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    My favorite Pokémon is definitely Hydreigon, why you may ask.. Because dark and dragon are my favorite types
    'My Current Favorite Pokemon'

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    Normal: Lillipup. It's a puppy!!! I really love dogs, especially cute ones. This one definitely hits the spot. <3
    Fire: Argh...this one is hard. Dilemma hard. I have a lot of favourite Fire-types: Cyndaquil, Chandelure and Volcarona being among them, but I must choose. Uhhh........ Cyndaquil.
    Fighting: Lucario. It has been a very powerful and valuable member of my White 2 team and has never failed me once.
    Water: Lanturn. One of the most adorable Water-type Pokemon I've ever seen. :3
    Flying: Crobat. This bat with Acrobatics makes it a strong fighter on the field.
    Grass: Leafeon. It's one of the most adorable Eeveelutions in my opinion.
    Poison: Crobat (again). It's the only Poison-types I've ever trained to become part of many of my main teams.
    Electric: Eelektross. It has no weaknesses. No other Electric-type can beat that yo, not even with Magnet Rise. Plus it learns Flamethrower.
    Ground: Garchomp. Ground + Dragon make a great combo.
    Psychic: Starmie. I know this is better categorized as a Water-type, but this SuperStar totally rocks my world.
    Rock: Carracosta. Because I like turtles. Turtles are cool.
    Ice: Spheal. Little ball of ice and fur!
    Bug: Joltik. This tiny shockingly cute electric bug really puts a smile on my face! :3
    Dragon: Hydreigon. Who can resist the Dragon of the Dark??
    Ghost: Drifloon. A ghost balloon surely can't be this cute?
    Dark: Zorua. It is one of the very first Gen 5 Pokemon I've ever known.
    Steel: Metagross. Well, pseudo-legendaries always somehow attract me. :P
    Fairy: Swirlix. TOO CUTE TO RESIST.
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      Normal: Dunsparce, it's so cute and underappreciated.
      Fire: Charmander, it's the first pokemon I ever used.
      Fighting: Machoke, It's just awesome.
      Water: Mudkip, I heard you liek them
      Flying: Skarmory, this thing is just such a cool concept
      Grass: Bulbasaur, It's so adorable
      Poison: Arbok/Seviper, I love snakes
      Electric: Manectric, I'm a die-hard dog person
      Ground: Nidoking, he can learn all kinds of moves.
      Psychic: Slowpoke, His mindlessness is so funny
      Rock: Anorith, it's typing is interesting to say the least
      Ice: Froslass, it has an awesome cry
      Bug: Ariados, cool design
      Dragon: Salemence, coolest-looking dragon type EVER
      Ghost: Banette, so ugly it's almost cute
      Dark: Umbreon, The yellow rings on its body are adorable
      Steel: Skarmory (again)
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        Bug: Leavanny
        Leavanny's actually about as close to a pure dual type as a pokemon can get - I use it almost equally for Bug attacks and Grass attacks. Even with that though, it's still my favorite Bug - Bug Bite is perfect for its earlier, more defensive evos, then just when it needs it for pure offense, it gets X Scissor (not to mention Swords Dance)

        Honorable mentions: Scyther, Pinsir, Escavalier, Ninjask, Crustle...

        Dark: Absol
        Absol is the specific reason I wanted to see a physical/special split and was excited when GF said they were going to do it. It was just so frustrating to have all that Attack plus Swords Dance but no STAB to use it with. Now that it's got access to physical STABs, it's everything I'd hoped it'd be. And I just love the yin/yang motif.

        Honorable mentions: Cacturne, Shiftry, Umbreon, Mandibuzz, Weavile, Houndoom...

        Dragon: Kingdra
        Honestly, I'm just not that big a fan of Dragons. They're okay, but their lack of SE attacks (except against themselves) is sort of irking. Kingdra has a tremendous typing though - one of the few cases in which, IMO, adding Dragon to a dual typing definitely improves it.

        Honorable mentions: Salamence, Axew, Hydreigon...

        Electric: Luxray
        A sentimental favorite. The very first pokemon I caught in the first gen IV game I played, Diamond, was a Shinx. It went all the way to the E4 with me, and I catch and use one pretty much every chance I get. Yeah - it could do with a bit better stats and movepool, but it's still my favorite.

        Honorable mentions: Jolteon, Galvantula, Magneton/Magnezone, Rotom...

        Fighting: Scrafty
        Tough decision - I use a lot of fighting types, and like most of them. Scrafty wins out though for a great combination of design, abilities, movepool, typing and stats.

        Honorable mentions: Mienshao, Breloom, Heracross, Gallade, Hariyama, Poliwrath...

        Fire: Chandelure
        Great design and hits like a nuclear bomb.

        Honorable mentions: Houndoom, Infernape, Camerupt, Volcarona, Charizard...

        Flying: Crobat
        This is probably the only one that's pretty much no contest. There are a few other Flyers that I like, but there's just nothing that even begins to really compare to the mighty Crobat. A near-perfect combination of speed, power and bulk.

        Honorable mentions: Sigilyph, Braviary, Staraptor, Scyther, Ninjask...

