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Other FULL ~Cursed Books: OOC~ [PG-13]

Started by Quto August 27th, 2013 12:33 PM
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Ill never tell.
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~This is a RP that has gained dozens and dozens of fans every time I've posted it periodically. I have decided to share this RP with the community.

What is CB?

The role play is based off a collection of books out in the world. Each book containing a dreaded curse to torment the victims life and in return, the book grants its victim power. A power that grows that can be used to help others, or to end all things as we know it. Whatever the victim decides.

The main story objective is to hunt down the owner of the 'Book of Chains' and defeat him, so he is the main antagonist. The owner of the 'Chains' book does not suffer a curse, instead, he can slightly alter the destinies and change the outcome of anything by a small degree of all those around him or her and the cursed book owners; as well as use their powers. The draw back for using their powers is he (or she if I decide) must suffer the same curse the book owner is undergoing while using this power and can only use its degree of strength the original owner can reach.

The victim can be rid of his or her curse he or she simply lives their life. Every book is blank, font to back; And every eventful moment the victim lives or adversity the victim overcomes, the book records as a testament to their life. When a book is full of the victims life, front to back, the victim is free of their curse and keeps the power they were given without having to suffer the consequences they have lived through. Even then, this is very difficult to do, with the antagonist making their life difficult and even sometimes impeding their progress as they hunt him or her down.


Time Line:
I have run CB through medieval and modern time lines. For this one, I'm aiming for a little in the center. The age of industry mixed in with the age of monarchy, sort of a steam punk setting. We'll be in a land called 'Tiera' There are 3 countries in control here. The Diligent, a country in the south that is still ruled by monarchy with a heavy tax system in place, yet a very prosperous land for the rich and wealthy. The Twan, a country to the north that runs on democracy; A land of soldiers, farmers and inventors with ingenuity turning the gears of their nation. Lastly, Yovo, a country to the south between Twan and Diligent, on west, A peaceful country bound to old ways. Farmers, bakers and all sorts though afraid of war and destruction; so they're a little country, however they still favor technology and anything it benefits to them.

The Warning: The origin to the accursed books is unknown. However every hundred years, a being, shrouded within darkness approaches each victim, inflicting them with a specific book and warning each of them before retreating back into the nothing it has come from. The warning phrased it repeats; "For thee those accursed, may they find refuge until freedom becomes granted; For that they shall be the ones to reverse at all that comes to end. May thy children be blessed with the power thy book grants." The first book that is always delivered is the Book of Chains, before the whole mess begins.

Currently, there is a war brewing between two factions in the land of Tiera, the Twan and Diligent, constantly fighting for control over each others territory continent. In the land of the Diligent, a young prince is riding along the dark path until he is approached by the shadowed being. Passing him off the Book of Chains; giving him the warning, though intriguing the prince when the being mentioned power. At first, the young prince thought it was a bluff; However he began small practice sessions, alone to see what his power was. Putting some focus to it, he was able to notice he was able to bend the outcome of duels, gambles, games and smaller battles from guerrilla Twan factions. He then begins to hatch a plot to control all of Tiera, beginning by attempting to claim the lower thrones in the Diligent's kingdom; when he attains the highest throne in the monarchy, he will lead every army each king has ahold of to victory and soon, control all of Twan and Yovo. the only ones who can stop him are those accursed with each book the victim is granted. The antagonist can change the outcome of almost any battle to his favor, but cannot change the outcome of each power used against him.


Book List:
This is a list containing the first 13 books set for the RP.
However if prefer your own cursed book, I'll allow it; though I must approve it first.


1. Dark Legacy
Curse: The victim loses his place in the world, any mark in history is considered erased; any great deed he or she has performed is considered undone, you slowly become a figment of everyone's imagination.
Power: Have the ability to use and manipulate shadows. Can form weapons or items of darkness or hide in the night in plain sight.
- The shadows around you morph into any weapon of your choosing, taking on a physical form.
- In broad daylight, anything morphed and formed is weaken and can break easily.
- Starting off, Your worldly deeds go unnoticed, followed by any memory of close friends and lovers, the victims family starts to forget him or her, the victim then will forget who he or she is questioning their existence.

