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Old August 28th, 2013 (4:54 PM).
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    I had 3 Gamecubes, 2 Nintendo 64s, a Super Nintendo, Gameboy Advance, Gameboy Advance SP, Nintendo DS and Nintendo Wii.

    And I currently have 2 Playstation 3s and an Xbox 360.
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    Old August 29th, 2013 (1:14 AM).
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      Join Date: Aug 2013
      Location: Vancouver Washington
      Age: 19
      Gender: Male
      Nature: Lonely
      Posts: 79
      I have a PS one,Ps2,PS3,GC,GBA,Wii,and a DS lite, i'm trying to get more :P

      also 2 gray see through Gameboy colors somewhere
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      PC build:
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      Old August 31st, 2013 (11:19 AM).
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        Join Date: Aug 2013
        Gender: Male
        Nature: Relaxed
        Posts: 18
        Game Boy
        Game Boy Advanced x3
        Game Boy Advanced SP x2
        NES x4
        Nintendo 64
        xbox 360 x2 old white ones :3
        PSP x7
        and finally a intellivision
        planing on getting either a 3ds xl 2ds or dsi, haven't decided yet :(
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        Old August 31st, 2013 (11:37 AM).
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          Join Date: Jun 2013
          Location: Belgium
          Age: 21
          Gender: Male
          Nature: Timid
          Posts: 30
          I don't have much, but here they are
          DS Lite (with broken lower screen, used to transfer pokemon from Gen 3 to 4, and to trade between gen 4)
          A playstation 2 (half functional)
          And what i used to own, along with the reason of why it's gone
          Sega Genesis (good times, playing sonic on mom's lap :3)
          A PSP 1000 (non functional, had great times hacking it)
          A Brick DS (you know, the first one. Gave it to stephfather after getting a DS Lite. Then DS Lite lower screen broke, and the DS got a spill of redbull on it by my sister.)
          A Gameboy color (mother gave it away after having a pokemon-involved nightmare)
          A PS3 (Tricked someone on the interwebs into trading a Wii for this PS3 that couldn't read disks :D)
          A PS1 (Gave it to my biological dad after my parent's divorce. Used to belong to stephfather. Then my much hated father sold it to my aunt, who sold it etc. etc.)
          A First edition PS2 (Got dropped after sister and friend were messing around under my bed, switching the PS2 off while me and a friend were playing ratchet and clank. Said PS2 dropped on the floor after a couple of old-friends ran around my room. Said people got evicted from the house and i never saw them again.)

          Planning to get: 3DS along with Pokemon X, Luigi's mansion 2, Mario and luigi, and other games that i would LOVE to have
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          Old August 31st, 2013 (11:47 AM).
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          Join Date: Sep 2011
          Location: nowhere spectacular
          Age: 21
          Gender: Male
          Nature: Impish
          Posts: 4,291
          I got a DS Lite, 3DS, Wii, and an SNES.

          No, I'm not a Nintendo fanboy, it's just that I never got around to buying an XBox.
          did u no there r 21 letters in the alphabet
          o i forgot 5

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          Old August 31st, 2013 (12:32 PM).
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          I have a Ph.D in Horribleness.
            Join Date: Dec 2012
            Location: Ireland
            Age: 25
            Gender: Female
            Nature: Bashful
            Posts: 437
            I have:
            -2 DS lites, one of which the hinge is cracked on
            -a 3DS. Planning to pick up another soon hopefully.
            -A Nintendo 64.
            -About 4 Playstation 2's.

            My brother has a PS3 and an XBox 360 if that counts? :)
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            Old August 31st, 2013 (12:33 PM).
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            Sniper in video games with a huge ego!
            Join Date: Aug 2011
            Location: Weedland
            Gender: Male
            Posts: 8,780
            I own a PS3,DS,PS2,PS1 and thats it, im a Sony guy it seems >.>
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            Old August 31st, 2013 (12:38 PM).
            Mimosa_song Mimosa_song is offline
              Join Date: Aug 2013
              Gender: Female
              Posts: 50
              I have these: Xbox 360,PS2, PS3, Wii, Gamecube, and Nintendo DSi XL
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              Old August 31st, 2013 (1:10 PM).
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              Join Date: Feb 2013
              Gender: Male
              Posts: 2,649
              Consoles I once had:
              - yellow Gameboy
              - green Gameboy Color (don't know where it is)
              - Gameboy Advance (gave it away after I got my GBA SP)
              - Nintendo DS Lite (gave it away after I got my 3DS)