        Ghost: Golurk
        Somehow, Ghosts have just never appealed to me that much. I actually like pretty much all of them, but I just don't use them very often. Of the lot though, my fave has to be Golurk - I would've never conceived of a ghost/ground mecha, but that's exactly what one should look like. And I love its movepool.

        Honorable mentions: Rotom, Mismagius, Chandelure, Banette

        Grass: Lilligant
        I love Grass types, and it's really hard to pick a favorite actually, but Lilligant wins. She's just so perfectly designed - she's like an aging Southern belle - pretty and charming and utterly vicious.

        Honorable mentions: Victreebel, Breloom, Shiftry, Ludicolo, Cacturne, Leafeon, Ferrothorn, Torterra, Roselia/Roserade, Leavanny, Tropius...

        Ground: Torterra
        Another tough choice, but Torterra wins out for having that awesome secondary typing, and just for being a turtle with a tree on its back.

        Honorable mentions: Excadrill, Krookodile, Marowak, Mamoswine, Rhydon, Camerupt...

        Ice: Mamoswine
        Love the design - love the typing. Ice and Ground is one of the best offensive combinations available, so STABs in both is tremendous.

        Honorable mentions: Weavile, Lapras, Froslass...

        Normal: Bouffalant
        One of the few genuinely scary Normal types, and it just looks great.

        Honorable mentions: Sawsbuck, Dunsparce, Togekiss, Girafarig, Snorlax, Kangaskhan...

        Poison: Seviper
        Easily my least favorite type, but Seviper's pretty good all in all, and has a great design.

        Honorable mentions: Umm... Skuntank, Scolipede...

        Psychic: Gardevoir
        Still my favorite after all these years. I always wanted a Psychic who was just a bit bulkier than Zam, and Gard delivered. There's been an explosion of good Psychics since then, but it's still my fave.

        Honorable mentions: Reuniclus, Gothitelle, Sigilyph, Alakazam, Xatu, Girafarig...

        Rock: Rampardos
        If I'm going to use a Rock type, I want one that hits as hard as possible, and Rampardos does exactly that.

        Honorable mentions: Rhydon, Armaldo, Crustle, Aerodactyl...

        Steel: Metagross
        Never really been a big fan of Steel types, but Metagross is just a great design.

        Honorable mentions: Escavalier, Ferrothorn, Magneton/Magnezone, Aggron...

        Water: Lapras
        A really tough choice, but it's just been a favorite for so long now. I know I can always count on it, and it just seems so friendly, y'know?

        Honorable mentions: Vaporeon, Starmie, Kingdra, Milotic, Ludicolo, Swampert, Carracosta...
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          Hm, Let's see if I can name them, shall we?

          Grass- Nuzleaf- I've always thought the design was adorable, and the 'tough-kid' aura it radiates makes is so lovable.

          Fire- Charmander or Ninetails- I'm one for simplicity and adorability, and Ninetails and Charmander have a huge tug of war for my favorite spots in the Fire category. Ninetails story is captivating, as well as its magestic design, but Charmander is an adorable, simple classic.

          Water- Milotic- Grace and beauty usually don't get a pokemon on my list, but Milotic and the fact it evolves from such an overlooked Pokemon gives it a special place, much like the story of the ugly duckling.

          Electric- Not Pikachu, Flaaffy- Flaaffy is a cute, fluffy little electric SHEEP. I think it's adorable, and it isn't very noticeable, which is another reason I like it~

          Psychic- Latias- Now, I'm sort of cheating, as I'm using it's secondary type instead of its primary, because I have another Dragon baby, but I love Latias, too. It's relationship with Latios always warms my heart, and I love it's bubbly, playfull personality, too.

          Ice- Dewgong- Once again, the secondary cheat. I love Dewgong because it's pretty adorable, who wouldn't love that derpy little face? It's also quite majestic looking, with it's ruffled fins and I love it's colors and horn, too.

          Dragon- Haxorus- It's a gorgeous, powerful creature that I respect, and it's very unique. I've never seen a dragon with axes on it's face, and I must say I was quite impressed with this Pokemon, which is why I find it so attractive.

          Dark- Zoroark- I know this is a fairly popular and somewhat hard to battle with, but the design and abilities it has appeals to me in one way or another. I really like how cool and gorgeous it is.

          Fairy- ???- I'm fairy-ly mad about this sudden type addition, mostly because of the fact it changes some Pokemon's typing and how simply uncreative and pointless the addition seems to me...pardon me for seeming rude, but I'm not all that impressed with Nintendo on this decision.

          Normal- This is a hard one- I don't have a specific Pokemon for this type, as there are so many normal type's I am fond of, such as Purugly, Zangoose, Eevee and Lickitung.

          Fighting- Lucario- Another fan favorite, I like it's design and it's story. It has an amazing ability to see others aura's, which it uses to help as much as it can. It's usually a stoic Pokemon, but it really cares about others and I admire it.

          Flying- Drifloon or Noctowl- Both are admirable Pokemon, I love Drifloon for it's cute, innocent loneliness and its story. I also love Noctowl because it's design is simple and complex, it's intellect and the fact its an owl.

