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Old October 8th, 2013 (11:40 PM).
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    So, I already have an idea I'm playing with and I'm going to hold a sort of mini-contest. I need someone to submit me some characters to challenge a gym leader (or anyone, really)! They may appear in the story if I deem them of fine enough quality!

    Here is what I'm looking for from you:

    1. A name. You have to have a name for this. If you can't come up with a feasible name, maybe this isn't for you (I'm sure you can do it, it's easy).

    2. Their gender, of course. I'll have to figure how each one should react to certain situations.

    3. The type of person they are, whether they are rude, snide, shy, angry, etc. If you would like to skip this step, just put a Pokemon trait here.

    4. The description of this person. Whether they are large, small, skinny, short, fat, tall, old, young, clean, dirty, etc. This is important, and will possible be a factor in how they may shape the story. Also, what do they wear? Put age in here.

    5. The type of Pokemon they like use. This should be self-explanatory, but I'll help you out anyway: ugly Pokemon, tall, steel, electric, blue, baby, etc. Try and pick out a few Pokemon they walk around with. If you'd like to lay out specific species, pick no less than two, and no more than four. If you pick more than two, then two of these Pokemon have to at least be the same typing.

    6. What type of Pokemon do they despise? Bugs? Dark? Use the same format for the dislikes as the likes (ugly, evolved, ground, etc.).

    7. Are they competitive? How would they act if they won or lost? How would they react against their least favorite Pokemon?

    8. How should they appear in the story? Just show up? Fly in? Dig in? Teleport? Or just walk into the story? Use your imagination.

    9. Any issues I should be worried about? Tantrums, personalities, etc.

    10. A little back story for them. I need this to see a little bit about how they should act in my story.

    A couple rules about this:

    You may submit two characters. No more.
    You cannot have any qualms of my using this character in my story.
    You fork over the majority of the rights to me (i.e. anything else other than what you've submitted. I own what I write)
    You may not copy any other character from anyone else. It has to be yours. If you break this rule, then you'll have to hear from whoever I 'stole' this character from.
    Don't worry if you don't see your character yet if I've said you've won this contest. Writing takes time, of course.

    Other than that, you should be fine. Here is an example of the minimum entry:


    1. Suzy

    2. Female

    3. This person is a snide student. They act more like a Lass than an actual student

    4. They are short, weigh little, dress like a lass (which is against the dress code) and is 12 years old.

    5. This girl likes to use the strong types. Rhydon and Magmar follow her around.

    6. She hates bugs and poison types. She's squeamish around them.

    7. Very competitive. Hates losing. Hates bugs and poison types. Wants to crush them quick before they scare her into submission.

    8. She just walks right into the gym.

    9. She hates to lose. Throws tantrums. Spoiled brat.

    10. Suzy decided to take the gym circuit after she beat everyone else in her school. Very proud, she tries and sweep her enemies under the rug. Thinks she can defeat anyone with confidence and that she doesn't need anyone else's help, she set out from home on her own.

    Sorry, it's quite rough around the edges, but if you can improve upon it (character creation) and throw it in my PM box or on here, that'd be appreciated.

    I haven't tried my hand at Pokemon fiction before, so this'll be a new experience for me. I need a few ideas for challengers that could either win or lose (depends on how I'd like to spin the story) and I think this is a good way for some people to partake in this story and add that extra special something to the mix.

    I know the rules are cut with a chainsaw, so if someone could look at them and see if they can form them a bit better (I'm quite tired at this time) that'd be great. Give me PMs, criticisms are welcome. I haven't laid out the entire story out on paper yet, but I think this will help it along. Good luck, and I hope I receive lots of things to flip through. feel free to flesh out your characters a bit. Those ten bullets aren't all inclusive, so feel free to think outside the box and expand as you see fit, koffi~

    Also, I've started work on this story and I think I'll try and work on it at least every other day. Feel free to post or PM me your characters. Discuss, praise, criticize, or what have you. Something new I'll be seeing if I can pull off. I'm a bit leery about putting the details of my story up here, but I don't think I have everything as I want it just yet, but it will be soon hopefully (first by the end of next week maybe). Good luck.

