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    Imo they are:

    Gen 1 -

    I think these Pokemon are really overrated. Charizard is overhyped because Ash owns one and that particular charizard defeated things like Noland's Articuno. However, in-game Charizard is trash. Yeah yeah it has Solar Power but that ability is a Dream World one and even with that it still sucks competitively because of Stealth Rock and the fact that Drizzle and Sand Stream exist (and they are way more popular than sun.) Pikachu... blah blah it's the mascot of Pokemon blah blah. Dugtrio might have arena trap but it's just too weak to do its job of winning weather wars, I think Gothitelle's better at that job. Cloyster has Shell Smash but it has way too many difficulties to set up due to that pathetic special defense. Eevee, Vaporeon and Jolteon (not Flareon) are also overrated because they are "cute" and strong, but Vaporeon and Jolteon really suck competitively (I don't care if they are OU, they are C rank in the viability thread from Smogon while Pokes like Weavile and Stoutland, who aren't OU, are ranked higher). Mew is just plain overrated because once again it's "cute", has 100 base stats across the board and can learn almost any move in existence. However, it's just a "jack-of-all-trades, master of none". It may be unpredictable, yeah, but it doesn't deserve the love it gets.

    Gen 2 - (ESPECIALLY)

    I find Typloshion a bit overrated, since it's just a Charizard copy but without the quadruple weakness to Stealth Rock. Ampharos is also a bit overrated. Espeon and Umbreon definitely, there's nothing great about them. Sure Espeon has Magic Bounce, but Xatu is a much better Magic Bounce user due to its immunity to Ground, a quad resistance to Fighting, and Roost. Umbreon is a Pokemon I completely do not understand the love for. Yeah yeah it has enormous defenses, yeah yeah it looks cooler than the other Eeveelutions, yeah yeah it has Wish and stuff like that. However, its horrible attack stat makes sure Umbreon can't do jack ****, since even in-game you have to rely on Toxic, Payback and stuff like that. Competitively, the entire OU tier sets up on it. It IS good in UU, however. Shuckle might have enormous defenses but it also has a pathetic HP stat. Blissey... just no. It has to rely on Seismic Toss to do any significant damage, and it might have enormous special defense, but its physical defense is almost zero.
    And then there's Politoed. It's by far the most overrated Pokemon of Gen 2 since BW came out. The reason for this is because it got this ridiculous ability we call Drizzle. People need to wake up and realize sand is the best weather in OU, not rain.

    Gen 3:

    Blaziken and Gardevoir are extremely overrated and there's nothing great about them. Sure, Blaziken gets Speed Boost, but that ability is a Dream World one and in Wi-Fi battles you usually have the Blaze variant, which is outclassed by Infernape and even Emboar. Gardevoir might look like a princess but it still sucks and there are better Psychics out there. Flygon also suffers from the syndrome of being outclassed (in this case, Garchomp), but it's not as overrated as Blaziken and Gardevoir imo. Dusclops just plain sucks and Dusknoir's better than it even if Dusclops has Eviolite. It just isn't strong enough and it's so slow. Deoxys might look cool and might have an extremely expansive movepool and four forms, but it's overrated in Ubers, since Deoxys-A can't take a hit, Deoxys-S isn't all that powerful (it can still set up Stealth Rock and Spikes though), Deoxys-N is outclassed at what it tries to do and Deoxys-D is just... Well, Deoxys-D is actually not overrated.

    Gen 4:

