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What's your least favorite Pokémon [of Each Type]?

Pokémon Polls Express your opinion in straightforward polls and questions about Pokémon that would otherwise fit in Pokémon General if they weren't so, well, straightforward. Vote away!

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Old May 10th, 2013 (4:21 PM).
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This is going to be a hard pick, as I generally like most of the Pokemon. Here goes nothing.

Bug: Swadloon. It always looked a little like a dumpling wrapped in a leaf blanket, and its eys just seemed weird. Whatever happened to that cute Sewaddle?
Dark: Vullaby. I love Mandibuzz, but Vullaby just doesn't cut it for me. Being a chick Pokemon, you'd expect it to be at least somewhat cute.
Dragon: Shelgon. I don't really like its design, with it just being a giant white ball with eyes and stubby feet.
Electric: Pachirisu. With terrible stats all across the board and an unoriginal design, the only thing good about it is it's cute physique.
Fighting: Throh and Sawk. I am not a fan of human-like Pokemon, and these two are no exception. Thier designs and concept seem so underdeveloped and lazy on Nintendo's part.
Fire: Pignite. I like the rest of Tepig's evolutionary family, but it's just Pignite that urks me. He's a chubby, derpy pig. And he's a fire/fighting type. We have plently of fire/fighting starters.
Flying: Ledyba. It's so puny and ridiculous looking, with terrible stats to boot. I like ladybugs and this is a disgrace to them.
Ghost: Misdreavus. I don't know why, but I never liked its design much. Trainers utilize this Pokemon to be such a pain (Confuse Ray, Pain Split, etc.). All around not a fun Pokemon to fight.
Grass: Sunkern. Isn't it obvious?
Ground: Dugtrio. How original. The only good stat it even has is speed, which doesn't help with its pitiful defenses and below-average attack.
Ice: Jynx. I really don't like human-like Pokemon at all. They just seem out of place in a game centered around creatures based off animals.
Normal: Happiny. Its design is so bland. The only saving grace it has is the amount of experience points it gives.
Poison: Muk. There was nothing else the creators could do when thinking of the transition between Grimer and its evolution?
Psychic: Unown. It's so painfully bad that I don't even want to write an explanation.
Rock: Bonsly. I was never fond of the baby Pokemon, and this thing just creeps me out. Like all baby Pokemon, terrible stats and moves. Not much else to say.
Steel: Klang and Klinklang. I like originality in my Pokemon. Klink was cool when it was released, but its evolutions suffer the same fate as Muk.
Water: Luvdisc. No one likes Luvdisc. Terrible stats, poor design, and it didn't even evolve into Alomomola. It does have a decent concept, though.

Forever a fan of Lickitung.

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Old May 26th, 2013 (2:53 AM).
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Hahaha I love reading how everyone vents out on such stupid designs....