          Poison- Skuntank- Skuntank is a fairly overlooked Pokemon who I actually find quite cute and misunderstood. From what I understand, they are quite loyal and kind, and just because they use something that smells gross to protect themselves doesn't mean they're a bad thing.

          Ground- Cubone- I admire this poor Pokemon for obvious reasons. It's sad past and how strong it is for overcoming such sadness, along with surviving on its own, is enough to make me admire it fully.

          Rock- Aerodactyl- It's a very cool, simple design that attracts my eye, as well as it's strength and determination.

          Bug- Kricketune- I have always admired this Pokemon because of it's cute, musician design and lovely, melodic it's cry. It also has a mustache ^w^

          Steel- Mawile- A cute, deceiving Pokemon who teaches us that looks don't define someone. It's design and how it lives fascinates me and makes it a favorite.

          and finally:

          Ghost- Chandelure and Banette- I simply cannot choose between my children. I love all ghost types, but these two have always been special to me. Chandelure is a majestic, hypnotic Pokemon, and I find it beautiful in every way, even how it uses other's life energy to care for itself and the younger Litwick. Banette is a misunderstood, beautiful Pokemon, whom was thrown away by whom it loved and incarnated out of vengeance and sadness. I always feel sympathy to this Pokemon, as all it really wanted was to be loved.

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            my favorite Pokemon is swampert

            it's quite a strong Pokemon with good movepool. I like it's colour scheme very much. it's immunity to electric type is also useful in game. It's earlier evolutions are also very good. Also i like it's muscular body. I used it in R,S and E and I also have one in my party in Pokemon black 2 which I am playing now.
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              Most of my favourites are based on nostalgia or design;

              Normal: Lopunny - Like its design, its cute.
              Fire: Typhlosion - Cyndaquil/Quilava/Typhlosion was my first pokemon.
              Fighting: Blaziken - Not much of a fighting type fan, but it was my favourite of the fire/fighting type starters.
              Water: Blastoise - Like its design, favourite kanto starter.
              Flying: Pidgeot - First pokemon I raised to lv 100, used it in many teams, not the best normal/flying type by far but will always be my favourite.
              Grass: Bayleef - Cool design
              Poison: Bulbasaur - Not really a poison type fan but Bulbasaur has a cool design and is the first pokemon in the national pokedex.
              Electric: Raichu - Cool design.
              Ground: Swampert - My first gen 3 starter and the oldest pokemon I still have, always keep my Swampert from Ruby on my main game of the current generation.
              Psychic: Mew - My favourite pokemon.
              Rock: Tyranitar - Not much of a rock type fan but Tyranitar is really useful, can learn losts of good moves.
              Ice: Lapras - Like its design, looks so calm and peaceful.
              Bug: Butterfree - Not much of a bug type fan but Butterfree is cute.
              Dragon: Dragonite - Love dragon types, Dragonite is cute and powerful.
              Ghost: Froslass - Cool design and typing.
              Dark: Umbreon - I like moonlight, night-time and eeveelutions.
              Steel: Lucario - Not much of a steel type fan but Lucario has a cool design.
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                Normal: Togepi. Just look at it. It's so cute.
                Fire: Victini. Powerful and cute.
                Fighting: Lucario. Isn't Lucario everyone's favorite Fighting type?
                Water: Um... Oshawott. I don't really like most of the Water-type Pokemon.
                Flying: Salamence.
                Grass: Chikorita. Chikorita will always have a very special place in my heart for being my first Pokemon.
                Poison: Hmm... This one is hard. I really like Poison types. I'm going to go with... Poison-Arceus, for being the only Poison-type legendary so far.
                Electric: Pikachu, obviously.
                Ground: Hmm... Not a lot of cool Ground-types out there. Camerupt, I guess? It's a walking volcano.
                Dragon: Latios, of course. Latios is awesome.
                Rock: I don't like any Rock-types. If I had to pick one, it would be Geodude. Just because it's so easy to beat.
                Ice: Articuno. It was my first legendary.
                Psychic: Since I already said Latios... Latias. I really like that duo.
                Ghost: Giratina. Its Origin Forme is awesome.
                Dark: Darkrai. It's fun to spam Dark Void.
                Steel: Heatran. I like its Signature Move.
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                Spoilering because its huge.


                I really like Porygon2. What more could you want than a cute little remote-control like duck, with the ability to shoot thunderbolts, ice beams and keep itself healthy? Porygon2 also has unbelievable defenses and can easily take hits. Not only is it a valuable asset to competitive battling, I have a lot of fun using it in-game as well! It really is a great Pokemon. Was quite hard choosing as I like almost every normal-type though. Runner up goes to Zangoose for being incredibly badass.


                Arcanine! My favourite Pokemon out of all 649. I can't really tell you why I like it, I've always loved Officer Jenny so I guess a tiny bit of love comes from that. The design though is incredible, just look at that tiger-fused lion thing! Also the species name of 'legendary pokemon' implies that it could of fitted perfectly as a legendary Pokemon. I wouldn't be surprised if it was turned into one eventually, with those stats, it really makes huge dents. All in all though, I love Arcanine. Favourite Pokemon of all time. :)


                Fighting is an interesting type, their attacks can really blow you away if you're not careful. I never took too much interest in them, but I do like Hitmontop. Its very useful in terms of utility and it has a nice design at least in my opinion. But its not just all Rapid Spin and showing off its tricks, it can really inflict a lot of damage to unprepared teams.