    Torterra was overhyped at the beginning of DP, and it's still kinda overrated. It's Grass/Ground typing is not that great, 109 base attack is good but not too good for OU, and Torterra is just too slow. Piplup is just overrated. In fact almost all Pokemon Dawn owns in the anime are overrated. Rampardos... "OH WOW IT HAS 165 BASE ATTACK MUST USE IT!" And then you realize it's just so bad because of its speed and defenses and that BW2 introduced Kyurem-B, which is available in OU and is so much better. Gastrodon is a bit overrated because it may have Storm Drain to counter rain, but it fails to do its job most of the time from my experience. Ambipom just sucks in UU and is complete trash in OU, yeah it does have Technician Fake Out but it's such a small niche that it's not worth it, and there's also the fact that Dawn owned it. Spiritomb: "OMG IT HAS NO WEAKNESSES IT MUST BE UBER!!". However, it also has very few resistances, and it's as bulky as Dunsparce. As for Electivire? Anyone who played DP know how overrated it was. Electivire has extreme coverage, yes, but it doesn't have the power to muscle through the entire OU tier, and it's just too slow. Togekiss does have paraflinch at its disposal but Jirachi is a much better user of it because of its higher speed and its Steel-typing. Yanmega "OMG IT HAS SPEED BOOST!!!" and then "Crap, it's quad-weak to Stealth Rock, it sucks." Mamoswine is not as overrated as the others, but it still gets a little too much usage in my opinion. It has too many weaknesses and it's kinda slow (although it does have Ice Shard). Anyone who never played the games thinks Regigigas is the best Pokemon ever created. However, have you heard of something called Slow Start, guys? Darkrai is also a bit overrated. It's extremely good in Ubers, though. Arceus "OMG IT'S THE CREATOR OF ALL THINGS IT MUST BE THE BEST POKEMON EVER!!" Yes, yes it is. However, it doesn't deserve so much praise, and Kyogre is a thing.

    Gen 5:


    bah v-create bah bolt strike bah blue flare
    Oshawott is kinda overrated because of Ash's one from the anime. Excadrill should have never been banned because it could be easily stopped by priority. Archeops is overrated because of its extreme attacking power, but did people forget about its terrible ability?
    Now Ferrothorn and Chandelure are by far the most overrated Pokemon of Gen 5. "OMG FERROTHORN HAS TWO WEAKNESSES AND AMAZING DEFENSES AND CAN SET UP STEALTH ROCK AND SPIKES AND CAN ANNOY MY OPPONENT WITH THUNDER WAVE OR LEECH SEED AND CAN EVEN ATTACK WITH POWER WHIP / GYRO BALL" or "OMG CHANDELURE HAS 145 SPECIAL ATTACK MUST USE IT ON MY SUN TEAM!!!" Haxorus suffers from the Kyurem-B outclassing syndrome, but come on, even before Kyurem-B was released Haxorus was still overrated because of its extreme base 147 attack stat and good speed. Volcarona is just plain overrated because it has Quiver Dance and great special attack, but still, it's too weak to stealth rock. Terrakion is the most overrated Fighting-type bar Blaziken that exists. bah 129 base attack bah close combat. It needs less usage. Kyurem-W looks stupid as hell, yet people fawn over it because of Turboblaze, 170 base special attack, STAB Draco Meteor...

    Now what about you?
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      List of popular pokemon I am not fond of:

      1) Blastoise/Aerodactyl
      2) Tyranitar/Heracross
      3) Swampert/Regi's
      4) Lucario/Rhyperior
      5) Haxorus/Golurk

      Again, popular or liked, not used competitively.
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        Gen 1: Charizard and Mewtwo. While I like Charizard, I don't think it deserves as much love as it gets. Venusaur and Blastoise deserve more love. And Mewtwo is overrated because it was the strongest Pokemon in RBY.

        Gen 2: Typhlosion and Umbreon. Typhlosion just feels too much like a Charizard rip-off for me. And Umbreon just isn't really good, and doesn't deserve as much love as it gets.

        Gen 3: Gardevoir. Many people love this thing because it's gorgeous. But in my opinion, Gardevoir is actually just an Alakazam wannabe.

        Gen 4: Torterra, Electivire, and the Uber legends. Torterra just has too little going for it to deserve all the praise it gets. Venusaur is a strong, bulky monster, Sceptile is an awesome glass cannon, Serperior is a beast with Contrary, and Meganium is... cute. But what they have in common, is that they deserve more love than Torterra, IMO. Electivire has already been explained, and Electabuzz is better to me. As for the legends? They kinda got on my nerves years ago, just because they kept giving people a too easy time.

