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Old August 28th, 2013 (10:50 AM).
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Chapter 8: Blasted Teams!

Teams, huh? Might as well go see what team I'm on and who I'll be working with.

"Hm, too bad that we're not in the same team. Oh well! It was nice to meet you all!" With that, Troock walked over to the billboard to look for his name.

It took him quite a while to find the team he was in and figure out who his teammates were, due to his bad reading abilities. Finally Troock finished reading everything:

Team 5

Lumia the Riolu
Cinder the Cyndaquil
Taido the Snivy
Troock the Treecko


How could they do this? I'm not going to team up with a Cyndaquil. Troock noticed some weird stones and walked up to them.

Warp Stones

Hm, these could come in handy, I'll take one. Now, I guess I should wait for the rest of my team to show up. But that Cyndaquil...

Relevant Advertising!

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    Lillian || Moves: 1. Hi Jump Kick 2. Drain Punch 3. Force Palm 4. Aura Sphere

    "Hiya! I'm Heat Wave. You're on my team, right?" a voice made her look up from were she was sitting. In front of her was a Kirlia smiling at her.

    "yes" she said uncertainly standing up from her seat position. Looking at Heat Wave made Lillian wonder if she'd be the only fully evolved Pokemon on her team. I hope not, that'd put a lot of pressure on me she thought. "I'm...Lillian" she said awkwardly looking around before her gaze settled on Heat Wave again.

    "i'm sorry...I'm not that great interacting with others" she added after a minute she began looking around again. Wondering were the others on Team 3 were.


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      Kaizah the Breloom

      650 ✧
      Oran Berry x 1
      Curve Band
      Power Band
      Diet Ribbon
      Trap Scarf
      Goggle Specs
      X-ray Specs
      Scanner Orb
      Two edge Orb
      Trapper Orb
      Quick Orb
      Invisify Orb

      Spore | Seed Bomb |Sky Uppercut | ???

      Kaizah woke up finding himself under a tree just outside of Gold Town. His memory was foggy of the previous night, his last memory being entering Ozzy’s Friend Zone with Hiro. A bit drowsy, he got up and thought about what he needed to do for the day. Listing a few things in his mind, he jumped up, realizing today was the day of the tomb exploration. With a silent excitement, the pokemon rushed his way back to town.

      Before going to the bulletin board, Kaizah stopped Asty’s to pick up some of his stored items. Upon entering, the Nidoking gave the Breloom a friendly welcome and allowed him to pick up his things. It seemed that Asty was one of the few people who Kaizah had interacted with prior to his amnesia, though while they didn't have a deep relationship, the Nidoking was a big help in his current understanding of who he was. The biggest being that, he was an advent adventurer, given his huge stash of items that he kept with the Nidoking.

      Kaizer picked out a few items before heading off, of which included a few revival seeds, a curve Band, diet Ribbon, power band, zinc band, trap scarf, goggle specs, x-ray specs, scanner orb, two-edge orb, trapper orb, rollcall orb, quick orb, and invisify orb. All of which he added to his inventory.
      After a quick goodbye, the Breloom found himself in front of the bulletin boards, searching for his assigned name.

      Team 3
      Heat Wave the Kirlia
      Kaizah the Breloom
      Luna the Purrloin
      Lillian the Meinshao

      After finally completing his goal, Kaizah came to a throughout conclusion.

      I know none of these people.

      After a brief sigh, the Breloom took a moment and looked around in hopes to find his teammates.

      After a quick survey, he spotted a Meinshao and Kirlia speaking to each other.

      That must be them.

      He thought as moved over to validate is quiry.

      “Are you guys Heat Wave and Lillian?”


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      Anise Briar


      Apollo: A Journey of the Gifted

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        Taido - Team-up time!

        From Mom:
        x 460

        Ever since Alaric left... I decided to just lay in a tree. Taido was obliviously a bit sad because of the farewells to his great friend, Alaric... but, it was time to raid the Tomb, and Alaric wasn't on his team. Well... I had a feeling that we weren't gonna hang out for long, anyway... Maybe my team will be good? And with that thought, Taido got up, and ran up to the board to find his team. He then found Team 5, which was his team, of course. I've never met any of these people before... He then sighed a bit loudly...

        I think Troock's the only one that's even freaking familiar. Hey, what team is Alaric on? Taido then looked for the team his electric-buddy was on. He had a bit of a hard time finding it, but he did. It was Team 2, and there was no one he knew other than Alaric, anyway... Alaric, I hope you do well in the Tomb... He then prayed into a leaf, and then let it flow away.

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          Heat Wave chuckled a bit at Lillian's response. "You're doing fine right now." He replied with another bright smile.

          “Are you guys Heat Wave and Lillian?” The kirlia turned to face the voice sounding behind him. There was an orange Breloom standing there.

          "Yeah, that's us." He replied, tapping his chest. "I guess you're Kaizah, huh?" Heat wave paused for a moment and examined the Breloom's odd colouration for a bit longer.

          "Gotta say," He said finally. " I like the orange. Looks neat." He smiled warmly at Kaizah for a moment then continued. "Guess we're only waiting for... uh... what was the last one's name..Shoot." Giving up, Heat Wave walked back over to the message board and looked through it to find his team once again.

          "Ah, Luna. That's the last one."
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          Team 6 - Team Fantastic/sWAgGALiCiOUS/S.M.A.R.D

          Joint Post of Foxrally , Megaman765 , Mucus and Chuckleslucifer

          The quartet left the shade of the tree and headed for the designated location of the tomb. They made light conversation and joked a bit along the way as they walked. Mallie remained rather silent, Snype kept trying to sneak up on her, Djinn kept hopping and flitting about - he seemed to possess boundless energy, and Ryan trodded along at a decent pace. Upon reaching the entrace of the dungeon, the 4 Pokemon played a game of Fire, Grass, Water to see who would lead the way and be considered the captain of the group.

          Everyone knew picking a leader was important, especially when facing a dangerous mission. You never know what kind of traps could lie ahead, in such a dangerous exploration!
          After a few minutes of draws and do-overs the leader was finally picked, and it was - - -!

          Snype! He snickered at the results. After a long game, he eventually turned out to be the winner, leaving him as the leader. He was very satisfied with the result! Being leader meant he could tell everyone what to do! He would try his best to take this seriously, but there were so many opprotunities that would be difficult to pass up on!

          "Well...Kehehe. Looks like I'll be in charge for a while! I'm sure nobody here has any objections? We did just meet after all..." He said with a smirk. He didn't let them speak though. He quickly interrupted them.

          "Good! In that case, we should head off to the tomb right away! Finders keepers for any goodies!" Snype said, quickly leading everybody to the tomb. This would have been a great time to get to know his teammates... buttt there was treasure to find and all sorts of things to scavenge! The sooner they got there, the better. He didn't want the other teams to find all the good stuff first!

          Ryan sighed as the Sableye smirked and led the other teammates to the opening of the tomb. He wasn't his favourite member of the group, but the Snover was sure he would do a good job.

          Those Sableye would do anything for treasure, anyway...

          As the 4 Pokemon approached the right entrance, they got a view of the rest of the timb. They had no idea what secrets the towering structure that stood before them held, or what treasure was hiding in its depths.