    Important note: You will not receive much from me for winning other than bragging rights and a firm digital handshake. There may be more than one winner.
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    Old October 9th, 2013 (4:39 AM).
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      Basically, i just wanna try out. Well, here you go >w<)/

      1. Azurai (Azu)

      2. Female

      3. Azurai is tend to be real hard-working, strict, full of battling rage and she's a bit of rude, childish, easy to read, extremely honest but at the real heart of her, she's somewhat kind. Her pokemon is treated strictly, but she doesn't use violent, even she doesn't smile much but she take care her pokemon with gentle heart. She rather go-through with no defense and laying too much of offense, she also think that strategy is rather useless.
      When others ask about opinion, she's truthfully about her feeling and rarely hold it off, even she rather person that like to go alone but Azu is actually a bit of childish. She's emotional and that's make her thought easly readed by other.

      4. She got a browny long hair that usually tied up as a ponytail using a big yellow ribbon. Her skin is white-britishly smooth and rather short for someone around her age. She rather doesn't care much about her body, her slim body sometimes go dirty because of the adventure and others. Her childish face makes people thinking she's around ten years old, but her true age is 14th years old.
      She likes to wear thin t-shirt, with white as the main color. Skirt that above her knee, expose some of her thigh. She used a running shoes with white color and pairs of short sweet pink socks.

      5. Azu likes type of pokemon with high speed and big attack power, and the abillity sometimes just go random (Azu is type of not strategystic person)

      6. Azu really hates the pokemon with some tricky abillity, psychic, dark, big defense because it's just something that's she can't handle. Psychic and dark is the most annoying for her.

      7. Yes, she do competitive, but she stuck on reality even she lost. She said good job and hug their pokemon with a smile that rather rare, when she lost, she can't really bear of not crying because of her emotional side and sometimes need a hour of talking with her pokemon. And, if she met the pokemon she disliked, she just shivered and sometimes became pale and fainted (it's just if the meeting is too much for her)

      8. She flies around the world, but rarely she rides one of the big and speedy pokemon with certain condition. When flies, she just jump down from the sky to meet someone and call back her pokemon(well, she sometimes use move to make a hole first at the gym roof and then jump down) and when she rides pokemon, sometimes she carelessly stumble to someone and make a building in such a mess (the gym door sometimes destructed)

      9. The only issue is, making and controlling her would be 85% hard and this character set would be somehow annoying but if you make right choice of scene, she would be a good character.

      10. She's one of the bullied person back at the preschool, make she emotionally like fighting and taking revenge, although that's problem already solved at a pokemon academy. Because lack of emotional control, she sometimes go crying endlessly and that's why she need pokemon as friends at her side. Azu got some cold thing to others because of her past, but she compress it as her now-- cold face yet seems to be a bit scary.
      After counselling, she then try to use her pokemon to fight a gym but she fight as the gym leader just playfully do that and make the lose of Azu. And, that's making her to train all of her pokemon with kindness and battle all gym around her.

      Somethings wrong? PM me~
      Grammar and tenses thingy fail? So sorry,..

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        Name: Thom *Pronounced Tom, just spelled differently* Wheeler

        Gender: Male

        Personality: Relaxed, Thom has very little in his life that makes him angry, even when people assume he's angry, he's really not. It's very rare that Thom finds himself seething with rage, and the last time he was, he sent his victim to the ER. Much like a Slowpoke, you could punch this dude in the shoulder and he wouldn't realize until five minutes later, not because he's dumb or anything, just because he really didn't care.

        Aside from his relaxed, carefree lifestyle, he is a very jolly individual whom enjoys to laugh and have fun while on his adventure. He's the kind of guy to make wise cracks when opportunity knocks. Don't be mistaken, however, Thom is very protective of his friends and Pokemon, so the sure fire way to really rustle his bad side is to harm either of them substantially.

        Appearance: Heavy build, muscular and tall. Thom is known as the giant of his home town. Standing at a whopping 6'5'' height, and weighing nearly 300 lbs of pure muscle, he is truly a force to be reckoned with when in a fist fight. He has three inch long black hair, kept somewhat taken care of. He tries to keep clean as best as he can, but has his moments where he can't get to the Pokemon Center to clean up in time. He appears to be twenty years of age, but is actually eighteen. Dresses with a white t-shirt, with a duster overcoat, and a pair of comfortable jeans. His Pokeballs are strapped to loops around the waist of the overcoat.

        Partner Pokemon: Of his Pokemon, his Raichu and Samurott travel around with him at all times. While he doesn't have an exact preference, he loves all Pokemon, Thom is more frequently seen with the stronger types, such as his Haxxorus and Dragonite.