                Slowbro! That thing is impossible not to love. With such a derpy face and good-nature, it makes for a great party member. Sure its slow as heck, but speed isn't everything. Slowbro can take even the biggest of hits pretty well and it has its own tricks with moves like Calm Mind and Scald. Even if you don't look at it from a competitive aspect, who doesn't love that derpy design?


                Ca cawwww! I would of thought flying types would all just be little birds perched in trees, but I definitely was wrong. I have a lot of fast and furious favourites out there, but I'd say my vote goes to nothing other than the most adorable thing out there- Drifloon! Look at that cheeky balloon, its not just looks, it can really annoy you. Destiny Bond, Will-o-Wisp, what doesn't this little prankster have up its sleeves? I really like flying-types though and some notable mentions are Aerodactyl, Pidgeot and Crobat.


                Chikorita! Its adorable. Enough said. That and it has access to useful moves and the fact that you can get it right off the bat is great. Who doesn't love Chikorita? Look at those innocent eyes and you'll love it. I also really like Venusaur, it just has that spark about it that makes it likeable. Finally, Swadloon. Just... incredibly... derpy. <3;


                Stunky, yeahhhh! It fits the role of being a great poison-type, with a good typing that gives it a few immunities and makes it almost impossible to take down. With good speed and hard-hitting attacks to match, its hard not to like. Sure its based off one of the most foul creatures in the world, but its still adorable in my eyes. Be careful around Stunky though, if you turn your back on it that's just calling danger. Overall though Stunky is a deadly and fun Pokemon to use on any team.

                Electric: I'm not gonna raichu a reason for my next ch- I mean, Magneton! Look at that thing. Its just so simple, yet incredibly amazing. I love its defensive typing and the things that it can do. Plus magnets are cool. Enough said. Honorable mention goes to the fast and quick-paced Jolteon though.


                Donphannnn! Look at thing, charge. Good Pokemon, nice bulk and very useful. Although I mainly like it for its design, elephants have always been one of my favourite animals. Plus it kinda reminds me of Lion King for some reason, not sure why though. I also really like Quagsire though, incredibly cute.


                Sigilyph. That thing is deadly with Cosmic Power and Stored Power. Full stop. It can wreck teams, has a very interesting concept and is a fun Pokemon to work with. It has saved me out of so many tough situations and I'm incredibly grateful for that! Thanks Sigilyph you're a true hero. You're like my Harry Potter... I guess. Magical and cool. Yeah. :]

                Aerodactyl! Hard-hitting without the burden of Defeatist, it just rips through everything. Plus dinosaurs are badass, enough said. That being said its my favourite fossil Pokemon and is an absolute pleasure to use. Would put it on my team, any day.


                Snover all the way! Who doesn't love a Pokemon that can summon hail permanently with a cute appearance to match? Its just so cute and I've always loved it for its personality in PMD.


                Forretress. I didn't think it'd be my cup of tea, but the puns you can make out of it, its usefulness, resistances, immunities and more makes it an amazing Pokemon. Plus that design is cute. Although I arguably also love Scizor, so its a tie between the two.


                Not the biggest fan of dragons as I find them way too overpowered but I love Latias for its gentle and loving nature, plus design.


                Rotom! Such a unique, little Pokemon that can electrify you. The idea of it changing forms is already badass enough but it has such nice stats and a good movepool. It can be an irritating trickster that's also hard to get around and plus its design is adorable. I've always loved Rotom and it sits as one of my favourite Pokemon.


                Houndoom! Mainly for nostalgia, it was my first favourite Pokemon and my highest levelled in any game. It helped me a lot when I played and I still treasure it to this day. Thanks for the memories Houndoom, you're amazing. I still remember my eight-year old nicknames for it and the adventures we had. Houndoom is a beast. Fear it. :)


                Scizor! Choice banded Scizor really makes huge holes in any team and its almost impossible to stop. A good typing as well also makes it likeable. Plus look at that badass face, it looks like it means war and won't stop until it goes down. A sign of a truly badass Pokemon.

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                Short and sweet here...

                Bug - Volcarona
                Dark - Yveltal
                Dragon - Dragonite
                Electric - Mareep
                Fighting - Heracross
                Fire - Litwick
                Flying - Togekiss
                Ghost - Gengar
                Grass - Lilligant
                Ground - Phanpy
                Ice - Glaceon
                Normal - Staraptor
                Poison - Nidoking
                Psychic - Latias
                Rock - Carracosta
                Steel - Excadrill
                Water - Three way - Swampert/Milotic/Kyogre.

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                  Ok here goes... Hope it's not too long.