          Snype led everyone in, and in a few moments, they could hear the metallic sound of a door closing behind them, blocking any escape.

          "Hmph. Now we're trapped in" Mallie muttered, annoyed at the door. "There's no way that's-"

          Her words cut off by a blinding flash of light. As their eyes got used to the brightness, the 4 Pokemon could now see the illuminated room they were in. It was made of pure metal, and reflected all the light. In front of them stood a huge metallic door; not the one that had closed on them, but another. It had a small control box on the side.

          "Keh. I'd guess that control box opens the door. Anybody got a hand in tech? If not we could just tug on the wires and see what they all do!" Snype said.

          Mallie grinned a toothy grin "Yeah, I've got an idea..." she chuckled as she approached the control box. She stood in front of it and cracked her fingers. *Brrkkaat* rung through the metallic room, as her bones ground together. "Okay, so if I just . . ." she rammed her head forward using Iron Head against the box. KACHOOOSSSHHH! Sparks flew everywhere as her head impacted. The door lurched, then flew open. "Yep, I thought that would work." She chuckled, happy with her approach.

          A couple of loud sirens began to sound as the box was destroyed by the Iron Head. Sharp, screeching sirens. Guess that was one way to make use of tech... Snype held onto his ears tightly.

          "Ack! Cripes, thats loud!" He sneered. Mallie threw her hands over her ears.

          "Oh jeez... maybe I shouldn't have done that. . ." she mumbled. Either it was the door opening that caused it or the fact they broke some important electronic. Whatever the case, it was bound to alert any Wild Pokemon in the area.

          "GRAAAAAAWWW~~~!" A monsterous voice echoed towards them. The ground vibrated as if something horribly large was approaching. They could hear rumbling and crashing as something hurdled towards them very, very quickly.

          Suddenly a Steelix came bursting through a wall, crashing headlong into the group!

          "Toys! New toys!" It howled, "I claim you all, you're all mine!"

          Mallie was too busy trying to cover her ears to notice the Pokemon falling through the wall, and it landed on her, pinning her down. "GAAAHH!" She cried out, flailing her arms wildly trying to wiggle free, but to no avail could she get out of the steely monsters grips.

          Snype quickly noticed that Mallie had gotten herself crushed by the steelix. She seemed to be hanging in there but was stuck! First things first, they had to get her out... he looked over the the Ruffet on their team. He... couldn't recall his name. He had trouble recalling alot of their names since they met and all.

          "Hey! Uh... you.. up there! Distract that steelix! We gotta get her out of that Steelix!" Snype ordered.

          Djinn replied "Sure thing, Boss" before he flew to the Steelix using a Rock Tomb to get it to target him as the prey. This was in favour of Djinn as the Steelix could not reach that high up in the large room they were all stuck in. Mallie saw this as a chance to run.

          Snype took the distraction as an opprotunity to use Will-O-Wisp on the Steelix to hopefully weaken it a little. The burn would make it less rough with its attacks, but they still had to take this thing down. With less crushing hopefully. Snype ran over to Mallie to try and help pull her out of the Steelix.

          "Comon! I'll get you out of there!" Snype said as he reached out to Mallie. He tried to think of what else they could do to help Mallie out... he quickly recalled his sparring session with her.

          "...Ah! Mallie! Try using Fire Fang on the Steelix. That'll leave a dent in him!" Snype said.

          As Djinn kept throwing rocks and pebbles in the eyes of the metallic behemoth, Ryan saw his chance.

          Just need him to move a little...

          The Steelix was too distracted by Djinn to notice the Mawile's blazing fangs chomping on him. It roared in pain and staggered away a few inches, allowing Snype some space to free Mallie. Seeing his chance, Ryan's hands turned icy blue, and the Snover jumped to the side, using Powder Snow on the ground to create a small rink of ice just behind the Steelix.

          "Snype, push him in there!" he yelled to the Sableye.

          Snype rasied a brow at the Snover. He had trouble recalling his name as well... darnit this was going to be rough if he hardly knew the names. He supposed it would come back to him. "P... push him? Ok, Let me just use my newfound superhuman strength to push him over! What are you crazy?" Snype joked, but still pretty serious. He didn't know how he would make this thing budge!

          He saw he plan though. Get the Steelix on the ice and make it slip... with its weight though, that'd be tough in itself. Worth a shot though. Snype decided to try something a little crazy. Probobly not a part of the plan but he figured he'd go for it. Snype latched onto the Steelix and tried to climb onto him. The Steelix probobly wouldn't even notice the little flea on him. The pain from the burn would cover it up. Snype's best bet for hanging onto him would be to grab onto the spikes on the Steelix's sides. The Steelix quickly noticed this however and attempted to shake Snype off.

          "Ack!" Snype yelped as he held on tightly. Maybe he'd wander over to the Ice... Snype planned to go for his head. He noticed there was something odd sticking from the back of the Steelix's head that quickly caught his interest. It was a priority if anything. Treasure! He would have let Dijnn know about the weird thing on its head and easily have him fly over to it and investigate but... Snype was feeling greedy.

          "Keep him Steady!" Snype shouted, keeping it to himself.

          Djinn nodded and used rock tomb trying to anchor the steelix's tail to the ground.

          "Okay, I think that should keep him still for a while, why do you want him to stay still anyway?" Djinn yelled over all the commotion that was going on.

          "For a clear shot of course! Wail on him!" Snype replied as he continued his climb. He was going to try and get on his head and really get him riled up. But first that thing on the back of his head... Snype reached for the next spike on the Steelix's body and got closer to the head.

          Djinn continued to use Aerial Ace just in front of the beasts face and when it got to close used Whirlwind to keep it from breaking out of the pile of rocks at its tail.

          The Steelix had now completely forgotten about Snype, and was focusing on removing the rocks from its tail. Seeing his chance, Ryan lurched forward, his arm now turning pale green, ready for a Wood Hammer.

          "Djinn! Help me with this!" he yelled to the Rufflet.

          "Sure thing!" Djinn replied using Aerial Ace along wiith Ryan's Wooden Hammer.

          Ryan knew their combined attack would barely make a dent on the steelix's metallic armor, but it would be enough to push him into the ice rink behind him. Lukcily for the two, it worked, and as the confused Iron Snake Pokemon walked onto the ice, it slipped.

          "Move out of the way!" Ryan shouted. "Snype, hold on!" The Steelix slipped around for few seconds, its weight now being its main disadvantage, before crashing down onto his face.

          Snype held onto the Steelix as he finally slipped onto the ice and fell onto its face. Out cold for a little while... Snype chuckled a bit at the thought. Out cold... on ice... Snype was feeling like a comedic genius. Sarcasm aside, It was much easier to get onto the Steelix's head now. He quickly took the opprotunity to do so.

          "Kehe, here we go..." Snype said as he made it onto the back of the Steelix head. Getting a closer look, it wasn't neccesarily anything shiny, but it did look out of the ordinary. It looked like a crown! Maybe this steelix had some weird sense in fashion... either way, this was Snype's now! Sweet, sweet loot! Maybe it'd sell for a pretty penny somewhere... it didn't exactly look valuble but some Pokemon needed it to evolve. That'd be his market. He didn't even think of the possibility that the Steelix might not have been taken out... he was too distracted.

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            ((OOC: ARE YOU READY TO ROCK, PC?!))

