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Old September 15th, 2013 (4:17 AM).
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So uh yeah, hi there.

I'm Manska, 20 years old and currently a university student in the UK. Pretty much lifelong pokemon fan; played and still play all the main games and am now slowly nuzlocking my way through them and some of the good romhacks I can find. At the moment I'm both eagerly awaiting the release of X and Y and avoiding even the slightest mention of it like the plague (For me the most fun I ever get in a pokemon game is playing through it with as little idea as I can have about the pokemon and the region; especially now i'm into Nuzlocking).

One of my main reasons for joining this site is that I am soon planning to write a fanfiction and am looking for places to post it; I enjoy writing and I wanted to do something more than short story prompts but lack the time and confidence to try making something properly so I decided to take a crack at fanfiction to keep myself amused and since some of my favourite types of fanfic are those that take something like a game series or anime I watched as a child and twist it somewhat darker, I decided to try that myself and go for pokemon. I've never really been one for forums and stuff but i'm looking forwards to giving it a shot here since I’m a big pokemon fan and there are some interesting sections (roleplaying/collab stories I find fun and will check out and while i'm terrible at it I enjoy playing Mafia) though I wouldn't expect to see me in the main discussion forums much until i've done my first play-through of Y just in case :p

Uhh, that's about it for talking about me I think. I've always been pretty terrible at these sort of threads >.>
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Old September 15th, 2013 (5:35 AM).
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    Hello there, Manska!

    I do hope you enjoy your stay here in PC and thank you for giving this a shot! The community is fun, and there are lots of things you can do.

    I do believe information for X and Y is a lot but is still pretty limited and a lot of things are still shrouded in mystery. That would be great for a blind run or a blind Nuzlocke. I am excited about it too but I think I am more excited for the trainer customizations than the new game mechanics. I'll get around it though xD. I presume you'll be getting Pokemon Y then? I'll be getting Pokemon X. There's still some hype and Nintendo knows how to build it up even more :v

    Fanfictions are cool too. I am fond of reading them but I suck at writing fanfiction.

    I hope you stick around for long! I am pretty "new" but not new. I did an account switch from my 4-year account here. I was more of a lurker then. I hope you find friends and enjoy your stay!
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    Old September 15th, 2013 (11:23 AM).
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    It's definitely so much more fun to go in "blind" when it comes to new Pokemon games.. but I just get so tempted and end up looking at news anyway. @[email protected] X and Y are going to be amazing so next month couldn't come any faster. I think I probably will pay a little more for the preorder to get it sooner since waiting a few extra days will just be a killer haha. Especially when everyone around you will be going crazy and talking about it!

    Welcome to PC, Manska. It's very good to meet you! It's amazing to hear you're looking to dabble into our fanfiction/writing board as it could use more activity. We have some fabulous writers here as well as artists and game-makers. The community is one of the more creative ones I've seen. :) Sounds like you're the kind of person who will really love the community - awesome! Perhaps this will be that one forum exception for you and you end up being an active regular. Would suck if we lost you, after all, since you seem really cool.

    Have a lovely time here! Feel free to message me if you need some assistance. :D
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