                  Normal: Meowth- I love cats, and when I was younger and watching the anime Team Rocket always made me smile, especially Meowth! They were prob the highlight of watching the show for me I know some people probably think Meowth's dub voice is annoying but I don't care if he sounds like Gilbert Gottfried with a New York accent I still love him <3
                  Fire: Arcanine- I was always intrigued by the fact that Arcanine was considered a "legendary" pokemon but at the same time it wasn't grouped with the rest of them.
                  Fighting: Poliwrath- It's one of the few pokemon that can learn Fissure (which rocks) and it looks like a Poliwhirl on steroids xD
                  Water: Swampert- It evolves from cutie pie Mudkip and I like the combo of Water/Ground
                  Flying: Swablu- My mom always thought Pokemon was weird and would always comment on it when I was younger, so when she said she actually liked Swablu and thought it was cute.. I considered it a victory :3
                  Grass: Leafeon- I like Eeveelutions and Grass types, what more can I say?
                  Poison: Nidoqueen- I used her on the road to the E4 in my original Blue version game.. first pokemon besides a starter that I trained to level 100.
                  Electric: Raichu - Lt. Surge has one, so Raichu is a baws. Also, the curls on it's ears make me think of earrings, so Raichu reminds me of an electric guitar player in a rock band by that logic.
                  Ground: Rhydon- HORN DRILL, nuff said
                  Psychic: Mew - Sooo cute and seriously the most mysterious pokemon out there. I love a good mystery
                  Rock: Kabuto- Those little red eye... thingys on it's stomach.
                  Ice: Froslass- It's modeled after a Yuki-onna and I love Japanese Mythology
                  Bug: Butterfree- It's so cute! And the anime episode of "Bye, Bye Butterfree" was just beautiful ;_;
                  Dragon: Dragonite- Powerful, but with a cute face
                  Ghost: This was a hard choice.. but I pick Gastly due to nostalgic reasons again.. "The Ghost of Maiden's Peak" was, and still is my all time favorite Pokemon anime episode. And Gastly was a total troll in that episode xD
                  Dark: Umbreon- It grew on me after Pokemon Colosseum.
                  Steel: Steelix- I like the design :3
                  Fairy: Hope it's not too soon to say... but I think Sylveon is adorbs <3

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                    mew is my faveourite legendary pokemon ever since the first movie i like its background and its really cute and blastoise and butterfree are my faveourite pokemon first pokemon i had from pokemon blue.
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                      I don't think I can narrow it down to just one on some types...

                      Bug - Scizor, Heracross and Volcarona
                      Dark - Houndoom, Umbreon,
                      Dragon - Dragonite, Salamence, Garchomp and Hydreigon
                      Electric - Electivire
                      Fighting - Lucario
                      Fire - Arcanine
                      Flying - Noctowl
                      Ghost - Gengar and Banette
                      Grass - Roserade
                      Ground - Nidoking/queen and Flygon
                      Ice - Glalie
                      Normal - Snorlax and Ursaring
                      Poison - Crobat
                      Psychic - Alakazam and Gallade
                      Rock - Tyranitar
                      Steel - Steelix and Skarmory
                      Water - Gyarados, Milotic, Cloyster, Octillery and Kingdra
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                        Normal: Ditto, cutest pokrmon and has my favorite gimmick. I've always been intrigued by shapeshifting. One of my top 10 favorites
                        Fire: Torchic, always always my hoenn starter and just the most adorable fire type pokemon <3
                        Fighting: Poliwrath, never stood out to until one day I used a team of bug type pokemon but needed a water type (in a heartgold playthrough) for surf and stuff. I used poliwag seeing that it was the most bug-like water type available. BEST DECISION OF THAT ENTIRE GAME. I literally fell in love with this pokemon. Best fighting type ever
                        Water: Squirtle, completely for adorableness and the fact that it was my first pokemon ever and will always have a special place in my heart. One of my top 10
                        Flying: Ninjask, super fast, super cool, and super cute. One of my top 10 favorites, and I definitely use it a lot and I love it.
                        Grass: Roserade, I caught a cute budew in my Platinum version and just could not resist using it. Roserade become my major beauty and smart contest pokemon and one of the strongest pokemons on my team. It is definitely amazing. One of my top 10
                        Poison: Nidoking - my favorite pokemon, I think he is just a the coolest thing ever and I just simply adore him. I always try to have one and I even have a nidoking necklace
                        Electric: Raichu - My second favorite Pokemon of all time, and is the pokemon I identify most with. Most people at conventions were refer to me as raichu because I cosplay raichu (and they call me it, even when I'm not cosplaying it). The electric type is something I really identify with in general (cosplaying multiple electric type specialists as well including Lt. Surge)
                        Ground: Sandslash, my favorite animal is an armadillo, something very similar to sandslash and more so its pre-evolution Sandshrew. I've always found this to be a super tough and super cute pokemon, and honestly it's toughest competition is its pre-evolution Sandshrew (both of which are in my top 10 favorites). Although they do have some pretty decent competition considering my favorite type is ground
                        Psychic: Espeon, my favorite eeveelution, I've always loved espeon and thought it was just soo cute and it's psychic powers are incredible. Espeon is in my top 10 and the only one of them to be used competitively (Magic bounce is an incredible ability)
                        Rock: Rampardos, Rock is probably my least favorite type, but I've always enjoyed rampardos
                        Ice: Glaceon, second strongest Ice power in the entire game, followed only by the legendary Kyurem. Glaceon is like the cute version of pure powerful blizzards. One of my top 10.
                        Bug: Ariados, though it surprises myself to include a pokemon that is not only not that cute or powerful, but has very mighty competition considering on of my favorite types is Bug. But despite some flaws, ariados has an amazing design and was probably the pokemon that made me realize how much bug-types are underappreciated. One of my top 10
                        Dragon: Dragonite, surprisingly I've never been a huge fan of dragon types. I've always found them overrated and in opposition to bugs. Though Dragonite is so cute
                        Ghost: Chandelure, power is probably an understatement
                        Dark: Krookodile, favorite gen 5 pokemon. So strong
                        Steel: Scizor, the only other pokemon besides espeon on this list that I use competitively. I do not love the steel types but bringing in my beloved bugs, I think scizor is pretty amazing and strong
                        Fairy: So far Gardevoir, but we will see what happens
                        Current Challenges
                        Avatar Mode: Air Nation - X
                        Nuzlocke Ultimate Challenge - Black (currently)