            Stories of the Devious After-Grave Wanderer and the Manipulative Rodent Apple Conjurer

            "So, Alaric, do you take Lady Carolina de Appleton as your beloved fruit, to water and protect her, in summer and winter, spring and autumn, until a salesman separates you?"

            "I do."

            An excited crowd stands inside a church. Bright walls of a red color with orange patterns in the form of apples encompass the area. To the front of the crowd that is sitting, Alaric stands in an elegant tuxedo, and Lady Carolina de Appleton is sporting a beautiful white dress. Today is the happiest day of their lives. Today they become Alaric and Apple. Today will be the first day of the rest of their lives, today -

            The thoughts of happiness from the crowd - Pokémon and Apple alike - are interrupted with haste by a loud sound in the horizon. Just like a very loud thump. Disconcerted, everyone looks around, as the noise around grows in volume and the ground begins to shake.

            "Dearest Alaric, just what in the halidom of Appleloosa is going on?" Carolina asks in a manner of speech that could only mean that she spent many a night reading through Shakespeare's dictionary.

            "M'lady, I fail to realize the cause of this ocurrence," Alaric replies with a similar inflection, holding his soon-to-be-wife with his arms as the ground shakes more and more, "But I promise I shall protect you with my life."

            The flat ground around them shatters in many pieces, all of them falling to the side as a deep abysm forms around the couple. Many apples and electric-types fall prey of its dark domains as they continue to expand. Almost immediatly, the church's walls fall inside this bottomless hole, in several pieces that barely manage to not squash Alaric and Carolina.

            "Make it stop deary, I'm scared!"

            But it doesn't end there. The winds blows with the force of a hurricane, throwing both Alaric and his damsel away from each other. Alaric and Carolina exchange stares for a snitch of a second. A look on both faces that without any words, effectively asks 'what is going on?'

            A tornado forms above them, but with the particular trait that it is inverted. The tip of it comes from high in the sky, and the circling winds grow wider as they reach for them. A purple light takes over the strong wind forces as they wrap around a falling Carolina. The heiress of Appleloosa calls upon her lover, but to no avail. Alaric keeps descending, unable to hear a thing. Carolina is dragged quickly by the tremendous forces that more than likely weren't nature's own. Carolina pleas for this happening to stop as she fades far above the sky.

            Alaric keeps descending... Only whispering for a few second the name of his damsel before loosing conscience...

            Carolina . . . . .

            A groggy Alaric rises from his slumber in a groggy state. Eyes fighting against being open to no avail as the electric rodent wonders how he fell asleep, and where. There was Tobias and... something about eating dreams? But he didn't dream a single thing that night. It was all a black screen, right? And there was also Carolina, and...


            "Carolina!" Alaric shrieks in sudden realization of the absence of his loved one. And not only that, but around him none of his belongings remain except for the Joy Seed Taido gave him. But not even his satchel remains! That Geodude must've made his way to it while he was asleep!

            "Wait... What time is it?" Alaric turns around, the sun shining and gently caressing the town. A shadow of moderate size behind him makes him realize that it's morning by now.

            And not any morning. It was the morning. Like, the one that comes after dusk and before the evening? Yup, that's the one. What? It's also the day of the tomb raid? Well, what a surprise!

            "Please step aside, please, thank you!" A squeaky tune of cheerness cries about as the electric rodent makes his way to a bulletin board placed in town, swiftly walking around bystanders as he makes his way to the sacred board of awesome. All the while the mouse wonders who will be lucky enough to join him in a fantastic exploration adventure.

            Will it be Taido?
            Or maybe Señor Cow?
            Ooooh, he's heard of a mighty Snorlax around town; maybe he'll be in his team?

            Oh yes, he can almost taste that awesome team of his. That team that will - Oh. Oh no. Oh hell no. Oh hell friggin no. That Gengar, really? Just. Why? It's just... ugh. The frustrated rodent skims rapidly across two other names he is not familiar with, not like he cares, either.

            Walking away from the board in utter disappointment, Alaric groans. This was supposed to be the exploration of a lifetime and it will be ruined by that Gengar! That dastardly ghost! That Gengar! If only the word "dastardly" could be spoken before his name. He bets it would be ironic and funny.

            But let's waste no more time with those idle thoughts. There is a heiress lost in town and her kingdom needs her! With a rapid dash, the electric-type runs around town, beginning to examine the entire town in search for his love.

            "Good grief, is that child still looking for that blasted apple?" Tobias groaned, watching Alaric prance and gallop around town as he himself surveyed the scene from a nearby tree - one that he happened to be phased into right now. "His obsession with those things is just... unusually odd. Why was I picked to work with this detestable rodent?"

            However, Tobias was on a time schedule. As much as he'd love to float around and watch this dumb mouse search for his already-devoured apple, he needed to get a move on and get into that tomb before anyone else could find the treasure inside. He floated out of the tree, moving into the sunlight so Alaric could see him. "If you're looking for that wretched apple, you're far out of luck. Konzu has probably already digested it."

            Alaric's mad dash for his lady-love was immediately halted when he heard the familiar, sinister voice speaking to him. However, the words that were spoke were not ones he wanted to hear. "C-Carolina's... g-gone?"

            "Uh... yeah, I guess. Did you actually name it that?" Tobias was so... there wasn't even a word to describe how extremely confused he was. "Either way, 'she' is... well, no more. 'She's' probably digestive juices and amino acids by now. Not much of a chance 'she' is still alive. It's just an apple anyway, I'm sure you'll get more. They literally grow on trees."

            Anger. Rushing across his body like a hungry man longing for Taco Bell's burritos in rush hour. If he was a glass of water, that comment of Tobias' would have broken it by itself. How in the world can there be such a mean Pokémon? Why would he just take away his apple even when he gave it to him in the very first place? And feeding it to Konzu?! Who the hell does this nucklehead mcspasatron think he is?!

            "That was for my mother's birthday, you goof!" The little mouse jumps, infuriated. Once more it becomes a small sphere of light, which dashes all the way to Tobias' face. Turning back, Alaric generates another Electro Ball on the tip of his tail and launches it towards the poison-type's face.

            "That is quite enough!" Tobias held out his hand, the ball of light shattering into bits from his Psychic, which then proceeded to grip around Alaric tightly and pull him to wear Tobias could mutter threateningly. "Listen here child, I have had more than enough of you and your stupid, disturbing obsession. When this exploration is over, I will gift to you an entire orchard of apples, but not until you stop acting like a newborn! If you continue to do this, I will not hesitate to shatter every part of your body into microscopic Plusle dust and go on this exploration by myself. Now, act like a normal Pokemon, and let's get moving before everyone else discovers this treasure. Understand?"

            Rarely did Tobias ever get so cross with anyone - in fact, he actually hasn't needed to; his scary faces and creepy wordplay often does more than enough to get people to act as they should. But this one, this child, he was different. Tobias may not follow through on his words (c'mon, you wouldn't expect him to actually kill Alaric, would you?), but so help him Arceus if he was going to deal with this brat throughout the entire exploration.

            Alaric landed with a soft thud after the whole scene. "Fine," it scoffed at Tobias, "But I don't want a myriad of apples, there's only one apple that has got my sight set". Alaric walks a few meters away before turning around, arms extended above his head as he takes a deep breath and then he proceeds in a much more formal, serious tone.