        Gen 5: Emolga and Stunfisk. While I found Emolga cute at first, I grew to hate it because of Elesa, and because it disappointed me in Pokemon Conquest. Stunfisk, on the other hand, was a Pokemon I hated when I saw it for the first time. But while I grew to hate Emolga, my hate for Stunfisk decreased to just dislike. However, it annoyed me in Super Pokemon Rumble, and lately, I'm getting tired of the love it gets here. So, there is a chance that my hate for Stunfisk may return.

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        1. Charizard. Awful in battle and has a dull and boring design. It just feels underdesigned even for a generation 1 pokémon. Runners Up are Dugtrio and Dragonite.
        2. Amphoros. It's really quite a weak pokémon and it's just really boring. It's Mega Evolution is really stupid as well. Runners up are Suicune and Crobat.
        3. Gardevoir. I hate how the Pokémon fanbase has sexualised this pokémon. I actually like Gardevoir, but hate what the fanbase has done to this poor thing.
        4. Arceus. It's jokes arent funny and having a God pokémon was a stupid idea. Palkia is soooo much better than this thing.
        5. Almost all of them. No seriously almost all of them that haven't already got the megaton of hate that most of them justify. The only ones I like a Bravialry, Zekrom, Oshawott and a few others I can't remember.
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          I barely play Pokemon Competavly, but I know a little about the metagame. My opinions for this will not completely be based on the metagame, but will influence some of my decissions. For this list I will pick 2 pokemon from Gen I to Gen V.

          Gen I Overated Pokemon.
          Pikachu. A frail yellow mouse. The mascot of the series. While it is entertaining to watch Pikachu win in the anime. It is sad to see Pikachu's hp bar drindle down to nothing in the main game.
          Eevee . This gimmick pokemon gets all of the love, and then some. Yes Eevee is good, but there are tons of other mammal like pokemon to love on. Especially Skitty, and Glameow.

          Gen II Overated Pokemon.
          Tyranitar. People accredit this pokemon with absolute destruction. Whenever I see a T tar I see a creature who is protective and caring who isn't afriad of getting aggresive of protecting who she loves.
          Skarmory. Silver bird takes special hits all day. Kind of difficult to train too, and did little for me during my main game play. Cool looking but a tad bit overrated.

          Gen III
          Gardevoir. When I used to visit the dark side of the internet I saw the horrors of poke******* and trying to make Gardevoir thier waifu..... The new Fairy typing however peaked my interest in using her/him. :)
          Mudkip. While I used to enjoy the Mudkip meme. He has been outclassed by Oshawott. I like Oshawott more because he has feelings :)

          Gen IV
          Heatran. This thing e_e. This pokemon grinds my gears. It is ugly (my opinion) but is used for the great defence and offence it can provide. Also amazing typing to absorb Ice Beams, and Fire Attacks.
          Rotom-W. This thing is e-e; I don't hate Rotom's but come on Lanturn is a pokemon too! D:

          Gen 5
          Ferrothorn. Stated in the OP
          Every OU B/W Pokemon. Except Jellicent

          Special Mention: Scizor. Scythor looks way better than this Red Steel Candy Apple Bullet Punching Life Orb Choice Band Swords Dance Physical Genesect. (Genesect is way ugly to me)

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            Before I get to my list, I think I should straighten some things out. Overrated means that the pokemon doesn't deserve the praise it gets because people treat it like it's a lot better than it actually is. A pokemon isn't overrated simply because you don't like it. Here's what I mean:
            Originally Posted by Crobatrules20
            You've posted nothing but positives here and why it does deserve all the praise. What about Ferrothorn that makes it lacking for you?

            Gen 1 - Charizard, I'll go with the group and say Charizard for plenty of reasons that people before me have stated. It looks cool though.

            Gen 2 - Scizor, I'll admit, Scizor is an incredibly powerful pokemon, but I've never really had a problem disposing of it. Just about any physical wall with a fire type move can easily counter it. Even Tangrowth, with a type disadvantage and mine has HP ice instead of fire, has almost no problem taking it down if focus blast hits enough.

            Gen 3 - Breloom, let me get one thing straight, I love Breloom. It's a powerful pokemon and a great addition to my grass team, but it's completely shut down by ghosts, dragons, or physical walls. It has a fierce reputation that is well deserved for unprepared teams, but it is a threat that can be easily countered.