2. Blind Oath
Curse: Victims under Blind Oath slowly loose their vision until they are blind.
Power: Control and manipulate the Earth
- The loss of the victims vision is dependent on the progress he or she has made with their book as they work towards lifting their curse.
-- At first, everything seemed to be tinted gray a bit as they soon become color blind as the victim progresses, the start losing their sight when they reach the 1/2 way point and remain blind until their book is complete.

3. Blue Moon
Curse: The victim becomes vampire
Power: The victim can create illusions and push the actions of those illusions to become a reality.
- Cannot die from sunlight, water, garlic, or religious symbols. These things will sting and harm the victim slightly.
- The victim will require to drink blood in order to keep him or herself alive.
-- Starting on a blank book No need, towards A few drops per week, followed by a gallon, the lust for blood continues until the book is filled.

4. Lost Memory
Curse: Victims will start to loose their own memories
Power: Victims will be able to shape shift.
- Victims will start losing their most distance memories at first, such as basic day to day life tasks. The memories following as the progress to break their curse are memories dealing towards friends, where they work, lovers people close to them. The memories following after friends are the memories dealing with family, then towards their childhood until they can't remember a thing worth their life.
- At first, the victim will be able to shape shift parts of his or her body, such as creating a knife with one hand or a key. As their curse progresses, the range of what they can morph into expands; animals, humans and so forth. The range continues to grow as they can become single weapons of destruction.

5. Deathly Silence
Curse: Victims slowly become unable to speak
Power: Victims will gain super human physical speed; Their bodies will also become more dense in order to combat any health problems caused when racing at such speed. Acrobatics, abilities to jump are vastly improved as well
- The victims speed is dependent on the progress made within the book.
-- [Blank]+4 mph --> +8 mph --> +16 mph --> +32 mph --> [halfway]+64 mph --> +128 mph --> +256 mph --> +512 mph --> +1024 mph --> +2050 mph[filled]

6. Fury
Curse: Victim will burn all he or she will touch. Flame resistant clothes will be needed and are provided story wise.
power: The victims will be able to control fire, even start fires in the palm of their hands.
- Anyone that touches will catch fire, touching human flesh will only cause 2nd degree burns. Excessive touching can prove deadly.
- Likewise, anything that can't be burnt will be melted or evaporate.
- Like the other books, the victims power in the use of flames will grow as their curse progresses. the effectiveness of what they burn on touch will become more potent as well.

7. Sky
Curse: Victims will lose their physical strength and become more frail.
Power: Victims will be able to change the weather and control its elements.
- The severity of weather changes will depend on the progress with the book. In order, the stages of weather that can be summoned.
- The victim will not feel lose of strength at first. As the progress, they will slowly loose their ability to lift heavier objects and even loose their ability to travel long distances until they can barely climb.
-- [Blank]Light rain/drizzle --> Rain --> Heavy Rain --> [Halfway filled]freezing rain and/or hail --> Snow --> Blizzard --> cloudy day --> Searing heat --> Clear skies. [Filled]

8. Drifter
Curse: Victims Having ahold of drifter will slowly lose their personality, the curse eating away at their ego and id until they become hollow, cold and uncaring for what happens to them or others
Power: Like Fury, the victims will be able to control and form ice.
- At beginning, minimal personality loss. The more the book is filled however, the more the victims personality and life becomes nothing. In order, the loss of emotions in comparison to text filled.
-- [Blank] Loss of neutrality --> Loss of happiness --> [Halfway filled]Loss of sadness/pity --> Loss of anger/hate --> Loss of love/envy/lust --> Loss of all emotion --> Loss of meaning of life/motivation to stay alive[near filled] --> Regain all emotions and meaning [Filled]

9. Red Sun
Curse: Victims will become Werewolves and will be unable to revert to human beings.
Power: Victims will have the ability to sense things ahead of time and communicate telepathically.
- Unlike this books counter part, the Blue Moon, Red Sun carriers will be unable to keep awake or stay physically fit during daylight hours.
- Victims will have increased strength to go with their cursed transformations.

10. Shadows
Curse: The Victim becomes slowly becomes unseen.
Power: Victims become immune to physical attacks, poisons and diseases
- Can still be affected by heat/cold/spiritual related attacks.
- Cannot be touched, but can be heard. Any object that cursed individual touches is also invisible, but only as long as it is touched.
-They still remain seen as long as their book is blank, as the book fills and their power progresses, they become more faded out until they remain unseen.
-Victims become immune to small cuts and swords at first, as their book progresses, the then become immune to sickness and poisons; from here their bodies become more durable until nothing can truly harm them.

