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What Legendary Pokémon Mascot would you most want to have irl

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Old September 6th, 2013 (6:55 PM).
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I have asked about having a Legendary Pokémon before but now I am limiting this to the game mascot Pokémon only not all Legendary Pokémon...

I would want (surprise, surprise) A Reshiram!!!

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Old September 6th, 2013 (7:28 PM).
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Hmm... I think I would take Xerneas. When I first saw it, I was totally convinced it was going to be Grass/Fairy, but then it came crashing down when it was revealed to be only Fairy. I guess the nostalgia is still there because I still like it a lot and I pre-ordered "X" just to get it. It just looks like a grass pokemon, so that's good enough for me.
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Old September 6th, 2013 (10:45 PM).
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Tough call, but even though Rayquaza's my favorite legendary, I think I'd have to go with Lugia as my choice. Not only have I had memorable battles using it back on Pokemon Gold, but I loved the peacekeeper role that Lugia played in Pokemon 2000, which was easily my favorite of the movies. I expect Lugia would have a similar personality in real life, which would be a lot easier to deal with than some of the more destructive legendaries that have been feature on the covers of other games.
Old September 7th, 2013 (1:10 AM).
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My favorite mascot would be or I really want a mascot of Arceus itself.
Old September 7th, 2013 (1:13 AM). Edited September 8th, 2013 by Orifiel.
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I wanted to have is Bisharp, maybe Glaceon but..
I prefer Bisharp so, yeah. It's my favorite Pokemon.

EDIT: Latios be mine.
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Old September 7th, 2013 (12:14 PM).
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Originally Posted by L96 View Post
I wanted to have is Bisharp, maybe Glaceon but..
I prefer Bisharp so, yeah. It's my favorite Pokemon.
The opening poster asks who you would like to have irl out of the legendary game mascots. Which means the pokémon listed here except for the Kanto starters and Pikachu.

As for myself, I think I would go with Ho-oh. Having a large fire bird as your pet/guardian would be pretty cool and not seem as freaky as a cartoonish dragon or beast. Sure, Ho-oh still looks like a pokémon but could be said to be just a really huge bird. Who is loyal to me. Awesome.

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Old September 8th, 2013 (2:21 AM).
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It would probably be Suicune. It's very calm, so I'd be able to pet it for as long as I like without having to worry about getting myself hurt. It's also very fast, so I could get on top of it and it would be able to take me almost anywhere within a just couple of minutes. I'd be able to win many of my battles with the help of this Pokémon, too, since it can perform fairly well both offensively and defensively. With Rest, this Pokémon would be able to restore itself back to full health. And with Sleep Talk, this Pokémon would get the chance to land attacks on the opponent while it's still asleep.
Old September 15th, 2013 (8:02 PM). Edited September 15th, 2013 by Livewire.
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I'd have Rayquaza, no questions asked. I'm not sure where I'd be able to use a twenty-three foot long dragon Pokemon, so he'd have to stay in his Pokeball most of the time, or my house would be annihilated.

But I'd never have to worry about getting mugged.
Old September 15th, 2013 (8:05 PM).
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I would have to say Lugia. I choose Lugia because well, after watching Pokemon 2000, who doesn't want to ride one all day?!
Old September 15th, 2013 (8:13 PM).
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Ho-Oh. There's something about it being a phoenix that makes it so attractive, power and glory.
Old September 16th, 2013 (12:59 AM).
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Isn't the number of your threads increasing in rapid speed these days? o.O

Mascots... hm... probably Giratina or Reshiram. I don't have many favorites in box art mascots.
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Old September 16th, 2013 (1:03 AM).
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Definitely Ho-Oh. It has always been one of my favorite Fire-types, and I like him more than all the other mascots. It was a tough call between him and Zekrom, but you see who got my vote in the end. Plus, Sacred Fire is pretty unique. I love it xD
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Old September 19th, 2013 (12:21 AM).
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I would want Kyogre without a doubt. I am a huge fan of Hoenn as I have said many times before and Kyogre is my favorite legendary mascot of all time. I would love to have this Pokemon to ride on when at the beach or when it is hot out it can make it rain anytime because of its amazing ability. Such a cool Pokemon and would be really amazing to have this guy as a real life Pokemon.

A Pokemon that is discriminated!
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Old September 20th, 2013 (4:44 PM).
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Ho-Oh. Flying on the back of a huge phoenix would kick ass.
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Old September 21st, 2013 (12:42 AM).
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Taking Palkia because I want to control space, let somebody else control time idc.
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