                        Completed Challenges
                        Electric monotype - leafgreen

                        YouTube: NidoGia
                        Twitter: trotz59
                        Tumblr: trotz59 (barely use)
                        Deviantart: ka-ting (very old, barely updated)
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                          Alright, let's do this.

                          Normal: Exploud. It's hard to explain, it just has a great design for a Normal type, and I like the sound theme.

                          Fire: Camerupt. Awesome, slightly derpy tank.

                          Fighting: Scraggy. Awesome design and cool typing (yeah, I like it a bit more before it evolves).

                          Water: Blastoise. Seriously, it's a giant ninja turtle with cannons on it's back. What's not to like?

                          Flying: Crowbat. I guess I'm one of the few people who isn't annoyed by the Zubat line, and actually loves it.

                          Grass: Whimiscott. It's insanely fun to mess up everything with Prankster.

                          Nidoking: I'm not quite sure what to say about this one. It's just all around great.

                          Electric: Magneton. Extremely underrated, and so fun to use.

                          Ground: Donphan. I have no idea why, as I'm pretty sure I've never used one. I just like it.

                          Psychic: Metagross. Everyone's favorite cybertronic pseudo-legendary.

                          Rock: Aggron.I wanted to save this one for Steel, but there's no getting around it. Aggron, being my favorite Pokemon outshines the other Rock types.

                          Ice: Weavile. Purely awesome and powerful Ice type. There's a bit of the Donphan situation here as well.

                          Bug: Scolipede. I love this thing's awesomeness. Gen 5 was very kind to Bug types.

                          Dragon: Hydeigon. Best pseudo-legendary out there in my opinion.

                          Ghost: Chanelure. I'm using one on my White playthrough now, and it's a huge powerhouse.

                          Dark: Houndoom. Yet another case of the Donphans for me (that seems to be the theme for Gen 2 Pokemon).

                          Steel: Ferrothorn. Since Aggron is out of the way, I guess I'll go for the awesome spiky vine metal dude.

                          Fairy: Sylveon. It's hard to tell so far, but I really like Sylveon's design.

                          Note: All of these can and will change frequently. These are just my favorites at the time of writing this.

                          Except for Aggron. Aggron will always be the best.
                          Ermahgerd! I evolved!
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                            Normal - Dodrio. This is my favourite Normal/Flying Pokemon, because never disappoints me in the classic games, or in hacks of those.
                            Fire - Volcarona. Ever since I've got it from the Relic Castle, I've used it countless times against the Elite Four, and it always made me proud with its STAB attacks and Quiver Dance.
                            Water - Feraligatr. Mainly because of my childhood.
                            Grass - Venusaur. My favourite starter of Gen 1, my favourite Grass starter, and my favourite Grass/Poison.
                            Electric - Pikachu. This mouse is super cute and I've got some very cute plushies of it. It's also pretty good in the games. In the classic games and in ROM hacks, it's usually my first choice for an Electric mon.
                            Ice - Lapras. Not only is it super cute, it's also fun to use in the games. I had such a fun time using it in Pokemon Red (and hacks) and in Pokemon White 2.
                            Fighting - Lucario. Cool design? Check. Good typing? Check. Good stats? Check. Good movepool? Check.
                            Poison - Gengar. I love everything about it! Its looks, its design, its typing, its stats, its movepool, and its plushie! And I want to use it in Pokemon X and Y.
                            Ground - Garchomp. Uber or not, this thing is always fun to use.
                            Flying - Salamence. With its amazing design, movepool, and Moxie, it stands out above all the other Dragons and Flyings for me.
                            Psychic - Starmie. It has a great movepool and the stats to abuse it. Also, it's a Water type.
                            Bug - Volcarona, but I've explained that already.
                            Rock - Tyranitar. With its great stats, movepool, and design, this thing is a major badass. Sand Stream may be hindering for my in-game team most of the time (since I always use various types) but that's no big deal.
                            Ghost - Gengar. See Poison.
                            Dragon - Salamence. See Flying.
                            Dark - Tyranitar. See Rock.
                            Steel - Ferrothorn. Since this thing was very good competitively, I wanted to see if it's also good in-game. And it was.

