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Old September 7th, 2013 (8:05 AM).
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    Every time you decide to go to the beach to go swimming, what Water Type Pokémon would you bring along to play with at the beach and/or swim with at the beach?

    I'd bring a Samurott

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    Old September 7th, 2013 (8:32 AM).
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      I would personally bring a Lapras along. I could SURF across the ocean at high speeds and go to other beaches.
      Old September 7th, 2013 (8:38 AM).
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      I'd take Oshowatt. Just because I think he'd be a blast to have fun with lol.
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      Old September 7th, 2013 (8:43 AM).
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      Dewgong! It'll be so fun to swim with, especially in cold water since it's part ice-type. With Dewgong, I wouldn't be scared of cold water anymore and I can just cool off in ease. Plus, Dewgong could act like a jet ski and I could ski across the ocean. <3

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      Old September 7th, 2013 (12:47 PM).
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      Wartortle. We could play and have fun because at least according to the anime they are pretty mischevous and playful, iirc. And I could easily surf on its back if I trained or taught it a HM which would be pretty nifty. Squirtle would be too tiny for that, while Blastoise would be a bit too large to play well with.

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      Old September 7th, 2013 (10:44 PM).
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      I'll admit that I'm a pretty poor swimmer, so I think I'd like to have a Lapras out there with me, in case anything were to happen. I wouldn't mind riding on its back across the water either, as it'd be like having my very own living, environmentally friendly jet ski.

      Old September 7th, 2013 (11:45 PM). Edited September 7th, 2013 by I've Come to Bargain.
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      I do hang around the pool every now and then during summer, but I'm not that great when it comes to swimming. If I were to go swimming at the beach, I'd have to choose a Pokémon that I could heavily rely on.

      For me, Kingdra would have to be the perfect swimming partner. It's a very fast Pokémon, so if I held on to it tightly, it would be able to take me from one point of the beach to another within just a couple of seconds. Also, since seahorses like Kingdra mostly live underwater, maybe it could take me under the ocean on some occasion and show me around its favorite places. n__n
      Old September 8th, 2013 (7:31 PM).
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      I'd bring a nasty Gyarados to scare everyone else away and rule the beach by myself!
      Old September 8th, 2013 (7:56 PM).
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        I would bring Sharpedo to play tricks.
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        Old September 8th, 2013 (8:01 PM).
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          magikarp.lol. so we can splash around and annoy people hahaaa
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          Old September 8th, 2013 (8:07 PM).
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          Originally Posted by BloodFrostX View Post
          I would personally bring a Lapras along. I could SURF across the ocean at high speeds and go to other beaches.
          Pretty much this. Lapras is my favorite Water-type, so I have to pick that one.
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          Old September 8th, 2013 (8:09 PM).
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          I'd bring a Tentacruel cuz I'm a sadist like that
          Old September 8th, 2013 (8:10 PM).
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          I would bring a Wailord. Let us show all of them who rules the seas with the largest Pokemon in the world. :D:D
          Old September 9th, 2013 (2:03 AM).
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            Wailord or Kyogre will do for me. Both of them are King of the oceans and I would really feel relaxed by having any of them with me
            Old September 9th, 2013 (3:36 AM).
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              I don't like water types but.. *throws a Pokeball*
              *Wailord went out* I choose Wailord to come with me.
              I feel a lot safer with a large ocean-like whale.
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              Old September 10th, 2013 (11:21 AM).
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              Ew I hate swimming. I'd just surf on a Wailmer or (because no one will notice lawl) Palkia into the sea.
              Old September 10th, 2013 (12:00 PM).
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                Either Vaporeon, kyogre, or Manaphy because they are the best water types ever. lol
                Old September 10th, 2013 (4:10 PM).
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                Jellicent ofc! Jellicent is my favorite Water type, so I'd see no reason to to bring him along as my beach companion.

                Old September 10th, 2013 (5:40 PM).
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                Totodile! It's one of my absolute favorite Pokemon and I think it would be a blast to play with on the beach. I'm a fairly good swimmer so I don't really need a Pokemon to support me but if I did I would also bring Wartortle. Would also be a blast to have on the beach and would likely be more suitable to float with in the water than a Totodile.
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                Old September 10th, 2013 (8:16 PM).
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                  Qwilfish/Skrelp, because I like to see if I can tolerate poisoned water
                  Blastoise/Carracosta, as these Pokemon have a hard shell so that I can practice my surfing skills. I might also want to bring Shellos if there was a pool near the beach. Shellos might be a good idea for emergency situations because it has the Sticky Hold ability to pick me up just in case if I drown.
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                  Old September 12th, 2013 (4:29 PM).
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                  I really, really hate the beach tbh! Can I change this to river or lake? Cause when we used to go to the river a lot, I'd pretend I was a Swampert and I'd play in the mud. So that's who I'm bringing. n___n

                  If I gotta go to the beach though, I'd bring Ludicolo. :) We could play beach volleyball or something, haha.

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                  Old September 13th, 2013 (5:00 PM).
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                    Poliwarth because he would be such a fun Pokemon to play with and if anyone comes and annoys me Poliwrath can send them flying. I would wrestle Poliwrath in the water, have swimming races and build sandcastles in the sand then destroy it.

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