              Consoles I still own:
              - a classic Gameboy (don't know if it still works, though)
              - a light blue Gameboy Advance SP
              - Nintendo 3DS
              - GameCube
              - XBox360 (which I don't like to use xD)
              - PSP Slim
              - my PC of course

              I like handhelds more than home consoles ^^
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              Old August 31st, 2013 (1:52 PM).
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              'Cause why not?
              Join Date: Dec 2010
              Location: Tejas
              Age: 20
              Gender: Male
              Nature: Relaxed
              Posts: 457
              I currently own:

              -a Wii u
              -a Wii
              -a XBox 360
              -a PS2
              -a Sega Saturn
              -a Sega Dreamcast
              -a N64
              -a PSP 3000
              -a 3DS
              -a GBA SP

              And lately, I've been gaming a lot on my trusty PC. I also used to own a Gameboy Micro (lost it) and a PS3 (it broke three times, so I sold it and put the money towards the 360).
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              Old August 31st, 2013 (3:48 PM).
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              It's too cold for you here.
                Join Date: Mar 2013
                Location: Outer Space
                Gender: Male
                Nature: Bold
                Posts: 193
                I've gone through so many consoles, I'm going to have to think about this one.

                Currently, I have 2 Wiis, a 3DS XL, Gamecube and XBox 360
                In the past, I've owned an Atari, Super Nintendo, PS1, Gameboy Color, Gameboy Advanced, N64, COUNTLESS Gameboy Advanced SPs, an Original DS, 2 DS Lites, a DSi, DSi XL, aaaand I think that's it.
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                Old August 31st, 2013 (8:02 PM).
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                  Join Date: Dec 2012
                  Location: Mars
                  Nature: Lax
                  Posts: 200
                  wii that is collecting dust in the corner
                  3ds xl
                  psp that is lost at the moment
                  ds lite
                  GBA SP
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                  Old September 1st, 2013 (7:19 AM).
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                  Angeline plushxKikaito plush
                    Join Date: Dec 2009
                    Location: plushies resort
                    Age: 26
                    Gender: Male
                    Nature: Naughty
                    Posts: 5,600
                    I have:

                    a DSi
                    a DSlite
                    a 3DS
                    a Wii
                    a PS2
                    a PS3
                    an xbox

                    and my daughter has a pink DSi
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                    Old September 5th, 2013 (7:30 AM).
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                      Join Date: Aug 2013
                      Location: UK
                      Gender: Male
                      Nature: Adamant
                      Posts: 26
                      - PS1: Haven't played on this in a long time.
                      - PS3: Faulty/ Broken. I believed it might be broken because of constant overheating.
                      - PSP: Mainly for the 3 GTA titles on psp and Ratchet and Clank: Size Matters.
                      - Wii: Don't really play this all that much anymore, mainly just for Pokemon Battle Revolution or some Wii Ware titles that I have.
                      - Xbox 360: My primary console. I have quite a few games that I play on this but I doubt I will play it all that much when I get the PS4.
                      - DS (The bulky original): Only the bottom screen works on this.
                      - DS Lite: Broken
                      - DSi: Broken beyond repair so had to be thrown away.
                      - 3DS: My primary handheld. I don't really have all that many 3DS games but I play quite a few DS games on this.
                      - Xbox Classic: Yes one of these. I have way too many games and it hasn't been played in a while, unfortunatley.
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                      Old September 5th, 2013 (8:05 AM).
                      Serene Grace Serene Grace is offline
                      Pokémon Trainer
                      Join Date: Apr 2009
                      Location: England
                      Age: 24
                      Gender: Male
                      Nature: Relaxed
                      Posts: 3,424
                      I own a Playstation 3 at the moment. I also own a Nintendo DS but it's seen better days. I plan on picking up the Xbox One in the future - hopefully when the price comes down - and a 3DS before Pokemon X & Y are released.
                      Friend Code: 2251-6505-9781
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                      Old September 5th, 2013 (9:21 AM).
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                        Join Date: Dec 2009
                        Age: 26
                        Gender: Male
                        Posts: 3,817
                        Right now I own a DS Lite, a PSP, a Wii, and a Xbox 360 and have had these systems for around 2 years so far. I plan on getting either a 3DS for Pokémon Y or a PS Vita for Persona 4 The Golden later on this year if I don't have the money for both by then.
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                        Old September 6th, 2013 (12:49 AM).
                        Nakala Pri
                          Posts: n/a
                          Most of the consoles in our house is everyone's, the only thing I REALLY own is a white DSi. But for my B-day I'm gettin' a 3Ds XL, Pikachu Edition. Find one on eBay or something.
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                          Old September 12th, 2013 (6:34 PM).
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                          sh1nyzorua sh1nyzorua is offline
                            Join Date: Sep 2013
                            Gender: Female
                            Nature: Quirky
                            Posts: 285
                            xBox - the original one that makes loud noises and has huge controllers
                            Gameboy Advance SP - blue
                            Wii - plain white :p
                            DS Lite - black
                            DS Lite - black with pink top (it's raaare~)
                            DS Lite - black with blue top
                            DSi - blue

