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Easiest Pokemon League

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Old August 20th, 2013 (1:39 AM).
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Originally Posted by Banz View Post
Gen 2 has been the easiest for me. All it takes is a team of level 45-50 Pokemon to beat the Elite 4 and the Champion.
Really? I swept them with just four level 40-42 Pokemon!

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Old August 20th, 2013 (1:46 AM).
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Hoenn. Blaziken 6-0.

Which is why they changed the Champion in Emerald to hard counter Blaziken.

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Old August 20th, 2013 (4:25 AM).
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I believe E4 Unova1 was the easiest considering you chose who and what type to go first and next.
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Old August 20th, 2013 (5:04 AM).
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I thought emerald had the easiest league, mainly because my level 76 raquaza and his hyper beam took out everything with one hit. I ALWAYS find the chicks who use water and ice pokemon to be the hardest trainers to beat.
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Old August 20th, 2013 (5:54 AM).
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Personally i think Johto's E4 was the easiest to beat, they're ridiculously underleveled compared to most E4s. Sinnoh's in comparison was most difficult......
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Old August 20th, 2013 (7:28 AM).
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Well you're using level 70 rayquazas, of course the league is going to be easy!
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Old August 20th, 2013 (7:35 AM).
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Hoenn Elite Four in Emerald. There are plenty of Grass and Electric-types, which takes care of Wallace, and other than Drake the other's aren't especially menacing except perhaps Walrein. Phoebe's Ghost-types do drain your pp incredibly though - I'm thankful for the invention of the Leppa Berry.
Unova's weren't anything special, but they weren't weak. They were all stronger than Aaron from Sinnoh, anyway. I do think the original Kanto Elite Four may be one of the hardest, from my experiences in LeafGreen.
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Old August 20th, 2013 (8:22 AM).
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Gen 2's was definitely the easiest for me, due to the hilariously low levels compared to the previous Gen.

2nd easiest was Hoenn's, especially because I had Blaziken as my starter, and he could bust through pretty much all of them. Maybe that's why they made Wallace the Champion for Emerald. xD
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Old August 20th, 2013 (8:35 AM).
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Hoenn and Johto by far. I breezed through most of Hoenn's E4 minus Drake from time to time and always found it a little too easy. Same for Johto minus Lance. :'<

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Old August 20th, 2013 (8:35 AM).
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Unova's was really easy...if you leveled up your Pokemon in a certain range. My Pokemon were over L60 and I was able to sweep all four using Mienshao and Leavanny. Johto's E4 was also easy, their Pokemon start off at L40 and slowly rise up as you advance, so you know where to put your Pokemon's levels as you train.
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Old August 31st, 2013 (9:57 AM).
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I think Gen 5's Pokemon league was the easiest. Ruby/Sapphire's and Emerald's were actually the toughest for me. Cynthia in Pearl was a pain in my rear as well, but besides her the actual Elite Four wasn't that bad.
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Old August 31st, 2013 (12:24 PM).
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Kanto once you find Missingno. And I guess it only applies to R/B. And with Mew it's not too hard either.

Otherwise, Unova, again. The 4 types they use have similar weaknesses, so it's not hard at all.
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Old August 31st, 2013 (7:09 PM).
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Hoenn League wasn't really hard for me. The first three members of the Elite Four were extremely easy to get through, because my Blaziken had moves that were super-effective against their teams. Drake was kind of a challenge because some of his Pokémon were faster than mine, but I still managed to defeat him. As for Steven, all of his Pokémon were weak against Blaze Kick and Sky Uppercut. Unova League was pretty easy, too, because most of the Elite Four's Pokémon had low levels. d:
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Old September 1st, 2013 (3:05 AM).
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The Hoenn League, since you had access to a level 70 Rayquaza to trash it.
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Old September 1st, 2013 (4:48 AM).
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Yeah hoen was d easiest .... my sceptile being 65 at lvl and rest 4 pokemons being 25-27 and my kyogre at lvl 50 i defeated d league !
And d toughest league for me was kanto !!
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Old September 1st, 2013 (7:45 PM).
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Johto in terms of level, Unova in terms of type. With Johto, I usually win on my test run and I can beat Unova with a Bug type, Flying type and Dragon type.
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Old September 2nd, 2013 (7:33 AM).
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Johto was easiest by far. They were significantly under levelled and their types were incredibly easy to counter - I didn't find them to be at all challenging to beat. Koga was a nice addition to the Johto league but even with their new line-up I found them incredibly easy. I'd wager it has something to do with Johto being a great region for training in though; things seem to level up a lot faster there than other regions.
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Old September 2nd, 2013 (12:55 PM).
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Playing nowadays with my experience, I don't find any of them hard anymore. So basing this off initial playthroughs, I'm going to say Unova 2's league was really easy, even the champion. I went through without losing anyone my first time playing Black 2, and I couldn't even read the game. Then again, it only came out last year and I was 20, so I knew what I was doing at least.

Emerald (not RS) was pretty easy too. They gave you access to a level 70 Rayquaza, so if you really wanted to, you could blaze through there. ~_~ I only brought it with me once, and even still, I kept Ray in reserve really. Didn't need to use him but one time, if memory serves. lol
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Old September 10th, 2013 (4:09 PM).
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I'd have to say the original Red/Blue has the easiest E4. Sure, they may have higher levels, but the pokemon tend to waste turns using crap like Agility or using Super Potions when it's not going to do anything. It's actually possible to beat the R/B E4 with pretty much the same levels that you'd use against G/S/C's E4.

I can't really agree that Johto's E4 is easiest because of the levels. While they are a lot lower than the other regions... so are you (unless you spend hours grinding). I find that the better AI makes up for the levels anyways. Still pretty easy, but they can actually do some damage if you're not careful.

I've always felt that the E4 difficulty goes up with each generation with the exception of a slight dip in Unova compared to Sinnoh.
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