                            Come play The Great Pokemon Battle 4!
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                              Okay, here goes...

                              Ground - Since Larvitar is a secondary ground type, i wont say him. Instead, It'll be the Marowak line. Y'know, they've got the bones in their hand, and the feeling of swinging and hitting others with it sounds cool. XD
                              Normal - Ditto! because Transform.
                              Fighting - Lucario because his design is awesome, and AURA SPHERE!
                              Flying - Rayquaza because he's cool, he's great, and he is a dragon!
                              Poison - the Nido Family! Whether its a he or a she i like the Nidos. They're very strong! and their final evo are HALF GROUND! XD
                              Rock - The Tyranitar Line! THEY ARE MY ALL TIME FAVORITE! Nuff said.
                              Bug - The Scizor Line! The slashin' and hackin'.. I can't get enough of 'em!
                              Ghost - the Gengar Line! tbh, they're the only ghost type i like, haha.
                              Steel - Metagross! I like him, and he is a friggin' pseudo legendary!
                              Fire- Typhlosion! A pure fire, non overrated, starter! what more can you ask for?
                              Water - Kingler! He's a crab. He's asymmetrical. and most importntly..... "COOKIE COOKIE" XD
                              Grass - Bulbasaur! coz he's NUMBAH 1!
                              Electric - Ampharos 'cause lighthouse. :D
                              Psychic - Victini! He's so cuuuute....and strong! :D Lugia too 'cause I just love Lugia.
                              Ice - Mamoswine Line 'cause they're cool! and half ground. XD
                              Dragon - Haxorus Line! yeah, just love 'em
                              Dark - Umbreon 'cause i really don't like the others, well except absol...but Umbreon > Absol.
                              ☣ ☣ デオキシス ☣ ☣
                              DNA from a space virus mutated and became a Pokémon. It appears where auroras are seen.
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                                Posts: 38
                                Normal: porygon2
                                Grass: cacturne
                                Dark: Bisharp
                                Fight: Scraffty
                                Fire: heatmor
                                water: Crawdaunt
                                Ice: Cryogonal
                                Dragon: Druddigon
                                psychic: hypno
                                steel: Aggron
                                ground: Krookodile
                                rock: gigalith
                                poison: drapion
                                flying: aerodactyl
                                bug: Escavalier
                                electric: Electabuzz
                                ghost: Cofragrigus
                                fairy: gardevoir (at this moment)
                                Old August 29th, 2013 (11:45 AM).
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                                  Normal - Blissey because I love how she looks, she was designed very well. Also she is a huge, annoying, healing wall.

                                  Fighting -
                                  Machamp because his stats are pretty good and has a nice moveset.

                                  Flying - Fearow is such a good Pokemon. Drill Peck to victory!

                                  Poison - Weezing is special. I don't know why I love him, but I do.

                                  Ground - Rhydon is nice. I haven't trained one that much. Mainly because IMO he sucks pre-evolution.

                                  Rock - Larvitar because I'm not a huge Rock fan, so this was a pretty easy choice. Its final evolution is pretty famous and viable.

                                  Bug - Volcarona, no competitior to this guy. He is awesome battle and design wise.

                                  Ghost - Gengar is my all time favorite Ghost type. I've loved his since episode 1 of the anime. There aren't that many Ghost types, but quality beats quantity.

                                  Steel - Metagross, why? Best shiny EVER, viable AND its second type is Psychic.

                                  Fire - Torkoal I love this guy so, so much. Well I do love like 95% of all Fire type, but this guy just stole my heart somehow.

                                  Water - Totodile well all of his evolutions are awesome. Sweet moveset and a badass last evolution.

                                  Grass - Treecko the same as Totodile, except it sucks before getting Leaf Blade. He is in my top 5 favorite Pokemons.

                                  Electric - Raichu, he is fast, cute and strong. He pretty much won me Fire Red along with Fearow.

                                  - Kadabra, its almost always a pick-up from me. It's not an Alakazam because I didn't have a chance to trade.

                                  Ice - Froslass, most good-ish Ice types IMO are secondary Ice. So I decided to go with Froslass.

                                  Dragon -
                                  Rayquaza, almost all Dragon types are AWESOME. But Rayquaza legendary and Dragon type. I just love him.

                                  Dark - Umbreon is pretty good, one of the bettter eeveelutions.

                                  Fairy- Gardevoir is for now my Fairy pick. Even if its a secondary type.
                                  Old September 5th, 2013 (7:29 PM).
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                                    My favorite pokémon of all time is and always will be Ninetales. I love the majestic design, the adorable foxiness, fire is my favorite pokémon type, and they haven't failed me much in battle. I've always raised at least one Ninetales in every game I've owned and I've used it as a main for one game's story. I love the regular version and the shiny. I wish the shiny was actually white instead of silver but I can't complain much because they are both so pretty.