            Gen 4 - Honchkrow, it's a good attacker, but its frail defenses means that even a resisted attack will do a good amount of damage. It's not even that fast, so a good number of pokemon can counter it, even if it's weak to brave birds.

            Gen 5 - Terrakoin, this legendary finds its happy little home on several OU teams. However, this pokemon is immediately shut down by priority. It's typing makes it so that one well-placed mach punch can quickly end its reign of terror. It might be just me, but I never had a problem taking it down.
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              I had a laugh at the OP's post. The only ones I agree with are Pikachu, Flygon, maybe Charizard and Umbreon, even though Charizard is a powerhouse in-game (not competitively but who cares about that anyway).

              Also the list is fail because it misses Lucario. A great Pokémon with a horrid fanbase.

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                I really think Scraggy and Scrafty are TRULY overrated. Now I'm not even going to pretend I know anything about competitive battling, so I'd understand liking it if it's good in battle. But design-wise I hate it. It looks like some gangster who's favorite words are YOLO and SWAG (the two worst words in the dictionary of slang). His sagging pants and hood are enough evidence for me.

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                  I'm going by terms of usage in OU, because they are overrated for a good reason:

                  Gen 1 - Dragonite, because multi-scale has made him one of the most frustrating Pokemon to face in battles (I've dealt with them before in random match-ups).

                  Gen 2 - Scizor, now that it's known that Fairies are weak to Steel, Scizor's popularity isn't going to die down anytime soon, not with that STAB Bullet Punch w/ Technician and a choice band.

                  Gen 3 - Metagross, seeing as OU has a shortage on Hoenn Pokemon, I had to go with Metagross since Breloom and Salamence aren't as much as a prominent threat as they use to be. Also it's because of personal experience when dealing with Metagross in random match-ups (they were pretty tough to beat).

                  Gen 4 - Infernape, he is this close to being game-breaker material with those stats and diversial movepool of his, and part of the reason why Charizard has become one of the most underrated Pokemon.

                  Gen 5 - Ferrothorn, it has pretty much outclassed a lot of support-based Grass types with its Steel typing.
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                    Gen 1: Charizard (super overrated and not that great) and Pikachu (need I explain?)
                    Gen 2: Scizor (everyone goes nuts over it) and Umbreon ( not the best eeveelution)
                    Gen 3: Metagross (not actually that great in attack) and Blaziken (the weakest fire type evolution, I feel Sceptile is often overlooked)
                    Gen 4: Lucardio (I tried using him on my team, which was a bust) and Glacion (well... it IS strong against dragon types)
                    Gen 5: Victinini and Golurk
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                      Here's my opinion...

                      Gen 1- Charizard: Fire/flying. Meaning a 4x weakness to stealth rock, losing half of its health as soon as it cones into battle. And even still his stats aren't that good.

                      Gen 2- Smeargle: If you look at bulbapedia and look at any move used in gen 2, Smeargle is the pokemon that uses every gen 2 move in the entire website! Sure, it has sketch and can learn every move, but at least give it some good stats for it to use them!

                      Gen 3- Gardevoir: I don't actually hate gardevoir as much as others, but its still really overrated. If you ask me, I'll pick gallade

                      'Nuff said

                      Gen 5- Terrakion: If you have imagination in competitive play, you'd stay away from him. All people do is "ugghh he has lotta attack I dunno gotta put a choice band on him uggghhhh". There are better attackers than Terrakion, people

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                        Note in advance - all of this is in the context of in-game play and team ratings and such for in-game play.

                        There's no way that Charizard is overrated. If anything, at this point, it's UNDERrated. It's pretty much impossible to open a thread like this anywhere without seing a bajillion people all prattling on about how much Charizard sucks. Everywhere I go, it's "charizard sucks, charizard sucks, charizard sucks, blah blah blah..." That's pretty much the exact opposite of "overrated."

                        You know what's actually overrated in the first gen? Blastoise. Yeah - it's a ninja turtle with cannons on its back, which is sort of cool, but it's really just a mediocre-at-best pokemon. Hell - it's only mediocre-at-best even just as far as water types go. Starmie, Vaporeon and Lapras are all better.