11. Honor
Curse: You're half dead. No one sees you except those close to you.
Power: Ability to fuse things, Alchemy
- Closeness is dependent on the time spent with a person. If meetings with the person are 273 or over, OR if you spend over 72 hours in a row with the person at any given time, you are considered 'close.'
- No heartbeat, staying alive on spirit alone.
- Amount of things that can be alchemized are dependent on the length of how many words are in the book. Starts out at a size no bigger than an apple. End result is a circle with a radius of 15 feet.

12. Zeus
Curse: Victims lose all morality
Power: Ability to control lightning/electricity
- At first, you only start to make choices with your interests and those close to you in mind. Eventually, choices made may be centered around your own, you no longer have a conscience to tell you right from wrong or cause any guilt.
- Can control lightning from the sky or can produce it from oneself, or anything that is considered high voltage.

13. Oblivion
Curse: Your body and skin become a Dark Pitch Black color, to where no light can escape.
Power: Control Gravity
-At first, power only maxes to adding or reducing 5lb.
-Can levitate items providing the max power is within range.
-[Blank] 5lb. --> 10lb. --> 25lb. --> 90lb. --> [Half Way finished] 250lb. --> 400lb. --> 800lb. --> Can create Blackholes, 1500lb. --> [finished] Lift or crush ANYTHING known to man, alien or animal.
-Blanks remain as they are, their body pigmant turns blacker and darker as their book progresses.
-No Black jokes, please.

Custom Book List

DeLaMuerte's book
Book Name: Power Break
Curse: Your knowledge of the world slowly dwindles as the book fills.
Power: You have higher than average strength- or, better yet, superhuman strength. Your physical appearance, however, will stay the same. You also gain more energy, so to handle the amount of strength you have.
-Your knowledge of more... academic subjects begin to dwindle. History, arithmetic, and the sciences will begin to leave your mind.
-You keep your sense of logic.
-If you learns something during the duration of the curse, it will stick in your mind until a few more pages are filled, where then you will lose the skill again. For example, if in the late stages of the curse the owner of the book learns the Pythagorean Theorem, he would forget it in a few pages.
-Your strength and energy increases while the book gets filled...

-With all pages blank, you will feel more invigorated, and you will find that you can lift things about 5 pounds heavier than usual. You begin to lose skills that you didn't know you had; things that are not really necessary.
-With some pages, you will be able to carry your own weight on top of what you were able to carry without the book- you're also strong enough that you can push large rocks out of a person's way. At this point, you find yourself forgetting skills you use occasionally. For example, a historian may forget dates of minor battles in a war.
-With about half the book, you're truly powerful and can carry something the weight of, say, a car. You begin to lose skills that you use more often- with the example of the historian, he would forget some key events in a war.
-When it's about 75% complete, you'll be powerful enough to move things about the size of a truck- however, you'll find yourself unable to work with things like large numbers, and a historian may begin to forget wars, or important people in history.
-Finally, when it's nearly complete, you'll be able to lift nearly anything; ripping out trees from the ground is like a walk in the park. But you'll find your skills dwindled down to basic skills like addition and subtraction; a historian would forget things like the founding of his country, the name of some others, and almost all people in history.

-The curse can vary per person. It mostly deals with what knowledge the person, at the time of the receiving of the book, uses the most. So it's possible that while an engineer forgets how to create certain things, he will still remember historical events.

Dusk Lunacy's book's

Guardian Angel
A medium blue book with a painting of an angel holding a large kite shield on the cover.

Power: The ability to generate a magical shield that can block nearly anything, and deflect most things. It is entirely two-dimensional and can be replaced at any time, but can only exist in one place, so placing it somewhere else makes the original immediately disappear. At the start, the user can only place a shield as far as three feet from the fingertip, but it can be placed further the more the book is written.

Curse: While a magical shield is in existence, the user is weaker than they originally were, meaning if someone or something were to get past or behind the shield, the user would be in danger. The further the book is filled, the more the user is weakened, and the bigger the shield is. Certain landmarks in book progression allow for more usability with the shield, though they amplify the curse when in use.

