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Old August 28th, 2013 (8:45 PM).
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A fun combo that i almost want to build a deck around.

Ghetsis and Liepard


So basically. When you have both ready. Play Ghetsis and remove all of their item cards, and then if they show a supporter, use Silent Claw to use it for yourself. This can make it really hard for your opponent to do anything if you destroy their hand.

A good combo to build a deck around? Probably not. So stupid that it might just work though...

Pokemon: 14
2x Purrloin BCR (help stall early turns with captivate)
2x Purrloin PLS (another option to scout opponents hand)
3x Liepard PLS
1x Liepard BCR (for confusion shenanigans and Assist)
2x Sableye
2x Darkrai Ex
2x Absol

Supporters: 13
4x Ghetsis
2x Shadow Triad
4x Juniper
3x N

3x Enhanced Hammer
3x Pokemon Catcher
4x Hypnotoxic Laser
2x Virbank
2x Silver Mirror
3x Dark Patch
2x Reversal Trigger
2x Level Ball

Energy: 12
12 Dark

I sort of just threw together a list. Not sure if its even possible to make a good deck list. Any thoughts?
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Old October 3rd, 2013 (6:23 PM).
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It's an interesting concept for disruption, but Liepard's got such low HP and such low damage that it does that it's better as a setup 'mon for a stronger attacker than as the focus of a deck. Still pretty useless if your opponent can get their EXs set up before you get Liepard set up.
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Old October 4th, 2013 (3:00 AM).
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i've actually ran into a deck with these 2 pokemon and it was pretty annoying. Granted it focused around Darkrai/Sableye/Absol. But the excess pokemon space went to Liepard, and it played a huge roll in just destroying my ability to set up. Funny thing is that even if you end up drawing into a skyla, as soon as you try to go for a supporter for next turn, Liepard will just steal it.
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