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Old September 19th, 2013 (6:13 AM).
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    12:19 PM,
    Secretary"what should we do pokemons of the world can be in great danger?
    Major Black"shoot this TEAM HORIZON they are really creating a problem we should do something before
    this becomes a international issue.Somebody knocks the door,Secretary"come in",through the door comes the PA and says"sir the president of Kanto is on the video log he wants to talk about something".Secretary"Talk about what? PA replies,"idk but he seems to be angry".Secretary turns on his monitor...President appears and wasting no time starts,"What is this i am hearing huh pokemon kidnapped from a highly secured national park,answer me what are your men doing? why are'nt they stopping this nuisance(Banging his palm on the table) C'mon answer me.After a moment of silence from the secretary major answers,"We have tried our best but even the best of our best have lost their lives from the hands of the horizon and the men who are active at present do not want to take this mission".
    President replies"(facepalming) Oh my Arceus, what are we gonna do?(Suddenly something strikes his mind),wait a sec by meaning the best of your best means even he is dead".Secretary"(in confusion)I
    don't understand ,What do you mean by HE?"
    Major"I know what he means, he wants to give this mission to him".Secretary in shock"Do you mean agent 25111969 no sir i can't allow him last time i sent him in a mission he crashed a airbus in our skyscraper and destroyed property worth $2545241545 he really soaked the water out of us, no i am sorry but i can't allow him".President"Yup if we keep these facts aside we know what he is capable
    of and do not worry of the damages i will take care of them",secretary,"but...",President"No ifs or buts this a presidential order Tell me if you need something"."yes sir yes".
    Same day somewhere on a aircraft over Kanto,
    Guard 1"giovanni is gonna be happy after all admins have done something which will make him rise up
    of the fact of being an infinite loser hahaha".
    Guard 2"Hey by the way do you know after this i will join team horizon".
    Guard 1"but why ?"
    Guard 2"Just fed up of losing to kids and losing elseways also they give sneasel as a starter"
    Guard 1"Yo man who is there wait stop don't do it ohh stop."
    (Hearing the sound the second guard moves forward)
    Guard 2"Hey you ok(moves forward)...Hey who are you stop aahhh."
    Mysterious figure with an cool outfit,"2 done 18 left."
    After 15 mins,
    Admin Dacota,"So everythings ok yup we coming."
    Admin Rico,"Can't wait to land,ah..its been time Giovanni has rewarded us.By the way how much time
    do we have."
    Admin Dacota,"About 30 mins to land thank Arceus there are no kids left in kanto to step in our plan."
    Unknown Voice,"I guess your good times up surrender or face my wrath! by the way i did'nt knew that i could speak a ironic dialouge."
    Admin Dacota,"Who the hell are you step forward."
    Admin Rico,"Yes show yourself coward we'll show you the meaning of wrath."
    BANG!!!! Control rooms doors blasts and from the flames and smokes emerges the Boy.
    Mark,"I am disavowed agent 25111969 but you can call me MARK."
    Admin Dacota,"Hahaha How can a stupid kid can be a agent haha even a grunt can beat ya.What do you say about this rico."
    Admin Rico,"buh buh pss khaaa he..he is...he is a KID!!!,oh god can't we complete a mission without failure(snaps out) I won't leta a kid stop us again so stop talking and fight"
    Mark,"ah I was only waiting for that so lets begin"
    Admin Dacota,"Weezing emerge"
    Admin Rico,"Mr mime emerge"
    Mark,"Lets go charmeleon"
    But without even waiting for opposition to get ready Charmeleon knocks them out with a merciless
    Mark,"Good Job compadre you released the film before trailer."
    Admin Rico,"Hey this is cheating,what did you learned at school huh!!"
    Admin Dacota,"He is right we were not ready this ain't fair"
    Mark,"Don't you know everythings fair in love and war,Ya ya i know this ain't love but this is not even
    a war."
    Mark,"What are you waiting for blast them off"
    Admin Dacota,"And yet again even after perfect planning and execution."
    Admin Rico,"I hate to say it but, DAMN IT TEAM ROCKET LOSES AGAIN."
    Mark,"YES! V for VICTORY again hey what do you say(Charmeleon says something)ok so controls have been destroyed and we are gonna crash,WAIT WHAT Don't waste standing an sayin foolish quotes."Charmeleon scratches his heads a jumps with his trainer.The aircraft crashes and the duo
    crashes into a haystack.Mark,"Whoo man hell of a jump".Charmeleon,"Char char".Mark,"You are right lets eat something".Suddenly 2 men in halo outfit comes in their way,Mark,"Hey lets have a pizza(Crashes into halo men)Whats you problem man and whats up with the metallica suits?Wait a
    sec you are PSW Char run!!".Halo 1"stop you have to come with us",Mark,"what if i say no".
    Halo 2"Then you leave us no choice".Knocks Em Cold.
    Sometime after being knocked out,
    Mark,"Psss wake up charmeleon i have untied you lets leave"
    Charmeleon,"Char(throws out flame in air)".
    Mark,"Shhh we have to stay low profile otherwise the old cracked secretary will know that we are
    escaping but why is this room pitch black well leave it there is a air vent just left of us,ok lets go".
    (Suddenly the room lights up).
    Secretary,"Stop and don't even try to do something oversmart".
    Mark,"If you think i'm gonna pay then forget it,and even the the training manual reads that no agent pays for damages caused in a mission"
    Secretary,"Well if you think i brought you here for this then you are wrong i have brought you here for a really tough mission and by the way even prez is own your side."
    Mark,"See i told you that this organisation won't work without me but you had do disavow me so how about a S-O-R-R-Y".Secretary,"Alright i'm sorry so here are you details this mission will take place in sinnoh".Secretary explains everything.Secretary,"Pls be careful and attentive 1 mistake and whole world can be in a grave danger here is your PDA with every contact and map that you would need on
    your mission",Mark,"Alright i'll do my best and bring the horizon down".
    Secretary,"Ok so you ready,so you will land in near sandgem town from there go to prof he'll then give you further details OK".
    Mark,"OK so until we meet again byee!"
    Secretary,"Cause less damage this time"
    Mark,"Can't promise that"
    Makes the jump.

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    Old September 19th, 2013 (10:32 AM).
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      Fanfiction & Writing's rules state that your fanfic must be in a readable script format. Your story is missing pretty much ever necessary mark of punctuation, most needed capitalization, and is not in the proper script format. Your story is pretty much dialogue, which doesn't really tell the reader what's going on in the story, leaving them confused and lost.

      Rewrite your story to fit in with the rules of the forum, please. Follow at least the basic rules of grammar, add more to the story so it isn't just a script of dialogue, and use proper paragraphing so that everything is a little more readable.

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