            "Before time began, and before spirits and life even existed... A golden marvel descended upon to this chaotic land of ours. Blessed with power, wisdom and courage, an apple of taste and looks beyond someone's wildest dreams. Whomever possesed it would taste a million and one flavours, and would never even feel hunger as long as they kept consuming it. Land was cultivated as red earth was born, burying the apple beneath our sight. Wisdom was poured onto the land as people began to hunt for this apple of unique properties, All lifeforms known began to do their searches. Some found the apple yet most found dissapointment as their only prize. The apple was never in the hands of one same owner for long enough. Either their owner lost it or it was stolen from them. Both in some instances. Their labors completed, the hunters eventually forgot about the apple, and to this day it is rumored that it lays around, somewhere, waiting to be retrieved again... The resting place of this Golden Apple remains unknown. But with the recent dissapearal of mystery dungeons, and the appearal of this tomb, I'm guessing it is lying inside of it, waiting for us."

            Arms back in place, Alaric walks towards Tobias, "I want to gift my mother an apple for her birthday. The best apple around. She likes apples as much as I do. It's kind of a family thing. I will behave correctly, but in exchange, I request that you aid me in finding a Golden Apple. I know they are ellusive, but if we suceed in finding it, I won't cross your road ever again. I won't even ask for whatever other treasures we find in there! It will all be yours. All of it, as long as you do help me find that apple. I'll make sure to be your beautiful assistant who only "ooh"s and "woow"s every now and then during our trip."

            He pauses, and stares deeply at Tobias' crimson eyes, "Deal?"

            Tobias restrained himself from sighing. If anything, at least the kid was ambitious. "Well, that does sound pretty cool. Besides, I wouldn't want you to go home to your mama empty handed. I don't have parents, so I wouldn't know what it's like to disappoint your mother, but I bet it's not pretty." He shook himself - ew, sentiment. "Deal. I'll help you locate the Golden Apple. If someone finds it before we do, I'll steal it from them. But remember, if you don't behave, the deal's off."

            Tobias felt a very odd feeling inside of him at that moment - what in the world was it, though? It was bubbly, and not angry or overjoyus. No, it was something else. It was... trust. Was Tobias actually trusting this child? Wait, no, it wasn't trust. It was... pity. Oh grief, don't tell me I'm starting to feel bad about stealing this child's apple. The last thing a thief needs is remorse about stuff he's stolen. He shook his head, er, body, again and held out his hand. "Shake on it, if you can actually grab my hand."

            "Yay!" The rodent squeaked in joy as it jumped and attempted to high-five Tobias, with his arm passing through Tobias'. Not stopping, the mouse continues to show of how excited he is. He suddenly stops and adds in complete calm: "I mean, 'oooh'!"

            Tobias inhaled the scent of the musty, disgusting, water-dripping tomb. "Mmm. Smells just like home." He grinned devilishly, enjoying the darkness that awaited within the tomb. "Child, I hope you know just how amazing it is to explore tombs. There's so many surprises awaiting every corner, and there's no telling what delicious treasures we can find inside! Are you ready to do this?"

            Alaric contemplated the sight of the tomb. Creepy, and old. Creepld. Olpy. And stuff. The towering fortress of stone stood tall and menacing. To the left of the polyandrum of mystery seems to be a passage. The hypnotizing sound of the water splashing inside it drew Alaric's curiosity like a flea towards rotten meat. He felt scared but also excited. Just like Tobias pointed out, there were chances of several exotic treasure lying in there, untouched and waiting to acquire new owners. Alaric snaps out of his thoughts, and with a hasteful nod towards the inquiring ghost, he slowly begins making his way towards the passage.

            Tobias grinned as he watched Alaric go forward into the tomb. "What an adventure this shall be." He began to float towards the tomb, his eyes adjusting to the darkness. "In such a decrepid place, I shall thrive as the ghost I am. If you feel scared, child, you can stay close to me. Although I know now that you're more than eager enough to go forth on your own, I'm still somewhat responsible for whatever happens to you."

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            ((OOC: Dance the way, aha, aha, I like it, aha, aha!!!!))

            Stories of the Devious After-Grave Wanderer and the Manipulative Rodent Apple Conjurer Pt.2

            There is a passage around to the left, your team goes that way. There are cracks up in the ceiling, several metres above your head - some light manages to creep in and illuminate the path, droplets of water follow them. An eerie splashing sound echoes towards you - you're tempted to leave, or return home... maybe there is someone out there who will switch places with you.

            The light dims as the shadows make their presence obvious. A creaking tunnel with droplets of water falling ocasionally engulfs both adventurers. The splashing sound of their every step makes a vast echo around the narrow pass. Alaric eyes his surroundings ever so constantly, trying to focus on their surroundings should a trap be triggered or if a foe was to ambush them.

            Tobias floated right behind Alaric, never letting the mouse leave his sight. Something... felt wrong about this place. There was an unusual feeling of dread inside him, probably spawning from the odd sound of splashing from behind them. Numerous times as they progressed, Tobias turned around with a Shadow Ball ready, only to find that they were both alone. "Alaric, do you... hear that? That splashing noise?"

            Alaric gazed upon the ghost-type in confusion, "I hear splashing from us, if that's what you mean..." He began feeling unusually odd. They did make splashing noises wherever they went, but the sound of splashing water was too loud for just two Pokémon, especially since one of them was floating above the water. Turning around quickly, Alaric surveys the area. Nothing. They're alone... and yet it feels like there are more than two Pokémon around. Another odd feeling, perhaps they should leave? The tomb has been described as being far too dangerous, and whomever enters is never seen again. They should, just leave, switch places, He's not sure of what they should do, but being somewhere else should be better and safer than staying at this creaky tomb, and --

            "Heh. Heh. Heh."

            Tobias immediately reared back, pushing Alaric backwards as he fired a powerful Psychic blast down the hallway behind them, sending water splashing up in every direction and echoing down the hall until everything was silent as the blast diminished. "Whoever you are, reveal yourself immediately! I will not hesitate to destroy you at this very moment if you do emerge from where you are hiding!"


            Alaric falls on his front making a slight splash. Quickly standing up, he expels the excess of water from his lungs, "What was all that about?"

            "I heard... someone. They were laughing, and I heard them behind us." Tobias surveyed the hallway behind them once again, trying to see something, anything. But, it was all dark. Had I imagined that? There's nothing here right now, but there was... something. Tobias shook his head/body again. "I guess I either overreacted or scared them off. Perhaps it was just one of the teams trailing us. Lousy pigs."

            Tobias turned back to Alaric, smiling genuinely. "Do not worry, Alaric. Although we are not on the best terms, I will sacrifice myself before I let anyone hurt you. We may not like each other, but as an elder to you, it's my responsibility to protect you. So please, move on ahead. I shall keep watch back here."

            Once again, ew, sentiment. But hey, he wasn't too bad of a kid. And besides, they could be friends if they tried a bit. Tobias hasn't actually felt strongly about protecting anyone since, well, he was partnered with Maria. Of course, things change. That was then, this is now. Alaric was his partner right now and nothing was going to change that.