                                    A second favorite is Blaziken because I played Ruby the most of any game to date and I find all of its evolutions very cute and great in battle. Plus it was the original fire/fighting type. I guess in a way it made the other fire starters jealous and they had to copy.
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                                      Normal: Meoletta. sexy pokemon lol plus I like how she can transform people(plus good chance of sleep) with relic song. Okay I am just kidding. All jokes aside my REAL Favorite normal pokemon is "prince charming" aka Ciccino. Lol. You may think I am on something....but make him mad and he b slaps you with his tails. lol

                                      Grass: Close choice between vena and sceptile but I pick venasaur. Lefeon is also a fave of mine. It looks so adorable and I love the colors on it. Tangrowth is also great. plus its vines reminds me of my own hair lool

                                      Dark: Umbreon. so dark and mysterious

                                      Fight: Hard to decide...hmm....Lucario.

                                      Fire: Blaziken. OMG THE MOST OP AND COOLEST MON EVER. But typholsion is also good(with the most cutest pre evo ever. cyndaquil). Buuuut victini is also a fave too(plus its adorrable.) umm...I believe ima still go with blaziken

                                      water: Slowbro. Lol. I duno why but he is one heck of a cool mon. and dat derpy look looool. Vaporeon is also a fave of mine but not quite close. I seirousl just love the eveelutions so its no supriese lol

                                      Ice: Glaceon. The sexy animal of the snow

                                      Dragon: Dragonite. Dragonscale makes him bulky. plus he looks great

                                      psychic: This adorable little wish caster also has the bonus of kickin buts hard with his paraflinch combo. latios and latias are also faves of mine with latios having being such a power house. latias has my fave coler and is also a great power house as swell.

                                      steel: Metagross. Get in his way and you DIE

                                      ground: Swampart. nuff said

                                      rock: rhyperior. this bad boy fought a legendary to the death.

                                      poison: nidoking/queen

                                      flying: charizard. nuff said. Though skarmory, the bird wall is also a fave birdie of mine too.

                                      bug: Scizor. has been by my side since the beggining.

                                      electric: helioptile lol. Just kidding. Thundurus T is my fave elec.

                                      ghost: Gengar. Kills and sweeps like a boss. nuff said. Chandellure comes close to being cooler than gengar howeever.....

                                      fairy: sylveon. she is soooo kawaaaiii.(I want to mary her if I were a pokemon). But xereneas is also my fave too.....
                                      Looking toward a brighter future
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                                        Posts: 29
                                        Bug: Vivillon
                                        Dark: Absol, followed by Umbreon
                                        Dragon: Reshiram
                                        Electric: Flaaffy
                                        Fairy: Sylveon, followed by Xerneas
                                        Fighting: Mienshao
                                        Fire: Reshiram
                                        Flying: Noivern
                                        Ghost: Chandelure
                                        Grass: Chikorita
                                        Ground: Larvitar
                                        Ice: Articuno
                                        Normal: Eevee/Audino (can't decide)
                                        Poison: Crobat
                                        Psychic: Mew, followed by Espeon
                                        Rock: Larvitar
                                        Steel: Scizor
                                        Water: Suicune

                                        As for why...my favorites are almost all based solely on their designs/colors. I could care less about stats/abilities, and I suck at battling anyway.
                                        Old September 9th, 2013 (6:00 AM).
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                                        This thread is mainly just for fun and I'm feeling pretty bored at the moment, so seeing everyone's favorite Pokemon of each type might make things more entertaining. :D

                                        Here is a link to the Pokemon Database to make things a bit easier!

                                        Grass - Whimsicott
                                        Fire - Vulpix
                                        Water - Vaporeon
                                        Bug - Volcarona
                                        Flying - Togekiss
                                        Normal - Eevee
                                        Electric - Flaaffy
                                        Poison - Vileplume
                                        Ground - Flygon
                                        Dragon - Latias
                                        Fighting - Keldeo (resolute form)
                                        Psychic - Celebi
                                        Ghost - Misdreavus
                                        Rock - Kabuto
                                        Ice - Lapras
                                        Steel - Jirachi
                                        Dark - Umbreon

                                        I did coloured writing for the fun of it. You guys can make your posts more detailed if you like, I'm just too lazy.

                                        (It's okay to close this thread, I don't mind).
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                                          Grass - Black Door (pokestar studio prop)
                                          Fire - Chandelure
                                          Water - Totodile
                                          Bug - Wurmple
                                          Flying - Gyrados
                                          Normal - F-00 (pokestar studio prop)
                                          Electric - Eelektross, but I gotta call it Shibirudon.
                                          Poison - Gengar
                                          Ground - Larvitar
                                          Dragon - Rayquaza
                                          Fighting - Gallade
                                          Psychic - Gardevoir
                                          Ghost - Chandelure, again
                                          Rock - Shieldon
                                          Ice - Vanillite
                                          Steel - Mawile
                                          Dark - Monster (pokestar studio prop)
                                          Old September 9th, 2013 (1:54 PM).
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                                          Considering that we already have an active thread asking the same thing over in Pokemon Voting Polls, I'm going to merge your posts with that thread. Please make sure to search if there's already a thread actively discussing a topic before posting a new one next time. Thanks!



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