                            As you can tell I don't have very good luck with DS Lites. Each one of them is broken in some way, be it a screen, a hinge, or even the volume doesn't work. Stuuuupid. :p
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                            Old September 14th, 2013 (8:39 PM).
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                            FlameChocobo FlameChocobo is offline
                            Warrior of Hoenn
                              Join Date: Apr 2011
                              Age: 27
                              Gender: Male
                              Nature: Lonely
                              Posts: 165

                              Nintendo Entertainment System
                              Sega Genesis
                              Super Nintendo
                              Sega Saturn
                              Nintendo 64
                              PlayStation 2
                              Nintendo Gamecube
                              Nintendo Wii
                              Nintendo Wii U


                              Game Boy
                              Sega Game Gear (Which doesn't work)
                              Game Boy Color (Purple and Aquatic Green)
                              Game Boy Advance SP (Red)
                              Nintendo DS (Original Grey)
                              Sony PlayStation Portible
                              Sony PlayStation Portible Slim
                              Nintendo DSi (White)
                              Nintendo 3DS XL (Red)
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                              Old September 14th, 2013 (9:12 PM).
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                              Morkula Morkula is offline
                              Get in the Game
                              Join Date: Feb 2004
                              Location: Virginia
                              Age: 30
                              Gender: Male
                              Posts: 7,286
                              This could take a while...

                              • Game Boy Color
                              • Game Boy Advance
                              • Game Boy Advance SP x2 (one front-lit, one back-lit)
                              • DS
                              • DS Lite
                              • DSi
                              • 3DS
                              • 3DS XL
                              • PSP
                              • Vita

                              • Nintendo 64
                              • Gamecube
                              • PlayStation 2 Slim
                              • Wii
                              • Xbox 360 Slim 250GB
                              • PlayStation 3 80GB (might upgrade this if there's a good Black Friday deal)
                              • Wii U Deluxe
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                              Old September 23rd, 2013 (3:26 PM).
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                              3DS and Wii U Game Developer
                                Join Date: Feb 2013
                                Location: Netherlands
                                Age: 27
                                Gender: Female
                                Nature: Calm
                                Posts: 414
                                I own:
                                - Nintendo 64 (1997)
                                - Gameboy Advance SP (2003)
                                - Nintendo Gamecube (2004)
                                - Nintendo DS (2005)
                                - Nintendo DS Lite (2006)
                                - Nintendo Wii (2007)
                                - Nintendo 3DS (JPN) (2011)
                                - Nintendo 3DS (EUR) (2011)
                                - Sony PlayStation Vita (2011)
                                - Nintendo Wii U (EUR) (2012)
                                - Nintendo Wii U (Dev) (2013)
                                - Nintendo 3DS (Dev) (2013)
                                - Nintendo 2DS (Dev) (2013)

                                I used to own:
                                - Gameboy Colour (1999-2003)
                                - SNES (Broken on buy) (2009)
                                - Variety of 3DS systems (2011-2013)
                                - PS3 (2012-2013)
                                - Xbox 360 (2012-2013)
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                                Old September 23rd, 2013 (3:38 PM).
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                                Orifiel Orifiel is offline
                                  Join Date: Aug 2013
                                  Location: Tokyo, Japan
                                  Gender: Female
                                  Nature: Lonely
                                  Posts: 420
                                  Consoles I have:

                                  - Gameboy Advance. (died)
                                  - DS (lives)
                                  - 3DS (lives)
                                  - Wii (died)
                                  - Playstation 2 (Almost die)
                                  - PSP (Lives)
                                  - Playstation 3 (Feeling better)

                                  Wish to have:

                                  - PSP Vita
                                  - PS4
                                  - Wii U
                                  ~ Pair | Character | Previously L96 ~
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