        Least favorite Pokemon: There are not many Pokemon that frustrate Thom, he tends to like all kinds of Pokemon. However, if he was forced to choose one that he absolutely despised in the whole world, it would be the Poison type. All they do is make his Pokemon sick, and their type doesn't hold much of an advantage against anything but Grass.

        Competition: Thom is your average trainer when it comes to competition. Happy when you win, disappointed when you lost. He makes sure to properly congratulate the victor and pay them their reward without hesitation. They bested him, they earned it. Usually, he can make a couple of friends in this way, because he's not a sore loser when it comes to battling. If his opponent uses Poison types, he tries his best to be wary, with an Antidote readily available.

        First appearance/entrance: Thom would most likely be found at the Pokemon Center, perhaps in line in front of the main protagonist. Alternatively, he can be found entering the Gym.

        Issues to be wary of: When he's at his angriest *it takes a lot to get him that far*, he can be quite deadly to whomever it is that aggravated him so. As mentioned before, the last dude that royally messed with his not-so-happy side was sent to the ER with a concussion and a few broken ribs.

        But note that he does not always seek blood when he's angry, sometimes when he's really mad, he just clams up and will not speak to anyone for a period of three to four days, at most a week.

        Backstory: Don't know what region this takes place in, but I'm willing to say it's going to be Unova. If this is the case, he is a young man born and raised in Opulucid Town, where he first met his Dratini and Axew *Dragonite and Haxxorus*. His mother left when he was younger, and it was his father and him against the world.

        Much like his son, his father was a very relaxed, laid back individual. Even when his wife left, he had to keep his carefree attitude up to keep his son happy. It was truly devastating to them both, but neither of them wanted to show it, in fear of what the other might react like first. Over time, his father's attitude on life imprinted on him, and while he always strives to be better in life, and be a successful trainer, he tries to take life nice and slow, and enjoy every moment of it he can.

        When he turned fourteen, he, along with many other boys and girls from the city, set out for Nuvema town. Where they met with Professor Juniper. Seeings how he had neither his Trainer Card nor any experience using Dratini or Axew's attacks, he stashed them away in his hoodie's pockets. With his father protecting the group using his Stoutland, they finally approached Nuvema after several train rides, and miles of open land where Pokemon could strike at any minute.

        Juniper and her sixth sense kicked in the minute Thom opened the door, promptly asking about his Dratini, which had previously been hidden. Releasing Axew and Dratini, Juniper was delighted to see how they had already bonded to their trainer, even though they were illegally obtained *no Trainer Card/License*. Without haste, she gave him his very own Trainer Card, along with her very last Pokemon of the day; Oshawott.

        [The back story branches off from here in three different ways, please choose the one that is most compatible with your story.]

        1. With Oshawott, Dratini, and Axew in tow, Thom worked his way through the Unova league, eventually discovering a lost Pichu along the way. He occasionally would visit his father from time to time *seeings how the league took him a couple of years to get to where he was at*, who was proud to see the way him and his Pokemon were growing. It reminded him of him and his wife going through the same experience.

        With Thom's team at peak condition, they are ready to battle the final Gym leader *your gym leader I presume* eager to test their might. They've come a long way together, and he's ready to prove himself as a strong trainer.

        2. Thom successfully defeated the entirety of the Unova League, and as a gift received a Pichu from his father as a reward. Training it specially for months on end, it finally became a Pikachu. Training it a bit more, he gave it a Thunderstone when the moment was opportune and received his Raichu. His goal now is to challenge all the Leagues around the world *starting with your League, if that's what you have planned.*

        Essentially, choose 1 if you're story takes place in Unova, and your Gym leader is the last in line. Choose 2 if you're in your own region, and your Gym Leader is involved.

        You are free to use this character for everything that you write him with, I put a lot of thought into this character. I only have a few requests, should you choose him.

        1. I'd like credit for the character in the writing. It doesn't have to be much, just a simple thank you or something in the Author's notes.

        2. I'd like to be able to use this character within my own story somewhere in the near future.

        3. Please do not change the team setup, it is crucial to the character to have Raichu, Samurott, Haxxorus, and Dragonite in the team. Anything in the last two slots is fine with me.

        Thank you for your time, I hope you enjoy this character. If you don't want to use him, that's fine too. I've already started to think more of his story, to be perfectly honest xD .
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          Thanks, koff~

          I may not be able to upload my story for a bit as I've come across some schedule snagging where I'll be away from the computer. It sucks. Anyways, thanks for your submissions (I forgot to say thanks last week) and I look forward to seeing more hopefully, koffi~
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