Normal: Bibarel: Statistics have found that 3 people die each time a bidoof is caught in game
Fighting: Conkeldurr.... . Come on! A construction worker becomes a fighting type pokemon? Really?! What about making a pokemon based on a teacher? I'd love killing one of those
Flying: thornadus: DO NOT design pokemon based on humans EVER! I want to send pokemon to battles not my grandpa and his whip!
Poison: Garbodor: Worst.... pokemon.... ever..... The one who came up with his idea should die (except if its Ken Sugimori.... I don't really know)
Ground: SEismitoad evolution line.... "seismi - what? I know no pokemon with that name!"
Rock: solrock and lunatone: these pokemon looks so bad that the pilot of the 9/11 bombing must've played pokemon and caught one of these two and went into a complete shock causing hundreds of lives! DO NOT design pokemon like these, they can kill!
Bug: Accelgor: I though someone will be able to make another good bug pokemon to use instead of scizor and volcarona... BOY! Never was I so wrong!
Ghost: Dusclops: I thought pokemon are supposed to look better when they evolve? R.I.P. good ol' pokemon days
Steel: Magnezone: Magneton's design was awesome. The only reason I use magnezone is because of its strength but the design really went down to the aspalt on this one
Fire: I'm a lover of fire types but..... magmortar deserves better stats... magmar was a cool pokemon before
Water: gorebys and huntail... I always thought that clamperl evolves into shelldert and when I evolved mine I realized that there really something wrong with this world
Grass: seedot family: They suck!
Electric: pachirisu: I'm sure the designer spilled his milk while drawing pachirisu... don't worry we understand... what? You did not? I know a cheap coffin shop if you want to know.... wait let me get my knife err.... I mean my phone
psychic: unown: they should've made a pokemon that you can only get when you get all the unowns.... their just crap right now
ice: beartic: this guy would've been awesome if not for those things coming out from his nose! I want a design that will make me shout "Go for Narniiiiiaaaaa!!!!" everytime I use beartic
dragon: dudrigon: LEGO and Gamefreak are separate companies right? I'm sure there's a spy in your building Gamefreak!
Dark: shiftry evo line: If batman was a pokemon trainer shiftry would be his pokemon... and jinx would be Robins... wait. what?!
Old May 27th, 2013 (11:29 PM).
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Here goes nothing.......
Fire : Torkoal
Water : Mudkip
Dragon : Vibrava
Steel : Mawile
Poison : Gulpin
Flying : Pidgey
Grass : Tangela
Rock : Nosepass
Ground : Shellos
Ice : Delibird
Bug : Kricketune
Dark : Sableye
Psychic : Abra
Ghost : Spiritomb
Fighting : Meditite
Normal : Smeargle, Dunsparce
Electric : Electrode

Old July 15th, 2013 (4:40 PM). Edited July 16th, 2013 by Entermaid.
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Absolutely hideous

Doesn't look like a pokemon.


Worst concept for a pokemon. Period.

Does it really need to be so derpy?

Very Disappointed in wingull's evolution.

I actually don't mind Salamance, but he just isn't in the same league as others in his type.

The worst form shifting pokemon in the game.

Really? Do I need to explain? The only electric pokemon I dislike.

The concept looks thrown together, and doesn't really make much sense.

Why were you created?

Worst starter of all time

I am not to fond of this soccer ball.

Pure ugly!

Really, a spinning top pokemon?

Go back to the digital world you don't belong.