Empty Book: Twice as weak as normal. +100%
Partly Full: Three times weaker than normal. +200%
Half Full: Four times weaker than normal. +300%
Mostly Full: Five times weaker than normal. +400%
Filled Book: No longer weakened by the shield. +0%

Each landmark also gives the user a new perk in using the shield, while also making it more deadly to use.

Empty Book: Shield is 2 meters in diameter.
Partly Full: 2.5-meter diameter. Shield can be reshaped in any way with the same area, but more bending makes the user weaker.
Half Full: 3-meter diameter. Shield can be placed twice as far away as normal (six feet), but the further the user is from the shield, the weaker the user is (outside of the 3-foot range).
Mostly Full: 3.5-meter diameter. Two shields can be placed, but the second doubles the weakness of the user.
Filled Book: Shields can now be placed anywhere, anyhow, and doesn't weaken the user. Infinite shields, infinite sizes, infinite placement possibilities.

Holy Light
A small red book with a thin golden cross jutting ever-so-slightly out of the front cover. The outer lining of the cover has decorative golden trim roughly 3-4 centimeters from the edges.

Power: The ability to heal others of their wounds and suffering. The user can heal the injuries of others and take away the pain, but cannot heal his/herself. Lost limbs, appendages or organs cannot be regenerated or fixed, but can be mended back to the body if placed in the correct position, and has not been detached for more than fifteen minutes. After fifteen minutes, the lost body part is no longer considered part of the body, and cannot be repaired or reattached.

Curse: Any and all healing applied to a target is then measured into an amount of pain, which the user will suffer from until the pain goes away on its own or the pain is treated with appropriate medicine. This pain can come in the form of a headache, a stabbing pain somewhere on the body, or in more hazardous cases, blackouts. If the user passes out from pain caused by healing, he/she will not wake for a certain amount of time. The time of unconsciousness varies depending on the amount of pain applied, so if healing is overused, the user will be blacked out for longer. This unconsciousness could last as little as a minute or as long as two weeks, depending on how much pain the curse has inflicted.

Empty Book: User suffers a lot of the target's pain. 80%
Partly Full: User suffers the target's pain. 100%
Half Full: User suffers more pain than the target. 140%
Mostly Full: User suffers twice the pain of the target. 200%
Filled Book: User no longer suffers pain when healing.

Book Form:
This is a SU form if you prefer to make your own book.
When you perform your setup, you must PM me the form or post a public message on my profile requesting permission if you plan to start off with a custom book.
If you plan to use a book from the list, then you don't need to PM or contact me, just post your profile and wait to be approved.

Book Name: Name the book.
Curse: What is the user cursed with?
Power: What is the victim given for his suffering? Be fair.
Notes: List all of the drawbacks to the power, what access in your power for how many pages filled, notes to what you can do and what you can not, the severeness of the curse and so on. These notes are required when filling out the form so I and other players can know more about your situation and I can give challenges based on what's put in here. So don't leave this blank; Otherwise the request will be denied.

Setup Form:

Name: Who are you?

Description: You may use text to describe yourself or a photo off the net. If its a pic, be mature and keep it PG13, please.

Age: How old is the character?

Class/Job: What did he or she work as before being cursed? Do they still have that job? A soldier? A cook? A mechanic? A prince?

Book: You have a choice, you can either become a cursed victim or be an adventurer; or be an adventurer who gets a book later on.

Likes, Dislikes: What does the character like and dislike?

Combat Technique/Weapon: Martial Arts? Dual Weapon Wielding? Broad Swords? how does your character fight and defend him or herself?

History/Biography: Include a detailed story about your character, what their lives were like before becoming cursed. If your character is not cursed, still, put in a detailed description about them and their life.

Starting a Cursed Life:
If you need help staring off, you can begin with this post.

As [Character] walks alone along the back roads of [Yovo, Twan or Diligent], A dark being appears, thrust a square projectile to [character]'s chest, proclaiming his warning: "For thee those accursed, may they find refuge until freedom becomes granted; For that they shall be the ones to reverse at all that comes to end. May thy children be blessed with the power thy book grants." As the being vanishes, [character] looks upon their lap to see a book, blank from front to back. As they get up to stand, they can't shake off the feelings something about their self is off.