            Towards the sudden emotion Tobias seemed to be expressing, Alaric couldn't help but smile. El señor creepy ghost was actually a being capable of feeling emotion. We are all very shocked by this stunning revelation. Certain purple dinosaur would be very proud at the sight of two opposites learning the meaning of friendship. Who knows, maybe they could both reflect light from their inner angles like a pair of diamonds somtime in the future?

            "Yes, sire!" The electric mouse squeaks in excitement as he jumps to the front and begins to lead their two Pokémon squad farther upon the tunnel. The White Stripes of the Pokémon world soon encounter a turn of direction upon reaching a corner of the tunnel. And another, and another. And another. And then... another turn.

            You get a turn, you get a turn. Everyone gets a freakin' turn! Thought the mouse as they kept turning from one side to the other in this passage that seemed to have no end. The splashing sound increased in annoyance with every step Alaric took.

            Good grief, I never thought I could get tired from floating so much... Tobias thought bitterly as he kept himself on guard as the splashing sound continued. Whatever was trailing them, it was persistent, that was for certain. If Tobias finds that it's another team, coming for their treasure, hoho, it won't be pretty.

            Eventually, the duo sees light at the end of the tunnel - and no, Tobias isn't passing on. "Alaric, there's the tunnel exit!" Grabbing the mouse's hand, he pulls him along until both of them are brought into the room. Above them, there are cracks in the ceiling of the cave, with water dripping down through them. "Hmm... we may be below a river system. Yes, I believe that's what this is. Should this cave give in, we may be flooded indefinetly. Not a good situation. I recommend we move onwards."

            However, one small obstacle awaited them as they trekked through the growing water towards the exit; a frickin' door. But it was not an ordinary door, with a knob and a handle. No, it was, of course, a dungeon door. And what are dungeon doors? Frickin' hard to open up. This one, to add difficulty to irritation, had absolutely nothing on it. It was just a plain stone door, with seemingly no way to make it through.

            "Well... that's swell."

            Seeing the stone door in front of them, Alaric is quick to approach and investigate it. There isn't one of those knob-soor-dealy-thingies or anything like it attached to the door. It cannot be crushed with ease, and there's not a single way of walking over or around it without speeding up the flooding process of the door.

            Just like a Cut tree. Gotta hate those things.

            "So... what now?" Asked Alaric while he cheerfully swinged his arms up and down in an attempt to comically better their hopeless situation against the almighty stone door. Not bearing any resemblance to a certain internet meme, of course

            Tobias, ignoring Alaric's odd meme-like arm waving, floated closer to the door, examining it intensively. He placed his hand on the door and attempted to phase through it - with no luck. "Blast. Whoever made this door anticipated Ghost-types trying to phase through. Whatever this thing is made of, it's impossible for me to pass through."

            Tobias surveyed the rest of the room, floating to the high corners and the low creases, trying to find some hint as to how it was to be opened. "Who in the world could be so cruel to explorers? There better be a very voluptuos treasure awaiting us if we get through this."

            It was then that Tobias found the answer to their problems. As he looked up in hopes of Arceus giving him a clue, he spotted something that had escaped his eyes during his searchings; a small opening, about 10 feet above the door, was cleverly hidden amongst the rocky clove. "Hmm, it seems that would be our exit right there." Tobias pointed to the hole so Alaric could see it. "Are you small enough to fit through there?"

            Alaric eyed the small gap with intense curiosity as Tobias' question rose up, "I think I can. Back home I used to enter some gaps between the trees of the forest... Once I spent an entire day waiting for my Dad to find me. He..." Alaric walked around the room, examinating the gap from the splashing floor of the room while pondering his course of action, "He is not very good at playing hide and seek..."

            "Ah... well then, perhaps he should hire a tutor." Tobias grabbed Alaric by his sides, slowly lifting him up from the floor towards the hole. "Now, if you can make it all the way through, attempt to find a lever or button or anything that looks like it would open the door. From the way the water is leaking from underneath it, it seems like it's going to be very filled. Be careful, and always come up for air when you need it. Okay?"

            Tobias raised Alaric up to where the mouse could climb into the exit. "Be careful. I'm still responsible for you."

            Alaric's arms made contact. His being slowly began to access the gap. A perfect fit thought the rodent as he slid smoothly inside of the opening. The virtually non-existant light in the room was nothing compared with the instant darkness that surrounded him once inside the opening. Soon enough, the yellow rodent faded from Tobias' sight as it ventured deeper into the opening.

            Tobias felt more fear rising in him, but it was mostly for Alaric's safe. Blasted child, making me feel emotions in my dead age. So help me if anything happens to him, and I have to live with the guilt of knowing what I sent him into...

            The splashing sounds of the room soon turned into silence as Alaric's seclusion within the gap increased. By sliding deeper in the gap, the Plusle begins to notice his directions slowly curving donwards. Now going downwards across the rest of the opening, he spots the glorious return of light, this time from the room lying to the other side of the door. Sweet niblets, there it is! The excited electric-type slides faster and faster as the light grows bigger. Suddenly, the route of the gap comes to an end as Alaric appears behind the door, at the other side of it, in a room that is just as horribly lit up as the previous one. Hopping outside of the gap, he makes a nice landing, accompanied by a loud splash. Examining the door from the other side, he notices that the wall of rock actually has a lever of sorts attached to it. Gotcha! I'm so excited! And I just can't hide it! I'm about to loose control and I think I --

            "HEH HEH HEH."

            A thousand shivers run down the little being's spine. Slowly he turns his head around, even slower than those godawful door in zombie video-games. And once his body has joined his head's turnaround dance, he sees...


            Silence returns to the are as he feels his heart pounding faster than a racing car. There was someone behind him just now! He even heard a laugh! And then there is nothing? Maybe he was just going mad... But didn't Tobias just... hear a laugh just now? Okay, calm down Alaric. It's all gonna be okay, it's --

            "He he he.."

            The rodent screams from the top of his lungs. Not with his usual voice tone. Not like a girl in a horro movie. But more like a screeching violin that is being horribly played, added to the previous two, at the very same time.

            Tobias jumps back as he hears an ear-splitting violin scream that could only be Alaric's. Immediately, he begins pounding on the door as hard as he can. "Alaric! Alaric! Open the door, now! Do something! Attack, open the door, run, anything!"

            Don't you do this, Arceus. Don't you take this kid away from me. Don't you do it!

            Alaric launches himself in reflex to the closet object he can take a hold of. Eyes closed, mouth screaming no stop. The yellow mouse lands on the door's lever with all his might, pulling it down with the weight of his body. Run run run run run run ruuuuun! The previous is the only thing that passes averted by his brain. There is no time to remember the fact that diamonds don't shine. It's about damn time to run and never look back until he's out of the country.

            The lever falls as low as it can as the almighty formation of rocks begins to move. The electric rodent hangs on the lever that now points downwards as the door begins to slide and connect to the previous room. At the sight of Tobias, Alaric jumps out of the now fully open door and throws himself at the Poison-type, still screaming, genuine tears running down his face as he places himself behind the purple ghost, always insisting towards Tobias to "kill that thing very dead".

            Behind Alaric came a terrifying wave of water, which came out rushing with the force of fifteen waterfalls. Tobias held up both his hands, and blasted the water with another Psychic attack, completely averting the flow around both of them to where it wouldn't touch them. He grabbed Alaric by his ear and darted upwards as the barrier broke, keeping both of them from being washed away.

