? Excluding mobsters running it obviously, Kanto's has that).
Initially I was always losing, but unlike in previous games, eventually tactics meant I could progress. I happily spent a week of my game in Goldenrod City just trying to win more coins, whereas if I'd had to wait that long in a previous game, without being able to buy coins, I would've just been angry.
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Old May 26th, 2013 (3:53 PM).
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I very much did not like the Voltorb Flip minigame. I think GameFreak did a good job in creating something that passed as a gambling game without actually gambling as such, but I would have been happier just trying my luck with the slots or with the card flipping. I know Voltorb Flip wasn't ENTIRELY difficult but I still failed at it far too much for my liking and generally didn't win enough coins for it to seem worth it (I mean, they even took away the ability to buy coins, which I'd have easily done to get the prize Pokémon/TMs).

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Old June 17th, 2013 (2:00 PM).
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    Personally, I didn't mind Voltorb Flip, but it could have been mixed with the original game corner for that extra enjoyability. I managed to get to level 8, and complete it (I don't think it goes higher than 8). What I did understand was the dropping in levels if you did hit a voltorb, it depended on how many squares you revealed before you hit the voltorb. The plus side to this game was, you didn't lose any coins.
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    Old June 18th, 2013 (4:37 PM).
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      Voltorb Flip was fun yet painful to play. Reasons? It's math(s). I played it a lot - when I first got to Goldenrod I played until I had enough coins for a Dratini (2,100 Coins); then after I got my 8 Badges I spend more time getting 10,000 coins for Ice Beam for my Nidoking. I dreaded the idea that most times it's chance/luck that gives you your coins in the end (although I guess that's the point of a gambling game, after all), especially in the later levels. And when I'm on Level 5+ and I instantly flip over a Voltorb, I just lose it. But all in all, VF is an okay mini-game, which requires thinking to get the most out of it.
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      Old July 13th, 2013 (6:42 PM).
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        I loved that mini-game. Much better to play than boring old slots. I could never really play slots very well. I could understand why those who play the slots on a device which slows down frame-rates would enjoy the slots, but otherwise, it just dumbs down to luck.

        It's a shame that they no longer allowed us to purchase coins. Then again, it was ridiculous how much the TM for Tbolt/IceBeam/Fthrower costed compared to the TMs for Thunder/Blizz/Fblast, when you convert the currencies' worth.
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        Old July 14th, 2013 (12:23 PM).
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        I played it once and hated it. It was the worst part of the games for me, but wasn't a huge deal though. It was just nothing compared to the old game corner.
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        Old July 14th, 2013 (2:18 PM).
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          I hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate HATE Voltorb Flip! It is the flipping bane of my very existence!

          And the worst part? I'm forced to play it to get those high-teir moves like Flamethrower.

          I don't want to play a game for 2 hours just to get one TM!
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          Old July 14th, 2013 (4:02 PM).
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            I think the main problem was that you had to be good at it to get reasonable rewards.
            And seeing as TMs were single use back then I only went after the Pokemon prizes.

            I definitely liked it more than the slots/roulette but I think it just needed a little balancing or perhaps an alternative because being logic-based it just doesn't appeal to a lot of people.
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            Old July 18th, 2013 (12:10 PM).
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              I really hated Voltorb Flip, It was just a boring puzzle-game which was mostly based on luck. The slot machines were fun and you just wanted to toss as many coins in as you can and buy that nice Pokémon/TM. Voltorb Flip just felt like a chore.

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              Old August 2nd, 2013 (8:21 PM).
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                In previous games I've always bought my game corner tokens. I always seem to have an overabundance of money and an underabundance of places to spend it. Also, I've never really been one for gambling in the games. I never tried Voltorb Flip, so I can' really comment there.
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                Old August 4th, 2013 (6:42 AM).
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                Voltorb flip not only depends on unnecessary thinking, it also depends on luck, so even if you thought out your plans, if the 50/50 chance doesn't favor you then too bad, you're dropped to level 3 (or whatever). It's a travesty of a minigame.
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                Old August 5th, 2013 (12:40 PM). Edited August 9th, 2013 by Roh.
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                  I sort of cheated the system. It blew my mind and I found it absolutely ridiculous how the game was based on nothing but luck. In the old games I didn't have to depend on luck, I could just buy the coins, but this game? No way.