Finish up the rest of the post after this here.


~The IC will be posted after 5 profiles have been approved/registered to the OOC.
I'll be joining myself, so we need 4 more.

[Becoming a Cursed Victim]
-Claiming a Cursed Book will grant you both a power and a curse you must carry with you throughout the course of the RP.
-All CURSED book users books are BLANK at first, every page start to back.
-With each step and event of your life that passes, they will be recorded to your books.
-The books will write themselves, so there is no need to attempt to write the tale yourself. All attempts used to write or draw in these books will vanish if you attempt to forge your way through it.
-The more of your life recorded within your book, the more powerful your character becomes.
-When the book is completed with a word on EVERY page. You are free and have lifted your curse.
-When you become free, The power you obtained remains with you, you get too keep it as proof your are a survivor.
-STEALING a Cursed book is possible but you DO NOT GAIN any power nor ANY curse, IRREGARDLESS.
-You must have your book with you at all times. If you do not. The book will not write and thus cannot finish, placing you under the curse until you recover your book.
-If your Book is Destroyed, you are stuck with your curse for life and cannot revert to your former self before hand. All the books have seals to prevent damage to a certain degree such as average camp fires, and a reinforced spine & body. Extensive hits or exposure to magma and such will start tearing at the book, once its ripped in half or burned or anything, your done and have no hope of returning to being human.
-If your book has been destroyed, you also lose your power that came with it. The book is indeed the MAIN SOURCE of your power.
-The degree of your curse remains after the book has been destroyed.
-If your book is stolen, you still have your power irregardless until it is destroyed or recovered.
-If you finish your book, the power is still yours for keeps, even if the book is destroyed.
-These rules above can be ignored if you recover the 'Book of Chains' from the main antagonist and alter your fate to be free. This rule applies to those who have books. However, if you still HAVE your book after recovering the 'Book of Chains' and release yourself, you lose your power along with it. If you still want too keep your power and be free of your curse, you must remain on the path and finish it.

[Basic Rules]
~Follow the TOS
~Be fair
~Be mature
~There may be more than one owner for each individual of each book. So there may be 2 drifters or 4 blue moons and so on.

Ill never tell.
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5 profiles reserved.
I'll post the IC soon.

Name: Talos

Description: Talos has bright teal colored hair and green eyes. He wears a leather long coat with his investors emblem sewn into his back. He is always seen with his toolbelt strapped around his waist and his boots covered in thick steel to protect his feet from heavy objects.

Age: 22

Job: Mechanic/Inventor

Book: Drifter

Likes/Dislikes: Rain, Candy, Machines, Fireworks, Money / People who consider themselves more powerful, Clowns, Being indecisive

Weapon/Combat Technique: 1x Hunting Knife, 1x 6 - Chamber Gun
Preferring close combat, the new use of his ice powers pushed him to come up with innovative ways to fight. As an inventor, he develops hollow bullets filled with water that explode on contact. With good timing, if he can focus, He can freeze the bullets after impact either impeding his opponent or damaging.

Born and Raised in the country of Twan. He grew up before the war under the care of a hard working mother and l fatherless by age 10. Taking an interest in invention, he educates himself day by day working to improve his knowledge of machines and gear. As later devices and vehicles are invented, he starts working on an engine to assist in transporting siege weapons. Walking home from the junkyard with a set of parts to help complete his project is when he encountered the being and the 'Drifters' book was thrust upon him. The morning following, Talos took notice to a subtle change within himself, where he then took notice when his power first took form, his wrench, freezing over the metal until it encased the bolt and the wrench itself in ice. From here, his journey to understand his curse, his new found power and his book begins.


i'm going on a journey

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I couldn't stop myself... I'm gonna join this RP it just looks too cool
could you reserve a spot for me? btw since this isn't getting too much attention would it be okay if i advertise it in the rp discussion thread?
how happy is the blameless vessel's lot
the world forgetting by the world forgot
eternal sunshine of the spotless mind
each prayer accepted and each wish resigned


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Here's my basic SU. Sorry about it taking so long. I've been having problems with creating new characters.

Name: Cad Varnish, otherwise known as "The Raven" for his dark appearance.