Blah, and boring.
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Old July 15th, 2013 (11:06 PM).
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@Fenneking : Actually you cannot rate Bibarel as a flying type Poke. Don't you know it is a Normal/ Water type???
Old July 16th, 2013 (2:30 PM).
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Originally Posted by alienhunterx View Post
@Fenneking : Actually you cannot rate Bibarel as a flying type Poke. Don't you know it is a Normal/ Water type???
I must have mixed up the pelliper and bibarrel icon, haha.
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Old July 25th, 2013 (2:37 AM).
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I really hate shelmet. it's mouth is like it is giving u a kiss ewww
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Old August 7th, 2013 (6:06 PM).
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Originally Posted by zephyr6257 View Post
I really don't like ash's pikachu. it defies physics. it damaged arceus. it ko'ed a golem. the most annoying of all pokemon. and yet, he's in my signature. )))) but seriously, when I was younger, i hated zubats when i used to play firered.
Haha same here. Another thing I didn't get was when Ash started fresh in a region, he kept his Pikachu. I mean, the thing is trained way better than say the starters and early wild Pokémon but apparently has trouble defeating them.
Old August 13th, 2013 (5:47 PM).
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Fire : Torkoal
Water : Lumineon
Dragon : Love em all, but if I had to pick it would be Altaria or Drudigon.
Steel : the entire Klinkklankklanklickaklc evolution line.
Poison : Swalot
Flying : Farfetch'd
Grass : Maractus
Rock : Probopass
Ground : Dugtrio
Ice : Vanilluxe
Bug : Kricketune
Dark : Skuntank
Psychic : Grumpig
Ghost : Cofigrigus
Fighting : Conkeldurr
Normal : Purugly
Electric : Stunfisk
Old August 21st, 2013 (4:26 AM).
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Normal - Watchog. For me, this thing stands out as the absolute worst of the regional rodents! Not because it's weak, but because it's hideous and annoying! Its pre-evolution, Patrat, is no better.
Fire - Simisear. I loved Pansage when it was revealed, but the others disappointed me. Besides, we've got the Chimchar line, which is much better.
Water - Basculin. This thing is terrible and it's in nearly every body of water in Unova! At least Magikarp and Tentacool can evolve. But Basculin can't, making it suck. Hopefully, the upcoming generation will fix that!
Grass - Chespin. Don't get me wrong. I don't hate Chespin, I just find it overrated compared to Froakie. Also, I couldn't think of anything else besides Chespin.
Electric - Emolga aka AnnoyingStupidFlyingSquirrel. Nuff said.
Ice - Delibird. It's not terrible, it's just meh.
Fighting - Emboar. The fact that it's the third Fire/Fighting starter in a row just rubbed me the wrong way.
Poison - Garbodor. This thing is just pure garbage.
Ground - Stunfisk. This thing is just a pain in the ***! Trying to obtain it in Super Pokemon Rumble was very annoying! Also, Stunfisk is overrated IMO.
Flying - Tranquill. For me, this is the worst Normal/Flying ever! It's not cute, not strong, really annoying, and I don't like its design. I don't like Unfezant either.
Psychic - Unown. This shouldn't have been a Pokemon!
Bug - Combee. Getting a good Combee was a massive pain in the *** back in DPPt. You could only find Combee in Honey Trees, but the chance of finding one was just 20%! Also, the chance of getting a male Combee was 87,5%, and male Combee can't evolve! Nowadays, Combee is much easier to obtain, but it still needs its male evolution!
Rock - Boldore. This thing is just a pain in the *** with Sturdy and Explosion. Graveler may have the same stuff, but at least Sturdy only blocked OHKO moves back when Graveler was abusing Explosion everywhere.
Ghost - Yamask. At first I found this thing adorable. But when I saw that ugly face on its belly, I started to like Yamask less. It's not terrible, though.
Dragon - Druddigon. It's pretty cool, but all other Dragon-type Pokemon are better.
Dark - Mightyena. In the third generation, it was so annoying with Intimidate and Roar!
Steel - Klink. With a noobish design, a shallow movepool, absurd looks, and okay evolutions, Klink just sucks.

