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Spoilers BWS2 Da! 016: GoGo Gogoato!

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Old August 22nd, 2013 (10:27 PM).
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BWS2 Da! 016/BW Season 2 054/BW 138

Satoshi-tachi are hanging out with Gogoat while Pansy does something. A little kid finds it and it takes the kid for a ride. Satoshi-tachi spend the day looking for Gogoat and the kid.

22 August 2013 [Japan]

- whoaaa hello new tech
- i don't know what's happening
- i haven't been properly understanding this show for months
- i should probably go watch subs starting with episode N
- cos that's where i left off waiting for them to come out
- probably
- i'll go back and review these liveblogs to find out
- what a handy record to have
- aaaaanyway
- what a cutie it is
- i want
- ash will not get one
- r u all going on a trip without permission
- u r
- dent u cute
- satoshi u dumb
- iris ur face
- ilu all
- omg gogoat with little kid
- v cute
- ????!
- what was that
- kid no don't go for a ride
- are you guys supposed to be watching gogoat or
- junsa's driving is always indicated by squealing tires is2g
- i suppose she's the kid's mum
- pansy no
- bby what r u getting urself into
- eyyy gogoat
- aw sweetheart
- does it have a compulsion to give rides to those who grab its horns?
- ??????
- what cuties these two are
- is he running away from his mum
- mushrooms be threatening
- dont walk up to them satoshi you moron
- he wanted to go see his dad?
- to give him a picture?
- i thought they had a postal system in this world
- iris ur face
- u cute kids

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Old August 22nd, 2013 (11:24 PM).
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Lul, I wonder what Iris was so annoyed about with Ash at the end there. Don't know if she thought he was up to some funny business/goofing off, because he took so long to meet up or what.
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Old October 16th, 2013 (6:27 AM).
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They changed opening again! :D
Mai gotto :D They are overworking themselves in Dekolora xD
He...? Gogoat can read minds (strong feelings (tsuyoi omoi) to be precise)?! It's a grass type, it's supposed to be useless xDDDDD
But yeah, Satoshi-tachi fail as guardians xD
Yeah... mountains are dangerous but police officer lets 10 years olds to go there... no problem. =D Can seriously happen only in anime =D
ROFL the spring scene xD
He...? Synthesis works on humans as well?! Now it's confirmed that everything that works on Pokemon works on humans as well =D
Airisu no eeeccchi~ :D

@Zero: She wondered what happened (that's why my last line xDDD) and Satoshi and Tony said that it's their himitsu (secret) =D
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