Description: Cad looks like your stereotypical mercenary: Roughly handsome. He stands at about 6'7, being quite tall, and is rather muscular. His hair is long, shaggy, and black, and hangs roughly around his shoulder. His eyes are a deep blue: Piercingly so. His face is clean shaven, giving him a smooth appearance. His normal apparel consists of a long, black cloak, as well as black, leather pants. He prefers not to wear armor, seeing as it only impedes him. He wears black leather combat boots as well.

Age: 36

Class/Job: A Mercenary. He used to be a high ranking general in the Diligent military.

Book: None...Yet.

Likes, Dislikes: Cad is loves fighting, and has based his entire life off of it. Not only does he love it, he excels at it. He is an ex-general, so he is used to positions of power, liking to give orders and have them followed. He has a strong hatred to those who live in Twan, due to years of warfare. Among other things, he prides himself in the side of his sword. Cad calls his blade the "Buster Blade." (DISCLAIMER! I do not own the Buster Blade name, nor do I own the rights. I just think it's freaking AWESOME!) He will reluctantly work with Twanians, but only if he respects them or if they pay him enough. Cad's grown accustomed to working solo, preferring to handle situations by himself, although he will work with a group of any size, be it with one other person, or controlling an army of thousands.

Combat Technique/Weapon: (Couldn't help myself xD) His sword is essentially the Buster Blade.

Cad has one strategy in battle: Brute force can solve anything.

History/Biography: Include a detailed story about your character, what their lives were like before becoming cursed. If your character is not cursed, still, put in a detailed description about them and their life.

Sir Bastian

Christina - Crossroads

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I... am -very- intruiged by this RP. I think there's alot of potential for really cool and interesting characters, though I have a couple questions before I dive in head-first;

Firstly, how is the RP going to be? Will it be sandbox, are you going to lead our characters together? Considering they could be on three seperate continents of the world, that might be a little tough.

Secondly, once they get a book, would they have -heard- of said book? Like, have heard rumors of it, or just... know what the powers/curse of it might be?

Thirdly, I was planning on snatching the Dark Legacy book, and I'm just wondering, would his ability to form weapons grow as time went on, so it'd only be really weak at first, or would it be at a fairly good level to start off with? Could I train to become stronger with my power? How quickly would the curse take effect? Like, would the friends/loved ones only start forgetting a couple things about me, like my favourite dish, or that I cleaned the stairs or something, and then after a long time (Days? Weeks? Months? Years?), they'd forget me?
Ill never tell.
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I... am -very- intruiged by this RP. I think there's alot of potential for really cool and interesting characters, though I have a couple questions before I dive in head-first;

Firstly, how is the RP going to be? Will it be sandbox, are you going to lead our characters together? Considering they could be on three seperate continents of the world, that might be a little tough.
Unlike Earth and Sky, this may have a sand box element at first glance or at first notice. However I plan to lead the characters and band them together into one group.
For starters, those receiving their powers for their first time may not take notice to their curse at first and only note their power. Once their book records a page of an event; victims may take notice of whats happening to him or her and may attempt to look for a cure while more gullible characters may ignore the side effects until they become noticeable; it's until that point they may force themselves to look for help. When the group forms, new victims may hear rumors or news of the group, whichever the case, they may seek them out to attain answers to their ailment.

Secondly, once they get a book, would they have -heard- of said book? Like, have heard rumors of it, or just... know what the powers/curse of it might be?
There is a story plot device, a character I will be introducing that has a vast knowledge on the books. He will be seeking out the victims to accomplish his own agenda; though he will aid them in defeating the carrier to the Book of Chains.

Thirdly, I was planning on snatching the Dark Legacy book, and I'm just wondering, would his ability to form weapons grow as time went on, so it'd only be really weak at first, or would it be at a fairly good level to start off with? Could I train to become stronger with my power? How quickly would the curse take effect? Like, would the friends/loved ones only start forgetting a couple things about me, like my favourite dish, or that I cleaned the stairs or something, and then after a long time (Days? Weeks? Months? Years?), they'd forget me?
I'll try to answer this one in order:

-Your power is weak at first until your book has at least one page recorded of your characters life that it starts off at a decent level of use. So for example, at a blank book, you can form claws that disintegrate in sunshine and hold their form at night. After one page or more, you can form a dagger that can hold its form during both day and night. A few more pages will net you a short sword or a shield and so on.