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Old August 27th, 2013 (6:43 AM).
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Bug = Genesect because it's so ugly with that look, and it reminds me of those buzzes from DKC3, bleh. Genosekto > Genesect by far. Annoying competitively (that Scarf set could smash any team in OU, hence why it was banned) and very strong even in Uberz
Dark = Absol. Overrated and it looks too bland, and it's not that good.
Dragon = Palkia. Its head. ITS HEAD. Wanna know what it looks like? I get how good it is competitively, but when your head looks like a male's private part, you have problems.
Electric = Thundurus. All three genies were poorly designed in their Incarnate forms, but Thundurus is probably the worst of them all, with an ugly name, ugly color, and an overpowered ability which ultimately send it to Ubers.
Fighting = Probably Breloom, but I don't hate it. Maybe because of how annoying it is.
Fire = Flareon or Volcarona. Flareon is so underpowered... plus it's an Eevee evo, and I never liked them. Volcarona... *cough* Quiver Dance *cough* 4x weak to SR *cough* 135 Special Attack *cough* horrible physical defense. Yes, Volcarona is in my opinion one of the most overrated OU Pokemon, and every one of its advantages are mitigated by a horrible weakness. It's great on paper, but it never worked for me.
Flying = Tornadus (-T) / Thundurus / Landorus. Lazy designs, basically they made one of the three and the other two are just recolors. Tornadus-T is creepy too.
Ground = Landorus. Uber + uber ugly.
Ghost = Dusclops. Lame design, lame cry, lame in competitive play even with the Eviolite. It might look better than Dusknoir, but if I managed to get 1950+ ACRE with Dusknoir, I don't think it is better than its evo.
Grass = Celebi / Ferrothorn. I don't hate them, I just like them less than the other grass-types. Although I have to give props to Ferrothorn for being so annoying.
Ice = Kyurem-White / Glaceon. Kyurem-W is overpowered and it doesn't look like a legendary Pokemon. It's the perfect example of an overdesigned thing. 170 Special Attack? STAB Draco Meteor? Choice Specs? No no. Glaceon is just dissapointing.
Normal = REGIGIGAS (aka Regigigigigigigigigigigigas. Impossible name to spell. Extremely annoying to obtain in-game. Extremely ugly (what is it supposed to be?). Useless in competitive play, even in NU. Need I say more?)
Psychic = Mr. Mime / Gardevoir (Mr. Mime looks soooooo creepy. Gardevoir is overrated and it sucks even in NU from my experience.)
Poison = Tentacool and Tentacruel.
A wild Tentacool / Tentacruel appeared!
A wild Tentacool / Tentacruel appeared!
A wild Tentacool / Tentacruel appeared!
A wild Tentacool / Tentacruel appeared!
A wild Tentacool / Tentacruel appeared!
A wild Tentacool / Tentacruel appeared!
A wild Tentacool / Tentacruel appeared!
A wild Tentacool / Tentacruel appeared!
A wild Tentacool / Tentacruel appeared!
A wild Tentacool / Tentacruel appeared!
*throws his DS at the wall*
And for the record, Tentacruel is even more annoying competitively, thanks to Rain Dish and its secondary Water typing.
Rock = Aggron. Overrated and too slow to be of any use.
Steel = JIRACHI.
The foe's Jirachi used Iron Head!
Your Pokemon flinched!
The foe's Jirachi used Iron Head!
Your Pokemon flinched!
The foe's Jirachi used Iron Head!
Your Pokemon flinched!
The foe's Jirachi used Iron Head!
Your Pokemon flinched!
The foe's Jirachi used Iron Head!
Your Pokemon flinched!
The foe's Jirachi used Iron Head!
Your Pokemon flinched!
*punches his monitor*
Water = There are many Water-types I hate.
a) Did I mention Tentacruel? I think I did.
b) Ludicolo. It looks horrible.
c) Piplup because of its annoying voice in the anime. I don't like Oshawott either because it's fugly, but it's not nearly as bad.
d) Did I mention Palkia?
e) Politoed because of Drizzle. When will Drizzle get banned, Smogon?
f) Keldeo because of being able to abuse Drizzle so well and because it looks like a MLP character.
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Old August 27th, 2013 (7:47 PM).
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Fire - Heatmor because he's a fire-breathing bipedal anteater!
Water - Magikarp 'nuff said
Dragon - Altaria WHAT?! He's a dragon? O.o
Steel - Klink Family SRSLY?! Gears linked together become a Pokemon?
Poison - Swalot because he looks lame, and was not really useful in my Emerald.
Flying - Zubat because 'A wild ZUBAT appeared'
Tao Trio because they're the Pokemon with the lamest design that I've ever seen in my whole life!
Grass - Exegcute because they're friggin' eggs!
Rock - Probopass because mustache.
Ground - Landorus didn't i mention in the flying, already?
Ice - Delibird because Present..
Bug - Burmy & Wormadam because too gimmicky.
Dark - Vullaby because I hate the design.
Psychic - Unown because Hidden Power..
Ghost - Shuppet because I really don't like him since I first saw him.
Fighting - Troh & Sawk because their designs are lame.
Normal - Slakoth because Truant.
Electric - Thundurus see flying. XD
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Old September 8th, 2013 (9:14 AM).
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I tried my best to narrow it down, but it was impossible for some of the types. I apologize in advance if I happen to insult a Pokemon someone likes. Remember that it's just my opinion and that I mean no disrespect towards anyone. >< Spoiler tag 'cause it's long.

