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Old September 19th, 2013 (12:51 AM).
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    This episode will air In few hour .
    I just wanted to say , If Serena isn't Ash's childhood friend then she might make a cameo appearance in today episode because of Alexa .
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    Old September 19th, 2013 (6:37 PM). Edited September 19th, 2013 by Aquacorde.
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      - GYARADOS
      - ASDFGHJK
      -no, no, not a dragon u cute bby
      - oh not im getting sad
      - babiiiiiies
      - is2g i recognize what pansy is listening to
      - there is no way the bassrao sub has that much stopping power
      - or towing power
      - head-on attack wow weird for them
      - ???????
      - pansy lmao
      - why would you stand on the edges people
      - satoshi indirectly engangers so many people
      - ....why is jess doing james' part....?
      - and how does nobody notice
      - i was going to say "PARKER'S ****ING HAIR"
      - but that's james lmfao
      - y'all are dumb
      - pfffft pika frying kiba
      - lmao the james disguise animation
      - gosh james is pretty
      - LAPRAS
      - oooh parker
      - cute babiessss
      - gymanst skills
      - gratituous english from james hahaha
      - clever bbys!
      - grilled mushrooms anyone?
      - wth is that puzzle
      - eeee dent's twirl
      - sheesh
      - how did parker hang on wow
      - magikaaaaarp
      - lapras <3
      - yeah they're in kanto lol
      - finally
      - babies no don't go my sweethearts ;____;
      - i love when older 'mon are greeted with the same excitement that newer ones are
      - im going to cry
      - oh sweethearts
      - i can't
      - no

      - it wasn't time

      i'll be back when i'm done crying.

      it wasn't time.

      edit - i would have liked dent to fanboy over the trains a bit

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      Old September 20th, 2013 (10:18 PM). Edited September 20th, 2013 by ZeroX5.
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        I dunno, I found this farewell kind of lacking? I would have at least expected Iris to be a bit broken up about it considering her past, and her initial trouble making friends outside of Shannon. But guess she's kinda of use to being on her own? Realistically, I didn't expect Cilan to get too worked up. But, I dunno they all seemed too happy? Misty was sad, May (and especially Max) were upset, and Dawn/Piplup were clearly upset as well. Idk, I just fond it odd that Iris and Cilan seemed in such high spirits to be just ditching Ash, and eventually each other.

        Compared to Ash, who didn't really show much sadness when May, Max, and Dawn left..but clearly seemed disconcerted about parting with Iris/Cilan initially. I guess that is suppose to tie into him being written to be more childish this season? or this group being a modified version of the Original Trio? Idk...
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        Old September 21st, 2013 (9:22 AM).
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          You are right about that. I mean Ash being disconcerted that they were leaving- I think that it was more shock at the realization they had come to the end of their time together. Like they had kept with each other after the League and were just sightseeing and having fun like friends do with no clear goal- but suddenly remembers that these two have their own dreams and have thought about where they should go to accomplish that. Ash didn't realize they were going yet, I think.

          Cilan and Iris were like... not even caring. "Welp there's the train see ya!" like they'll be seeing him in a few days rather than a few months (years). idk they're happy about their decisions but you'd think it'd be a little more emotional. And Cilan didn't say anything about the trains and that makes me sad. They forget his quirks.

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          Old September 24th, 2013 (5:58 AM). Edited September 24th, 2013 by Hiroshi Sotomura.
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          There are extreme problems with this map. So hey, I accept that the boat arrived in Vermilion City. Except, according to this map, the boat must've gone through a river just to get into the port of Vermilion.

          I'll also accept that there's a river between Cherrygrove and New Bark. After all, the episodes from EP118 must've taken place in the sea.

          I, too, find it grating that the farewell to Iris and Cilan was so… quick. With so many episodes to pace the farewell, they surely had more chance to say goodbye and leadup to it. A farewell that didn't involve the two of them and Ash sad in a couple of scenes. I will be extremely disappointed if they don't make some ridiculous appearance and proper farewell in the final episode.
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