- Your power only becomes stronger as you attempt to move along and rid yourself of your curse, though training is highly recommended to test the limits of your power and make your character more and more accustomed in how he or she uses it so that, in a sense, they will be able to do more with what they have on hand and be able to handle more as it will come to them when this power grows.

- Your curse takes effect quickly, but only progresses quickly as your book fills up with what you do with his or her life. To put it to better example, if your book is blank, your just have a weak power and there is no curse holding over you. When the first page is written with a few words, loved ones, like you asked, will start forgetting smaller things about you such as your favorite dish, smaller chores and accomplishments. As your power gets stronger, they will forget friends and so on until you start forgetting your own accomplishments and place in the world.
The moment your character works towards lifting his or her curse is the moment it takes effect. Like your power, its weak at first but will grow as your progress.

I'm sorry if any of this upsets you some and I hope I did not discourage you any.


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~Cursed Books~ SU

Name: Nate Ward


Nate has ginger hair and when not in his wolf like form he has larger ears and a tail which he tends to keep hidden behind his red chinos when out in public, sometimes he just forgets about it and it ends up on display a lot. He wears a brownish shirt over a yellow t-shirt and wears converse boots. He isn't as happy as in the picture usually.

Age: 15

Class/Job: Nate works for a thieving gang known as the full moon as he was accepted into this group as long as he shared them their power. The gang commits small thievery projects for clients who pay good money to have something changed slightly in a ledger or have a letter stolen for them.

Book: Red Sun

Likes, Dislikes: Nate hates people who show off or are too cheesy or look weird. In a sense he judges people by their first few words or actions. He has a fondness for marshmallows and fast speed. He hates running and physical exercise and loves his food, and will get quite emotional over a bowl of cereal. He doesn't like showing his emotions in public but loves being over emotional and friendly within the full moon gang. he also hates anything with cheese in and doesn't like the sunlight.

Combat Technique/Weapon: Nate doesn't really have a style, and often goes by luck. He will often avoid a fight and try and be stealthy instead, but when worse comes to worse he will stand back and let his team do the work while he figures things out strategically. His weapon is his intelligence in a way, but when the curse kicks in he knows that he has more power, so he will then attempt to fight a bit, but will still think strategically about his plans.

History/Biography: Nate never had much of a life before he was curse. He was born and raised in Yovo, and had a typical boy's life. His father fled to Diligent after committing major crimes against the government but was arrested and killed at the port. Nate was 12 when this happened but it never bothered him because his father had never been much of a father in the first place. His mother then went blank for the next few years, stressed and emotionless, never speaking, and soon Nate was too stressed for it. At 14 he fled north of the capital city to where he got lost in a wood on a full moon, and out of nowhere came the book. He was promised power, and he got power. Soon he found his appearance changing though, and suddenly became scared and confused at his own form. He fled to a village where he thought he would be safe but was greeted by an angry mob who were soon trying to kill him. Soon after that he fled and found a group of travelers in the wood. They weren't scared, as they were the full moon gang. Later after that Nate got involved with the gang and they respected him for who he was unlike the villagers. No other major events happened in Nate's history, but after that moment he realized that he wanted that power. He began to understand the power he had, and could send messages and read minds of those close to him. People say he is a perspective person, but truly he is just using his power. He soon began to like this power and that's when the gang decided to use them in their biggest scheme yet.
Ill never tell.
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~ 3-5 pages fill out during each eventful moment in ones life max. 6-10 if the moment is longer such as a long drawn out battle due to the war or a date with a lover that has some deep meaning.

~ Live an eventful moment in life or overcome something he or she has had trouble with. Get into a fight and live, something that has meaning.

If you prefer, I can allow you to start off with a few pages filled to help you have a decent hold on your book's power to have like a katana or a weapon that has use.
Just nothing any stronger.

Sir Bastian

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Very interesting. I still need to think about it before making an SU, but I'm very intruiged. Instead of creating a sword, could he create an item, out of the shadows? Like a ladder, to swiftly get onto a roof? Would he be able to control these items as if he had telekinesis? Like, conjure up a dagger or a rock made of shadows behind someone, and have it fling itself towards them on its own?
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