                        You know what else is overrated in the first gen? Arcanine. It's a decent enough pokemon (or at least it can be, if you're willing to tote a Growlithe around long enough to get the good moves on it), but in the end it's just... above average. It's solidly, consistently, in all its stats, above average, and that's it.

                        In the second gen, lately (particularly in the wake of B2/W2) Ampharos has gotten enough of a sort of "cult following" that it's getting overrated. It too is a decent enough pokemon, and certainly at least a bit better than one would expect, and it's got a surprisingly good movepool, but it's just really not all that great. Not bad - just overrated.

                        And anywhere outside of one very narrow niche in competitive battling, Skarmory is definitely overrated. Yeah - it has a pretty good typing and great defense and it can lay and clear entry hazards... and that's it. After Defense, its second best stat is Attack, at 80. That's barely average. And every other stat is even worse than that. All it can do is physical wall, which is only occasionally useful in-game, and lay and clear entry hazards, which is entirely useless in-game. Skarmory is far and away the most obvious example of a pokemon's competitive prowess seeping over into in-game ratings.

                        For third gen, first - what's with the Gardevoir responses? How is Gardevoir "overrated?" That doesn't mean that people say it's their waifu - it means that people RATE it's abilities OVER what they legitimately are. I haven't seen anyone do that with Gardevoir, nor have I seen anyone claim that anyone does that with Gardevoir. Instead all I see are people going off because it's got a creepy fanbase. Creepy fanbase != "overrated."

                        Personally, I can't really think of any overrated third gen pokemon right off. By third gen, we're starting to get into the "reflexively hated" gens (RRAURGH! TRUMPETS!!), so if anything, third gen pokemon tend to be underrated, since there are so many people who just hate all of them, collectively, the good with the bad.

                        There was a time when Absol was a bit overrated, but oddly enough, after the physical/special split, when it could finally get a physical STAB to go with its Attack and actually became a better pokemon, it lost some of its popularity and ended up not so overrated.

                        Fourth gen - sadly (since it's one of my own favorites), Luxray tends to be overrated. It's (I think deliberately) a lot like Arcanine, but that includes the fact that it's just pretty solidly above average, and that's really about it.

                        Beyond that, I can't think of any that are overrated in the fourth gen, though quite a few that are underrated because kneejerk hate.

                        And that's pretty much the case with the fifth gen as a whole. (RAUURGGH! OVERDESIGNED ICE CREAM CONE TRASH BAG!!!) If anything, fifth gen pokemon tend to be underrated, just because so many people hate them all indiscriminately. Scrafty might be trending a bit overrated, but it really is an excellent pokemon, and there's enough reflexive hate to counter the tendency to overrate it that it probably balances out. Reuniclus is the same way - it tends to get a bit overrated sometimes, but it really is good, and the Pavlovian fifth gen hate sort of neutralizes the overrating.
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                          I - Eevee. He's okay. Certainly not bad, but not deserving of all the hype he gets. Runner-up goes to Pikachu, who GF continues to milk.

                          II - A tie between Scizor and Umbreon. Scizor's hugely overrated (Seriously, guys, he's not that cool) and a step back from Scyther. I mean seriously, how does a prehistoric-looking dino-mantis turn into a ninja bug with scissors for claws? And Umbreon because he gets way too much praise and he has way too many fanboys. I'm sick of everyone saying he's the best Eevee form solely because he's Dark type and therefore "Edgy" and "Angsty". Just No.

                          III - Gardevoir. This one's so bad that you can't even look it up on Google Images anymore.

                          IV - Lucario. Never before has any Pokemon inspired so much bad fanart and insipid fanfiction. Everyone loves this guy, too. I don't get it. He's okay. Just okay. You don't need to write fanfiction about him and Gardevoir. Just no.

                          V - Oshawott. I remember when this generation came out, and everyone was just obsessing over him. I mean, sure, he's not nearly as annoying as, say, Lucario, but the fanboyism over him is ridiculous.
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