            Tobias breathed heavily, still holding Alaric by his ear. "I suddenly remember why I quit exploring."

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            Hiro the Lucario

            Aura Sphere | Dark Pulse | Psychic | Extreme Speed

            Hiro's Inventory
            1. Oran Berry x2
            2. Blast Seed x1
            3. Kaizah's Seed Bomb x1

            Hiro awoke with a groan on hard, rocky ground his memory a blur and the surprising taste of pecha berries in his mouth. Sitting up Hiro surveyed his surroundings, coming to realise he had slept in a random cave the previous night.
            The last thing I remember is going to Ozzy's Friend Zone with that Kaizah guy... speaking of which! Hiro looked around in horror but soon relaxed upon noticing his bag nearby. He reached within and withdrew a strange-looking lump of orange plant matter examining it closely
            I should be careful with this... I only have one, I'll be sure to only it if I really have to.

            Not long after his awakening and examination of the Seed Bomb his new found friend had given him Hiro found himself walking back into Gold Town, which was evidently a surprising distance away from where he had slept. Hiro wandered into town, still hoping to get his hands on Tobias but now more concerned with finding out who his team members would be for the exploration of the mysterious cave system. Upon reaching the board he found himself in team one.
            Team One
            1. Hiro the Lucario
            2. Melody the Leafeon
            3. Konzu the Snorlax
            4. Milran the Miltank
            "Well now... I don't know who any of these guys are but we're bound to have an interesting team with this combination." Hiro proceeded to move back down towards the dojo where he hoped to run into a team member. Before he could reach the building however, he was distracted by a group of young Murkrow who were were balanced upon and pecking idly at a Miltank that was more or less passed out on the side of the street.
            "Hey! What are you doing!" he growled at the young birds watching as they flew of in all directions in a start "clearly nothing you should have been then".

            Hiro strode over to the sleeping miltank and began to prod it sharply with his foot in an attempt to wake it up.
            "Hey, are you alright - wake up!"
            Guess I wasn't the only one sleeping in strange locations last night... not long after that thought another soon hit him
            "Wake up already!! Wait... Milran?!"


            "Looks scary. But gentle hearted."

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            Snype the Sableye

            Snype snickered and placed the Kings Rock in his bag of supplies. What they didn't know wouldn't hurt them... besides, what would they do with it? Wear it? Maybe it had another use. Either way, it was his for the keeping. The metallic doors opened up soon after but he was still uneasy about the steelix. That was a bit too easy... It'd be best not to stick around any longer. It might wake up.

            "Hey! Let's get out of here. Lets see what else we can find around here!" Snype said as he jumped off the Steelix. "Kehe, ya all did a pretty good job over there. We might make a pretty good team after all." He added. Afterwards he walked over to Mallie.

            "Doin alright? Getting crushed by a Steelix isn't too fun. I got some spare supplies if you need a berry or something." He asked.

            Trainer Academy RP Pokemon
            Dynamo, Rosellia, Male Level: 11
            Moves: Spikes, Stun Spore, Power Whip, Sludge Bomb, Growth

            Buster, Marill, Male Level: 7
            Moves: Aqua Jet, Water Gun, Belly Drum, Tail Whip, Tickle
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              Lillian || Moves: 1. Hi Jump Kick 2. Drain Punch 3. Force Palm 4. Aura Sphere

              "You're doing fine right now." Heat Wave chuckled and Lillian managed a small smile in response.

              “Are you guys Heat Wave and Lillian?” a voice sounded and Lillian turned with Heat Wave to see an Orange Breloom.

              "Yeah, that's us." Heat Wave replied. "I guess you're Kaizah, huh? Guess we're only waiting for... uh... what was the last one's name..Shoot." he looked back at the board. "Ah, Luna. That's the last one."

              "The Purrloin right." Lillian said after a few minutes. "I say we wait ten minutes before just going without her...but first" Lillian paused uncertainly "um..." she sighed. "we need a leader"


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              The Finale: Part 1

              Wisps of fire illuminated the dank corridor. The cautious fox Pokémon was deep in the tomb by now, already trapped by the maze of corridors and darkness - the only way to head was forwards. Every step he took caused an echo - his ears pricked up for any sound of danger, ready to spring back and retreat at a moment's notice.

              "No need to be so cautious. You know we're more than capable." The Sky Shaymin from behind giggled. "You'll get grey fur!"

              Rolling his eyes, the Ninetales pushed forwards. Swifty was confident in his ability, but after countless others had entered the tomb - never to come back - he was in no rush to proceed.

              Focusing, the fox Pokémon gathered psychic energy, pushing his wisps of fire further down the tunnel, illuminating the way. "We're close."

              "To what, exactly?" Skymin glided silently to the ground, her feet making a soft tap on the dirt in front of Swifty. The light illuminated up her face to reveal a mixture of emotions; worry, anxiety but above all, exceeding curiosity and excitement.

              "Who knows," Swifty replied, uncertain of what laid ahead. "Treasure, riches, there's been so many rumours of what lies in the depths of this place that it could be anything." Of course, most of the rumours were unfounded, whispers amongst those who had never laid eyes on the tomb, let alone ventured inside it.

              "Treasure... Nice," Skymin muttered, her eyes lighting up.

              A yellow glow lit up the distant stone wall, not a glow from fire, this time, but something new. "This could be it." His eyes grew large in wonder as the pair made their way to the end - the glow eminating from the gaps around a large, golden door.

              "Well, we're not getting any younger. Let's open it!" Skymin leapt forward, nudging her head at the door. The door was heavy, and probably super thick too. Her physical strength probably wasn't gonna cut it. She was just gonna have to blow the door up. "Stand back, would you?

              Light began to form around her body and within moments, there was a flash of blue and green, Skymin letting off one of her most powerful moves; Seed Flare. The door was no match for its power, a nice size hole where Skymin had fired at with golden light leaking out.

              "Ladies first." Skymin held a paw out, sjirachiing a little at her male companion.

              Swifty jumped through the freshly cleared hole, gracefully landing on the other side - the treasure room. The glow eminated from a single point, an object resting on an intricately carved, marble pillar.

              "We... we found it..." he said, in shock, mostly to himself. In awe, the fox pokémon stumbled forwards towards the mysterious treasure.

              "It's a... it's a..." The glow was much too bright, but she needed to get closer to get a good look at what kind of marvelous treasure this was meant to be. So many before had risked their lives for this, but her and Swifty had been the ones to successfully find it! It must be worth hundreds of thousands, maybe millions of Poké to be such a sought after item. One final step and she could see its wonders. And...!

              "Is that... an egg?" The disappointment in her voice was all too obvious. "An egg?!

              Stepping up to the stand, Swifty looked at the treasure closely. "It seems that way," he stated, calmly, trying to assess the situation. Was the egg hidden here? What kind of egg could be so valuable? Would something hatch from it?

              "We should grab it and get ouf of here," the fox suggested, suddenly fearful of the tomb. Using a psychic technique, eyes glowing an eerie purple, Swifty lifted the egg of its podium and steadily floated it towards the broken, golden door.