Bug: Pinsir, Shelmet
Both are downright ugly and have creepy mouths.
Dark: Drapion, Stunky/Skuntank
Drapion looks like a scorpion that fused with a jack-in-the-box, and it's ugly. Real skunks are adorable, whereas Stunky and Skuntank are hideous.
Dragon: Bagon/Shelgon/Salamence, Druddigon
Bagon reminds me too much of Yoshi. Shelgon is just...I don't know, I just don't like it. Salamence's wings are stupid as h***. Druddigon is just really ugly.
Electric: Stunfisk
I literally said to myself "What the h*** is that?!" when I encountered it for the first time. It's facial animation scares me (as does Palpitoad's).
Fairy: Swirlix
That derpy face, and that tail that looks...disturbing.
Fighting: Combusken, Hitmonlee, Hitmonchan, Throh, Sawk
I would have hated Combusken's design anyway, but ever since I read someone's opinion of what it looks like...cannot unsee. Hitmonchan, Throh, and Sawk look too human-like for my taste, and Throh and Sawk look like they should be part rock type. Hitmonlee's design is just too weird for me.
Fire: Chimchar, Combusken
Chimchar doesn't look right for a Pokemon, it looks more like a Sonic or Samba de Amigo character to me. Maybe it's the eyes. Also, it looks like it lit a fart on fire. See Fighting for Combusken.
Flying: Pelipper, Tropius
The shape of Pelipper's body, what is up with that? It looks like a flying axe. Tropius' "wings" are as stupid as Salamence's, not to mention the fact that bananas growing out of its neck just kind of grosses me out.
Ghost: Cohagrigus, Spiritomb
Both just seem like really lazy designs to me. And bad designs, at that.
Grass: Exeggcute/Exeggcutor, Tangela
Don't even get me started on Exeggcute and Exeggcutor. Someone really needs to explain to me how a bunch of rotting eggs turn into coconut heads on a walking palm tree. And even if they were unrelated, their designs are still terrible. Tangela's design is just stupid, especially the shoes. It reminds me of those old McDonald's mascots, the Fry Kids, which makes me hate it more (if you have no idea what I'm talking about, just google image search it). Plus, I've done most of my post-game training in SoulSilver at the base of Mt. Silver, and Tangela are everywhere.
Ground: Diglett/Dugtrio
Lamest designs after Grimer/Muk. How can NO ONE know what the rest of their bodies look like?! Don't they get released inside buildings, or ever have to get serious medical treatment from injuries? Just stupid.
Ice: Jynx
She and her clothes look way too human-like (and I don't care that she's the "Human Shape" Pokemon).
Normal: Happiny, Lickilicky, Patrat/Watchog, Smeargle
I hate Happiny's design, especially the bumps on her head. Lickilicky is just stupid. I was so disturbed when I saw the artwork for Patrat and Watchog for the first time - their eyes are disturbing, and Watchog just has a plain hideous design. Smeargle just bugs me.
Poison: Drapion, Garbodor, Stunky/Skuntank
See Dark for Drapion, Stunky, and Skuntank. Garbodor is self-explanatory.
Psychic: Exeggcute/Exeggcutor, Jynx, Mr. Mime
See Grass and Ice. (Mr. Mime is in the same boat as Jynx.)
Rock: Nosepass/Probobass
Some of the worst designs for a Pokemon, imo. Don't know what else to say.
Steel: Probopass
See above.
Water: Keldeo, Pelipper
Keldeo looks like an awful My Little Pony fan character. I particularly hate its nose. See Flying for Pelipper.

Woo, so nice to get that off my chest. XP
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