                  I got up to about 1500 coins before I got bored just by playing level one, collecting my coins from all the rows and columns that didn't have a Voltorb in them, and starting over.

                  Sometimes I'd get 12, other times, I get 8, 4, or even 3, but it all adds up. I don't even know why I did this. The only pokemon worth getting that I can't immediately catch is Dratini, and it doesn't even have a place in my party. I guess it was just to prove a point.

                  Also, I found this, and I'm sure I'm not the first one, but it helps if you're just in it for the coins and not the game itself like I was.


                  It's not 100% every time, but it definitely got me up from 1200 coins to around 7,000 when I was still deciding between Mr. Mime or a Porygon.
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                  Old August 7th, 2013 (8:42 AM).
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                    Voltorb Flip is easily my favorite mini-game in the series.

                    I normally avoid the Game Corners. If there's something there that I want, I usually just grind until I can buy enough coins to buy it, since I detest the slot machine games. The slots are some combination of luck and twitch timing (some of them have been almost pure luck, while others have added some amount of perfectly timed button pressing - the latter's better than the former, but not by far).

                    At least Voltorb Flip is an actual puzzle, so it rewards thinking, rather than just relying on luck and a bit of twitch skill. It still comes down to luck a bit too often - too many of the puzzles, and particularly at the higher levels, come down to a point at which there's a "box" of choices left. There'll be two columns left with, say, one 2 each, and there will similarly be two rows with one 2 each. That means that one of the 2s is at the intersection of one row and column and the other one is at the intersection of the other row and column, but the other two intersections are 1s at best, and quite possibly Voltorbs, and there's absolutely no way of knowing which is which. So all you can do is pick one and hope.

                    Ah, but that's not all you can do, and that's the other thing that I like about Voltorb Flip. If you get down to that point and don't feel like gambling on a wild guess, you can just take your winnings and go on to the next game.
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                    Old August 7th, 2013 (4:09 PM).
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                      I adore Voltorb Flip. The strategy blended in with a sprinkle of luck really appeals to me. (As do the rewards. Hello, Ice Beam!) After playing it for a few minutes or so I pretty much got the hang of it. I think doing Sudoku helped me with the idea of where your chances of finding a number was best. And Minesweeper helped me cope with the idea of losing it all on a bad guess. With Voltorb Flip, I actually enjoy getting coins. In other games I would normally just skip the Game Corner altogether, besides for plot things in FR/LG and such.
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                      Old August 8th, 2013 (7:57 PM).
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                        I've played this game for so many hours trying to get enough coins to get the Ice Beam and Thunderbolt TM's for my Lanturn in my HG game that it makes me want to puke.

                        But I actually really like the game, and it's much easier for me to get coins this way than it's ever been with the slot machines. I hated the slot machines.

                        This game reminds me somewhat of Minesweeper, and I love that game so I felt right at home here.
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                        Old August 17th, 2013 (6:13 PM).
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                        I never pay attention to the game corner. I see no reason to play a mini game inside a game with a story. Usually I skip them, except that one time I bought enough coins to get Porygon
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                        Old August 18th, 2013 (6:50 AM).
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                          I've got mixed feelings about it. On one hand the game has more strategy to it, meaning if you learn the ropes you can greatly increase your chances of winning. It's also free to play, as there is no need to buy coins. However, I've always felt the Game Corner was a series staple, and seeing the slot machines removed makes me sad. I understand the policTl reasons of doing it, but I still feel something is missing.
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                          Old August 18th, 2013 (5:01 PM).
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                            I didnt really like it, but I guess i didnt give it a fair chance...
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