              Written by Magic Fox and Skymin
              More to come!
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                Stories of the Devious After-Grave Wanderer and the Manipulative Rodent Apple Conjurer Pt.3

                Your team supports you, by sticking together you manage to shake off your fear and progress down the damp path. Corner after corner you turn, until you enter the final room - water seeps into the room from the far wall, covering the feet of any small pokémon.

                Tobias sighed in relief as the rushing water slowly began to subside. Although it was significantly deeper now that the door had opened, it was just shallow enough for Alaric to wade through it. "Alaric, do you wish to go forward with me? There was obviously something in there that terrified you, and if you feel like you are in danger, you may use your Warp Stone to go back. I wouldn't want you to be attacked."

                Where was all this emotion coming from? Tobias was supposed to be dead - the dead can't feel. And yet, Tobias found himself attached to this child. It was... unsettling, yet he felt some admiration in himself for not allowing this little mouse to be destroyed or harmed.

                "N-No," stuttered the electric rodent while trying to keep his calm, failing and shivering like a sped up hula dancer. So it was water? Just that? Then why did he hear laughs? Laughing water? Yeah, sure, be realistic for once, Alaric. There ain't no talking water in this world!

                ... Although there is Muk to be considered...

                "T-The laughs," Alaric proceeds as he attempts to make whatever sense he can from the situation, "I-I heard them again!"

                Tobias grimly realized that it was the same laugh he had heard, the one that made him release Psychic down the corridor not too long ago. "I know. I've heard them too. Like I said, if you don't want to go on, you may go back. I can assure you that I will return safely if you do so."

                "N-No," the mouse hardly could say as it tried to not freeze in fear at the thought of those being the same laughs Tobias heard before. Which would mean that whatever it was, it was looking for them, and was more than likely in front of them, "I need to get that apple, and we've come this far!" The mouse ceased standing behind Tobias as it took a deep breath and stuttered with less frequency, "I can't just... give up like this, we need to continue!"

                Tobias slowly floated back down, gently setting Alaric in the now calm waters. "If you're truly determined to go on, I will not stop you. Please, progress forward."

                Taking a deep breath, Alaric proceeds to approach the now-open stone door and the room behind it. Slow steps accompanied by an unssetling splashing sound. As he comes near the door, an uncanny prescence can be felt. Like before, it feels as if there are more than two people in the room. As Alaric finally reaches for the next room, he hears the ever so unseetling voice shriek.

                Tobias immediately whips around, looking for whatever it could possibly be that was screaming at them. Eventually, it settled down, although it sounded much closer than it needed to be. Tobias floated in front of Alaric. "I... I will enter first. We may be attacked unexpectedly. Allow me to take the hit."

                Tobias put his hand on the door and slowly began to push it open, the water making it much more difficult. Alaric nods hastefully. The door finally opens, revealing...

                "Heh. Heh. Heh," laughs an evil presence. A grey Croconaw chuckles to itself. "Let's review your progress!" The crazed pokémon shrieks, "LET'S PLAY A GAME. Heh. Heh." There's something not quite right, wasting no more time the crocodile pokémon springs forward.

                Behind the door, as both Pokémon access the second room, the prescence that teased them before is now observing from far away, allowing itself to be visible this time. A Croconaw of unusual color scheme - dark gray skin, and a light shade on its belly and mouth - with a wide smirk showing in its scary semblance.

                "Heh, heh," laughs the gray alligator, shivers running down Alaric's spine, "LET'S PLAY A GAME!"

                Tobias immediately charges a Shadow Ball, wasting no time, and firing it at the odd Croconaw. It jumps to the side, disappearing into the water. "Alaric! Get out of that water immediately!"

                "Out of the what?" Alaric turned around to face Tobias, catching a glimpse of a shadow ball before having his attention stolen by a loud splash from behind. Turning back to his original stance, Alaric freezes in fear as a mighty figure of tenebrous looks prepares stares intently at the yellow rodent. The Croconaw then prepares to attack, rising its head as far at can go, a white sphere with a blue outline surrounding it begins to form, and with a hasteful shot, a searing white shot falls down towards the electric rodent.

                Alaric stares in fear and resorts to simply jump by the side. The ice beam hits his leg. A sudden cold sensation takes over as his leg begins to feel heavier. With a loud crash and a yelp of pain, the yellow rodent collides on nearby ground.

                Head turning in the explanade overtaken by darkness. Croconaw watches the weak prey he has acquired as he prepares to charge against Alaric.

                "I don't think so!"

                As the Croconaw readied to finish off his tiny prey, he was halted as Tobias came flying from nowhere, slamming into the thing hard and sending it careening at the wall. It crashed into it rougly before flopping down into the water, but immediately pulled itself back up. "Alaric, if you can electrify the water, we might be able to defeat this thing." Tobias explained as he charge a Shadow Ball. He fired it as the Croconaw released a Water Pulse - the two attacks collided in an explosion of energy. "And you should do that quickly!"

                "R-Right!" Alaric gulped, attempting to stand up whilst lugging his heavy leg through the water. The weight of it was far too much, however, and he fell back down into the cold liquid again. "Tobias, I can't lift my leg! It's frozen!"

                "Blast it!" Tobias growled, charing forward and slamming into the Croconaw, pushing it into the wall. "You don't need to stand up! Just eletrocute the water from where you lay!" He pushed into the Croconaw again, attempting to crush him against the wall; the Croconaw decided to fight back and sank his teeth into Tobias' arm. "YAAAAH! Ouch! You wretched tadpole!"

                Alaric attempted to push himself up, his frozen leg still weighing him down. He clenched his stubby fists and began to charge up as much power as he possibly could, concentrating it all on his tail in a battle-ending Electro Ball. "Tobias, get out of the water!"

                Tobias was still struggling when Alaric warned him of the looming attack that would surely fry both of them. "Do it! I will be fine!"

                "Tobias!" Alaric shouted, the electricity on his tail humming loudly as it became fully charged. "I can't hurt you! Please, just mo -"

                "Just zap the stupid thing already!"

                Alaric gulped, regretting his next decision. He jumped up and flicked his body, sending the electric ball careening into the water. Immediately, the pool exploded in a blast of bright light, sending electric bolts coursing through both Tobias' and the Croconaw's body. Tobias felt his entire body fill with electricity, his nerves frying in conjunction with the Croconaw, who wailed in pain and released Tobias' crunched arm.

                Not long after the blast of electricity started, it left, the water having slightly evaporated more from the heat of the lightning. Alaric plopped down into the water, the ice on his leg shattering upon landing. He immediately waded his wave over to Tobias, who was fallen face-down in the pool. "Tobias! Tobias, wake up! Come on!" He pushed the large lump of ghost over on his back, jumping up on his stomach. "Tobias! Please wake up! Don't leave me like this!"

                Tobias was completely unresponsive. After attempting to wake him up a few more times, Alaric plopped down on his ghost friend's stomach, tears welling up in his eyes. "Tobias... please wake up... I... I..." Not being able to hold back, Alaric let loose a fountain of actual tears, the water puddling up in the pool beneath them. "Tobias! Please don't die! Don't die! Live! You have to live! WAAAAAAAAAAH!"

                "Urk... child, you're crushing my abdomen..."

                Alaric ceased his crying, perking up when he heard Tobias' voice. "T-Tobias?! Are you alive?"

                Tobias groaned, pushing himself up with one arm and holding his head with the other one. "I have told you numerous times, I am already dead. You cannot kill a ghost, child."

                "TOBIAS! YOU'RE ALIVE!" Alaric hugged onto Tobias' face/stomach/whatever, crying with joy instead of sadness. "I thought you were dead! Ohmygosh I thought I lost you forever and ever and I would never have my ghosty friend back don't you ever scare me like that -" Alaric continued to weep and celebrate the failed passing of his ghost friend, his words becoming a jumbled mess as he continued on.

                Tobias almost laughed, amused that the child was so relieved that he was still alive. And Tobias realized, he probably would have reacted the same way if Alaric's life was in risk like that. So, it wasn't odd, and Tobias was glad that the child was happy. "Yes yes, I'm quite alive. It's great to see you as well. Now, would you allow me to breath, please?"

                Alaric hopped down, the water splashing around him. Tobias pushed himself up, floating slightly above the water. "Well now, that issue is settled. I believe the treasure in this tomb is awaiting us somewhere. Shall we move on?"

                The guardian Croconaw finally falls, it collapses to the ground, still. You notice a glistening object in the corner of the room, reaching in to the water you pick out the beautiful, blue jewel.

                You retrieved the Mystic Water. Continue your exploration, free style.

                Alaric nodded, peering around the room in hopes of finding the treasure. It was pretty dark, so it was hard to see anything... but Alaric noticed something shiny sitting in a rocky fountain that was filled with water pouring from a small hole in the back wall. "Hey Tobias, there's something over there! Maybe that's the treasure!"

                Tobias followed to where Alaric was pointing and noticed the glistening object as well. "Good eye, child. That may be it." The two made their way over to the small fountain, the object visible in the water. "Ah, this must be... yes, I knew it." Tobias reached his hand into the water and pulled out the beautiful Mystic Water, examining it closely. "Mystic Water, a very rare treasure for Water-types. It boosts the power of the Water-type attacks and is considered extremely rare. In fact, many of these have been eternally lost. This treasure... could be worth so much..."

                "Will you wear it?"

                Tobias looked down at Alaric, who adorned an innoncent face as he awaited an answer from the ghost. "Why... why would I wear it? I have no use for it. I am a Ghost-type. This has no effect on me."

                "It could be a symbol of our friendship!" Alaric quipped, smiling broadly. "You can wear it and you'll never forget me! We'll be friends forever."

                Tobias' expression softened. This mouse truly wanted to be friends, it seemed. And yet, Tobias felt as if he didn't have the emotional grasp to be friends. But... he could feel something. Be it admiration or true happiness, he actually wanted to be friends with Alaric. "I... suppose that could work." He slipped the Mystic Water over his head, letting it form a nice necklace below his mouth.

                Alaric held up a tiny fist. "Friends?"

                Tobias hestinantly bumped his own fist against Alarics. "Friends, indeed."

                After scourging the rest of the tomb, they were unable to find the elusive Golden Apple that Alaric wanted so bad. It was a terrible thing, indeed, but there was nothing to be done. Their section of the tomb was explored, as was everyone else's. It was over, at last. The guild had indeed survived the tomb that had claimed many others, and the exploration was over. The board came down, and the arrivals departed.

                As such, it was time for Tobias to stay behind and Alaric to depart for his home. Alaric couldn't help but be sad that Senor Ghost had to leave him, but there was no choice. "Tobias... I'm really gonna miss you. I thought we'd be worst enemies and rivals forever, but... yeah, I really don't wanna go."

                "Alaric, it shall be alright." Tobias patted Alaric on his head. "In time, I may visit you. Who knows, I may have found the apple you seek in that time. Until then, the Mystic Water shall bond us together in an unspoken friendship. As I will never forget you for it, you shall never forget me. You have given this ghost an invaluable treasure in his afterlife."

                Alaric felt the tears flowing once again, and the emotion overwhelemed him, causing him to hug Tobias. "I really don't wanna gooooooooo!" He cried, sobbing into the ghost's stomach.

                Tobias smiled, hugging the mouse back the best he could. "I trust that you will be fine, Alaric. You are a bright and whmisical child. You will accomplish great things, I'm sure. I cannot wait to see what you can do. But for now, we must part ways. You will be okay, I am sure of it."

                Alaric hesitantly let go of Tobias, still sobbing. "R-Right... I'll be a... big explorer like you. I'll be famous." He laughed a little, wiping his tears. "And I'll find that Golden Apple if my life depends on it. Don't you ever think I won't!"

                "I am sure you will." Tobias laughed. It was an actual laugh, one he hadn't done in quite a while. It rung within himself, making him feel enegetic. It's amazing how one child can change your entire afterlife... I hadn't realized what Alaric was capable of, and how amazing a friend can truly be...

                He patted Alaric on the head for the last time. "Well, my hyper mouse friend, this is goodbye. But only for now."

                Alaric nodded. "Right. Only for now. I promise we'll meet again."

                Tobias smiled. "I hope we do."

                With that, Alaric took bounding off down the path away from Gold Town, Tobias waving goodbye to him as he left. Once the mouse was out of sight, Tobias sighed. "Arceus, do protect that child. Bless him with your grace and let him live long and prosperous."

                Now that the teary goodbye was said, it was time to do some business. Tobias quickly made his way over to Asty's, who was chatting to Jake the Poliwhirl when he arrived. "Good afternoon, gentleman. What do you speak of?"

                "I just got the coolest trade today!" Jake cheered, bounding up and down in excitement. "Someone gave me a Golden Apple! I don't know where they found it, but it -"

                "Pardon me." Tobias interrupted, his heart skipping a beat as he thought he heard the name incorrectly. "Did you just say... Golden Apple?"

                "Yeah, yeah, show him Asty! Show him the apple!" Asty nodded, pulling the gleaming Apple from behind the counter. It was as beautiful as Alaric described it - it was shimmering, glistening, a beautiful yellow and perfectly plump. It was so large, even Konzu could not possibly eat it in one swallow. Well... that was debateable. "Isn't it so cool? I think I might keep it! It looks awesome!"

                Tobias sweated slightly as he contemplated what he was about to do. "Jake, you're a bright fellow... but you really should read more about these kinds of things." With a shadow-laced swipe, Tobias snatched the Apple from Asty's claws before darting around the back of the storage and shooting down the path, the two Pokemon chasing after him hetically. The Lotad from before noticed Tobias fleeing as well, and immediately gave chase in hopes of securing the golden food for himself.

                "Alaric! Alaric! Wait a moment! Do not leave yet!"

                "Theif! He stole my apple! Get it back!"

                "No one steals from Asty's storage! That's a guarantee!"

                "You apple thief! Get back here! If I can't have my apple, I shall have that one!"

                And that's where the story ends. In time, Alaric and Tobias will cross paths once again. And while that will not be immediately, it will happen; until then, Tobias and Alaric will always remain friends through a bond not comprehendable by common Pokemon. It's a bond that is inseperable, one that will last decades after both pass. A bond that will be written down in history books, in scrolls, and anywhere words can be written.

                A bond of genuine friendship.

                "When we honestly ask ourselves which person in our lives means the most to us, we often find that it is those who, instead of giving advice, solutions, or cures, have chosen rather to share our pain and touch our wounds with a warm and tender hand." - Henri Nouwen

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